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Can't comment on the Tooby Ranch lawsuit

There are lots of letters about it in this week's Redwood Times and somebody asked me my opinion. I represent people in the matter. I couldn't comment against their interests, and thus anything I say that's consistent with their interests is meaningless on a forum like this even if it does represent my personal opinion. I'll have to leave the discussion to the other bloggers.

Feel free to comment on your own however. Consider this the "open thread" for that purpose.

Do all the owners of property on the Tooby Ranch grow marijuana for a living?
No, just Eric's clients.
Last time I wrote an opinion on Bob McKee he came and visited me soon after, the only time he ever bothered to do so which told me I had finally arrived at being a "player" as Darryl Cherney once described the shakers and movers.

Maybe Bob will offer to pay me this time to keep my mouth shut, I need to raise money to get Sparky and me back to Pine Ridge Rez and then to Israel. I'll await my check in the mail..
He can afford it.............
I always thought Darryl was a shaker, not a mover.
You can't badmouth Mckee in SoHum ! He is the man !
Well, plenty do anyway.
Being 'the man' does not give him the right to violate the Williamson act, build roads and homes without permits, cause erosion and sedimentation, or other flagrant violations of the law.

The law is the law, and it makes no distinction between people we like and people we don't. If PL or Arkley were doing illegal and unpermitted subdivisions and roads, folks would be all over them. I know that environmental groups support the County in this matter. The SoHum community needs to get on board, too.
I agree with the previous poster and with the County of Humboldt. I do not know Mr. McKee, but I read about him in the book, "What ever Happened to the Hippies?" From reading letters-to-the editor, I can see he has a lot of admirers. However, having once been a property owner of ag land protected under the Williamson Act I know there is a substantial property tax savings. In my opinion, this subdivision is illegal.
Boy do I wish I could talk about this. Let me just say that there's more to this case than the Williamson Act. It's very, very complicated. Fortunately, my case is dormant until the County/McKee issues are sorted out, and of course if McKee prevails, our case becomes moot.
Yes, there is a lot more to it. I know that the Tooby contract has a slightly different history than more typical contracts. However, Williamson Act contracts very specifically re-enroll each year under whatever new terms have been added by either the State or Local government. That aspect of the program is exceedingly clear.

The Williamson Act provides a very generous public subsidy for farmers and ranchers to keep their lands in agricultural use, rather than subdividing and developing. Effectively, McKee and his partners have abused that public subsidy by using it as a way simply to avoid paying property taxes, while the properties are de-facto converted. You and I and all other taxpayers are subidizing their Buck Mountain Ranch gated community.

Other aspects of the case include illegal subdivision, unpermitted roads, erosion, and a separate unfair competition lawsuit. Williamson contract holders who comply with the law are at a tremendous disadvantage against those who don't if there is no enforcement.

Yeah, to bad you can't talk about it Eric, though I'd imagine you're itching to!
The McKee thing is where environmental and economic truth hits the SoHum homestead dream of "Country roads, take me home.." like a bolt of lightning from God and neither McKee used to being hailed as king in SoHum nor his mesmerized customers like it one bit. Tough on the old egos, you know?

People outside SoHum and environmentally conscious look at McKee's record and just shake their heads at the sublime hypocrisy of someone who makes anything detrimental Chas. Hurwitz has done with his stewardship of his 220,000 PL acres pale in comparison.

And the only reason this isn't well known is the fact that the environmental orgs are all financially dependent on homestead donations and they will not bite the hand that feeds them in public. Only behind closed doors does EPIC concede homesteaders are bad news to the environment.

This is why I'm always harping on activist's hypocrisy because of stuff like this. Progs really do suffer from this old Leftist ganster-style behind the scenes political manipulation m.o. instead of being transparent like this communitarian activist and like Rose is. And like Ken nor Richard is. They like the cloak-and-dagger Cold War crap better..that way you can keep the "us" vs. "them" warfare going where political careers can be made by enterprising politicos in strategic places..DA's office, for example, or Democratic Party headquarters, Board of Supes, EKA City Council, or Harbor Commission, all the places where political decisions are formed effecting the whole County.
Btw, communitarian activism is not my idea alone. Look up "communitarian" in Wikipedia and find my ideological companions. I wasn't aware that "communitarian" philosophy was a real deal as mine came from critical review of intentional communalism I'd embraced and lived and found wanting.
I'll try to shut up now but it's hard. My Eureka Reporter regular columnist days are over, again, and this writer's eternal need to communicate is being taken out on you guys..sorry..
Note the last sentence in today's ER coverage of the hearings. I can point out what's on public record. Basically, the Tooby family had a contract based patent parcels that had long been created by the federal government - the contract being finalized in 1977, a year before the county revised its guidelines under the Williamson Act. The county is claiming the power to retroactively negate the contract. It's even much more complicated than that, and certainly much more complicated than whether the plan is in compliance with the Williamson Act.

My understanding is that if Bob wins the Williamson Act becomes gutted and more subdivided ranches and timberlands can be expected as a result. In the long run, ag and timber interests won't allow Bob's lawyers to scuttle the Williamson Act and neither will county governments.
Well, that's also complicated and if I get into it I'll be drawn further into the discussion than I should.

However, if prop 90 passes, any inadequacies in the Williamson Act will never be addressed.
It's all about marijuana ! Marijuana !

What about McKee's little "development" north of Laytonville, west of 101. You know the one in 2000/2001 ? Talk about that one Eric ?

Wonder if Bobby had to give any rebates on that one?
Don't know anything about it. Tell me more.
Oh come on Eric who the heck you trying to fool?

80 to 100 cops, 45 trucks or so, at least 2 helicopters doing a marijuana raid that lasted for two days just south of the HC line and you didn't hear anything about it?

And several of the owners/controllers were SoHum residents ? At least a couple in Fed prison, at least one dead. And you don't know anything about it? Really?
Are you talking about the case where the guy dropped half a million in cash on a table in an effort to purchase some land from a woman who turned him in? If it's the one where there were houses hollowed out and maintained as facades, then yes I do remember it. But what was McKee's involvement? I didn't hear about that.
don't know about any 1/2 million in cash or a gal that turned anyone in, but I'm not surprised about the cash and the crooked dealings. I would be surprised that anyone in that circle would turn someone in, unless he was boinking your sweetie.

"Houses hollowed out and maintained as facades", that and more.

Oh come now, "what was McKee's involvement" ..... spare me Eric. You think I can be sooo easily tricked.

It's not that I'm the only one that knows! but you'd be surprised I know so much.
Whatever. Contrary to what you might believe, we in SoHum don't all fascinate ourselves with drug busts. I've heard about some big busts. Never heard of McKee getting busted, and I think that'd be pretty big news.
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