Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Couching racist language

This bizarre item comes via Pinko Feminist Hellcat.

It's a particular shame that Ms. Moore's seven-year-old daughter was the one to find it.

The photo comes from the above-linked article. You can get a clearer view by clicking on the photo here as well.

The story is a week old. I think she is liking the attention that comes with being the Great American Victim a little too much. Just look at that indignation!
Here's one for Borat...
I don't see a problem here.
Just look at that indignation!

Gee. Imagine that.
The story is a week old. I think she is liking the attention that comes with being the Great American Victim a little too much. Just look at that indignation!

seems like there are alot of victims in the world,i remember white males bieng victimized because of affirmative action,and lets not forget white women who started the womens lib movement,it high time for all of us to realize we are all fucked,thats right,fucked,and why?itz called taking resposibility for ourselves,you cant stop me from doing a damn thing,PERIOD...now,go back to sleep kiddies
Other parts of the world (where most of our stuff is made) are much, much worse than here.
What's the problem here? Its a fine couch!
If I bought a pink couch and the color was listed as "honky pink"
I'd laugh. What's wrong with me?
The owner of Cosmos Furniture, Paul Kumar, no relation to Romesh, said he was upset to learn packing labels on products he sold carried a racial epithet.

"I import my products from overseas," he said. "I've never noticed anything like that. This is something new to me."

He passed the blame to a Chinese company, but apologized for the labels. He said he would contact the furniture maker in Guangzhou and demand they remove all similar labels.

You have a sense of humor AND your great grandparents were not slaves whose masters used the word "honky" to describe them. Your sense of humor might not extend to the casual use of that word if they had.
Probably, the couch was made in the orient, where some fool tried to translate something in the Chinese language into the word for “black”.

“Negro” means “black” in Spanish. Strangely, “Niger” means “black” in Latin. I doubt very much that the term was intended to insult anyone!

What does it say about ones depth of character to automatically be insulted? And what does it say about you, Eric, to perpetuate an honest mistake as discrimination. Sadly, I know that you know the difference.

Some of the translations from Chinese to English are hilarious. It’s just that this one was not.
She wasn't discriminated against. I suppose it's possible that somebody confused the translation of English with Latin, but I don't think it's very likely. I suspect it's a prank, and not everybody thinks it's funny.
Well, heres yet another job for a lawyer. Thank god you guys are here to save us from these tags on couches.

Also, what about blond jokes? Are we not allowed to tell those anymore? If we are still allowed to tell those Eric, why?
It's those Damn Chinese, they are such notorious pranksters!
Level headed, well read, Ernie to the rescue! I too surmised it had something to do with the color translation. Stories like this are for people who like to overreact and coddle negros looking for sympathy - IMHO!

Somehow, we all - blacks included - need to get over skin color.
Such a look of righteous indignation! You go knee grow!
It's funny. So many whites want to tell black people how they should think and feel, and then don't understand when the latter get pissed off on them. It's like punching somebody in the face then shrugging your shoulders and telling your victim it's no big deal.

The tag was not a mistranslation. Somebody sent instructions for an order over thinking it was funny, perhaps assuming the Chinese would catch it on their end. I'm sure there are plenty of people who think it's funny. At least one of these posters does.

But gee, look how indignant the woman looks. What is her problem?
Hey Eric, what about those blond jokes?
How hard is it to understand that the word NIGGER is offensive to blacks. If you have a problem with that you're an asshole. The rational that some black people call each other "nigger" so it's OK for non-blacks to do the same is disingenuous unless you are completely clueless.

Ernie, to charge someone with lack of depth of character for taking offense at finding "nigger brown" written on their new couch is unworthy of your usually insightful post.
OK, well if the couch was tan we'll just call it "Ditzy Blond".

Do you see my point?
Do you see my point?

No. Nor do I see equivalence between blond jokes and nigger jokes. Nobody ever denied me a job, housing, nor service in a restaurant because I had blond hair. Maybe if it had happened to me on a regular basis I wouldn't find those jokes amusing. Actually, I find the bulk of them moronic, but that's another story.
Eric, I think I'll increase my use of the NIGGER in your honor.
anon 10:53
Ditzy Blond/Nigger...... Do you see my point?

Can it be that you are really that out of touch, or are you just trying to be cute.
Seldom do I make a statement based on based on nothing.

Discrimination is subtle in the way it works. What you call me, and what you say to hurt me, only works if I accept it as hurtful.

A few years back, I was working at a concert. A black friend of mine and I was taking a break. We were setting on chairs on the stage, facing the audience. We were talking about the event, when I looked along the front fence. Standing at the fence was a man wearing a K.K.K. tee shirt. I was shocked. My friend and I went on talking, but the shirt and the man started to bother me and fill my thoughts. Finally, when the shirt started to bother me to the point that I was contemplating doing something about it, I asked my friend what he thought of that kind of thing.

