Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Fender- benders on the information superhighway

Until next week's election. We're going to be bombarded with election ads. Listening to KHUM tonight. The kids went down after hours of partying and trick-or-treating, after which I settled into the evening with a bowl of my special pumpkin stew. Too tired to get on the stationary bike or make it through a movie, I came online for a soothing dose of vitriol and hysteria.

Good choice of music on KHUM's programming tonight, and only heard about 5 or 6 political ads from two candidates (Mike Jones and Dave Meserve).

Got my bookshelves up - the standards and bracket combo. My carpenter father visited over the weekend and told me that only amateurs install the brackets to come all the way out to the edge of the wood. Real men bring in brackets a couple of inches shorter and drill holes for the little notches to penetrate, so you're looking at an unobstructed wood edge. Unfortunately, my wife agreed, so drilling I was. I'll admit that they do look nicer, but these little projects always remind me of why I went to law school - especially when the studs aren't evenly spaced. They're roughly 16 inches apart, and we're missing one for some reason. So that it doesn't look totally stupid, I'm putting up a purely cosmetic standard with mollies, and hope that I remember to warn the next owner that that one isn't bearing. As the center of this old house is sinking, I'm having to split the difference between level and the actual state of the ceiling - and ask my wife not to put anything up there that rolls. Now my wife can put her collection up, including one or two of her broken old clocks that look like they might be valuable antiques but probably aren't.

So I have a few minutes to type and think before I slip into bed with my wife who's watching POV on one of the two stations we get (just watched the DVD of The Education of Shelby Knox POV episode last night and wow! More on this another time.). I'm sometimes dubious about the benefits of the Internet, not just the lack of personal accountability that often leads to some of the "discussions" we have on these threads, but I also wonder if it's made the world too small.

Way back in college a particular girlfriend made on me what I will call for the lack of adequate words a "strong impression." I won't blame her, but her religiosity was a significant factor in my own questioning of my atheism and sent me off on a wild journey that maybe I'll blog at some later time. She in the meantime felt drawn into the monastic milieu of Catholicism. God's plan as she understood it was to commit to a cloistered life with the Carmelite nuns. When I last spoke to her brother, she had made an initial vow after one year of prayer and reflection, and her final vows were to be taken some seven years later. She was a rather intense young woman, and I have spent the past 20 years assuming that she was somewhere back in the midwest baking bread and praying. (Carry that Weight is playing, one of my favorite Beattles songs). She had abandoned feminism, vegetarianism, and pretty much everything she associated with worldly pride - a personal transformation that reminds me of the transformation of the cousin in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Recently I happened onto some sad news about one of my favorite professors, and it evoked a bout of nostalgia. Then while in a hotel in Ukiah on court business, I channel surfed to the Catholic network and saw Sister Mary something praying the Rosary with a room full of young nuns. I found myself looking for any sign of my ex.

So when I got home I started googling up names of old friends and professors. Eventually I typed in my ex's name. Turns out she's not cloistered, but living in California and serving as a veterinarian - something to which she had aspired before embarking on more spiritual endeavors. On the first hit was a photograph which triggered a simultaneous flood of emotions on all sorts of levels. Immediately I thought I'd made a mistake. Immediately I brought my wife to the screen to introduce her. My wife is not a jealous person and without a second thought suggested that I make contact. We're all adults, right?

I sent an e-mail to the office but it came back telling me that I had to be identified to get through the spam buster. I figured maybe this was an omen, and while I might be ready to work through it all I decided I had no right to put her on the spot. I'd at least had the opportunity to process my feelings. I sent her a card with some basic life information and specifically told her that I'd understand perfectly if she didn't want to respond. That was several weeks ago and her nonresponse evinces the right decision on my part.

And I wonder if our emotional make-up was really constructed for this sort of thing. Is it really a good thing that any of us can pretty much locate anyone else after so many years within moments of some movement of our fingertips? It was possible to locate people before the Internet, but the time allowed more of a processing or preparation - and reflection to really consider what you were doing.

Bad enough to learn so easily that the Niemen Marcus cookie was just an urban legend! World views shattered at the movement of a mouse.

Okay, during the time I typed that I heard ads for both Jeff Leonard and Ron Kuhnel.

Update: My ex did try to contact me by e-mail but it came in the name of her pets so I probably zapped it thinking it was spam. She was very happy to hear from me and we are renewing our friendship.

Notice Ron and Jeff newspaper ads have been right neext to each other a few times. Weird.
I will try to restrain myself from laughing so hard that your former girlfriend has become a nun...

This IS one of your overall better posts!
At least she now has the smarts to avoid you ! a little humor Eric.
It will be an interesting week. I am glad that I do not have local TV reception.
re: that cookie recipe

February 2, 2006
Talk of the Table
Cookie recipes and blows against empire

Yes Carol Ann now you can sit side by side with Greg and blog your hearts out! Maybe a little HBO's do you good.
All very interesting,Eric, but you haven't yet mentioned what everyone I run into is discussing: the Mateel financial meltdown and the Peoples Production siphon. S0omething soon?
Eric, stalkers never prosper. Just look at barbara shults if you don't believe me.
What? Someone is .... involved in ........ embezzelment? Tell me it's not so.
Greg's List, relation to the Bush family ? They are lucky they don't take anonymus bloggers, they'd be shredded like shredded wheat, Jr. shredded wheat.

