Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Asher is 5 today

After a big party on Sunday, we asked him what he wants for his birthday dinner tonight. The answer, and I'm not making this up: tofu and broccoli over rice with his mother's special stir-fry sauce and pumpkin pie instead of cake for dessert.

The kid eats broccoli like other kids eat lollypops, and we didn't drill that into him. His sister is much more of a meat and potatoes kid in whom we have to sneak vegetables.

We're giving him a little bit more, but what he wanted for his birthday was a watch, a wallet, and a Spiderman action figure. Fortunately he can't read so I can tell you that he's also getting a soccer goal - the hockey sized goal used for the younger kids.

Happy Birthday Asher.I'm sure your a wonderful kid.
He's an amazing kid, not that I'm unbiased. I was looking forward to parenting, but I had no idea I'd get this much out of it.
At what age will you warn him about the Eureka Police Department?
I think they make bullet proof vests for 5 year olds. It might make for a sensible birthday present should you bring him into Eureka and are encountered by a police officer.
Happy birthday Asher!
Have a Happy Birthday, Asher!
Happy Birthday to the Ashinator! King of the southern Humboldt Fussball scene! Man I am jealous of you Eric! My kids were so much fun to watch grow up. I am waiting for the Grandkids!
It's a lot of fun. He took his watch and wallet to bed with him.

At what age will you warn him about the Eureka Police Department?

I'm more concerned about rogue waves in Orick actually.
Interesting. Tofu, brown rice and broccolli, mixed together as a kind of stew, used to be one of my favorite meals back in the eighties.
Well, he prefers basmati white rice, but he'd probably like your concoction as well.
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