Monday, October 30, 2006


Steve Lewis vs. KMUD

Steve has written up a piece on his blog about his run-ins with KMUD program director Michael Jacinto. A few months back Lewis cancelled a Sunday afternoon show after being told by Michael that he couldn't air his personal disputes with Bear River Tribal Council chair Leonard Bowman because it would make for bad radio. Steve insists that the differences are a matter of public interest. Lewis' show was subsequently ended.

I spoke to Michael about it briefly at the Battle of the Bands fundraiser some weeks ago. Michael's response was that Steve is a pain in the ass to work with and he got tired of it, though he's interested in airing a conservative talk show (Steve isn't really conservative, but he falls on the side of conservatives on local issues).

If you have questions about it, you should take it up with the station.

I should say that while I have had some run-ins with the management team while on the Personnel Committee, I have had a number of conservatives speak on my show, and dealt with numerous topics of great controversy to KMUD listeners from debunking 911 conspiracies, to questioning global warming canon, and even taking on some of the common lore around marijuana. Michael has never batted an eye, even when receiving complaints from listeners.

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to hear a Steve Lewis show. Sunday afternoons have been pretty well covered by kid stuff for the past 4 years. If I'd known about it I would have gone out of my way to listen for it.

In the meantime, KMUD should have a conservative commentator with a radio show. Who should it be? Jerry Partain? Chris Crawford? Rose Welch? Mike Harvey? I'm going to talk to Michael about it some more, and I'd like to have names to toss out.

Jerry Partain or Rose ....... but Rose has important work to do keeping track of the deadbeat DA.
You missed the part where Steve Lewis accused Micheal and the KMUD board of taking bribes from the Bear River Tribe at one Board meeting only to come back to the next Board meeting and be disruptive . The response was to " learn how to get along with others" and submit a new program proposal with his friend from the Bear River Tribe, "Sparky".
I hope you get a conservative voice on . Mel Birdie (spelling ? ) from Fortuna.
anon 12:38 - Yeah, but Rose has spread out her topics a little bit lately. I'd like to see how she takes on state and national issues.

anon 12:45 - I did not hear that he accused them of taking bribes. That's probably not the best way to persuade them to give you a show.

Mel Bertie, the ex-mayor? I'll make a note.
Bruce Emad Can be heard on KINS mostly speaking on financial matters. Well spoken and researched. Also CR Trustee.
No great loss. Steve is a bit of a nut and he is no conservative.
Well, we all can't be God's flunkie.

All my KMUD shows have been well received by the majority of KMUD listeners, ask Rose who won't lie to you or ask Estelle Fennell--she's around KMUD office and knows if there's a general anti-Steve feeling there. It's Michael's ego that's the problem. He didn't take kindly to my refusal to cave in to his/John McGinnis gag order for our Heartlands Show.

This guy Paul, Jack, or whatever his name is who heads KMUD Board is Michael's buddy so another KMUD person told me. So those two together have gotten their power trip and removed my Steve Lewis show.

Is it any great loss? I don't know about you but I had Rose on my show several times and she is a treasure of investigative reporting, digging up facts where no one else has and she's become an indispensible source of community information. No other KMUD show had her on. No other KMUD show talked about Bear River projects before Sparky and I did on our Heartlands show.

But one thing is true anon said. I am no conservative. I am a communitarian activist and a pain in the butt to those with anti-community political agendas..
Thanks, eric, for posting my blog.
I don't see Partain as conservative.

I do know he is a volunteer spokesperson for Wal-Mart and is against diversity efforts at HSU.

I think a Partain/Lewis show would be interesting, the sooner the better. They could talk about the upcoming elections and who they support, etc.

How much pull do you have to make that happen, Eric?

Sort of a really twisted version of Hannity and ...whoever the other guy is....

They could probably really help the people they support.

Here's the list of orgs that think Steve Lewis is a pain in the tukis.
EPIC, Humboldt Watershed Council, Local Solutions, HCDCC, KMUD program director, KMUD Board of Directors Chairperson. See any kind of pattern here?
Yes Steve. The same pattern that lead some to (erroneously) view you as conservative. You're certainly not a pain in the ass to anybod on the right side of the fence locally, unless you happen to be talking about Israel.
Michael - Partain was on my show a couple of weeks ago. He certainly considers himself a conservative.

