Friday, February 23, 2007


Another blogging side effect

Combo of three factors: blogging, big community issue, and very small community - what should be a five minute trip to the supermarket turns into a 45 minute series of discussions.

There really is a dark mood permeating Sohum right now. It's touching everybody.

"There is no dark side of the Moon really... matter of fact it's all dark"

- Gerry Driscoll, as recorded by Pink Floyd

Yes, you are right, much of the community is troubled by or obsessed by all this right now, Eric--and every journey anywhere round our small region leads to endless conversations, gossip, speculation. As I type this, not far from the Mateel, where Steel Pulse's music is rocking the streets, the night is cold and some of the drunks are screaming about how easy it would be to blow up an entire town (yes, we have troubled people on the street tonight). Bemused young people wander back and forth, smiling gently. A guy in a wheel chair needs an assist to the van he is living in-he's a quiet guy, a veteran.
Some nights seem a bit darker than others. But the sun still comes up. I have faith the community will get through all this. "Dramas, not documentaries"--hey, maybe that's our theme for the next month or so. What do you think?
I'm happy all the daffodils are starting to bloom, myself.
I heard there is a big circling group of lawyers over SoHum right now. So of course the mood is dark!
Every life has a period of self-examination and in my experience that leads to very positive growth. Although the process can be painful to go through.

Couldn't it be the same for a town?
And thank you Clar for reminding me why the blog is so quite tonight.
Eric you continue to downplay the huge dark cloud that one man casts over our area. Be warned he is more determined, influential, ambitious and nefarious than you know. Some day you will find that you have no choice but to stand against him as Heraldo does. But I have to wonder why you are so willing to repeatedly give him the benefit of the doubt.
What do you expect from a community that embraces the marijuana industry? That Thrives off the marijuana industry? That exists off the marijuana industry?

For the older folks, remember how and why this all got started in the first place !
Hey 7:26 -- I love how you always use the "he who must not be named" technique to ratchet up the ominousness.
Wrong Hank. When dealing with someone who is legendarily litigious, it is wisest to protect one self.
Yesterday, "Thank Jah It's Friday" conversation was all about this conflict. It is sad.
this too shall pass
Anon 12:20:00 AM--Your jealousy is evident. You are angry and insecure which makes you destructive. You look foolish because your insecurity is not founded on realistic dangers. It is unfortunate that Eric's wife has to avoid the blog because of your ilk. The one you are really hurting is yourself. You are reaching out to the wrong format. You really need to get into some kind of therapy. Maybe anger management for a start.
"what should be a five minute trip to the supermarket turns into a 45 minute series of discussions."

Eric, I hear you! I parked in Gville on Friday to do some errands, and I was accosted by a group of young strangers, demanding to know "which side" I am on. (Old rotr parking stickers in my windshield made me a target, I suppose.) I told them I'm on the side of the community having an event come August. This morning's Dilbert might make you smile.
Did you hear the person on Thank Jah on Friday say she thought that the Mateel doesn't deserve Reggae because they don't spend their money the way she thinks they should. I say instead of letting Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis decide if the Mateel should get any more money because of the way the Mateel spends it, Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis and anybody else should go to the Mateel meetings and deal with it that way. Who are Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis to unilaterally decide that the Mateel does not deserve money from Reggae on the River®? What some people seem to always forget is that Reggae on the River® belongs to the Mateel. Maybe, just maybe the Mateel's expenses are higher than they need to be. But do you ever think that the Mateel spent some of their money the way they spent it because Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis told them over and over and over that the Mateel should expect about $250,000. In 2005 and 2006. Kind of like when you go buy a house. You buy a house in anticipation that you will be paid by the people who pay you and have paid you for years. It is really a very simple concept. The Mateel is run by an Executive Director (It seems that Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis don't like that title but that seems kinda petty to me.) and a board of directors. They are required to do certain things and some of those things Carol Bruno/People Productions/Paul Bassis don't like (Visualize a Reggae on the River® audit and questions about why the Mateel didn't get any money for two years). The main thing here is that if somebody has a problem with the way the Mateel spends it's money then that somebody should take it up with the Mateel and not think that it is ok to steal the Mateel's main fundraiser. Isn't that what it really comes down to? Taking the Mateel's main fundraiser which has been it's main fundraiser for a very very long time, and changing the name and calling it their own and then saying that the Mateel does not deserve the fundraiser because of the way the Mateel spends it's money? Seems kinda arrogant to me.
Can't we just move onto the next drama? I don't give a crap if Reggae happens ever again.
12:55 said, "...Couldn't it be the same for a town?"
For an individual, the dark period which forces one into self-examination occurs after considerable advancement towards higher consciousness. To pass through the darkness entales a letting go of the ego's hold on the person, making room for a change that can bring about a complete transformation of their way of defining their self and their relationship to others. But does a town have an ego to let go of? Hmmmm...
Oh..... scary! I bet you tell good ghost stories!
This town's ego has to do with the delusion of percieving ourselves as being so 'light and good'. So of course our dark side is going to make it's presence known--somehow and sometime. Maybe it's time to take a healthy look at both sides. The dark and the light. Maybe it's time for Gothic Reggae.
Funny, I shop up in Eureka as much as possible to avoid Ray's Syndrome and I don't run into that problem at all. Try it, you'll like it!
Oh, a Gothic Reggae! Thanks, anon 10:26--the images conjured up made me laugh out loud.
Anon 12:39
"That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
We would not die in that man's company
That fears his fellowship to die with us."

