Monday, October 23, 2006


It's all men for the Times-Standard

After endorsing Peter LeVallee for re-election as Eureka mayor, the paper endorsed yesterday Larry Glass, Ron Kuhnel and Mike Jones for city council. For those who live out of the area or who've been living in a cave, the first two are progressive challengers to incumbents who are generally perceived as favoring the Security National balloon track proposal, while Jones is one such incumbent himself. So basically, the TS has crossed ideological lines in order to endorse all the men against the women. Hmmmmmm.

Actually, newspapers tend to avoid voting slates, and Jones' seems a reasonable choice for token conservative. I do have to question the wisdom of an endorsement made while quoting the candidate as stating that he's sometimes too busy to perform his duties as an elected official. And lest you question the tokeness of the endorsement, the TS seems to admit it:
But, despite his reluctance, we believe Jones has a role to play and that he represents a segment of the community who should have a voice on the council.
I expected TS to endorse more progressives than conservatives, but I would have expected a Wolford endorsement over Glass just because Glass is probably the more controversial of the progressive candidates.

So far I haven't seen any lawns with cross-slate candidate signs, though on 14th Street there is a home with signs of both Mike Jones and Bonnie Neely. And where Henderson meets Broadway I saw a Thompson sign next to a Leonard sign. Other than that, TS is right. The lines are drawn.

Humboldt County - where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.
Humboldt County where men are men and so are the women!
Seems to me I saw one yard in Eureka with two signs; one a local solutions candidate and one an incumbent. I can't remember where I saw it or who exactly the signs were for. I just remember taking notice because it wouldn't be a combination you'd expect.

Of course, it could have been two different people living in the house with opposing views.
Please correct the lingo to "... the first two are REGRESSIVE challengers to incumbents..."
Regressive how?
Regressive: how local solution candidates are perceived.
I think I saw a Kuhnel and a Flemming pairing uptown.
Our lawn has Bonnie and Virgina campaign signs.
And we need more women leadership in this county.
Nan Abrams will be an excellent councilmember.Do you want a Nan sign to put up as well?
Anonymous said...

Our lawn has Bonnie and Virgina campaign signs.
And we need more women leadership in this county.

7:32 PM

Supporting Neely is one thing, but if you say that about Harmony Groves in two years I really will puke.
Based solely on what I've heard her say on the radio, I'll probably say it about Harmony Groves in two years. I don't know a whole lot about her, but she sounds impressive as a community leader.
Nan Abrams would be a fine city counsel member. She was a close 2nd when she ran before aginst Jack McKellar.
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