Thursday, April 05, 2007


British 911 Cultwatch site

Other than the Public Eye pages, this new site is the only overtly left wing source I'm aware of dedicated to debunking some of the conspiracy theories hampering the peace movement.

The intro paragraph:
The awful events of 9/11/01 in the USA have had a deep and pernicious effect on the body politic in the US, and elsewhere, especially the UK. We oppose the calamitous invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan & the ongoing 'War on Terror' from an anti-imperialist (and anti-capitalist) position. Be that as it may, our remit here is not specifically those matters--many activists are already on the case internationally, and we commend them for that. Our efforts are complementary, not competitive.
Five years on the '9/11 Truth cult' (our term) is growing in the UK, a development that troubles us. Not because we dislike uncomfortable questions being asked of the powerful. On the contrary, we at Notes From the Borderland (NFB) magazine have been doing cutting edge parapolitical research since 1997, and individually before that. Our record of evidence-based research into covert state/ruling class activity plus an expertise in fringe politics qualifies us, we feel, to sound the alarm now. Those interested can peruse our sister-site, which outlines NFB research themes, methods and publications available. Precisely because we are committed to rigorous analytical research and related political intervention NFB is speaking out. Below, the 'issues' we have with the UK '9/11 Truth Movement' are summarised. Constructive feedback welcome. If you scroll down past that, we explain the various features on the site and how to use it in summary outline. Enjoy!!

I want to know why 9/11 conspiracy folks are so worried about proving scant theories correct,other than just going by the facts that have already been presented which clearly show that the the Bush administration were fully aware of the planned attacks,even though not explicitely involved in the planning.It seems to me that enough evidence of conspiracy withing the administration already exists to prosecute based on conspiracy charges.Get those involved by keeping their mouth shut in jail first,with the evidence that is proven,then go forward with the blown up buildings theories and such.
Mresquan: There isn't one shred of evidence to support your paranoid assertions.
Whether anybody knew, there's plenty of evidence of negligence, including some items the 911 Commission apparently forgot to mention.

Yeah, I know. It was Clinton's fault.
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