Wednesday, November 22, 2006



This is only a test.

Nice test.
No kidding! If that was the test, just imagine what the real thing will be like.
What happened was that my blog just vanished. I tried to make this post, but it still came up all white. Then I went to the template page and republished. And you all reappeared, as if out of the mists of Avalon.
did I get an A ?
It's not you, today Blogger in general has been acting up.

Lotta comments for a test. Hank, go reply to my question on Buhne!

You had me really worried there Eric, I thought WWIII had begun by some hippie eco-terrorists planning to plant a nuclear mine in DC to ensure Ecotopian independence. Glad to hear there's no hot white flashes where you are, even if I still can't stand your sad sack politics.

It's nick bravo's fault! Dontcha know!? we're at war with nebraska.
Bravo's bashing KHSU, Wes Chesbro, and Rob Ammertwerp.
JMan -- can't find it.
paste the address into your url bar and press enter.

Geeez Hank....big time journalist like you doesn't know how to do that????

But maybe your computers crap.
now Heraldo's blog is acting up.
Our blog was down along with Eric's blog and Humboldt Herald while Fred's was working. Now Fred's is not working and this blog as well as ours is working. Wierd. It was hailing, too. Could the weather have anything to do with it?
No, no -- I can find Buhne just fine, you joker. I can't find JMan's question. Can you?

And if you do find it, should I reply here or there? Questions, questions.

Eric, these "test posts" are a lotta fun! You should do them more often!
It's charles douglas's fault. He's siphoning off power to run his turbines for his pot farm.

My blog is entirely missing. Whack off, FBI man.
Damn it Jim, you didn't republish!
i think if charles douglas had a pot farm he would have a car by now.
Heraldo: Your RSS feed still works, and you can still get to the individual post-pages. It's just your home page that's down. Weird.
I failed every test I ever took and that's why I am where I am in a dumpster down by the river.
Demon Squirrel
Hank: What is an RSS feed? Is this something you subscribe to? I'm trying to figure it out from Wikipedia but over my head in compu-babble.

I see how the individual pages are working, thanks. I wouldn't have noticed that otherwise.
Demon Squirrel

Wow. The saga of Nick Bravo has never been so strange.
You've got an RSS feed and you didn't even know it!

It's a bit difficult to explain at 10:18 p.m., but basically it's a little service that lets people with RSS readers on their computers know when you've posted a new post. It's very handy.

And that's about the best I can do right now. Sorry.
Danka. I'll keep with the google to figure it out.
Who needs Heraldo anyway ? Maybe it's karma ?
Heraldo - try going into the blogger template page and republishing.

Man! All these posts. Must have been my dynamic writing!
Hmmm...and I didn't even notice there was a blogspot outage.
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