Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Reggae Peace Flags

According to tonight's KMUD news the break-off group of ROR coordinators and People Productions will be distributing "peace flags" to be hung calling for an end to the community divisions over the current legal battles. There was some reference to other cultures which use these flags - I'm not too clear on the concept.

It sounds like a nice sentiment, but the problem is that the initiative is coming from one side which means essentially that the flags will be perceived as representing support for People Productions in the ongoing fight, whether this is the spirit in which it is offered. It might mean something else if the announcement had been joint with some Mateel supporters and Carol stayed out of it at least until it "took," but it seems too much like a manipulation in which one side is trying to convince the community at large that it is reasonable while the other side is militantly irrational.

The bottom line is that it's going to be viewed cynically and generate more resentment unless somebody from the Mateel side takes up the cause as well. I say this though I am willing to give PP and the coordinator faction the benefit of the doubt. But I imagine that tonight's broadcast has many Mateel supporters fuming. This will of course lead them to post here and elsewhere about the "hypocrisy" of the "maneuver," which will then lead to responses to the effect of "see, the Mateel supporters are just a bunch of ungrateful, angry, and intolerant people."

Prove me wrong folks. Please.

Addendum: Bob D. has the press release.

Peace flags? Looks like a lawyer or two might want to reconsider that Subaru Outback purchase.
The best way to make peace would be for the entire incompetent Mateel board to resign. We are not going to let these people drag us through any more.
That's not going to happen. If you want a different Board, you're going to have to run candidates you like and vote for them. That's called "the democratic process."
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Cute idea I wonder what is next planes dropping propaganda leaflets over Garberville?

I hope People Productions is really serious about wanting to settle and is willing to pay an honest price to their community center.

I hope you are not as cynical as you sound

If Jerry Adams, of the Irish Republican Army, and Paisley of the British government can put their blood hatred of each other aside for the peace of their grandchildren, anything is possible!

Two of the worlds most bitter enemy’s are working together to form a new, and cooperative, government of Northern Ireland for the sake of their children. Even though they each know that they will hate each other until death, and also know that their children will hate each other. Maybe it will stop with their grandchildren, but they know the hate has to stop.

let the hatred stop here, let it stop with us.
let the healing begin here, let it begin with us.

Can we bring the escalation back down to the level of having a Reggae festival?
Until the philosophy which holds one race [or group] superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned…
Until there is no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation [or our community]…
Until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all [and a fair and reasonable offer is made to the community's center]…
The dream of lasting peace… will remain but a fleeting illusion.
(War – Bob Marley)
There has to be a way to heal our divided community. Let these prayers be a beginning for that process.
This community always has been divided and always will be...peace flags are not good for much except wiping your ass.
Reggae Rising peace flag(s)?
This calls for a responding MCC 'Million Mateelian March' on something to somewhere.
The Mateel have been through this for a very long time. I have full faith in the Mateel Board of Directors. They should do what they as a group think is the right thing to do. I am asking them to do what they think is the right thing to do. They are in the middle of this. They know what is happening. They should not be railroaded by somebody who did not have the guts to run for the board or could not get elected to the board because they did not convince the Mateel voters to vote for them or whose thoughts are not in line with what the board thinks is right. So far the Board of Directors are putting on a unanimous united front. I fully respect that. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. A couple people say that the board does not represent them. The board cannot represent every side. At this point and from what I know PP does not represent what I want for the Mateel. Do you think they care what I think? Should they care? The Mateel Board can only do what they think is the right thing to do. They were voted in with what their ideas were. They didn’t hide what they were thinking. Too many boards and directors have been forced out or have quit because they didn’t get along with PP. That is not the right thing to do. It may be time to make a stand. The BoD should stick with it if they think what they are doing is the right thing.
If PP or Tom Dimmick really think their offer is the best thing for the Mateel and the Mateel is not representing the community and the community do not know what the Mateel are turning down then Tom Dimmick should put the offer out in public. If the Dimmick offer is as good as Mr. Thinksheknowswhattheofferis says, I think the community will force the Mateel to accept the offer. Unless ALL the details are known then there can be no legitimate opinion from the community. If the public does not know what the WHOLE offer is how can the community make a decision? How can the community decide if the offer from Tom Dimmick is a good one if the community does not know what it is? At this point the Mateel should be trusted in their decision. As I said if Tom Dimmick or his minion thinks the community is not being served and that the offer is good enough then lets see it.
All this does not really matter much because the Mateel/Dimmick dispute is going to arbitration and the arbitrator will decide.
And bravo for Clarissa and Cha for making things clearer.
I have a question. If the Mateel and Tom Dimmick go to arbitration will that be the end of the question of who gets to do Reggae? If the arbitrator rules for Dimmick then the Mateel cannot use his land, right? And if the arbitrator rules for the Mateel then Mr. Dimmick has to let the Mateel use his land, right? If the arbitrator rules for the Mateel and the Mateel’s contract is ruled valid then Mr. Dimmick has to honor his contract, right? Then PP will be irrelevant, right?
Another thing is that if the arbitrator rules for PP does PP have permits for their event? Are there more permits than just the CUP that are needed?
My kid asked me over dinner "Who's side are you on? Which side is right? Why?"
What a great dinner table topic.
Anyone else's kids seeing the bad example that is being set?
Omar the parent
We are all going to be losers in this fight! We will lose less by making a deal now!

Those that persist in being losers can go without me. That path can only lead downward. The prize is at the top of the hill, and only those that are willing to climb the hill will achieve it!

We shouldn’t have to speak in metaphors. The prize is a Reggae festival, and the people putting it on are going to have to get along!

Continue with the hate if you like, but you are only teaching our children to do the very thing we profess to despise. Hate often begins with a subtle start!

We need to start a list of “The Peacemakers” and all put our names on it. I know of many who have already earned their place on that list. Will you add yours?
Bad example? How is taking a side a bad example?
I hope you are not as cynical as you sound

About this topic, I have become very jaded.
When I first heard of the idea I thought the person was saying piss flags were being made by PP and I had to laugh out loud.
It is in the ability to see peace that peace is created.
non 8;54
Taking a side is a bad example when it hurts more people than it helps.

Unless, of course, you are on the side that's winning. Are you?

Why must you put your negative spin on an event that could be very positive for the community? Do you secretly wish for the total destruction of ROR? Isn't the economic benefit to the SoHum community important to you? Don't you want your children to benefit from the profits brought in by all of the non-profits that work ROR?
Maybe a few more positive vibrations on your blog is the least you can do to help achieve peace and unity in the community. Isn't your/our community worth it?
Who's winning?

So, I see you get my point!

Do you think others will?

Okay, just for you, I'll quit being metaphorical and subtle. Nobody’s winning. Nobody will win until they settle this dispute.

Maybe the Lawyers will win, but would seem to me to be a bitter sweet win.

Now if you are no longer confused, maybe you can help me un-confuse the other people in this sorry mess.

By the way, I don’t blame you for being cynical, but with the help from a little, inner character, you can help heal this community. You are probably the most qualified of all of us to put this Humpty-Dumpty mess back together!

Pretty Please!
FROM PRESS RELEASE FROM THE PP: At a recent meeting of the Reggae coordinators, People Productions, and Tom Dimmick, many heartfelt emotions were expressed concerning the discord running through our community concerning the annual Reggae on the River festival. The overwhelming consensus was the need for a peaceful solution within our community to bring about healing. Through this need we decided to create a "Peace Flag Project" in Southern Humboldt.

