Friday, September 29, 2006


Buju concert is back on!

I'm hearing through the grapevine that they were trying to get him to repudiate the song and make a public apology, but that's apparently not going to happen.

I went to the People Productions site last night and the concert was clearly marked "cancelled." Just went there and the cancelled sign is gone. My wife says that KHUM announced that Carol Bruno had received 500 calls from people who want the concert back on. They had their Friday night planned apparently, and that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, Estelle let me hear her recorded interview with Buju's campaign manager. Not one straight answer in about 20 minutes of conversation. I don't want to scoop Estelle, so you can listen to the highlights tonight.

Next month at the Mateel, we'll be booking David Duke and the Grand Wizards who'll be playing a reggae version of Mammy's Little Baby after reciting poetry based on the text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Maybe we can get Kinky Friedman to open.

Is anybody going to picket the concert tonight?

Update: I'll be there at just before 9 tonight. If anybody wants to join me, I'd appreciate the company. Bring candles. It'll probably be too dark for signs.

Thanks Eric I been very distressed over this. I'll sleep better now.
Fag Bashers rejoice! What time will be arriving Eric?
It starts at 9. I have some people coming over from dinner tonight, but I'll be there when I can.
I'm going to skip Buju's show and wait until Reverend Jackson's Revved Revelers appear and perform their favorite Hymie hymns. Will I be seeing you there, Eric?
Key difference. Jackson repudiated his statement and apologized. The comparison you want to make is with Senator Allen of Virginia.
Don't you mean Webb? He's the candidate in that race who admitted to using the word nigger.
Buju? Boo Jew? Fag hater? Coincidence? I think not.
Who was it this morning that asked P.B. what his reaction would be if "Boom Bye Bye" were a country/western song, and the band that wrote it somehow landed a gig at the Mateel?

That was the smartest thing said in a pretty great hour of radio. Someone should do a country/western cover of the song, actually. A nice detournment.
I believe that was Anna "Banana" Hamilton - a local folk singer who also does occassional talk shows.
Anna Bananna rocks! She does KMUD shows on Friday nights, and if I remember correctly her show might be on tonight at 7.
have fun tonight Eric. singing those gay bashing songs, gangha gangha beat the homosexual. I'm sure it'll be a great time.
Ok, I was wrong about the Anna Bananna show. It's not on tonight.
Where was Paul? I bet Estelle is scratching her head.
anon 6:11 - Won't be in the concert hall. I'll be picketing outside.
That'll set him straight. Oh wait, he's already straight.
Don't be too sure of that.
How's the Kinky For Governor campaign going, by the way? A year or so ago, they seemed to think he had a real chance.
Haven't heard any polls, but he's been in hot water lately for racist comments that apparently even Texans find shocking.
I read up on that right after posting, but it sounds like hyped-up political bullshit to me. I didn't find what he was alleged to have said in this tape from 1980, but the rest of it was tepid stuff -- perfectly in character with the Kinkster persona, apt to be read wrongly by people determined to do so.

I've read some of his books, and I seem to remember that at least one of them contained real black characters. There was no condescension and no faux-liberal uplift, certainly no hate or ill manners.

But maybe I just Want To Believe.
To summarize, Eric is implying that the reason Buju Banton is so vocal about his disgust with gay people is that he just might be gay himself and can't face up to it. Heady stuff.

Further, Texans have a ridiculously high tolerance for racist commentary by any civilized standard.

Thanks for the enlightened guidance Eric.
That Buju is butt ugly. He better not come out cause only a woman would have him.
"That am one ugly brudda."

Chin Ho
Hank - I haven't followed it that closely, but there was a post on one of the big blogs about him saying something along the lines of "Catholics rule the land, Jews own it, Protestants work it, and blacks and Mexicans enjoy it." Probably satire, but it's not exactly the way you want to be quoted when running for office.

I note that at least one of his songs made it on my 50 lib country songs list. Don't remember which one.
O.K. I found the "Burnt Orange" blog and the "Stop Kinky" blog, and I'm willing to give high odds that they are both run by Demo party hacks of the worst possible stripe, but I acknowledge their point. (In maybe 20 percent of the citations, that is -- the rest of them, they're just being willfully clueless. Kind of like stretching out one can of chili with flour and bacon grease so as to serve a party of 10.)

You murdered my hero, you bastards.
Well, Eric, welcome to the League of Useless Demonstrators, or: LOUD...
It is a honorable group.
I don't see how this constitutes a "melt-down," but here is the latest on Friedman.
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