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10 best paranoid conspiracy movies

Lite Friday topic - to lighten things up around here.

Dramas, not documentaries. I'll do up some summaries later tonight maybe. Any other favorities?

1. Three Days of the Condor
2. The Conversation
3. All the President's Men
4. The Manchurean Candidate (original)
5. Missing
6. Chinatown
7. Seven Days in May
8. JFK (bad history, great film)
9. Solyent Green
10. Marathon Man

Previous lists:

Top 10 westerns

Top 10 science fiction

Hey Captain Kirk, you said "Ironic that Charlton Heston played in so many liberal themed movies." That is why they call peole who play roles in movies actors. Hope that you do not mind the Captain Kirk nickname. If so, I will drop it. I had a good friend with the last name Kirk and I always called him Captain Kirk in jest.
I should mention that Charlie Sheen has also been in a number of conservative oriented action movies - including Red Dawn. You're right about that, although some actors are a bit choosy when it comes to certain messages and politics.

Capt. Kirk goes way back to my childhood. In Jr. High school it was actually down to "Cap." I had a crush on a girl whose last name was "Vulcan," and it took a little extra courage to approach her.

The name is over 900 years old. As Catholics, they left Scotland during the rose wars. Then became religious fanatics in Denmark by the 1800s, expecting a rapture that didn't happen. The kids all became communists and helped spirit Jews from Copenhagen to Sweden during the Nazi occupation. My grandfather came to American and jumped ship as a illegal alien. He would have been deported, but then my grandmother married him.

Little to do with James Tiberious Kirk I'm afraid.

That's the short version.
Thanks. That is interesting. I appreciate you sharing that with us. Did you know that James Shatner is Jewish?
slp said...

Thanks. That is interesting. I appreciate you sharing that with us. Did you know that James Shatner is Jewish?

Fri Feb 23, 07:18:00 PM

You didn't know that Lenord Nimony is as well. Heck the whole "live long..." hand thing is a Jewish thing.

True story.
Isn't it William Shatner?
Thanks Ana 7:56 you are right it is William. I think I did a Vulcan mind meld of his character name and real name.
No Blade Runner? For shame.

I know there's a couple of others missing there, too. They'll come to me.
It finally happened!
Eric's blog has turned into a Trekie convention.
Had a earlier omen when tinfoil hats popped up on a thread about Hurwitz -Hey, he's Jewish too!
The coincidences are coming faster than warp speed 9.

Anyone here speak Klingon?

nuqDaq 'oH puchpa' 'e'
Network, maybe? Even though it kind of plays like a farce.
By the way, don't you agree that "friendship" is a hoax? That "friends" stick around while things are going well, and then leave on the slightest pretext when they want to change things around in their lives?

That "friendship" is just a way of passing time between the emptiness before birth and the loneliness of the grave?
Sure! It's kind of like the movies in that way.

How about The Third Man?
The Conversation has to top the list of paranoid conspiracy movies.

Hank, the beauty of Network is that in the middle of the farce, the crazy weatherman's rant is the lone point of true sanity.
I guess I must like conspiracy movies -- Chinatown and The Conversation are on my top ten of any kind of movies.

for paranoid conspiracies I'd include The President's Analyst and Parallax View, or how about Blow Out, the Brian de Palma movie with John Travolta.

My wife suggests Brazil, another of my faves, but I don't know that it fits the genre.
The William Shatner roast on Comedy Central was one of the funniest things Ive seen on Comedy Central, and that is saying alot. It was very crass, but so much fun!
It's William Shatner's singing which will secure his place in history.

Missing and Chinatown are among my favorites.
Best Western ever was
"One Eyed Jacks"
Hank - didn't really think about Blade Runner, but it probably belongs in there. Maybe Close Encounters as well.

Not sure about Brazil Bob. Great movie though.

Blow Out should be on the list though!

Somebody suggested by e-mail Eyes Wide Shut. I actually enjoyed it, but it wouldn't be in my top 10.

And yes I knew Shatner and Nimoy were Jewish. Shatner is also Canadian I believe.
The Shatner Roast reminds me of the blogosphere. Shatner actually didn't get roasted that much, but everyone just started roasting each other with abandon. It was pretty close to chaos, and some of the roasters were obviously drunk. Poor George 'Sulu' Takei got the brunt of obscene jokes.
Paranoid Conspiracy movies?

1. Stealing Reggae
2. De-constructing Arkley
3. Where is Nancy?
4. The Dems or The Damned
5. David Cobb goes to Washington

Of course, any of these could make a good musical, too.
My all time favorite movie is “Body Heat” staring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. Believe or not, it’s not just for the raw sex scenes. Although, the sex was integral to the plot. (Alright, who just sneezed B.S. behind their hand!?)

The movie demonstrates that a person with the ability to go all the way, and do anything can succeed. The plot has many convolutions and turns of betrayal. Murdered husband, suckered boyfriend, Lawyers in jail, rich wealthy widow, oh my!

My favorite scenes are the closing scenes, where the dumb lawyer (unlike our local superhero lawyer) is setting in prison serving a sentence for murder, wondering how he got sucker punched, and the wealthy widow sunning her magnificent body on some tropical beach with a totally inscrutable look on her face, leaving you to wonder if she misses her lawyer boyfriend that she went all the way with to get her husband murdered. ( “Word Person is going to hate that last sentence!)

What the heck, I have no intension of signing this, so I’ll let my sexism out! Only a woman could have succeeded so well in this plot!
That was a great one, though I'm not sure I'd put it in the thread's category. Some great supporting performances as well from Ted Dansen, Mickey Rourke, and Richard Crenna.

I'd put it more in the film noire class.

Somebody also suggested The Third Man, which I'd also put into film noire.
I'm not the first person to inappropriatly have my way with a thread! So, quit picking on me!!

Besides, I'm paranoid, so I thought it was the right thread.
OK. We've got the Westerns covered.

Here's my nomination for the best Eastern of all time.

The Sand Pebbles.
How about the best Paranoid Conspiracy Scifi Western?

Westworld 1973 with Yul Brynner.

It may have also been the worst Paranoid Conspiracy Scifi Western.
Well, doesn't "A Beautiful Mind" count in this category? It's a biopic, so it's not fictional -- but not documentary either.

Thanks to Hank for reminding me of "Blow Out." I always loved that movie, but I'm hard-pressed to find people who've seen it!
As for the other two lists:

To the SF list I would add "Alien Nation" and "The Matrix" (just the first one, thank you very much).

And because I'm an oddball, and all the other posters mentioned most of the other Westerns I thought of, my additions in THAT category would be:

"The Ballad of Little Jo," an unusual little movie about a woman who lives out her life in the Old West as a man (and featuring Ian McKellen in a grim but great supporting role); and "The Proposition," which is actually Australian but totally feels like a Western. If you liked "Unforgiven," you'll like this one too. And anyway, Guy Pearce (who stars alongside Ray Winstone, Danny Huston and Emily Watson) can do no wrong.
The movie "If" moved me many ways when I was a young man. Enigmatic.
Cristina - I actually really liked Matrix, right up until he took the red pill. It went down hill after that.

A Beautiful Mind would belong on the list except that, well, how to say it without spoiling?
Do I fit into the demographics of this focus group?
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