Sunday, August 27, 2006 (aka

How come nobody told me about this site? Just found it while looking for something else.

It's put together very well, with lots of quotes, photos, and links.

It doesn't indicate who's behind it, which should trigger all the usual local conspiracy theories. Has anybody linked it back to Salzman's computer yet? The authors don't attempt to hide their bias, though they do post and link to objective news articles on topic.

It does however side with the Eureka Reporter over the Times Standard with regard to the reference to the property as the "balloon track" rather than "tract." However, you can get to the site with the address spelled either way.

The graphic to the left is a "slide show" of quotes from local dignitaries about the issue.

I don't think it's any secret that Mike Buettner runs that site. Mike's known as "bitman" to readers of local blogs.
Also, Larry Glass is very involved with the site. Saw Larry at the Organic Planet Festival. Nearly didn't recognize him. He's lopped off the pony tail and cut the rest so short he looks like a Republican. Guess he's serious about trying to win the Councils seat.
I'll take credit. It's pretty much me and me alone although I do post notices and such from (CREG).

The site will be getting some refreshing in the next week or so.
Please replace all your links with this URL: Thank you.
Oh, no way, Mike! Don't tell me you've sided with the "Balloon Tract" goofballs!
Hank wrote, ""Balloon Tract" goofballs!".

Oh, Hank. I'm so hurt you would say that after all we've been through over this issue. Boo hoo. :-((((
We'll always have Paris, Fred!
Actually, there is something strange about this. is registered to Mike and hosted on Morse Media; is registered anonymously and hosted through 1&1.

Either someone is domain-hijacking Mike or else Mike is making the leap to 1&1. DON'T DO IT, MIKE! They are absolutely the worstest host in the biz. Pray God you'll never need to enter the purgatory of their tech support. And then, on the other hand, forget about it -- you're going to need their tech support, because their service is crap.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nope. Tract isn't me.
OK, folks ... to clarify.

I just got an e-mail from Mike Buettner. is not his site. Whoever's running that site just copied all of Mike's material and put it on their own site, for whatever reason. Whoever posted the comment above about updating your bookmarks to was trying to steal Mike's traffic. Again, for whatever reason.

I figure either they're trying to make some obscure political point -- it's strange how, for some, "Balloon Tract" has become a sort of rallying cry against the forces of oppression -- or else they're soon going to update the site with non-Buettner content, to confuse people.

Mike's site is Accept no substitutes.
Interesting the forces that be here:

When we (ok, I helped stir the pot) brought up the tract/ track issue, Glenn F-S, from the Eureka Reporter, e-mailed me that it used to be called "tracT", back when he worked at the Times- Standard, which is why I got used to it all that many years ago. He said the T-S changed to tracK shortly after he left there.

The people at Times- Standard ( a year or so ago, when I was stirring the pot) told me it was "tracK" and they were "sticking with it".

Glenn F-S consulted a staff member and they told me it was "tracK", because of the balloon shaped TRACK on the tract (my paraphrase).

After the T-S did their online poll and tracT won, the T-S started using tracT. The Eureka Reporter stuck with tracK. Or do I have it backwords?

Regardless, I guess it doesn't matter what you call it. What's funny is the fact that the two papers will be sticking with the different names, simply because of rivalry- a way to set themselves apart, imo.
Okay, I'll switch it back.

Fred - last I saw, TS was calling it tract and ER track.
I'm getting a vision of the next CREG/Local Solutions ad:

 You say "track."
 I say "tract."

They can have that for free.
Fred, you have the chronology right as I remember it.

I linked to the site in a recent post. I'll see which url I used as soon as blogspot will let me back on. (It's been testy lately).
Hank - they've got to use it! I'm e-mailing it to them. I mean, this election is probably going to provide some fun anyway, but you can't have too much of it.
Good news - I linked to Mike's site.
Eric, you're making me nervous.

Actually, looking more closely at the "tract" site, I see that whoever made it didn't exactly copy Mike's content. As it's set now, it just sets up a wrapper and loads Mike's content dynamically, from his site, whenever someone visits.

Very, very strange. Why would our Anon 2:32 want people to link to the "tract" site instead of the real thing?
Well, here's a guess. Maybe somebody intends to convert it into a parody site, but is leaving it identical long enough for clueless folk like me to bookmark it.

Or, somebody is really obsessive about the terminology.

It is very odd.
Oh, and they won't use your jingle unfortunately. Humorous campaign themes went out the window when Senator Wellstone died, and I'm not even sure he was doing it by that time.
[ Whoever posted the comment above about updating your bookmarks to was trying to steal Mike's traffic. Again, for whatever reason. ]

I posted that comment and I was only correcting the spelling of the word. I of course noticed that site traffic for was being redirected to I've been calling that thing tract for 7 years, ever since I started following the story in the North Coast Journal < > and I'm not gonna stop now just because Fox News says so.
Ummm. This is rather bizarre.

On the other hand, that old NCJ article is a gem filled with lot's of great stuff. I'd forgotten about the Ft. Bragg Walmart proposal. Guess that's pretty well dead now, right?
I don't know who Susan Wood is -- way before my time -- but she's wrong. She doesn't capitalize the name of the place, either, even though "Balloon Track" is a proper noun. Maybe she was shooting for an e.e. cummings effect.

Look: They have these things all over the country, and everywhere they call them "the Balloon Track." It's a railroad term. You gotta turn the train around? Take it down to the Balloon Track -- that big, balloon-shaped stretch of rail. The track became a metonym for the land on which it sat.