... Reggae coordinators, People Productions, and Tom Dimmick, many heartfelt emotions were expressed concerning the discord running through our community concerning the annual Reggae on the River festival....

Exactly WHY at a REGGAE RISING meeting is there concern about the annual Reggae on the River festival?????

I am sick to death of these blatent typos.

Can you all please search your heart and THINK! What is the right thing to do? Claiming you are Reggae on the River, I have a feeling, is NOT the right thing. I sense that the only discord here is that created by the mean spirited energy from the No Confidence/Reggae Rising ruckus.

Now you want to make peace flags?? How about you just try to do the right thing?
You know what. I've gotten to the point where the prize just isn't that valuable to me anymore.

Reggae has gotten out of control. Too many people. Too many drunks. Too many elitists. Too much money. Too much power concentrated in the hands of too few people. Too little respect for the rest of the community.

These are not the principals that created the show or the spirit of Reggae itself.

Saving the prize (the money?) at the expense of the integrity of the community just isn't worth it.

It's just a concert. If reggae doesn't happen the world will not end. People will move on with their lives and the first weekend in August will be open to some other activity or event.

That's better than condoning a blatant power grab designed to privatize the benefits of what is, and should remain, a community event owned by the MCC.

Be sick completely to death. Then maybe you will quit stirring the crap.
Oh, that's helpful.

Nothing like a death wish, to make this discussion and our community more harmonious and "peaceful"! Typical.

i agree w/yadayada: the only discord here is that created by the mean spirited energy from the No Confidence/Reggae Rising ruckus raisers!!
Stir, stir, stir, stir,
By the way, I don’t blame you for being cynical, but with the help from a little, inner character, you can help heal this community. You are probably the most qualified of all of us to put this Humpty-Dumpty mess back together!

I need more horses and more men!
All joking aside, there's little anybody can do to heal the community while the lawsuits are still going. Once somebody "wins" or they reach a settlement then we can try to pick up the pieces. The longer the legal actions take, the harder job of healing.

I have my ideas about who is right and who is wrong about various issues, but that's not important to me anymore.

But the flags in absence of a coherent peace initiative is probably going to be counterproductive. If I come up with anything more constructive, I'll certainly act on it. Right now I'm out of ideas.

And, hay for you horses. And "more wiskey for your men". This could be fun!

You must have my wife make up your "word verification" Sqigglywiggles. I recognize her handwriting.
Ernie, taking sides doesn't have to be about winning and losing. It might just be about principles. Your the one who's confused. I feel sorry for your kids.
It was all about principles for Captain Ahab too. And I'm sure Ernie's kids are quite happy to have him as a father.
Thanks Eric.

More inspiration:

After decades of hatred and bloodshed in Northern Ireland, Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams had their first face-to-face meeting yesterday. in an unprecedented move that should see the Stormont Assembly restored in six weeks.

"There is a time for peace. There is a time for justice. There is a time for rebuilding. This is that time.” Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein.

"We must not allow our justified loathing of the horrors and tragedies of the past to become a barrier to creating a better and more stable future," Ian Paisley
The flags are just an act of political theater. I think P.B. is doing a good job of teaching Carol in the ways to try to manipulate public sentiment. Here is my positive affirmation for a flag.............
Please let Carol walk down to the Mateel, into Taunya Stapps' office and say "Taunya, let's you and I have a conference call with Boots' and the entire BOD, and I will tell everyone that since you have chosen Boots' to be the new producer of ROTR, I will gracefully step aside,
and assist Boots' wherever he feels I can best serve my community center..........................
I HAVE A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm sure Ernie's kids are quite happy to have him as a father."

That's why I feel sorry for them. But some day they'll wake up and smell the Ernie.
You all can pick your piss flags at Clarrisa's store. If you don't know where it is just follow a stray cat.
And...If you think I don't have principles, you've never met me.

Although, I sometimes feel I do have a lot in common with Captain Ahab. My principles, quite frequently, don’t agree with those around me. Does that make me wrong?

My foolish Daughter thinks I’m right, does that fill you with pity also?
Peter Tosh, at the One Love Peace Concert, 1978, Kingston, Jamaica: "Peace is the diploma you get in the cemetery, Rest In Peace... There can be no peace until there is equal rights and justice."
Ernie, I'm sure you do have principles, but if you think you're right--your wrong. And so your daughter ends up losing in the end. But it doesn't have to be that way.
"There can be no peace until there is equal rights and justice"

never has been, never will be.
anon 12:25

When is the desire for peace a conflict? But, your statements intrigue me. Could you elaborate some more, you seem very sincere in your thoughts. So I’m I.

Eric is very right with the Captain Ahab simile… and principles.

Those of you chucking harpoons of discontent at this, Great White Whale, of a conflict should be very careful that the harpoon rope is not around your ankle, or you could be sucked into the abyss of your folly…

Deep huh?

My wife say's I have to go back to work now. Lucky You....
Ernie you should have gone back to work at 12:30 (laughing out loud)
I love reading everyones' personal jibes and digs. It makes for great reading, but is doing nothing in bringing about any solutions or new ideas of ending this conflict so ROTR can be the object of all our focus and energy!!!
"When is the desire for peace a conflict?"

Elaborate on what? How right Eric is and how sincere you are? Or did you want to go into the many uses for whale oil?
ALL desire is conflict ...
deep huh?
No.... What is wrong with my principles, that would make my Daughter wake up and smell Ernie???

I know that I'm stupid for asking that question, and I will probably regret it. But, I have a whole list of things I already regret. Look, I still have space on the list! Please..
Ernie, I don't think you are stupid for having principles, but I want to point out that
only by the continuance of the conflict can understanding come. This is what most people do
not see. As soon as a conflict comes, and the sorrow born of
conflict, they at once seek comfort. Comfort, in its turn, breeds fear. Fear leads to
sheltering behind established tradition. From this comes rigid
systems of morality...the laying down of what is right and what is wrong. As soon as you fear, you have the desire to conform, to listen to everybody, to become a machine, a type. This is a contradiction to what and who you really are. It is a sort of slow death.
Growth will come only by liberating desire from fear. When this is done we will have true love--by which I mean--an all inclusiveness and a willingness to suffer, to struggle, until one becomes that which (like the sun) gives and does not ask for anything in return.
Thank-you. The pain of your answer is not as bad as I dreaded it to be.

I’m not for continuance of the conflict, but I understand your point.
I am all for understanding.
I think we are already deep into the sorrow of conflict.
We are well into the fear-seeking-comfort-stage.
We have the desire to conform.

At this point, don’t you think we could come up with some of our own rules for right and wrong?

I am listening to everybody, but I am in no way accepting everything as truth. I am not conflicted and I know who I am. And…we are all dying, eventually.

We will never be free of desire or fear. There will never be true love. We are the Sun…it is time to rise! Don’t you think we have suffered and struggled enough?

I’m glad you took the time to answer me, and if you want to remain anonymous, I’m fine with that. If you ever see me on the street and want introduce yourself, you sound like a person that I wouldn’t mind knowing.

Mediation can begin at any time.
The point is to agree on a goal
for the mediation. It can be
as simple as figuring out a way
to communicate or as complex as
mediating on all the issues. Paul
Encimer mentioned maybe we could
use a week long mediation touching
on everything-maybe two weeks?
The parties MUST agree that they
want to solve a problem so there
is a reason for the mediation.
What's this? The Ernie, anon show?

