Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Meanwhile across the ocean

Taking a break from the local soap opera and election news for a minute, over a hundred American soldiers were killed in Iraq this month and the Brits are evacuating their consulate in Basra (and the generals are pissed about it). No mention of the latter story in the major American networks. This as the Shiite coalition is falling apart as pro-Iranian militias take over entire towns and possibly cities.

Can we call it a "civil war" yet?

You can't complain about the war in Iraq Eric, afterall Bush was voted in twice so everything he does is OK, just like Gag's ?! right?
The only people who aren't calling it a civil war are the Bush administration and its supporters.
I noticed that the Air America affiliate in San Francisco is using that term in its news coverage. The major networks won't however, because the failure to adopt the administration's phrasing is to "editorialize."

A similar thing happened back when Bush was pushing the privatization of social security. The administration itself had used the term, but later changed it to "personal accounts" or whatever. When a reporter referred to the proposal as "privatization," the president through a fit and accused him of editorializing. Unfortunately, all the networks fell right in line.
It's been a civil war for at least a year and a half, maybe longer.

The other day I was reading the SF Chronicle and came across the snippet below, which was at the end of an article about Iraq. A reasonable person would assume that our effort to train Iraqi forces to take over would have been at full throttle years ago, but this indicates otherwise.

It doesn't make any sense, but neither does this war.



....Rumsfeld also said the U.S. is considering whether it should speed up money planned for recruiting, training and equipping Iraqi security forces. Officials have said training Iraqis to take over security is key to withdrawing U.S. and other coalition forces.

"We intend to increase their budgets" as well as their capabilities, Rumsfeld said, and officials will help make the improvements more quickly. He did not cite any figures, however. His press secretary, Eric Ruff, said a review of their needs is under way.
boy just Erwic avoid the tuff questions> maybe they'll just go away?
Can't escape your flawless logic anon. I voted for Gallegos, so I have no right to oppose the Iraq war. Got it.
Well Eric you have been know to squak that Paul won 2 or 3 elections so whatever he does must be right or is the will of the people or whatever .........

Kind of your logic back at you, sorry
Well, Bush did win at least one election. That entitles him to the presidency.

So what are you looking for?
Bush might have won those Governor elections in Texas, but he definitely stole 2000 and 2004. And I hate Gore and Kerry even more, but it's true.
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