Move To Eureka, they will love you up there! As for the rest of us...

"The fewer men, the greater share of honour."
I couldn't've said it better mysulf ;)
The question before the town is future direction. Do we want to be a peforming arts town or a party town?
"Something inside you dies when you bear the unbearable. It is only in the dark night of the soul that you are prepared to see as God sees, and love as God loves....Your rational minds will never understand what has happened. But your hearts, if you can keep them open to God, will find their own intuitive way."
Ram Dass

What was once an energy inspired by a primal source has turned into a stereotype. A stereotype has no energy, or it has NEGATIVE energy, it is not renewable, it doesn't create, it blocks creation, or a deeper look into the matter.
To anon 1:58
"The question before the town is future direction. Do we want to be a peforming arts town or a party town?"

We want to do both, excedingly well!
Eric you should be thriving in this kind of atmosphere! This is what all lawyers live for. Dread, doubt, a riven community, and angry people at the supermarket!

Where else in life are you going to find the raw excitement of sitting next to a matricidal maniac, and getting him off (In more ways than one)? Well it must be exciting picking up a quiche in Redway while watching a little girl cry whilst pulling her hair out.

This is what SOHum has become!
Where can I get a quiche in Redway?
In aisle 666, next to the paste of leprosy.
Of course without lawyers you'd have allot more keyed cars and slashed tires. With lawyers theres just allot more dirty looks. I guess it's just personal preference.
to anon 2:59

Better question, what would possess anyone spout such unsubstantiated crap!

When you come up with personal accusations like that, you should have the character to sign them!

Signed: Total Lackof Character.
To anon 3:20

Get a life buddy. Pull the stick out of your tight ass and get a sense of humor. Who would want to fuck somebody as high strung as you?
that comment is vulgar and rude...drives away the sane and poetic...
Besides all the aforementioned, how was steel pulse?
This will be my last comment to anon 3:20

You obviously have wit and writing talent. Your language doesn’t shock me, I know words that would curl you hair. What bothers me is that you could be using your substantial talent to be charming. Why so you want to be so demeaning?

To answer you question, there are lots of people that would like to “fuck” me, but I limit myself to one. Isn’t that sweet?
Meant "do"...Darn
Meant "your" ...where's "Word person" when you need her!
anon 4:26

I'm not the dude you're word wrestling with, but I'm intrigued..

Go ahead, curl my hair!
anon 5:17

That's not fair, you sound bald. Also, I'm much too polite!

But, it involves five or six different sexes, multiple races, several forms of natural occurring elements, and some man made elements. Includes religious ceremony, politics, food cravings and chanting. That’s one word.

Some words are so bad that I only use them on the full of the moon, when they are tempered by the full tide. Others can only be offset by the pull of gravity.

Some are like the words that Eric is thinking right now, like what the _____ has this thread diminished to now?
There's only one word that makes my hair curl, eyelids unfurl and my innards hurl


As far as Eric is concerned, he gave up intelligent design on these threads long ago. They're in the hands of God now.
Hi Steve!
Eric, I was wondering if you would add my blog to your local blogs section.

I'd really appreciate it since I am now a local. If you don't want to then I'll appreciate an explanation. I know I'm a villian in many peoples minds and certainly don't want people to harass you on my account.

Thank You
Nick - I'll take a look at it again, but months ago when I visited your site you had personal information about private people on it. I don't remember the details, it was last summer. I'll take another look.
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