Wondering -out loud - if this peace flag feint doesn't have something to do with the fact that March is almost over and nobody is laying out the cash for non-refundable tickets to an event, or events, that might not happen?

How are ticket sales doin' - ANYBODY?
Ernie Anon,..Yeah, but who is this guy Eric that keeps butting in?
you guys!
There is no need for mediation. (with PP)
Check this out. Carol Bruno resigned (corks were popping at the 'celebration' party afterwards..)

The Mateel then hired a new production company, wisely in my opinion, as Carol Bruno, et al, failed to deliver for the la$t two years.

Tom Dimmick just needs to wake up to the facts! It is a fact that mediation was attempted with TD. You are all witness to where that effort got us. He is now hosting a poser show on the weekend of our slated event. He somehow ousted possession of our lease with French's (?? HOW WHY??) and is basically acting like a bully. (not the sweet - unassuming - surfer - boy - next - door that he used to be known as...) IMHO this does not shed a favorable light on his team in terms of cooperative intention.

So i say, Screw 'em!! Hang there big butts out at the court house. We are done messing around.

p.s.Mediation! Psh! What a joke! If people want to be a-holes, mediation will not accomplish squat.
...somehow ousted possession of our lease with French's (?? HOW WHY??

Well, in 2006 someone other than PP, TD and MCC held the lease for French's Camp, so ROTR had to sub-lease it. I think Tom took steps right after last year's show to avoid another middle-man situation in 2007.

That makes him smart, not a bully!
"I am not conflicted and I know who I am. "

Oh gawd, come off it...

"We will never be free of desire or fear."

Of course we won't end all desire and fear, but I'm just saying that the cruelty we are witnessing results from the quest for comfort, which is the refuge of fear. Sure, this is in a way 'natural', but what I mean is that if people were to becomes more conscious of this we'd be in a position to choose consciously rather than to act impulsively--being driven by our unconscious fears and desires. IE to become conscious individually, which is after all the only way we do experience anything, is preferable to conforming blindly.

"There will never be true love."

Ernie, on this one you are dead wrong. There is such a thing as true love. You know it as well as I do--even if it's not 'reasonable' and can't be proven in a court of law--hahaha-without it life would be a dreary and brutish sort of existence.

So, did I read that you have a shop or something? What/where is it? Maybe I'll drop by and see what you are doing.
These blogs are going nowhere most of the time, well maybe they give people an outlet for their frustrations. There will be peace someday and we are not really in a war zone, at least not one recognizable to anyone in a country like Iraq for instance. It's more like some people want to know what is real(the Mateeleans) in terms of contracts, money spent, and reasons for what truly does look like a long-planned take-over of their annual event. An observant person might have seen DS and that super-qualified headcounter,BB, lurking backstage for years. How many people can this pie feed? If PP had really waanted peace they would have sat down with the MCC a long time ago and made arrangements to buy the festival over time and kept their agreements. It,s a far larger project than the MCC needs. But to bankrupt a non-profit over 2 years, while they invest in your new venue, and then ask them to accept a long term buy-out on faith is stretching it a bit. I did hear a coordinator say in the courthouse that PP would never let the MCC building die. Kind of scared me. The CB center for the performing arts? Peace=equal rights and justice.
...how about "peace and desist?"
The CB center for the performing arts sounds good to me--might bring some class to this provincial scene we have here.
Anon 3:43
Go to Garberville and ask anyone where to find Ernie.

It's worked before!

Otherwise I will be accused of advertising.
I had a salon appointment at the Beehive on Maple Lane in Garberville this afternoon, across the street from Ernie's business. Of course, I'm not advertising, just giving a free clue to anon 3:43
Hey Ernie,
Why don't you just pay Eric to advertise on his blog? That way he'll be able to afford to put one of his kids through refrigeration college - if all else fails.
I'm sure Arkley will want to rent some space too.
My Prayer Flag:
Well mine sez....

Oh Lord, please deliver unto RotR AND/OR R.R. several truckloads of primo Oregon grow turf sod!

Thank you, Mr. Jah.
hi Ernie ;-] just ask anayone in Garberville?? wow you must be pop-ulair
I feel that I'll be coming to see you too we shoiuld know each outher... doncha thindk so? =
boy 62 comments on the peace flag and not one comment which made my mind up on why anyone would want to work with the mateel, all self righteous BS. BoD, elections, Freedom, the truth is shit happens and if you don't treat the people you work with poorly you will be treated the same.
I suggest you go back and read the 62 comments over again . . . see if that won't change your ill feelings about our community center.
BOTH sides need to stop the negative vibes and try to get along.
Read 11:13 a.m. POSITIVE
Hey Kim.
I couldn't agree with you more.
I just finished installing a photo exhibition "mosaic" at the Persimmons Garden Gallery in Redway. I invite you to check it out.
Seventy of our community's finest matriarchs sat for portraits by me across the last 3 weeks.
The wise thoughts they shared, and their obvious appreciation for our community's current well-being, and its future health was the sunshine bright ray of hope that has carried me through these last few weeks while I watched this whole reggae festival drama unfold and unravel.
This photo project was created as a way to show that there is no "us and them" in this area... only us.
It is time to "raise the bar" back to the level of excellance we all know is the standard our mothers and grandmothers taught us to strive for. The kids are watching the examples being set.

As long as I have your attention... I want to thank Holly Sweet and Jill McClure for making the Gift Of Illumination project a reality. You two are the greatest!

Nobody wants this to go to court. But I would think that one party in particular is having nightmares at the thought catching the attention certain unnamed agencies, which most people would prefer to be left undisturbed. Come to an agreement. Make substantial offers. Quit dicking around. Time is running out.
Lawsuits are a result of transgressions against an individual or group. They are evidence of both parties inability to resolve differences or adapt to the other's needs, abide by agreements, or obey basic laws!

We created the justice system to assist us when, like children, we cannot work out our conflicts without injury, insult or potential danger. It is safer for all parties, when it is obvious they cannot act accordingly, to surrender that deciding power to a neutral party. In this case, Judge Watson.
We failed. We failed ourselves and each other. It is a dismal commentary on the human condition and our inability to rise above it.

It is too late to undo the wrongs that have been inflicted by PP and CB. Tom Dimmick could potentially redeem himself, and perhaps arbitration may required that, but the production company is in deep doo doo for past flim flam math, and daily nonsense in the form of claiming to be reggae on the river, etc etc etc. The circle is cast.

At some point we all must learn to take responsibiblity for our actions. Now it is carol, and jane and john doe 1-25's, turn. Take it. You earned it.
I’m troubled by the ongoing comments I see on the blogs and in public discussions that refer to the struggle over Reggae on the River(T) as a WAR. Personally, I take issue with that. Calling our little struggle in the woods a WAR is to belittle the struggle endured by people who face real war—in Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan and, yes, in Northern Ireland, to name but a few. Compared to those, our problems shrivel away to nothing. Nothing.

I do like to take inspiration from the heartening news of rapprochement(is it real?) from Northern Ireland. But I can also look around me right here in Sohum, taking inspiration from the redwoods, from the rivers and streams, from the mountains, and from all of us who work so hard to ensure that this little slice of the planet we call home is preserved. I am inspired by the nature writing of Ed Abbey, the poetry and prose of Gary Snyder, the poetry of Rumi, and the freedom beat of Reggae music—just to name a very few.

But I don’t see the presence of WAR in Humboldt’s struggle over a reggae concert.

