Thursday, September 28, 2006


KMUD program reminder - Islam as a Message of Peace

Dr. Abdul Aziz will talk about Islam as a message of peace tonight on KMUD at 7:00 p.m. As usual we'll be taking calls. Andy Stunich argued on last week's show that the Koran taken literally can not reasonably be interpreted as promoting peace and in fact leads the more devout believers to commit profound acts of violence as an expression of faith. Dr. Aziz will offer rebuttal and will present his own understanding of both the Quran and the religion as a whole.

The debate was waged initially on the pages of the Eureka Reporter and the exchange continues there and on this blog - the latest entries can be found here.

Dr. Aziz is a professor of business administration at HSU.

To hell with islam and all of it's apologists like the not so good doctor. Christian Jihad!!!
Uh huh.
All three abrahamic religions need to be hurled into the dustbin!
That's a bit elitist. If they don't do anything for you, that's your business. But people will find any excuse to kill, enslave, and otherwise exploit each other. We don't need religion for that.
You have a problem with elitism? Only with anyones but your own I geuss.
Exactly. Because I practice enlightened elistism.
How many times a day did you say you got your ass kicked in school?

Eric's response: At least I have the courage to post under my name and not hide behind anonymity. Nyah!
I didn't get on the air to speak about the Christian caller's point that according to Genesis 17 God makes his Covenant of the Promised Land with Abraham's son Isaac and not with Ishmael.

What that caller hasn't understood is that his Old Testament(Torah-Tanakh) was written by priests and scribes of Judah and carries their prejudices. But even so, God has managed to squeeze in spiritual truth here and there and also, universal covenants such as the one given to Abraham three different times in Genesis BEFORE we get to Genesis 17 where God supposedly narrows down the Covenant to include only the descendents of Isaac, Abraham's second-born son.

The problem is the first three Covenants given by God to Abraham say that ALL of Abraham's descendents are promised the land of Canaan. ALL of them.

Is God then a liar? Re-read Gen. 12, 13, and 15. The promise is given to ALL of Abram/Abraham's descendents. You must ask yourself how God can promise one thing early on to Abram and then abrogate that promise later.

This is one of the most important contradictions in the Bible and it is high time Christians and Jews address it because the confusion of promises has caused so much pain and misery.

Either God's promise is genuine or it is a fraud. Can't be both. The original promise as stated in Gen. 12 and 13, and 15 is to all of Abraham's descendents, all of them, not just Isaac's.

In Genesis 12:1-3, God tells Abram before he becomes Abraham that It will bless Abram and make him a great nation.

In Genesis 13:12-14, God shows Abram the land of Canaan. "for all the land which you see I will give to you and your descendents forever." This was before either Ishmael or Isaac are born.

Ishmael is Abraham's firstborn son and therefore a descendent of Abraham as are all of Ishmael's descendents. Canaan was promised to them before the Jewish scriptures go on to narrow down the promise only to Isaac's lineage through Jacob/Israel.

This is one of the places where the Tanach is inconsistent and this particular inconsistency is showing up in our times as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The question Abrahamics, all of us, must ask, is God then a liar? Promising Canaan first to all Abram's descendents then only to the descendents of his second-born son?

I believe God has purposely presented our generation with this moral dilemma because God wants Ishmael and Isaac and all their descendent spiritually reunited as brothers and sisters. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is God's method of drawing our attention to the problem which arises when one group tries to define God for all groups.
I too am an enlightened elitist Eric. So far I have found no others. Perhaps it is like the Highlander series, in which we the enlightened elitists are scattered far and wide and we can sense each other. Can there be more than one?
Steve - that caller was of course Ron Davidson, with whom you're probably familiar.
Don't know him.
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