Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Speaking of comics

Came across a fun site with all those old Superman covers which collectively prove that Superman is a dick. On the other hand, I can't really blame him for this one. Every 5-year-old kid introduced to Superman wonders why the entire city of Metropolis is obviously mentally retarded.

And lest you think all those jokes about Batman are merely innuendo:

Here's a shot from the site's Propoganda Extravaganza file. Good thing the Comics Code kept the children safe from sexual references, huh? I mean, excepting between-the-lines homosexuality in Batman and bondage themes in Wonder Woman of course.

And just a few decades ago, Marvel Comics introduced us to whom some might find the most terrifying villain ever! For some reason, comics became a bit more liberal in the 1970s. Captain America even hung up his costume and shield for awhile after Watergate, and some years later the first superhero showed more courage than Batman and came out of the closet. More recently, Marvel introduced the first openly gay western hero.

And lastly, also from the site's propaganda file, there is a certain irony in an anti-drug message from a superhero who got his powers from a drug. It's not like the "super soldier serum" was FDA approved either.

I've got the only picture of Superman worthy of merit. It's a picture of Superman embracing Wonder Woman, Superman's true mate. It's all religiously godlike and mythical as hell, what with Superman's da being Jar-El, marking him a Son of El, God Most High, and Wonder Woman, being the daughter of Hera, wife of Zeus. Our true projenators..
It's spelled progenitors you dingbat. No not even Jor-El can save you from The Grammar Nazi!
Actually, Wonder Woman once had a relationship with Batman, but I think that was probably just a cover for his benefit.
Nick Bravo, your blog signature says you're in Lincoln, Nebraska?

And you post here in on issues affecting us here some 1500 miles away or so? Maybe you can check the mileage or spelling of milage and correct me as you did with your correct spelling of Jor-el and progenerators.
Jesus but this culture is debased.

I went to the SuperDickery thing...it occurs to me now just about anything is taken as peadophillofaggeriffic. Jesus.
Ok I take it back. This one, if it's real, is actually gay content:

I've never heard of that comic.
Captain America against drugs is like Kieth Richards saying don't do drugs. Do as I say, not as I did.
Not sure that I believe the BatmaNAMBLA rumors, but I do know that Batman and the Joker were obsessed with each others boners.
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