Monday, October 30, 2006


Open thread on tonight's special city council meeting

Some posts have already appeared in the threads below, suggesting that some want to talk about it. I don't know anything about what happened except that Channel 3 says about 150 people showed up. These comments were posted here within the past hour or so.
SOMEBODY SAID: Maybe they ought to drug test anyone attending the "special" city council meeting. You know the one called to get votes for LaVallee !

I SAY: If LaVallee had been trying to use the meeting to score political points, he would not have treated every speaker with equal respect and given each speaker the same exact amount of time.

LaVallee ran that meeting in a way that did Eureka proud.
and a response:
Actually I heard from a pretty conservative attendee that LaVallee did run the meeting as it should have been run. My beef is that the meeting was run at all. The mayor just getting some last minute FREE campaining in. Shameful.

Vote for Bass, vote for Donald Duck, just don't vote for LaVallee.
Have at it.

Update: Heraldo was apparently there and reports on it, and where I just learned that Cheri Moore's son filed suit naming among others Officer Liles. The community is in for a rough ride no matter who wins next week.

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It's very sad, no matter the final results of any investigation. I cannot calculate the effect on the families and friends of all involved. But I know people who are feeling less safe dining out and shopping in Eureka -- because of the police department. A real crisis of faith is forming. This is not about politics, and I hope whoever wins next week's election will realize the need to get some outside help on public safety issues.

FYI, my family includes law enforcement employees. We have to find common ground for the sake of the community.
Funny, but I only feel less safe if harassed by homeless, vagrants and mentals in Eureka.

I feel less sake with all the meth tweakers and marijuana grow-houses in Eureka.

I feel less safe with all the drunk drivers on the streets of Eureka.

I feel less safe if our citizens are carrying handguns and knifes around the streets of Eureka.

Thank god the EPD are there to give us some semblance of order.

Did anyone else notice those who spoke the loudest last night at the special Eureka City Council meeting were HSU radicals, homeless, former drug addicts, alcoholics, etc.?
Conners you shameless hussy ! "People don't feel safe dining out because of the police!". I liked you in better in high school when you were just a dweebe. Have you shared your thoughts and feelings with your son? Isn't he a cop in Santa Rosa?
Did anyone notice the continuing smell of ingested alcohol and burned marijuana at last nights meting ? ....... and some BO ?
Forgive my ignorance, but what's a "dweebe"?
Kind of like a geek.

You know "Geek's, Dweebe's, and Wierdo's" ?

And Greg, if you and your friends don't feel safe shopping or dining in Eureka, feel free to stay in Loleta with the counties heroin and meth dealers. In fact if I was you I'd stay out of Eureka, those cop's are scary. You can always "dine" at the guilded rose or the bear river casino !
8:47. My son Brad is a cop in Santa Rosa. My Dad was a local Deputy DA and judge, and most of his friends were EPD and other law enforcement types. We called them Peace Officers in those days. When I was running for office, I had EPOA and the Deputy Sheriff's support. The people expressing fear to me are middle-aged, middle-of-the-road and very concerned.

Unfortunately, people WILL shop and dine elsewhere. Incidentally, I would not put my son in the position of publicly stating any of his opinions, but it's too bad EPD couldn't pay enough to hire him when he chose a law enforcement career.

May I suggest you sign your name to posts, especially if you are going to go personal with your attacks? You obviously know me, which leaves me wondering, who the hell are YOU? At least have the cojones to sign your name.

By the way, the Gilded Rose is getting a paint job. Still no food, though - and I haven't tried the casino food, though I hear it's pretty good. My favorites in Eureka are Roy's and Cafe Waterfront.

You can take the Eurekan out of Eureka, but you can't take the "Eureka" out of this guy. Best Wishes.
Greg, it's a good thing you son took a job in SR. If he would have taken a job at EPD he might be the one in Ken Millers sights, Paul Gallegos' sights, your sights.

