Thursday, November 30, 2006


Neely gains ground over Flemming in vote count!

The mail-in precinct ballots (Fairhaven area) were counted yesterday. Neely picked up 26, and Flemming 24. Now let's have everybody analyze these numbers and tell us what they do or don't mean.

I guess they counted two ballots per day. The absentees and provisionals will allegedly be counted today.

Rumor has it they may have some results today, but they've got another week and the TS is reporting that they'll do today what the TS previously reported they were going to do yesterday.

Yeah, exciting stuff, huh?
Should have some real numbers after lunch.
Bonnie lost!
Do you have numbers? Nobody's posting anything yet.
Great article
3:00 pm Erwic!
Why doesn't the A-team just buy it for Nancy and save us all the aggravation?
Flemming was shown as winner on CH 3, only to be retracked and a I'm sorry later in the telecast. Bonnie for another 4.
Estelle announced that Bonnie won on KMUD tonight. Re-broadcast tomorrow morning at 8 AM. COngratulations, Bonnie!

Well, it looks like those who thought the late absentee votes would trend towards Flemming, Bass and Leonard were wrong. The final vote differences:

Bonnie Neely won by 191 votes.

Virginia Bass won by 59 votes.

Jeff Leonard won by just 28 votes!

Clearly, the late absentees (and provisional ballots) trended heavily towards the "progressive" candidates, just as the ballots did on the day of the election.

Hope the Captain likes crow!
Neely for another 4 years! Drat! How much did that cost her? Or how much will she owe others now?
Thanx Mark! Weird that neither of the local papers has said anything. I'll head over there. Is it the final tally?
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