Bob Stern
(expressing his personal views, and not necessarily those of other MCC Board members)
Kimba, you are good at advertising and promoting yourself. But your 'art' (if that's what you call it) is sorely lacking. There's no punch to it because your vision is not real. Your latest concept is naive but more to the point--your misandry is something I do NOT want to have anything to do with. If you really want to 'raise the bar' you need to get your head out of the sand. There most definitely IS an 'us and them' in this area and your bypassing of this truth and trying to cover it up with some sort of idealism about 'unity'--is a big lie--as well as being a bland and shopworn idea to begin with. Take off the rose colored lenses. Your example is something I would hope no child would be influenced by. ...Illumination? LOL!
Nothing against Holly and Jill, I think they are nice (like sugar and spice?) to have given you this chance. But your 'art' is not worthy of any more of my attention.
Whew! Well Kimba, I guess no exhibit would be complete without at least one negative review. Although most reviewers actually view the art before they comment on it, but it's a free country I guess.

In the meantime, I look forward to viewing it myself.
To post 9:29 pm and 10:34 am et.al...
If you can't find a reason to support your/my/our community center, you probably never will. Yes, shit happens, sometimes the truth hurts, and reality bites. It's how we handle these situations that makes up our moral fiber/character. You can be an optimist, or a pessimist, an asshole, or not. No matter how many peace flags fly, no matter how many I have a dream, no matter how many positive vibes are put out, none of that is going to solve the issue we are now embroiled in. This is going to take a very real and very hard, concerted effort to make some really uncomfortable decisions, that aren't going to make everybody happy.Someone(s) is going to have to give up something(s) that they don't want to. Maybe Carol Bruno should walk over to the Mateel, maybe not. Maybe we should all just shut-up, quit the belly-aching, personal attacks,lies, and soap opera, and wait to see what the mediation between Tom Dimmick and the Mateel brings forth. Let's wait and see what attendance level the planning commission allows, or maybe they just yank the permit 'cuz of all the crap going on down here. Then there is the 3rd wild card of Judge Watson, the Mateel/People Prodctions issue. All of these decisions will be made out of OUR hands, and will be final, and THE LAW. Frankly, I am so soured on Reggae and all the hypocrisy surrounding this situation,I think I am going to donate the money I would have spent on tickets to the community center, and spend that week-end at THE MALL...Color me Jaded
I'll be the one wearing the shirt--
--------REGGAE SUCKS----------
thank you
vote of no confidence
ruckus risers
I had to look up misandry.
(mis'-an'-dre') n. the hatred or oppression of males.
Now I am laughing.
I can't please everyone, but I am equally happy when someone strongly dislikes my work as I am when they review it favorable. It means to me that the individual took the time to look at it.
I hope that you did before sharing such harsh words with us all.
I remain a hopeful idealist.

be the one wearing the shirt--
--------REGGAE SUCKS---------- it;s not the music,unless the lyrics are negative,this is about greed and ignorance,you are entitled to how you feel though,we are going somewhere else as well, will support the mateel...
hey Kimba,
Your right. It don't matter if what they say is harsh or whatever, what matters is that they (Kim in this case) took the time and effort to consider your shit at all... I too look forward to checking it out, but I also am wondering--why the exclusion of men? It does seem lopsided, but then I haven't seen the show yet so.... Or maybe the men (the patriarchs) will be your next show(?) Anyway, good going, we need it all--if it comes in the form of art--even the misan-whateverists. But one thing though, one person's ideal is another person's distress. Idealism does tend to promote division. Which brings 'us' back to 'us and them'.
But that's ok and I did want to stay positive and leave on good note
I think our community should start putting on Vegas type shows. At least there's no pretense of Unity and One Love. It's all about the bucks. There is a certain honesty in that.
I had to go and check your original post.

BOTH sides need to stop the negative vibes and try to get along.
# posted by Anonymous : Wed Mar 28, 09:42:00 PM

After this posting of encouragement you dis 72 women of signifigance in our community who contributed to a show geared to creating a feeling of positive community?
Greetings Factory Girl. This is womens herstory month. The show excludes men for that reason only.
It was created to honor women.
BTW I am quite male...
I don't have any hatred for men.
I'm with you. It couldn't get any more superficial than it already is.
A change of costumes at sets might be all we need to make this drama fresh again.
Peace flags? Isn't that like the Japanese putting peace flags after their attack on Pearl Harbor? I guess it's never too late, if it is in fact, sincere.
woman's herstory oh I 'see' that explains it all, how inspiring... and hey btw I didn't say you hated men, someone else said that. But Kimbo, it's your idealism that is so corny. It smells bad. Your saying 'there is only us' is bullshit--which is what ideals are. Ideals cause conflicts and wars. It's about time certain people in this community copped to that. But, alas, you will likely as not just go on continuing to be blinded by your ideals and nothing will change. Nothing will be learned.
Greetings All,

I am concerned about the health of community members from stress and conflict around the ROTR/RR issue. I think we all know of at least one person who is physically affected by it. Drug and alcohol abuse may be occuring and people may be suffering from depression. This issue has already been affecting my family for several years now. There is a history of pain in our community from this conflict. When I read the blog or talk with friends I remember to be compassionate for those who are ill or will become ill. I want what is fair and just to prevail and I don't wish anybody physical harm. I suggest a healing circle at the community park to offer our prayers to those in need and for our own wellbeing. This will help lift sadness from our hearts and build our energy so we can be strong for our community. One Love
Why not have the Healing Circle at the community center??????????
Kimba, Kim didn't dis the 72 women, she dissed your photographic ability.
Happens to art/artists all the time. Get used to it. Why are you even validating the opinion with questions/conversation. This isn't about your personal shit. We need to
get the community back to being whole, if that's possible. Stressed and tired of this whole thing. Think I'll join the group at the mall.
Yeah Kimba, your photography totally sucks!!! It’s about time someone told you that!!!

While I’m at, Shakespeare was a fraud, he didn’t know how to write poetry.
Louis Armstrong was a bad horn player.
Stevie Wonder can’t carry a tune. He’s probably not really blind either.
Michael Jordan can’t really catch air, Jerry Rice is not all that tough, and all those catches he made were just lucky.

You are almost as bad as Annie Libowitz, Ansel Adams, and Edward Weston, You drag things around to make a “pose” like Mathew Brady. You run around the country taking photo’s like you think you are Margaret Borke-White.

You really aught to give it up NOW, before you waste a whole lifetime. Suck, Suck, Suck.
anon 01:35:00 PM said, We need to
get the community back to being whole

'Whole'? It never was whole. duh. That's what's come to the surface and has been made obvious.
What you are saying is that you want to go back to pretending.
hehehe, finally someone said something funny in here. Comparing Kimba to Shakespear, Armstrong, and Stevie Wonder...
Now that's hilarious!
wow! all this kimba-can't stuff amazes me. First I want to say that I think he's one of the two best photographers around here and I believe that so much that I asked him to photograph my wedding when I married the other of the afore-mentioned two.

Second, I don't think these nasty comments had to do with the quality of his art. I think they had to do with somebody's hitting back because kim didn't toe some line that defines an in-group or an out-group.

We could all do that. We could all make remarks intended to hurt, or we can try just here and now, to think in the midst of anger and fear and conflict of what we can appreciate about somebody on "the other side."

Maybe what we can each do instead of hand-wringing or stone-throwing is put something positive out into the Universe.