And I'm sure your son can confirm this ..... most people never have contact with the police, other that a traffic ticket, an accident, or reporting or witnessing a crime. More often than not if you're not involved in criminal activity you're not going to have any negative contact with the police.
Connors, I'm sure lots of Eureka restaurants are going to go out of business because local middle aged people are affraid of the police! You bet. Keep dreaming Connors.
May I suggest you sign your name to posts, especially if you are going to go personal with your attacks? You obviously know me, which leaves me wondering, who the hell are YOU? At least have the cojones to sign your name.

I wish they would do that! I mean, I can understand why someone would post anonymously if they're worried about impact at work or something and he or she is expressing controversial views, but to personally attack from the cloak of anonymity requires a certain level of cowardice.

And I like Roy's and Cafe Waterfront as well. The latter is my favorite Eureka breakfast, ever since Carl's closed up. My favorite lunch though is the kung pao (over white rice) at Liu's, with the egg flower soup.
I agree with 9:54. The only thing that keeps me from Eureka in the evening is the crime, the drug dealers and the fact that kooks like the Conners support the criminal element instead of the law and order.

Greg - stay in Lolets...Frankly, I feel relieved and safe when I see EPD patrolling where I am walking in old town.
Well, we don't actually live IN Loleta, but out in the country. I have helped with Neighborhood Watch in Loleta, just like I did when I lived in Eureka. How about you, anon? What have you done lately to help local law enforcement?

(If you are interested in Neighborhood Watch materials, go to
It is Halloween, the election is a week away, and the anxiety is high. Take a deep breath, anonymous attackers. We still all live in the same community, whether it is Eureka or Loleta or SoHum.
More than you Connor's, that's for sure !
HEY, what happened to the open thread on the Tooby Ranch ?

Did Bob pressure you to take it off Eric?

Boy that really defines you Eric.
It's probably in the archives by now. I've made a lot of posts in the past couple of days. Go to the side or bottom of the page and hit the "October" link. Then word search for "Tooby." You'll find it.

Do you want a new one?
Whether the people who spoke smelled bad or were dressed nicely-the point is they were there.

To have feelings of fear after any kind of incident whether its the hatchet guy at the Eureka Inn, or a police shooting-its the violence that upsets people.

One son has a friend who graduated from the police academy-he said to me yesterday, "That kid would have been shot by the police sooner or later".

My other son has younger friends who hang out, play computer games, and yes-they have jobs too (Just no police academy) They are getting their information through the grapevine mostly and it worries me they have doubts.

I would hope the police dept will respond to the younger community by addressing their concerns directly. Community based policing is scarey for the officers too-but we have to get over this hump and move on.

Having the investigation results asap, full disclosure and graphic details available for those that can stand them-will help us to move on and do better in the future. We ALL have to.
Well I don't know for a fact, no inside details but since the distance went from 5-7 feet down to 4-6 feet there is probably some forensic testing on Burgess' clothing, (gunpowder residue). In anyone's book four feet is really close when you have an angry guy with a big knife not wanting to go to jail!

That Burgess would have gone on to have trouble with cops, the law, people in general is obvious. His childhood seems seriously screwed up but, he knew the difference between right and wrong.
I feel safe eating in Eureka.
See now, I could make a snarky comment like "except at OH's," but I've got far too much self-restraint to say something like that.

Besides, I like OH's. Love the onion rings. They don't always like me, but I love them.
It's the week old grease.
Yes Eric I'd like a new Tooby ranch thread. Actually I'm more curious as to why to pulled the last "open Thread" premature. I take it you were presured by McKee or his associates to take it off. Mabye with the case going you guys don't want any historical information getting out there.
I'm trying to contain myself here. The post was not "pulled." It scrolled down and off the page in the order in which it was posted. You visit the thread here if you like, and note the date of the posting and compare it to the date on the bottom post here. Better yet, you can click on the October archives and scroll down and see precisely the order in which they were posted. I run an active blog. Posts don't stay on the front page for much more than a week, if that.
"I run an active blog.".

Mostly because he doesn't want to get one of my, Time to roll up this blog and shut 'er down. No use clogging up cyberspace with a dead blog. comments.
Each to his own. Right?

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