Friday, February 23, 2007


Hospital parcel tax issue makes the Eureka Reporter

The article mentions that Redwood Memorial Hospital ER is also in trouble, meaning that if we lose the ER we have to travel all the way to Eureka.
At stake is the future of the only emergency room services between Willits and Fortuna — maybe. If what Bowen called “the scuttlebutt” is true, Redwood Memorial Hospital’s emergency room may close as part of a consolidation of services. St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka would become the closest ER.

“We get critical access reimbursement rates from the state because they realize how far it is for people in Shelter Cove to get to an ER,” Bowen said. “It’s essential to get to our hospital. If all of a sudden the ER goes from being one hour away to (an hour and 45 minutes), you lose that critical golden hour when you can save someone’s life with cardiac and stroke treatments.”

The Garberville hospital’s chief administrator, Deborah Scaife, said her emergency room eats up about a quarter of the hospital’s $5 million budget.

She said another 10 to 15 percent is consumed by the acute care facility, which must be maintained to receive ambulances as an emergency room.
My plan is to have Darryl Cherney on my radio show in April to discuss the tax. If there is somebody who opposes the tax who would like to be on the show please contact me.

If Eureka's St. Joseph Hospital administration gets its way, the emergency room at Redwood Memorial in Fortuna will close down, and Mad River Hospital in Arcata will disappear completely.

Not a particularly good time for the emergency room and hospital in Garberville to close down.

The same hospital closing machinations are happening in Sonoma County:

begin quote

For decades, Sonoma County has had a hospital security blanket consisting of 963 beds, there just in case a disaster should make all of them necessary.

But almost a quarter of those beds will be eliminated when Sutter Health closes its Santa Rosa hospital, a prospect that is setting off alarm bells.

end quote
press democrat, 2/23/07

or what about this:

begin quote

How in the world are Santa Rosa Memorial and Kaiser Permanente hospital and four small medical facilities in Sonoma County going to handle an annual deluge of 24,000 more emergency room visitors when Sutter Health closes its hospital this year?

That's a key question emerging from roundtable discussions launched Tuesday by county health officials reviewing Sutter's plans to turn over its contract for publicly guaranteed health programs to St. Joseph Health System's Memorial Hospital.

"We don't want to end up like Los Angeles with eight-hour waits at the emergency rooms, ambulances backing up in parking lots and patients stuck on gurneys," said Dr. Ted Hard, who heads Sutter's emergency department.

end quote
press democrat, 02/21/07
Social medicine. Not single payer. Not "managed care." Social medicine. Spend the money, and do it right. You can't argue with the lifespans of people living in western Europe.
It'll be what living,(and dying), in Baghdad must be like - only we're not A-rabs.
Um. Okay.
To debate Ferel Daryl you should try to get one of those old puffs of flatulence from the Tazpayers League Like Jerry Partain. That guy pretty much against the expediture of public money for anything unless it's going to his pension.

That would be an entertaining debate.
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