Thursday, October 26, 2006


EPD investigation team is looking for three witnesses

Heard it on tonight's KMUD news. The following three people are asked to contact the police department as they may have been material witnesses to Monday's tragedy.

Charles Ray Nelson
Alan Chambers
Janice Chambers

If you know any of them please ask them to contact the investigation team. I don't know the number, but the general EPD number will probably work fine. They didn't say anything about what these people might have seen other than to say that they might be very important to the investigation.

What? Do you mean their numbers aren't listed in the phone directory?
Don't know. It's just what was broadcasted. I would assume not if they're making the request public.
It was a joke Eric !
They are supposed to contact one of the Humboldt County DA Investigators. It was also on the CHannel 3 news
Humboldt County District Attorney Investigator Mike Losey at 707- 445- 7411.
Gee I hope they get to make their statements BEFORE the blog community gets ahold of them!
Uh, that would entail walking away from your keyboard. Walking in general. Fresh air. Things like that.
Well if they know the EPD is looking for them they have probably left Humboldt county in fear of being shot.
3:43 PM maybe we could hope that you will go with them, leave .... quit breathing clean air that a human could be breathing, or a nice dog.
As of Monday, October 30, the authorities are still looking for those three people as witnesses.

The investigation can't be properly completed without their help.
Really ? And how do you anon know that?
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