Thursday, March 29, 2007


Petition re Mattole Forest

Forest Defender has an online petition set up to save the Mattole Forest.

Click on the comparative graphic to enlarge. You can't complain about the source of information.

Work with the Heartlands Project and save every single old growth tree on PL lands.
But, wouldn't that lead to global warming?
It would if old growth trees were the majority of PL's trees but that's not the case as you well know.

Save what's left and plan for new old growth zones where strategically needed to insure survival of old growth dependent species--along all the blue-line creeks and ridges with long-term rotation buffer zones around them to provide your close-grain old growth characteristic redwood boards. Two-thirds of the forest then is for commercial harvesting, faster rotations to help offset carbon build-up in the atmosphere.
Good thing there's no such thing as old growth marijuana. What a conundrum that would cause - in the Mattole watershed.
I once saw a marijuana "tree" that was 14 feet high and a thick and bushy as any conifer of the same size. Imagine cannabis sequoia!
It would if old growth trees were the majority of PL's trees but that's not the case as you well know.

Understatement of the year.
There would be lot's more old-growth trees, eric, if EPIC had responded to PL's environmental compromise offers in 1991. The fact that EPIC slammed the door in PL's face led to the inevitable turn around in Hurwitz's attitude towards environmentalists and Owl Creek happened in 1992 along with PL's new policy of going after every old-growth they could.

We lost 20,000 acres of old-growth trees on PL land in a single afternoon when EPIC stonewalled PL's proposal for permanently setting aside that amount of acreage along all of PL's blue-lined creeks. 20,000 acres of old growth gone due to gross politically motivated stupidity on the part of EPIC who would rather watch old growth trees go down than appear to compromise with Palco.
So it's EPIC's fault that PL cut more trees between 1985 and 1995 than in the prior century. I see.
EPIC: Environmental Protection Information Center. What is EPIC good for if it doesn't even attempt to protect the environment when opportunity arises? EPIC was given a chance that no one else, certainly no environmental organization dealing with a timber company ever has. And EPIC blew it as our community environmental protection representative. Why PL offered EPIC to become its review board for all THPs in critical habitat zones. And EPIC refused.

You can make light of EPIC's failure as a community environmental protection organization, eric, but the consequences of EPIC's adversarial relationship with Palco effects the whole community and effects it negatively, e.g. the loss of 20,000 stream-side old growth corridor acres throughout PL lands.
So EPIC forced PL to clearcut at gunpoint?
I'll play the bad guy here:

I can't help but wonder how bad this supposed diesel spill problem is.

After all, I can't help but wonder if it's no different than legitimate operations.

Those of you that read the papers know that, just about every time they talk about a pot bust, they mention all the guns that were found.

I suspect, that there were no more guns found than would be found in any other house.

I'd like to know just how bad this supposed pollution is, and if it's any worse than spills from legitamite businesses?

Are "legitamite businesses" dumping the same amount of crap into the ground?

Wouldn't surprise me.
Why make jokes of a tragic loss, eric? EPIC took our community environmental trust and trashed it for what? Paul Mason's career move to Sierra Club or Cynthia Elkins career move to Center for Biodiversity? Or EPIC's half-mil annual budget doing what good that a different, more cooperative attitude and operating mode could accomplish?

If I had not demonstrated twice over how even a single environmental activist with a different attitude can make a difference I won't bitch but EPIC didn't even try to do anything but take the easy way out--make a needless war with your opponents and grow fat with political power like generals in war in the process. The hard way would have been doing WHAT IT TOOK with PL to save trees. EPIC's became great at litigation but absolute flops at negotiation which in the long run was and still is far more important for environmental protection cooperation.
eric, you were conditioned through your family to look at the world in terms of "us" vs "them", the political activist p.o.v.. Your job continually reinforces this adversarial p.o.v. EPIC is adversarial, so is Humboldt Watershed Council, and I suspect just about every organization you lend support to.

My political philosophy is communitarian and based on community cooperation and community rights and responsibilities. It is a far more holistic way of looking at the community and leads to cooperative community solutions--not legal or social warfare as does the Left vs. corporate capitalists political war games that end up only draining the community of time, energy and money.

It's not too late to save your soul, eric. Drop law and sell Rainbow Bibles for homeless people on the street corner in Garberville and do the community a world of good.
Steve you must understand: The court of law is the most effective place to bring these criminals to justice. Shall we rationalize with criminals, or shall we make them answer to the law? Imagine it was some other local crime which you don't agree with.
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