But a cross-fire type show on KMUD is a very intriguing thought.
Are ya jumping to conclusions about me, Eric?
Well, good point Rose. You could be Trotskyist for all I know.
Could be.
I will make sure my blog stays on topic, though.
Well, you should start up a second one then. More general topics.
Israel, eric? Our Ashkenazi homeland for us Turko-Finnish Khazar descendents now called "Jews"? Sounds wonderful.

Our very own homeland in the Middle East instead Uzbekistan. Oh, but I hear there's a problem with the locals there in our new homeland. Wonder why they can't welcome us as their long lost Semitic brothers and sisters? Oh well, can't please everone..
Yeah, I would like that. But for now, this is important.
Rose, don't be fooled. You're scoring some great hit's on Eric's buddy (and hero) and he's just trying to get you sidetracked.
How about the ghost of Jacob Garber?
Yessss! Thatssss my plannnn. We hatessss Bagginssssss!!
Rose - stay on point girlfriend and don't let Eric the elitist pull you of Gollum aka Gallegos.

Am I Saruman then?
In my never-ending quest to piss off pampas grass people, I've written another fat letter exposing the anti-ecological underbelly of the homestead movement. It's in this week's Redwood Times and on my blog site.

It's always been a source of head-shaking to know that homesteaders have let developers like Bob McKee tear up the ecological systems in our rural watersheds in order to make money. Fingers are always pointed at Chas. Hurwitz coming into Humboldt County and exploiting our natural resource of trees but rarely are fingers pointed at the developers who have taken another Humboldt natural resource, rural land, and exploited it for maximum gain by carving it up and selling to back-to-the-land movement people fleeing city life mainly.

Rural land is cut to pieces with dirt roads and wildlife have to duck and hide all the time from humans and their dogs and cats and guns and traps. No more freedom for wildlife as the hills become filled with homesteads. No more existence for many species as water for their dry season survival is taken away by homestead useage. The homestead lifestyle is the most ecologically damaging lifestyle practiced in Humboldt County and yet we have homesteaders parading their loyalty, really almost fealty, to their "hero" developer who makes money off them at every turn, even money off water tanks that none would need if the developer hadn't put some many people in the hills taking water away from the life of the land.

I know of only one homesteader who conscientiously practices ecological living and takes care of his land. Only one.

I hope to see SoHum homestead lands put into a Mateel Land Trust with only dedicated ecologically knowledgeable people left living in the hills. I want to save the species that are were in our hills before all the people came so that future generations don't have to travel to state parks and wilderness areas to find what Mother Nature was like before humans came in droves.

I do have an alternative community model that will allow people to live in the hills with minimum environmental impact: it follows the Native American way of clustered living in villages, this village being set high on the ridge or in its own valley with one paved road in and one paved out, all the other old homestead roads filled back in and the land returned to its original roadless and homesteadless condition.

But for the majority, let's keep ourselves out of the wildlife communities so they can stay alive and replenish themselves naturally. Let's keep to the town sites along rivers and strategic roads and around the Bay, i.e. confining ourselves to human communities so that wild communities will be close around us into the 7th generation.
No, you're not Saruman, just hope you're not one of the Orks.

Happy Halloween!
I've got my dollar store candies ready and cookies and fresh popcorn but sometimes they don't show.

My 6'1 uncle used to dress up in a pretty darn authentic looking Frankenstein outfit and just scare the living shi.. out the tricker treaters--this being the age before razor-blades and cocaine laced cookies, drive-bys and kids with AK-47's in class.
Oh, a privat epiphany on Holloween but I'll share. My dad's side of the family was filled with seriously religious people but my mom's side weren't religious much and filled with clowns and twisted humored punsters. Guess what..

Ah, that doesn't quite fit, though, because my favorite aunt on my dad's side, the most fanatical of them all, the missionary bringing Jesus to the savages, her words, of the Bolivian jungles, this aunt had the most sense of humor of them all, saintly twisted in fact.

She quit the missionary business when the missionary party two weeks ahead of her's got killed and their heads taken and shrink, proof of which I think was photographed if memory serves. Just keeping on topic..Happy Holloween!

Remind to tell the Day of the Dead pax story somebody on Nov. 2nd.
6:24..where are they? What if something's happened to them, alien puppeteers from outer space have taken them away and turned them all into's dark out sign..what, what was that!
we had 5, Years ago we'c have 30 or 40, now they all get 'bused' into the populated neighborhoods, those poor people spend a bloody fortune on candy, and have to dole it out one m&m at a time, it's like a scene out of ET, but if you really want candy, go to the smaller neighborhoods, like yours steve, people give you big handfuls of gobstoppers and milky ways, big candy bars
Redway gets quite a load of kids from the countryside, but we don't begrudge it. Halloween is the only holiday in which the entire community is simultaneously engaged in ritual. It may be my kids' favorite holiday.
And the same can't be said of Christmas? Christmas cult envelopes everyone whether they are Christian or not. I'd be surprised, eric, if you gave your kids a choice of either celebrating Holloween or Christmas that they'd choose Holloween.

