Monday, October 23, 2006


Off the record! Off the record! Off the #&@%ing record!

Why do people keep telling me the juiciest stuff off the record?!!!!


Maybe this is why people think the media are vultures - they want to take your juciness and splash it all over the county like so many blue dresses.
I overheard on my scanner earlier that the Eureka police shot and killed a teenager.This was around 2 or so when I heard it.There was no clear explanation given as to why.The only thing I could make out clearly was that the mother was enraged and wondered why they used such force.Anyone know anything else.
The Times-Standard's got a story up.
Teen dies from gunshot wounds
The Times-Standard
Article Launched:10/23/2006 05:18:23 PM PDT
(Mark McKenna / The Times-Standard)EUREKA - Coroner Frank Jager confirmed Christopher Arrion Burgess, 16, died today after suffering multiple gun shot wounds, but the Eureka Police Department refused to confirm or deny one of their officers was involved as of 5 p.m.

The police department and probation department were at the scene.

Jager said the cause of death appears to be multiple gunshot wounds. The Eureka teen died less than one hour after rescue personnel brought the boy out of the gulch north of Chester Street on a stretcher, while giving him CPR.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday in Redding.

Bystanders said that they saw someone being chased into the gully by police. They then heard three shots, although one woman said she heard two reports.

(Mark McKenna / The Times-Standard)Scanner traffic during the incident had officers running into the gully chasing someone with a knife. Shortly afterward, officers reported that shots had been fired.
Unless that knife could fire shots...
Eric, I would suggest telling people that you don't want to hear stuff off the record. My step-father was a New York Times reporter and he just told everyone what he did for a living and that nothing was off the record. You'll probably still hear as much stuff, and you'll get to use what you want.
Eric, I'm curious. Is the report of the teenager being killed the "juiciest stuff" you're talking about? If so, you and and fellow goul the good Dr. should be getting quite a chuckle out of what may be a new police debacle.

But I don't think the boy or his parents or the police involved would appreciate yours and Ken's drooling for new information to rack the police over the coals for.

I hope I'm wrong.
The shooting story is no longer on the T-S site
They took it off the main page but the link works.
I kind of doubt that the shooting is what Eric is referring to. Eric?
For clarity - my first comments on this thread were made before I'd heard of the shooting. I was responding to Eric's post. Discussion of a shooting started in the second comment.
It had nothing to do with the shooting.
Sorry,Eric I thought it did too.If I upset people by posting that here well I'm sorry,and no Steve I didn't post it to provide chuckles for anyone.Don't even go there.I do think it is an important issue to discuss.Our officers here are clearly stressed out.
I have no objection to it being posted. What I heard is little consequence by comparison. Just good gossip.
Ok. You're not being ghoulish.

Something is definitely wrong in the way police respond if this turns out to be another Cheri Moore situation. Maybe they have a plausible excuse for excessive force but if they don't, there's something most definitely awry in EPD attitude and procedures.
Steve Lewis. What is a "Cheri Moore situation" ? And you, with limited information or facts, have already determined that "excessive force" was used. How do you figure? And your comment about "there's something most definitely awry in EPD attitude and procedures". What do you base that statement on ?
Gut feeling. This time.
Well Stevie Wonder I guess your gut feeling makes it a fact ?! Are you sure it's not indigestion?

Are you going to label the shooter officer as a murderer too ? Why not, who needs to wait for the facts to come out! Just talk trash and shoot fromt the hip, join Ken Miller on the feeding frenzy.

shame on you steve lewis.
Look, y'all know I supported Dikeman against Gallegos and I think most of you therefore think I must always support the police no matter what. Well, that's not the way I go about things. My loyalty to government officials is always conditional on their performance. Most Progs and enviros don't like the police because the police tend to not like them--mutual territorial control conflicts. I have no support for Progs and enviro social change policies and actions so the battle between police and Progs isn't mine.

This particular shooting just seems weird to me in its following so closely behind the Cheri Moore one. I can't give any rational explanation because I don't have any more facts than you guys. But I expressed my "gut feeling" that something is amiss at EPD and I do not want to bash them for that what's so ever but want to know what' really going on there that's produced these two deaths recently.

Give them their chance to explain and don't use my expressed emotional feelings guide anyone' opinions about the case.
You should have seen my charming self in action today when Sparky and me spoke before the Exxo..excuse me, KMUD Boored of directors.

I managed to confirm that KMUD board hates Steve Lewis in spite of the fact my KMUD shows were always well received by the majority of KMUD listeners. I can't have any more Steve Lewis Shows on KMUD unless I kiss Michael Jacinto's butt. So, not having to do any such thing because having a KMUD radio show prooved itself not all that enjoyable to me, the writer first and not public speaker, so I said, fine. No show for me but give Sparky his due freedom of speech right to speak up about anything having to do with his tribe Bear River.

Sparky told them that Bowman didn't want any tribal members talking about Bear River but Bowman couldn't control him or other tribal members that way and he wanted to speak out on KMUD despite the gag order Michael had KMUD cave into issued by Leonard Bowman's then casino manager John McGinnis.

Leonard Bowman is now the subject of a tribal recall and MrGinnis was demoted to slot machine manager. These are the people Michael and the KMUD board represent and not tribal members like Sparky or Wayne Moon. But KMUD will talk to Sparky and probably give him a Heartlands Show which is fine with me. Meanwhile, I can tell Michael and KMUD to blow it out their...and still get what I wanted without kow-towing to any petty power trippers at KMUD.
Pretty mature of me, right? Resolving life issues in a positive fashion.

Ok, what else is new?
Hmmmmm. Unfortunately, I can't attend most Board meetings as they're during work hours, but I would have loved to hear that conversation.
Were the various conversation threads above "on the record"? Well, I guess not the comments from your assorted anon trolls...
The "off the record" conversation I had pertained to an issue down here in SoHum, and it's small change compared to recent news up in NoHum.
*off the record* We like to kill citizens so that the rest stay afraid and obey their masters.
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