Friday, December 29, 2006


Eureka Second Ward appointee to be announced today

According to Capt. Buhne, it will be at 2:00. He's apparently obtained some inside information that the selection will be a "suprise."

I'm not sure when the city council will meet to vote on confirmation. Maybe somebody can post that info?

I'll update when I have more information.

Update: Hank Sims (whom I thought was on vacation!) reports in the comments section here that Polly Endert was chosen. What does anybody know about her (besides the Sohum connection)?

I can't find it right now---but I read in the T-S that they meet on January 4th to vote.
Mayor Bass picked Polly Endert, general manager of the Quality Inn.

Want a SoHum connection? She's the daughter of Jack Macdonald, co-owner of the Benbow Inn.
Can we name a bridge after any of them?
From the City Council Agenda:

8. Vacancy in office of City Council – Ward 2.

Recommendation: 1. Receive a report from Mayor Bass regarding the appointment process to fill the vacancy in the office of City Council – Ward 2.

2. Consider continuation of the action to approve the Mayor’s appointment to fill the vacancy in the office of City Council – Ward 2 until 6:30 p.m. Thursday, January 4, 2007; and

3. Approve the Mayor’s appointment of Polly Davis Endert to fill the vacancy in the office of City Council – Ward 2.

Thanx Hank! And anon 4:30!
Bass's selection won't hold water legally. There will be an election, whether the Arkley-worshipping Republicans want one or not.
I think Ms. Endert is the best choice. She is a local humboldter and a business owner, just like Mayor Bass.
Carol are you the same as Carol Ann -- if so we do have some things that we agree on.

Endert is moderate, a woman, intelligent, very committed to her community and what seems to be a very thoughtful choice.
And...Endert hs no political baggage or ties to Bass or Kerrigan.

Brilliant move.

What happened to the good old days when a Mayor just picked a crony?
"Carol are you the same as Carol Ann -- if so we do have some things that we agree on."

Yes, it is me. Greg's list switched over to the new blogger, so I am updating my profile. The new picture isn't working yet.
the Endert's have it. put her on the council and let's get on with it.
Bass chooses Polly Endert. Hmmm. I wonder if she has many more tricks up her sleeve? This was an unexpected move to say the least. What is her agenda? This does not seem to be making sense so far. Is Virginia throwing care to the wind? Polly will most likely fill her criteria for appointment, but where does Polly's political views fit? This was just an unexpected turn.
Well, this thread is a good sign, particularly Carol's compliments which I've come to respect and which don't come lightly. It looks like Mayor Bass made a good choice. I'll reserve some judgment until I know more about her, but kudos to the mayor for making what appears to have been a true act of leadership - and for making things interesting.
Oh, Carol and Greg, I can't yet sign up for your blog because I can't switch over to beta. My blog's too big apparently. Blogspot says it's working on the problem. If only I wasn't such a blabbermouth!
I haven't been able to switch over to beta, either, although I never was given a reason. I just keep getting a message that they're unable to switch me over at this time.

I'm sure that's why Carol's pic isn't working. Apparently the old version and new version are two different "entities", for lack of a better word.

Oh, funny about Polly Endert. The few times I looked at the list of candidates her name never stood out, and I've met her and her husband. Did some work for them for a short while. In fact, spoke to her mother in law yesterday afternoon.

Seems like the best choice for the most part, unless you're one of the hard, never- say- die, lefties.
Wait..Barbara may not be Polly's mother in law. Confusing relation situation, now that I'm thinking about it. I believe they're related somehow.
It is my understanding that Ms. Endert's father is Jack McDonald, one of the owner's of the Benbow Inn. Ms. Endert is also an inn owner, a hospitality occupation, which is great since Humboldt County is an eco-tourist destination. She was my first choice when I read the list of the folks that threw their hats into the ring for the 2nd Ward.

As for a hidden agenda, I don't see one at this point.
Political agenda? I don't know Polly, but if she's a business Republican, as I suspect, her agenda is "what's good for business is good for the community". This should be no surprise in light of Mayor Bass' own politics and Eureka's long history of business in government. Even Larry Glass and Chris Kerrigan are businesspeople.
Somehow I never thought of Chris Kerrigan as a "businessperson". What is his business?

And, no, I don't dislike Kerrigan. I even waved to him a few weeks ago when I saw him on D Street, around the corner from my house.
Political consulting.
So Fred....did he wave back?

So his business is political consulting? Funny he would push so hard for a special election. I'm sure the likely paycheck from the progressive machine had no influence on his position.

I heard he's a pretty good house painter too.
Yes, he waved back.
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