Thursday, November 23, 2006


Confusion Hill slipping

Captain Buhne's on the story.

Just in time for the holiday. Your in-laws may be hanging around longer than you think!

Why do people panic other people. It is not slide it is the reflection of the light from the light pole. The vehicles you see are headed south. here is a link to the same camera at 0031 hours.

Buhne Tribune needs to confirm before he posts. There is also nothing in the CAL Trans WEB Site for warnings.

There is nothing in the CHP online traffic incident page either: (if it doesn't show humboldt select it, I looked at 1249 hours and there was a traffic collison on cresent city.

Just select this whole section for the CAL Trans Photo. you may have to delete some spaces
oh well it won't even work for me.
Buhne's operating model is: publish now, correct it later.
So that is a Cal-Trans camera keeping a constant eye on the slide?
I guess so. Kind of a neat idea, although, as has been shown here, it's hard to really tell what's going on there, at night anyway.
Ooops. Well, it's my bad too.
Anonymous said...
Buhne's operating model is: publish now, correct it later.

It bears repeating.
so what your saying is don't listen to anything that Buhne has to say... atleast until after the 1st or is it the 2nd correction???
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