Carol Ann, you went to College of Holy Names? You aren't S.B., are you?
I've been found on-line by several people from the high school era, which in my case is a long time ago and a long way away. The oddest thing was a woman who was apparently one of my girlfriends, but I didn't remember her. I think she actually came by with her family, and we still get a Christmas card every year. I know I've forgotten a lot, but if I meant that much to her you'd think she'd have meant enough to me so I could remember her. I do recall amost everyone else who has contacted me. I wonder if it was a different ED Denson? Anyway, I think its fine that we can go on-line and rediscover each other. It saves so much travel and research. Imagine if we had been able to do this with the old blues singers. Just Google Mississippi John Hurt, and his Avalon address comes up with a picture of his house. So much easier than going down there and asking around. Of course Fahey discovered Bukka White by using the 60's version of the internet - the US Postal system.
I will try to restrain myself from laughing so hard that your former girlfriend has become a nun...

Oh, believe me, I wondered about things myself. But as it turns out, she's not a nun.

At least she now has the smarts to avoid you ! a little humor Eric.

Hey, for all I know she'd already googled me up and found this blog and saw the company I keep.

All very interesting,Eric, but you haven't yet mentioned what everyone I run into is discussing: the Mateel financial meltdown and the Peoples Production siphon. S0omething soon?

Not only have I represented both, but I've been president of the Mateel Board. I'll set up a thread for it, but again I can't talk too much about it except to say to certain people out there who will be reading "I told you so." That's in reference to the running off of executive director Katherine Lobato who was just about the best thing that ever happened to the Mateel.
Ed - This relationship was a particularly intense one. Both of us were very young and felt very deeply about pretty much everything. We had two value systems that were just congruent enough to bring us together, and incongruent enough to set us apart at the same time. When you're both lunatics, that makes for a pretty rough ride.

The romance spanned only about 6 months, but we were very good friends for about 3 or 4 years. And both of us were going through a great deal of turmoil outside of the relationship.

No way I'll forget her. But I'll respect her apparent wishes. Unless of course the address information is old, in which case it's all moot anyway.
What? Someone is .... involved in ........ embezzelment? Tell me it's not so.

No reason to believe that's the case.
S.B., Steve? I am not sure what you mean?
Ok. Then you're not Susan. All the talk of food places and College of Holy Names had me confused if you weren't using an alias name on these blogs.

Now I'm curious how on earth you can be with the Progressive crowd and still hold Christian values? Or maybe you don't any longer?
You don't believe progressives can be Christian, Steve? Besides, I don't call myself a "progressive". And no, I am not using an alias. I studied Kodaly Music Methodology at Holy Names.
Most American liberals are Christians. Most American anything are Christians.

Guess it just depends on what passages of the Bible you want to emphasize.
No, actually, Carol, I don't think you can call yourself a Progressive in this county and believe yourself to hold Christian values. Blessed are the poor, remember? What Progs are doing in Humboldt County hurts the poor, e.g. the tremendous political battle to stop the building of a store where prices would be the cheapest for those of us on fixed incomes, i.e., the poor.

Progressive politics hurt working class people in Humboldt County as well, again by taking away jobs, hundreds of them at PL, and nearly 200 more at Evergreen Pulp attempted by Progs.

Then there's the lack of concern for mainstream families in Humboldt County who want to see their kids be able to live in the same area to keep family ties together. Progs are trying their best to shut down primary industries in Humboldt County and Arcata-ize all of Eureka which has its own "anchor business", HSU, while destroying anchor businesses in EKA and Scotia-Fortuna-Rio Dell. These are not Christian acts.
These are acts of political warfare which seems to be the highest priority on the value list of Progressives, i.e., winning political battles no matter who gets hurt locally in the process.
Today witnesses another loss to Humboldt County that I cannot but help associate with Progressives because of the money pipeline supplied by the activities of this fellow. That is the loss of the County's lawsuit against Bob McKee which will give him and homesteaders the green light to do more environmental destruction to our rural land resource and wildlife populations.

This court win means we lose, especially generations to come, because this sets a legal precedent that will end up accelerating the process of wiping out native species wherever homestead development occurs.
Well, the Williamson Act isn't an environmental nor controlled growth law. It's about preserving ag land.

I guess that takes my clients to the second round where they will have to demonstrate that they are using it for agricultural purposes, or at least not contrary to those purposes.
Well, eric, you haven't kept up on the research done on ranch lands that have been subdivided. The Williamson Act helps prevent subdivision of ranch and timber lands and therefore is very much an environmental protection law.. which you are help weakening.

Native species will pay for your "win" with their lives.
Carol Ann? Silence? Not going to refute my opinion that Progressive politics and Christian values are incompatible?
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