Tuesday, October 31, 2006


New Local Blog (sort of)

Due to human error, the blog Humboldt Nation is no longer in existence. It has reincarnated as Greg's List. Greg is setting up the first local group blog and inviting certain folk to join. I was lucky enough to be on the list, and I will post there occasionally.

Just made my first post in fact.

Well I can certainly see why Greg and Carol Ann don't take anonymous bloggers!
Hahahahahahahahaha, its not even interesting.
But funny? Good, then. Thanks for the plug, Eric.
Why am I having a problem posting a comment Greg?
mresquan, to eliminate anonymous posting we went with a team blog. e-mail me and I will send you a blogger invite. Gotta have your real name is all. Then you can comment AND post.

Clarifying, you will have to use your real name or link your handle to your real name. We want to see how a non-anon blog turns out. Signed opinions, like in the paper.

Thanks -
you are not a paper.

your no anon blog will be just as boring as you are.
I appreciate the effort, but I suspect a blog that requires commentors to register just won't be too successful.

Good luck with it, though. We shall see how it goes.
Fred, your blog is perfect. Great stuff. This one will no doubt be stuffy and arcane (is arcane a word?). We'll send you an invite. Heck, I've been described as a libertarian liberal, so we're practically related.
You're funny, Greg.

Arcane is a great word, glad to see it in use.
Greg wrote, "We'll send you an invite".

Thanks. Got it and accepted. Made the mistake of not using my name though. Used humboldtlib instead. Scared to death someone might know who I really am!
They can always hunt you down using your photo, Fred. Good enough.
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