I don't always think that kim is right but I interpreted his statement as being rather Pogo-like, i.e., "I have met the enemy and he is us." The ensuing attacks reinforced that belief for me.

What happens for me here is that we define ourselves and we define our community by how we treat each other in the midst of conflict. Contempt and disdain? Or with the respect that reflects a respect for ourselves as well as the ones with whom we disagree?

Here's a perspective for me to end with. I think that without the brilliance, vision, determination and hard work by Carol and the many people who surround her with love and loyalty, we would not have a festival that supports so many people, organizations and public services in our community. I also believe that she and her staff built this festival --- and were well paid to do so--- for the Mateel Community Center, not for themselves. We wouldn't have a multimillion dollar festival to be fighting over without both parties. Can anybody join me in honoring that? Carol made this event happen, and she made it happen as a paid service provider for the Mateel.

Back to my real point. I hope we can find a way to sincerely honor people who disagree with us, and that we can use that practice to reach the bottom of our conflicts and find meaningful resolution to them instead of just reflexively hitting out.

Thank you. Wrrd Grrl
anon 3:12
I give…you’re right. He is just a low life misandrist. Us men, that know him well, know how he hates us. He NEVER takes a good photo of a man… No talent!
Let it be said that Kimba belongs in the list of names including Shakepear, Armstrong, and Wonder.

Kimba - I hope you put that on your resume.
Eric, you should've spell Shakespeare correctly--that might make the resume even more impressive.
Eric has on out, it was a "Quote."

check above!
I'd like to think that the direct quote of a misquote, is Eric showing his sense of humor.

Probably not.
I agree with factory girl. We've been deceived by people holding up phony ideals to focus on--so we wouldn't see the greed they harbor.
Except that Eric spelled it wrong differently the the other.
Eric misbelled a wurd omg im getting to like thes bullog better and btter all the imte
Well, maybe I was talking about somebody else. You know, like Bob Shakepear. Got published once in Zyzzyva. Well, he could have been!
Eric used a "Generic Mispelling" to add tension to his ironic wit!

Silly, you fell for it!
Finally, We are getting to the meet of this thread!
We wouldn't have a multimillion dollar festival to be fighting over without both parties. Can anybody join me in honoring that?

We've been given something to fight over. You want me to honor that ?!
Well, maybe I was talking about somebody else. You know, like Bob Shakepear. Got published once in Zyzzyva. Well, he could have been!

That makes sense--Kimba does belong on a list with people like that.
Now I can imagine how the ranchers felt when my folks bought land with their friends, and moved on in.
Anon 6:13

You have no idea what it was like.

But, these damn newcomers have a way growing on a person...Eventually
You got the 'growing' part right.
HEY!! I'M Wrrd Grrl!!
Mr Dimmick is in arbitration not mediation Whats the difference ?
Drug and alcohol abuse may be occuring and people may be suffering from depression.

Aw gee, that's too bad.
I saw some peace flags hanging at the Mateel this evening. I saw folks from both sides of the controversy hanging out together, sharing a laugh, and enjoying a community event. Lots of folks were stuffing money in the donations jar, to keep the Community Jam series alive.

It made me feel really good!
Dear wrrdgrrl. Thanks for your kind and perceptive comments. I agree, we all should be thanking Carol for all she has done. As my friend, Dawn Champie, used to say, "Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude." Dawn never stopped reminding us of this,but sometimes we forget.
So thank you Carol for being such a great organizer, motivator, leader and listener. There's not many who could do your job with such grace. Keep the Faith. As for you Kimba. I think your portraits are exquisite and not just the ones currently on display at the Persimmons Gallery. Your technical skill is unparalleled. Maybe you do go in for self-aggrandizement a little bit, but hey, you're an artist! A working artist, I might add. Tomorrow's Friday already. Thank Jah. Is it just me or does anyone else miss PB? I used to look forward to his one-liners and quick come-backs. Dammmnnnnn.
Wrrd girl, you've met the enemy and the enemy is YOU!
Thu Mar 29, 09:09:00 PM

Thank Jah is not the same without PB, I miss his crazy East coast antics. also, it pains me to hear from members of this community who babble self righteously about who is right and who is wrong. Like did you hear about what happened years ago? get over it move on. I plan on going to a Reggae concert the first week in august and it better be a lot of fun, Because like her or not Carol produced a world class reggae festival, and it was a blast. I hope that all the people who want to produce the show realize that I have very HIGH expectations and if the show isn't great I will be very sad and it will be on their heads.
Carol IS The Best. Carol IS The Magic. I want Carol to produce Reggae on the River FOR The Mateel Community Center. PB, I can live without.
But Carol doesn't want to produce ROTR for the Mateel Community Center.
I believe that PB has set the tone of this conflict, as illustrated by his behavior in November and his angry rantings and insinuations on Thank Jah. Is it just me, or is it easier to listen now?
At least now you can hear a whole lot of ideas on Thank Jah. Not just memememememememmememememememememememememememememememememememememe.
PB is a large part of why this problem will not be solved with smiles all the way around. The hate he brought to the meeting and the hate he brought to his radio show set the tone and it will not change because he always brings it back when it is waning.
It sounds to me like you are the Hater who "brings it Back" PB is not the problem, he is just another vocal member of the community whose opinion was heard when he stood up and blabbed, He ain't the only one. (Thu Mar 29, 10:46:00 PM Fri Mar 30, 07:28:00 AM) just because you do not agree with someone remember, "the voice of dissent is very important in a democracy." this is something I learned from PB who I rarely agree with, but accept because Hate is divisive. Thank Jah was never meant to be easy to listen to, political commentary from the local hill people, makes npr sound like Fox news. the discourse is whats important not ill will.
listen, respect, speak, respect, agree, (not important),
Dear 10:42 pm, I can dream can't I? That's my fantasy and I'm stickin' to it!
Kimba, I see that my post created a little whirlpool of activity
and got you and your upcoming show some of attention. Free advertising. You should be grateful and thank me but I guess
that's too much to ask of a low class act like yourself. Your
defensive reaction is telling, and it shows where you are really coming from. Why did you jump on one word and ignore the rest of
my valid criticism? To me that's a red flag. If your art had any
real influence it would call for further consideration, like my
attending the show, but seeing as you are a nobody with a trite concept, showing at a inconsequential gallery, it's not really worth my time--I have better things to do.
Kim Quote: "it's not really worth my time--I have better things to do... Kim"

What would that be? Have you found another artist to envenomate? Another free spirit to crush? More whirlpools of negativism to swirl?

Please tell me that you have not been chosen as the mediator of the Reggae dispute!
I saw some peace flags hanging at the Mateel this evening. I saw folks from both sides of the controversy hanging out together, sharing a laugh, and enjoying a community event. Lots of folks were stuffing money in the donations jar, to keep the Community Jam series alive.

Well, it's small, but it's not nothing.
P.B., was for me, the poisonous voice to start the negativity. Thank Jah is much better now. Carol is not the only reason ROTR was such a success.
I am glad there are some flags at the Mateel!!
...peace flags hanging at the Mateel this evening. I saw folks from both sides of the controversy hanging out together, sharing a laugh...

I was thinking about that comment as well. It reminded me of a beautiful veneer, or super sweet glaze. Meant to cover up and hide the flaws, and blandness, beneath the surface. NO ONE wants any part of that! No we are all happy, happy, joy, joy. So fine. flag waving..

Rah f*ing rah.