Not that I'm knocking Holloween, actually preferring the Day of the Dead cosmic meaning though. But the point is the same: to give community voice to the dark side in all of us, and with the D of D to make death not a scary bad thing.
Erik, waht about that guy that was on your show about islam? You said he was a conservative.
And the same can't be said of Christmas?

No, everybody is pretty much in their own homes/churches. I'm talking about the simultaneous ritual of trick-or-treating.

Asher loves Christmas, but his enthusiasm for Halloween is unmatched by any other Holiday. He lists as his three favorite holidays Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. He likes to express himself.
I was thinking of the simultaneous ritual of Christmas shopping. But it's spread out over..the 12 Days of Christmas, lah, lah, di-dah, da-di, and so forth..

Can't wait til I post the Journey of EL and Asherah from ancient Canaan to modern times in December, I get so into the Spirit of Christmas being the good gnostic Christian I sometimes can actually be.
Eric, you say you are an atheist. I'm posting the report below as an small example of spiritual events that happen in my life that tell me God is alive and well and is still quietly running the show, the complete shebang from top to bottom, inside out, from birth to death, from Big Bang beginning to Black Hole annihilation.

This is the Day of the Dead. In honor of my departed mother and my wonderful daughter who share this birthday and in quiet honor to the Creator who guided me on this day to do the fifth sanctifying ritual that created Paxcalibur, God's Gift to humanity and the most amazing sword ever seen on earth.

From the Story of Paxcalibur-

The fifth step of the Paxcalibur ritual was not a baptism per se. It was done on the Day the Dead, All Souls Day (Nov. 2nd) of this year, 2001. It was performed on Indian Island in our county, the site of one of America's largest but little known massacres of Native American peoples and of the most gruesome ones. 

I asked for and received permission from the Wiyot tribe to go to their former religious ceremonial island site that was invaded in 1860 by a white settler death squad which butchered nearly 200 Wiyot women, children and old men. The able-bodied men had left before, thinking the settlers were looking for them only and wouldn't harm innocent women and children.

This massacre and the Indian War period in California during the 1860's created a Holocaust for local tribes that still reverberates to this day. Tribes were extinguished all together, tribal lands taken, tribal languages lost, artifacts taken, and survivors mixed together into artificially created new tribes destroying tribal identities.

Paxcalibur, a weapon that has never been used as such will not be baptized here but was allowed to "taste" the old blood soaked soil of Indian Island where this tragedy of warfare occurred. Pax was stuck into the old blood-soaked ground of Indian Island to form a grave marker cross while a prayer for the dead and the living was given.

This fifth Paxcalibur ritual along with the 5th baptism in the Jordan River is symbolic of the death of the 4th World and birth of the 5th World in Hopi prophesy

-from the Pax miracles list

So, altogether, over 18,000 acres of forest land and coastal land has been preserved forever at three out of the four sites the Paxcalibur ritual was performed. And there may be more as the former Director of Sanctuary Forest was so impressed by Pax's record when I told him about it he asked me to do the ritual for another disputed land site of some 3500 acres.

July 1, 2004 Update:

A big step towards the full return of Indian Island to the Wiyot people happened on June 25th of this year when the City of Eureka turned over 40 acres of the island to the Wiyot tribe.

Here is a local newsmagazine photo of happy Wiyots with Indian Island in the background. The Paxcalibur ritual was done on Indian Island Nov. 2nd, 2001.

The Wiyot people have worked hard to reclaim Indian Island and they are the ones who should receive credit for this property transference. But I don't think Old Man Above, the Wiyot concept of God the Father, has forgotten them at all.
Eric, you say you are an atheist.

No I don't.
Hmmm. I thought I read one of your posts here or on some blog where you said that you were. What religion then are you? Lapsed Catholic by any chance?
No religion. I believe there's a God of some sort, or at least that there's more to what we see, hear, and touch than what we see, hear and touch. But beyond that, I have no idea.

I flirted with Christianity, in Catholic and Protestant form, when I was younger. I'll post something on it sometime.
Ah, good. At least there's hope for you, my son.
Btw, flirting with Christ is not such a good idea..
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