Saturday, November 25, 2006


Okay, I "fixed" the comment problem

Apparently the bug is only with the pop-up window function. I've switched to the comment page alone function.

Should I switch it back when the bug is corrected? Which format do you prefer?

Let the consumers speak.

was no "bug" Eric.

The Elites
Well Eric, at least Nick Bravo personalized his spam for you. All my site got was two, plain spams (which I neatly deleted).

I'm not sure what the benefit is of having a separate comment window pop up, but in my experience, in a pop-up comment window, if a link is cliked, there's no way to navigate back to the comments. It's probably just my browser (Mozilla).
I prefer the pop up comment windows. I actually think it's a little less hassle. I use Firefox and when I click on a link in the comments, a new window opens with the comment box minimized.

Once you close the other window, the comment window is still there.
mmmmmmmm....Carson I feel another parody coming on. Then again a parodd of a parody of a parody is a rather tedious thing....
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