Tuesday, October 24, 2006


No real words of wisdom on the teen shooting

Reading both the TS account and the ER account, there's way too much information missing to be making judgments about what happened. I imagine that some police critics are concerned that the police are already on a whitewash campaign and want to provide some spin disruption pre-emptively. It's already heating up the local bloggsville at Fred's and Heraldo's. And looking at the family photo on ER, I'm certain that the argument will evolve, or rather devolve, into attacks on that family particularly if any of them are caught so much as jaywalking from here on in. We're going to hear about how bad this kid was and his history. People are going to call for heads at the EPD. Gallegos will be criticized for his response, or non-response. The city council candidates will be making their statements. The letters pages will be filled to their brims.

Is it possible to set the agendas aside for maybe a day or two? There'll be plenty of time to argue, speculate, pontificate, and attack later. There'll be an inquest no doubt. If the police are whitewashing it, all the blog flaming in the world isn't going to stop it. Investigating the facts themselves might.

In the meantime, why not give the family a short break?

From the ER:
Prior to the shots being fired, Washington Elementary School Principal Lee Ann Lanning said school officials went into immediate lockdown, a standard procedure, with students moving under their desks.
That must have been scary.

In spite of your best efforts, your liberal bias still bleeds through Eric.
Anon 1:34.....Stop being a wank.
In spite of your best efforts, your liberal bias still bleeds through Eric.

I sure hope so.
You are right about the lack of info. The coroner says he died from multiple shots to the chest yet he was reportedly being chased. More details will come out in the next few days, so yeah, everybody take a breath.
He, the wanted criminal, was chased, caught, sqaured off, brandished a knife (a deadly weapon), and attacked. Only then was he shot.

derchoados, stop pulling your wank
Multiple shots? Why not just taze or pepper spray him? How many cops were at the scene?
Whew! Just read through the whole string on Fred's blog. It is all so tragic.
Anonymous said...
Multiple shots? Why not just taze or pepper spray him? How many cops were at the scene? 6:31 PM

Why not just throw marshmallows at him? A knife being wielded from 7 feet away is a clear and present danger. A police officer who hesitates to shoot under those circumstances would probably soon be a dead police officer.

Maybe you grew up watching Roy Rogers shoot the guns out of the bad guys' hands. So now you want the members of EPD to do the same. Hey! That was a TV show! We're talking about real life here.
The police officer put himself in close proximity.
So a 10" knife? Is that the blade or the whole knife?
Maybe you grew up watching Roy Rogers shoot the guns out of the bad guys' hands.

Before my time. For me it was Linda Carter blocking bullets with her bracelets. I'll take her over Roy anytime.
ah yes, Wonder Woman and her lasso. She was the first woman I ever had a crush on.
Emma Peel for me.
I guess 10:34, everybody ought to have let him on his own around all those Washington School kids who were getting out for school right then.


If my kid went there I would have been outraged. I thank god he didn't grab a child and hold her hostage.
I don't think anybody is suggesting that they should have let him go. A kid is dead. Questions have to be asked.
Of course they do but I was addressing 10:34's point.
Doesn't EPD have a canine unit? How 'bout securing the area and letting the dog go in after him. If the EPD officer knew he had a knife and was threatening to use it, he shouldn't have followed the kid into a tight ravine.

I know, I know, hindsight is 20-20, but the EPD should have plans or tactics to address these types of situations, so that officers all pumped up on adrenalin don't get into trouble.

Hey anon 6:10, what do you think Choad means?
Let the dog go in? Then you'd have the raving mad Barbara Shults on your ass if the dog was knifed, or even stubbed a paw, since she considers dogs superior to teenagers.
Jeez 3:24 are you on the force..you should. Got any idea how many k9's and if any were on duty. should have would have could have....you get the hand that you are dealt with. period.
I say he got what he asked for. He was an animal. The cop had every right to insure his own safety. Since when does being a cop mean you ahve to risk your life for a worthless person. The police dogs are also worth more than such an animal.
"A worthless person???"

Well Seig Heil to you too Barbara Shults. Dehumanizing humans themselves is no love animals but it must make you a proud person.
Anon 10:06, you have no basis to assume that the anonymous poster was Barbara Schulz. How long are you going to obsess over her?
My some of you are really really stupid. Just plain stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.
That's very helpful and enlightening 5:08. Thank you.
Kind of funny Eric, thinking of you just reminds me of this movie ..........

run Eric run !
Never heard of it.
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