Monday, October 23, 2006


Phil Angelides for governor

The media has really performed a disservice to the California voters this year. From the moment Angelides pulled out a win against primary opponent Steve Westley, the story has been no story - the race was over. This despite two close polls early on, and a growing tide of resentment against the Republican Party nationwide. Schwarzenegger ducked the debates, and the media gave him a pass. He's getting the endorsements of the L.A. Times, the Chronicle, and even Hollywood liberals and at least one union on the basis that he's acted like a Democrat for the past three months and they assume he's "learned his lesson" from last year's special election results - despite the fact that he still regards his propositions stripping unions of political power, gutting education, and creating an imperial governor's office as "good ideas" that weren't sold well.

The meme has been that Californian's either don't know or don't like Phil Angelides. What's not to like? He's a straightforward liberal pol who built things for a living for many years before he became Treasurer. As treasurer since 1998 he has been phenomenal actually, having successfully converted the state fund investments to support inner city development, small business incubation, and green technologies. He has been slammed by conservatives for placing the funds "at risk," but its flourished very nicely during some very rough economic years, including the 2000 high tech collapse.

So far, I've found only one article that even begins to go into his work as treasurer with any detail. The story was never told. The campaign rarely makes the front pages, even two weeks from the election. They allow Schwarzenegger to paint Angelides as "just another Gray Davis," when there's almost nothing in common between them other than party membership. They certainly don't cover the under-the-table settlements the governor has made with the women who sued him following the recall election's groping revelations. They praise him for signing the global warming bill into law, and fall silent when he basically rewrites the law by what may be an improper use of the executive order.

And next year when Schwarzenegger remembers that he's a Republican and starts pushing the old crap again, so many liberals will be "shocked," and feel taken. But really, they'll have only themselves to blame.

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Arnold, Arnold, Arnold.

How can you leftie "progressives" go for Phil A. ? It doesn't make sense.
Well, probably has something to do with the fact that Angelides is the leftie progressive candidate.
More progressive than Camejo?Angelides is pretty much accused of being a progressive more than anything else.Progressive compared to Arnold,sure,but name one dem or green candidate in the state who isn't.Steve Westly was a much better choice.Thosee opposed to capping wetland areas don't expect Phil to take on the developers.But,when all is said and done,he is a better choice than Arnold,who wouldn't be.
Less progressive than Camejo, but more qualified for the position.
I'll have to admit to being somewhat of an appearance bigot. Even if Angelides leaned libertarian, I'd still have a tough time voting for someone that looks like a skinny, plucked chicken.
That's actually what kind of endeared me to him. I was hoping for a skinny-nerd-poet-with-glasses does in the jock kind of result. But alas, California voters have no sense of irony.
It's difficult to be a "progressive" while funding despoilation in Lake Tahoe. You can hardly say Angelides implemented socially responsible investing either. Just another fake neoliberal Dem masquerading as a prog.
That was a swift boat type slime job perpetrated by Westly during the primary. In fact Angelides was an investor who purchased partial ownership of one unit of the 22-condo project. Fault him for not standing around watching what they did during contruction if you must, but "funding despoliation" is hyperbole that borders on a lie. Even Schwarzenegger hasn't repeated that one.
"...looks like a skinny, plucked chicken..."

Well, Arnold has been described as looking like a condom filled with walnuts. How is that any better?
Hey...Arnold's a Manly Man! He almost got my vote. Too late now. I voted for Libertarian, Art Olivier.
I voted for Libertarian Dale Ogden for Insurance Commissioner.Also voted for the Libertarian in the Board of Equalization race.
I wouldn't want a libertarian as insurance commissioner with all due respect. DA maybe. But I don't want the commissioner taking a hands-off approach with the insurance industry.
eric-finally an opinion I share. Right on.
I met both Westly and Angelides when they came to Eureka. I was much more impressed with Angelides. He is bright, articulate, and has charisma in person. Although he is very slender he is also very tall. He also was campaigning with his daughter. Westly had charisma, but seemed, to me, to be posing for the camera. I plan to vote for Anglides.
Carol - thanx for your thoughts. I do fault Angelides campaign somewhat, though it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. But he and Westly did tear into each other pretty harshly. Republicans rarely do that. It doesn't help.
I only heard about the primary mud-slinging or read about it in the paper. Don't have access to local TV, just satellite. There is the saying that "Republicans never speak ill of each other". Also got to meet Angelides the 2005 Democratic State Convention in LA. Westley and Angelides were heavily recruting supporters for each of their campaigns.
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