Bunch of phoney baloney IMHO.
I don't think so, 12;45. I have my opinions, but who wants to be pissed all the time? For how long? Aside from some hobbyists of hate I think a lot of people want to get past this horrible situation. IMHO that will require some crow-pie parties in circles that have been used to winning all 'wars', but if good feeling helps us get there, I bless it. I'm sick to death of even having my strong feelings about this, community's more important than money.
Bunch of phoney baloney IMHO.
Fri Mar 30, 12:45:00 PM

I share your opinion and I'll add that it's a dangerous situation because what's barely hidden underneath the glaze will again explode. It feels like a war waiting to happen...
This situation needs to be resolved once and for all. Otherwise it's 10 more years like the last, pretending everything is happy, happy when it's not. Like a spouse who keeps telling everyone they walk into walls, and the friends all know what is really going on.
wave flags wave flags
we can find a millionaire to cover all the bills
wave flags wave flags
goin' through redway with 35lbs in the sidewall
or $100,000 in the shoe
everyday and every night
wave flags wave flags
throw confetti
at the parade
because it's time that
we found True love
a paper bag for the DA
a stack of paper stuffed in a jar
for the mateel
wave flags...and listen to the
diesel drip
wave flags and go home and bitch
about the greed
and the murders
and the houses that burned down
wave flags and be glad that your not
in jail
COMMUNITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY. Would someone deliver that message to Carol Bruno, so she can put it on a flag for her office?
Actually someone needs to deliver the message about greed to the MCC ED & BOD's as they seem to think the show is worth 5mil.

It's not worth a dime if the MCC keeps the war going. All they'll have is a name.

TD contract is pretty straight forward about saying he will only work with PP.

The MCC blew it big time. Educate yourself. Read the contracts.


My guess is the MCC BOD & ED only want transparency when it suites their spin machine.
Actually someone needs to deliver the message about greed to the MCC ED & BOD's as they seem to think the show is worth 5mil.

It's not worth a dime if the MCC keeps the war going. All they'll have is a name.

TD contract is pretty straight forward about saying he will only work with PP.

The MCC blew it big time. Educate yourself. Read the contracts.


My guess is the MCC BOD & ED only want transparency when it suites their spin machine.
anon 2:41

Communism is more important than Capitolism?
I have read the contracts, and your report about what they say is incorrect, anon 3:14.

The essential terms were released. Here they are.
The signature looks a lot like Garth's. Where did boots sign?
That's not the contract itself, just a summary of the terms of concern. You'd have to go to the MCC to review that.
Why does the same question about 2b1's contract keep coming up? Just go to the Mateel and read it yourself. Is the contract your red herring?
You should try to see the contract.
It is not available.
Stop this round of BS.
The contract is not public. Tell them MCC3. It is not a public document.
You could end this particular crap by being truthful.
It reminded me of a beautiful veneer, or super sweet glaze. Meant to cover up and hide the flaws, and blandness, beneath the surface

...uh, no.. I think the flavor that is being masked is rotten egg!!
So does that mean that if the MCC has already spent a part of that $300,000 advance all of us will be liable to make up the shortfall if Reggae on the River doesn't happen? Or if it is not produced by the MCC? Is it possible to find out how much, if any , of that money has already been spent? What kind of pay-back schedule is the Mateel Center on with Mr Houston?
what are the peace flags for?some of these people wouldnt know peace if it pissed on em,this is about money,pure and simple.
if it was all about money, wouldn't they be lining up at chevron to fill the fuel tanks and heading out into the hills. some people are concerned about another great show at the new venue
New venue? You mean the "identity theft" concert. Talk about balls.
If carol is concerned about healing the divide in the community, why is she doing a benefit for kmud at the arcata community center?? why is kmud pimping carol, twice in one week, free advertising under the guise of peace, love, and buy tickets because they're going fast.
KMUD/Peoples Productions/PB/Carol Bruno
In all fairness, an examination of the list of KMUD programmers and volunteers would probably reveal a lot of folks who would identify with a loyalty to the Mateel, as well as those who are involved with People Productions.
Peace flag? Is that like a peace offering blankets?? Complete with small pox?
I also was struck by the news broadcasts with Estelle and Carol, the one on Friday seemed pretty un-ethical and biased. I am noticing that bias more and more with Estelle and this particular P.P. situation.
quote: " Anonymous said...

I also was struck by the news broadcasts with Estelle and Carol, the one on Friday seemed pretty un-ethical and biased. I am noticing that bias more and more with Estelle and this particular P.P. situation.

Sat Mar 31, 09:11:00 PM "

Estelle, being neutral, probably only seems biased, when compared to the rest of the media, much of which is obviously "embedded" with the Mateel.
good lord now Estelle engineered the entire RotR take over so Carol will produce more KMUD benefits in Arcata so the mateel will DIE. You need your head examined. you know your soulless lambasting is now at a level of just plain kooky.
Estelle, please give us back the concert we will be good mateelees, we are so sorry to have missed the luau, and promise to be at cousin marks birthday party.
They settled the situation!
It is now okay to like your neighbor again!
Tom Dimmick loves MCC3.
CB and Dan Scher and Boots are the producers.
The festivalis saved! taunya worked it all out for us with her infinite patience and wisdom.
Boots is a diplomatic negotiator. Estelle brokered the agreement.
When do we get treated to an official announcement?
April fool.
Gee, I hate to bring it up, but wasn't the regrettably named "Festival of Courage"--one of the MCC's "rising stars"-- held in Blue Lake last year to benefit a charter school up there? I am a great fan of charter schools, but I kinda thought we should be fundraising for our own Matole Valley CS. As for a benefit for KMUD in Arcata, don't we have a lot of listeners and supporters in that area? I believe folks are going to flock to that show precisely because it's for KMUD and produced by PP, because as we all know, PP knows how to put on a show. By the way, how did the Irish Gold and Brew go this year at the MCC? I went the year before and there was hardly anyone there, which was too bad because the band was really good. But beer tastings at the MCC? Maybe a cannabis cup--oh yeah, that's illegal--but seriously, all those rising stars as touted by the ED in her power point presentation, made me seriously wonder how out of touch she is with the culture of the Mateel...I guess we're now finding out.
The beer bash broke even or made a very slim profit. It is not a rising star. It was moderately attended.
I bet one DUI costs more than one night of beer profits made at the MCC.
A Cannabis Cup would be well received and attended.
The entry fee would make the center a bundle of money.
When the flags start waving and the slogans start popping watch out little guy -- it's someone else's chestnuts in the fire, not yours.

Dalton Trumbo
I just read on the RotR message board that Boots Hughston has finalized the RotR lineup.

MCC3 what's up with only 22 acts (that's 9 less than last year) and no headliners?

This is a sure way to kill the golden goose and ensure that the show won't even come close to selling out.

No wonder our locals don't have faith in the new producer. I wonder what other corners he's cut?
I think the person posting on the Reggae on the River forum didn't read the entire lineup page. It still says something about being proud to announce the first acts, and doesn't say anywhere "that's all folks..."
And my word is that lots and lots of tickets have been sold. No worries about that.
I guess the only worry would be where you're going to put all those ticketholders what with no place to put 'em.
I guess the only worry would be where you're going to put all those ticketholders what with no place to put 'em.
I'm becoming resigned to the probability that there will be no show at all this year. The upside is that if neither side is looking forward to a chunk of money later in the year maybe both will revisit settlement of the lawsuit which could bring everybody down regardless of who "wins." I don't care who filed or served first.

