Friday, October 27, 2006


The best writing of the local blogs

I hesitate to bring attention to her blog, especially in the middle of the biggest flame war we've had on the local blogosphere since I started up a few months back. Jennifer Savage is quietly writing up the most heartfelt posts you'll find at House of Sand and Fog. A couple of the posts about her son nearly brought me to tears; but even when she deals with Monday's tragedy her writing is with deliberate thought and feeling rather than the numbness of partisan squabbling some of the rest of us are relying on.

We have some talent in the local blogosphere, but my nomination for the best blogging at the moment is hers. I don't go there as often because it isn't always topical, but she e-mailed me to comment on a coincidence in one of my posts and I made my way over there to find her latest posts which is probably the best on Monday's event.

Actually, her style reminds me of Fred, who also makes an art of his soft-spoken earnestness.

Try not to mess the place up when you visit, okay?

You know I can't take your word for it Eric, I've have to check it out.

Well, that's why I provided the link. The orange letters in the text - that's what they're for.
Thanx. Added it to my bloglist (the one in my bookmarks). I'll check it out. Looks good, although not sure if it will be something that gets my heart thumping, like your blog. :-)
You're right. It's beautiful and haunting. I wish her and her son the best.
Checked it out and wrote a coment. Thanks for the link. I like the no anonymous posting, too.
Yeah, each blog has its purpose and personality. Normally "personal blogs" bore me to tears. This is a very notable exception.
Thanks, Eric (and everyone else) for the kind words.
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