People geet confused because we're talking about a piece of land, and the word "tract" exists, and it just seems so close. But "track" it is, everywhere and back to the days of the original robber-barons.

How about let's say "The Balloon Track property"? It's historically accurate and physically accurate as well, since the track is balloon-shaped and the property is not. It seems like it would satisfy the principal demands of the tractistas.
It is the Balloon Track tract. That is the correctist term.
Maybe I should dedicate a radio show to the subject. I can put together a panel.

what about e.e. cummings eFfecT?
What about ... WTF?
maybe you should all try to get a life ? Just try !
What if we put as much thought into the merits of a Home Depot anchored big box retail complex on our waterfront verses all of the other options that this public trust property could be used for?
Okay, you start.
Softball park! We gotta have a softball park there. We have the Adorni Basketball gym on the other end of a boardwalk for the anchor! Lost Coast Brewery in the middle! Gad I am a genius!
I was thinking an amusement park of sorts - eco-themed. Perhaps an aquarium. Something that draws money from outside the community, rather than just another outlet so suck up local money.
I think a softball park is a great idea ! Maybe you could sweet talk Rex Bohn into facilitating the project, he certainly did a wonderful job on the kids little leage park in Cutten.

But the "eco themed" amusement park is? Well let's just say it's unrealistic. Mr. Kirk hasn't been a local resident long enough to know that the aquarium idea didn't go the distance. You know "Shipwreck". Where in the *&&^% do you think that kind of moey would come from ? This is a pipe dream and not even remotely possible.

And what do you think about Andrew Young's comments on box stores vs small mom and pop type businesses ?

And what is really wrong with a Home Depot or a Best Buy in Eureka.? Jobs, tax revenue, real progress ? It seems that the long time local business owners just want to keep the competition out, which in turn just tends to corrupt our local government (campaign donations, endorsements, etc).

Corporations; Safeway, Sears, Kitchen Aid, GMC, Toyota, Sierra Nevada Brewing company, Whisperwatt Generators, Honda, Browning firearms, Mercer Frazer Consturction, etc. Where would Humboldt County be without these and other "corporations" ?????

A Wal Mart would be the most benefit to the lower income people, so what's wrong with that ?

Am I the only one that see's this?
Shipwreck: I actually visited that a few times. It closed because of mismanagement if my memory serves right. I think an aquatic park in the form of Ocean World in Crescent City

would be a great idea. It may keep tourists here for a few more days. There is really a lack of things to do here in Eureka. In Newport Beach Oregon they even have Ripley's and a House of Wax on their board walk. Just some ideas.
Oh, and no Walmart!
of course not, not evil "corporation"

Actually a Wal Mart would do more good for more people than a softball park.
anon - because in most small communities the big box stores drain income by killing off higher paying jobs and recreating the entire local economy around its existence, thereby ensuring that nobody can afford to shop anywhere else.

Besides which, more retail doesn't bring money in from outside the county. Nobody is going to drive up from the city to shop at our Home Depot. They will spend money at an amusement park. Basic math.

And I thought the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was based in Chico.
The Sierra Nevada Brewing COmpany is in Chico ! But it is a corportation, with a great product, and a product that is purchased / consumed in Humboldt County !

If I have to explain it to you ? Well lets just say I didn't think I would need to Eric.

And Browning firearms is out of Utah and Japan !

A Wal Mart or a Box Store is BAD for a community but wide spread marijuana growing, corruption, and the violence that goes along with it is a good thing ? Your point of view is twisted Eric !

take a vacation eric
Yesterday (8/30/06)a nice young man named Jackson, suit-and-tie-garbed, from the Marina Center project, showed up at my door. He was out and about the neighborhood to "answer questions" and talk about the BALLOON TRACT with a T. It was written that way all over his printed info.
So the Security National/Arkley/Marina Center people must be behind the new website ( that is, so far, identical to Mike's I told him the Home Depot was a terrible idea, but he said it was a done deal. Is that right?
If Arkley has already bought the land, how can anyone stop him from putting anything he wants on it? I really doubt he will change his mind about Home Depot or anything else.
It's a great idea to develop the Balloon Tract. And if a Home Depot is the center of that development so much the better. So it will cause a local business or two bring their prices in line or improve their service.

And can you really expect all the jobs to be management or 10-12 bucks above minimum wage?

What is the Big Deal. The development will be good for Eureka and the surrounding community.

Is their something I'm missing ?
Yeah, a ball park!
Bonnie, nothing's a done deal. They need zoning variances locally (similar to the one WalMart sought back in 1999) and probably the more serious hurdle will be the Coastal Commission, which might have killed the WalMart proposal even had it passed.

I get the feeling that the opposition to Arkley would be greatly blunted if he simply dropped Home Despot from the deal. His own stubbornes may be his undoing.
BS Eric, you and yours are against Arkley because he's rich and you're green with envy.

I'm against Home Depot too, how about a Lowe's ! I'd really go for that.
You have nothing to base that statement on, but hey, what's in hyperbole?

Michael Moore is also rich. What do you think of him?
Michael Moore ? A fat, loudmouthed, ugly, leftie asshole !

Thank you for asking.

And what particular statement are you talking about?
I could care less how rich the bastard is. It is his arrogance ablout being above everyone else and the "I don't care what anyone thinks" attitude that makes you want to see him fail.
I say you're envious of his wealth. He's rich, and you're critical of him. Isn't that enough? Because it's all you had for your comment re Arkley.
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