But for the impact on local services and non-profits, I wouldn't even care at this point.
Full steam ahead! Yippee! Open dem books! Put 'em under oath! The truth will out!
We all like a good coutroom drama.
I may be kooky, but you, my friends, are in a state of denial. Estelle is as biased towards Carol Bruno/P.P. in this ROTR situation, as Fox News is towards George Bush and the Republican Party. And yes, if P.P. was REALLY serious about healing the divide in THIS community, the KMUD benefit would be at the Mateel in Redway, where the healing energy and spirit is needed. You did come up with some pretty good excuses though, about why it is in Arcata!
Kmud Is Having A benefit at the mateel Today
You must live in a fish bowl Kmud is heavily listened to and supported in north county I live there so don't think kmud is just in southern humboldt ....
Was the benefit at the Mateel put in by P.P?
No, it was not. Lots of fun though!
if the bod had hired a real ED back in 05 I would still be a member of the mateel, I was rooting for Katz or Justin, but they had to hire out of town talent which has as I predicted turned out to be nothing more than a fancy resume with limited people skills, and looking at the mess we are all in now, I wonder if administrative skills exist or does the blame game get the paperwork processed in the office. exactly how many grants has the mateel been granted under the new ED? not nearly as many as the shiny new resume seemed to promise back in the day.
I was reading the Blog today, and really believe that the anonymous posts are really getting mean spirited. It seems that if everyone was forced to post their name, then they would be a lot more thoughtfull about what they say. It would also prevent rumor since accountability would be present. since the blog is what it is I must say "Eat Me!, Bite Me! if you don't like the BoD then you should try milking a Bull in Ferndale. and if you dont like the ED then you should try cialis.
Today's event at the Mateel was Cousin Marc's 65th birthday party, with proceeds from dinner and drinks helping to benefit KMUD (as well as donation jars liberally distributed throughout the hall).

My understanding of the Arcata event is that it's a (Stephen?) Marley show, where KMUD will be running the bar and benefiting from the bar proceeds -- as it did at the Steel Pulse show (a People Production) held at the Mateel in February.

None of these events was/is solely and specifically a benefit for KMUD. However, KMUD is benefiting from food and drink sales.
booze rules!

Brought in over $300,000 at ROTR, let the MCC do only the booze a the event and we'll be covered.
MCC presents Homegrown Hip Hop vol. 3

MCC the production company?
One last word for mediation. The mediation done in the early part of this conflict obviously didn't work because it was cut short. I
wasn't there but from what I've heard the process didn't get off the ground. Maybe because no one really wanted to solve the problem,then...it could be for a number of reasons. For mediation to be successful, the parties need
to want to solve the problem. There are a lot of issues here and
each needs to be addressed. Too
bad our own community couldn't
solve its problems...
Between here and the Hatred on the River message board, I can't help but point out that all you MCCers out there are spouting out more hate than actual fact. And you couldn't possibly be further from the message of Reggae music in the message you're sending publicly. I'm starting to wonder if any of you even listen to reggae music. It really looks like all you guys care about is making your money. Some of us actually care to see an incredible REGGAE show. This is bigger than you believe it or not.
I'm vibing with you, 10;08, and with Eric's up-to-here indifference to all the breast-beating and posturing. One point, though: the Mateel's fundraiser is being taken away from the Mateel. The Mateel's funds too haven't been delivered for the last two years. A private fundraiser has been sited at the time and place of our beloved community festival. So here's the nub of things: privatization is normal on our globalized globe, whatever you think about it. Only one possible force ever slows or stops it: unremitting local public outrage. That didn't happen ten years ago because we got our quarter mil every year on time, why argue even while ownership was whittled away from us. Now, and I'm sorry you think it ain't Irie, it's time to stand and fight for our rights. Ever hear of Bob Marley?
On the news, it was said "a benefit for KMUD", as I remember, so it is another P.P. money maker, portrayed on the KMUD news as somthing entirely different. Have the peace flags worked yet?? Does P.P. REALLY want to heal the didvide in THIS community?
To post Sun., Apr 1, 8:58 a.m.---
The Irish Gold and Brew was more than just a beer tasting. AS you said, there was also the great entertainment, the beer, and a wonderful Irish meal. If it only broke even, it did way better than ROTR did it's first couple times out. Remember ROTR lost money. As an Irish person, I really appreciate the Mateels' effort to include this small segment of the Humboldt population, and our culture. How many Reggae fans attended the Irish fest? Are they as culturally diverse and supportive of others as they say? I attend both events, and hope they both are around at/for the Mateel for a very long time. Irie is right, get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Reggae on the River belongs to the Mateel, not to a corporation that was started because a few people saw a way to make a whole lot of legal money.
lol yeah cus PP isn't part of your community, they're some big huge corporation with a big coca cola bottling plant and a big walmart posted up on Dimmick Ranch. get a friggin grip people. this whole 'MCC vs. the big bad corporation' thing is ridiculous. If anything the MCC is starting to look like the big bad ugly guy shooting out 'i hate you's and 'rot in hell's left and right. From an outside POV you're doing more harm than good by talking all kinds of poopoo and moving further and further from the message of reggae. there are much more productive and positive ways to help your 'side' other than talking poopoo to the other 'side'. talking a bunch of crap doesn't serve your cause, it only hurts it by making you look like a mean spirited lynch mob.
Okay, now would you respond to the posts? No one said 'big bad corporation'. If you insist, I'll say 'big bad selfish handful of people' who forgot where they came from, in their climb to the Big Leagues with the music and water bottlers. It's you who's making nonsense of this discussion. And I believe the phrase is Pee Pee, not poopoo.
hey 12;43, was Bob Marley talking poopoo too?
Mean spirited could be defined by the "vote of no confidence" by the paid and perked employees of PP towards the MCC. The attempt by the for profits to sabotage our long atnding event. Or maybe the," we're doing the new Reggae Sinking" concert on the same day as your festival." That is not only mean spirited it may even be illegal. As far as the opinion of the community goes, it's already been solidified in support of MCC thanks to these action. "Get up. Stand up."
I must say you guys just demonstrated my point exactly. More shit talking in the name of Reggae! (I know some of you couldn't stop talking shit if you tried at this point)

Oh and throwing Bob Marley's name in there doesn't take away from all the hate you've been spouting, nice try though.

Let all the people who come and spend their money in your community see the hatered you guys push and see how excited they are to come to your peaceful neighborhood.

Forward Peace, Love, and Unity.
Down with War, Hate, and Name Calling.
You know, I'm not seeing much hating coming from the Mateel side of this debate. I'm seeing a lot of folks saying there is, but I'm not reading it.
I am seeing anger. I am seeing factual statements, or anyway statements of what the person posting believes to be fact.
And for many years hanging up in my cabin was a quote from somewhere that said "If you want peace, work for justice".
Funny you should use the word "unity." Can you define that word or should we look it up for you. Do you believe the actions that TD,PP, and DanSun took against MCC would be described as unifying? I think not. And most importantly, look at the outcome. This community is not unified on this particular issue becuase of those actions stated in a previous post. It is what it is, and no excuses by you can change our present reality. What could change our reality are actions that are unifying. But his would mean first of admiting those mistakes and maybe apologizing. Not making excuses for bad behavior. That my friend, is a non-starter.
any of you even listen to reggae music.,,

Two chord songs...my favorite.
Wow, are we done here???
Almost a record. I think we did break 200 comments in one thread though.
Eric this thread is not dead!! You should create a Thread Wall of 'Flame' and post threads that have a lot of substance and ??whatever? to them.( i hate it when lively discussions fall off the bottom of your blog...) Maybe create links on the sidebar to all threads over 100 posts??...worthy threads,

Hey ! nice threads man...
I'm with you. What do you mean the party's over and you've locked the door?!

There could be a Reggae Rant sidebar even more stimulating than Chris Rock's love child, fer sure.
Yeah!!!!!!!!! I thought there was unfinished business here. Nice threads dude.
Evidentally they will be taking more public comment at the meeting tomorrow night...might be interesting...

A G E N D A April 5, 2007
6:00 p.m.Board of Supervisors' Chamber
County Courthouse, Eureka
There will be a break on or about 7:30 p.m.
At this time, the Chairman will poll the audience and Commissioners concerning items listed under the Public Hearing section of the Agenda. If there are no persons who wish to provide testimony on these projects, the Chair will add these projects to the Administrative Agenda.

ADMINISTRATIVE AGENDA: The projects listed below are public hearing items which are recommended for approval or conditional approval based on findings in the related staff reports. The Chair will read the item number and project name on the Administrative Agenda and ask if anyone from the audience is interested in presenting testimony on any particular project. Please raise your hand when the Chair has read the project you are interested in discussing and it will be removed from the Administrative Agenda to be heard separately. The Commission's vote on the Administrative Agenda is final. No project will be heard separately unless it is removed from the Administrative Agenda prior to the vote. If you do not raise your hand, you can assume that the project will be approved.

Ray Jones, Shelter Cove Area (844 Spring Rd.): A Coastal Development Permit is necessary to consider the construction of a single-family residence, decking, and attached garage. A Special Permit is required for Design Review. Note: It is recommended a Mitigated Negative Declaration be adopted. CASE Nos. CDP-06-22 & SP-06-25; FILE No. APN 109-182-27. (SL)


Chris Renner, Orick Area (120001 HWY 101): A Coastal Development Permit is necessary for the placement of a new 12,000-gallon above ground fuel tank at the Shoreline Deli and Market. A special Permit is required for Design Review. CASE Nos: CDP-06-45 & SP-06-53; FILE No. APN 520-251-15. (EB)


Dennis Breckner, McKinleyville Area (1781 Central Ave.): A two-year extension of a Minor Subdivision and Special Permit approved January 16, 2003. The original project involved the subdivision of one parcel into two parcels. The applicant is also seeking an exception to the subdivision regulations for approval to create one "flag lot". If approved will expire on January 28, 2009. Note: The Humboldt County Planning Commission adopted a Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact on January 16, 2003. CASE Nos. PMS-01-14XX & SP-01-24XX; File No. APN 509-221-21. (MDC)


Patti Campbell, Eureka Area (3322 Mitchell Rd.): A two-year extension of a Coastal Development Permit and Notice of Merger approved January 20, 2005. The original Coastal Development permit was requested in order to develop a single-family residence with an attached garage. The Notice of Merger merged two parcels into one parcel. No change to the original project is proposed. If approved, the extension will expire February 22, 2009. CASE Nos. CDP-02-63X & NOM-02-17X; FILE No. APN 017-182-10, -11. (MDC)


Keith Combs, Cutten Area (6047 Beechwood Dr.): A minor subdivision of one parcel into two parcels. This project includes mitigation for potential traffic impacts to the Walnut Drive/Hemlock Street intersection. Note this project was originally noticed and circulated for the July 20, 2006 Planning Commission, but pulled to be re-noticed. Note: It is recommended a Mitigated Negative Declaration be adopted. CASE No. PMS-05-17; FILE No. APN 303-091-02. (AH)


Danco Group, McKinleyville Area (1550 Heartwood Dr.): A minor subdivision of one parcel into two parcels. A Special Permit is requested to allow parking based on established uses and to allow an exception to the loading space requirement. CASE Nos. PMS-06-15 & SP-06-80; FILE No. APN 508-251-30. (TE)


Victoria Schanzle, McKinleyville Area (865 Eucalyptus Rd.): A Coastal Development Permit and Special Permit for a secondary dwelling unit and major vegetation removal (30 trees downed by the December 31, 2005 storm). CASE Nos. CDP-06-06 & SP-06-07; FILE No. APN 510-241-22. (EB)


William Tilch, Eureka Area (2838 Spears Rd.): The Modification of a previously approved Coastal Development Permit and Special Permit will consider the construction of an addition to an existing single-family residence, a new covered deck and a new septic tank. A Special Permit is required to consider granting a reduction of the Streamside Management Area. Note: a separate Coastal Development Permit (#1-06-033) involving the placement of a mound leach field has been approved by the California Coastal Commission. If approved, the Modification will expire one year for the effective date. Note: It is recommended a Mitigated Negative Declaration be adopted. CASE Nos. CDP-04-23M & SP-04-25M; FILE No. 403-022-45. (SL)


The projects listed below have received public testimony during a prior hearing and were continued at the direction of the Commission to this meeting.

MATEEL COMMUNITY CENTER, Cooks Valley Area (240 Cooks Valley Rd): Review of the 2006 Reggae on the River music festival and setting attendance levels for the 2007 event. CASE No. CUP-04-38M; FILE No. 33-041-23, 33-271-05 & -07. (MDR)

STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS: Open the Public Hearing; receive the staff report, supplemental information, & public testimony; and accept the 2006 Annual Report & set the 2007 attendance level.


At this time persons may appear before this Commission on any matter not on the Agenda. Persons recognized by the Chair will please address the Commission from the microphone, first identifying themselves by name and address. Time limits will be established by the Chair depending on the number of people wishing to speak and the length of the Agenda for the evening.



The projects listed below are public hearing items that have generated public comment prior to the hearing date or have other issues related to them that may require discussion.

Friends of the Dunes, Manila Area (200 Stamps Ln. & 1970 Park St.): A Lot Line Adjustment between two parcels. A Conditional Use and Coastal Development Permits are necessary to allow the existing residence to be permitted as the Humboldt Bay Coastal Education Center and Reserve, which will include a restroom building, covered outdoor area, parking lot improvements and signage/trail markers. A Special Permit is requested to establish parking standards. Note: It is recommended a Negative Declaration be adopted. CASE Nos. CDP-06-49, CUP-06-14, LLA-06-08 & SP-06-71; FILE Nos. APN 506-111-11, -20. (TE)

STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS: I move to adopt the Negative Declaration and make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff report and public testimony, and to approve the project as described in the Agenda Item Transmittal, subject to the recommended conditions of approval.


Samoa Pacific Group, Samoa Area (920 & 931 Vance Rd.): A General Plan Amendment (Local Coastal Plan Amendment), Zone Reclassification, is necessary to facilitate implementation of the Samoa Town Master Plan development proposal. A Local Coastal Plan Amendment is required to ensure consistency with the General Plan. The Department has also required an Environmental Impact Report be prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. Note: It is recommended that the Board of Supervisors certify a Master Environmental Impact Report (MEIR) for this project. CASE Nos. GPA-02-01 & ZR-02-02 FILE Nos. APN 401-021-29 et. al. (MEW)

STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS: After receiving testimony, continue the Public Hearing to the Meeting of May 3, 2007 to allow staff to complete response to written comments on Recirculation Draft 2 MEIR.

OLD BUSINESS None Scheduled.


1. Items for consideration for future Plan & Land Use code revisions (if required).

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