He said “I’ve been around that all my life. If I let that kind of thing bother me, I would be eaten up inside. I ignore it. That’s just a smart-ass showing off for his friends. I know when it’s time to fight.” This is from a man that was raised in the south and has seen his people hanged with his own eyes.

I realized he was right. Life is better if you don’t accept everything as your battle to fight. I hardly think that you will be seeing him holding up a couch label with a look of self-righteous indignation on his face.

That’s character. But, when it is time to fight, I’ll be by his elbow, but I’ll defer to his sense of when, because he has far more character than I do. I hate discrimination more than most people. But I have decided that I’m not going to be starting any fights that might harm the black people in the long run.

I’m sorry, but I doubt that beautiful young lady has had to put up with much real discrimination. She is just pandering to the stupid white folk that want show there outrage over the plight of the black people. At least Al Sharpten gets paid for stirring the pot!
Sorry for the typos, I hope word person doesn't attack me next!
Come on Ernie, she's upset. You demand she be as smart as your friend, but you don't expect that of us idiot bloggers. Why not? Why don't you call us out for "pandering to stupid white folk"? God knows that's what the haters here are doing.
Hey, I said she was beautiful, that aught to make her happy.

Martin Luther King had something to march about. I just keep thinking how ridiculous he would have looked with the couch label as his marching banner.

I guess it is all a matter of prospective. The problem I have is the people out there screaming “fire” when they only see a puff of smoke. And, little boys crying wolf just to watch everyone flinch.

It becomes tedious, and numbs us to the real discrimination that should be denounced by everyone.
So Ernie, what would have been the proper response for the women in question..... chuckle to herself and explain to her daughter that the author was just showing off for his friends.
Uh, I believe the reason she might have been upset was because her 7 year old child discovered the tags and wanted to know what the "n" word meant. She had to explain something vulgar attached to something that was supposed to be new, fun, and exciting inside their home.
So tell us, professor Ernie,how does a black parent explain that to a child who never heard the word before and do it in a lighthearted non "hurtful" way?
You also discount completely the fact that the woman tried to get the place she bought the couch from to do something about the labels and got nowhere.
I gather you would advise that she should have done nothing about it, make a joke of it for her child's benefit, perhaps, and just grin and bear it until the real fight comes along.

Also from Prof Ernie:

"I’m sorry, but I doubt that beautiful young lady has had to put up with much real discrimination."

Just how in the F*#@ do you know that, Professor?

They ought to extend an invitation to you to teach a course in race relations and discrimination up at Humboldt State. You'd just wow them with all your anecdotal knowledge of things that living in the Garberville area all your life has afforded you.
Dear disparagers;

Replies like yours are why people like to remain anonymous. I shared an opinion. A cause for thought, if you will.

If I were that young woman I would NOT have made headlines out of the label. Which in my opinion, will only fill her young daughter with hate, like us.

She should have explained that; “It is a bad word that polite people don’t use anymore. And it was, hopefully, a misinterpretation by someone that doesn’t speak our language. And possibly it was some thoughtless idiot that was trying to perpetuate a dead idea. And please don’t use that word around anyone because it causes some people, like your mother great pain.”

Please don’t think that I set myself up as Any kind of expert on race relations. I think I made myself clear, and you just proved the point, that I would only cause a fight that no one deserves. And, that I would follow a expert on race relations when, and if, the time comes.

One of the joys of arguing with an anonymous person is; I don’t know you and I can call you any name I like…Don’t temp me!
Alright, have blown up the picture three times already. I don't get it. Will someone let me in on the joke?
The third line down on the lable she is holding says "Nigger Brown".
Get it? And she is a black lady...
It's just unbelievable in this day and age, unbelievable. Let's pay her some money!
Did you find anything in the article about her filing suit? She may return the sofa. Woo hoo.
Woo hoo? Is that another racial slur?
I suppose if it was a hip hop cd it would be OK, but as Imus found out, its only ok to say nigger if you are offended by people of other skin colors saying nigger, and not offended by using the word nigger yourself. so in honor of the last rap concert I went to i would like to share with you a little.

bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man bitch ho nigger. down with the man
You really expect me to believe you attended a rap concert?
It sounds to me like he/she has attended a rap concert, only he/she left out a whole bunch of words that are so nasty and disrespectful that you would surely delete them from your blog.

And this is the kind of music that our children are being raised with. No wonder you see the total and complete disrespect for humanity on this blog.

Maybe we are prudes. Maybe disrespect for your fellow man is the new normal.
I believe it was Dave Chappelle, in one of his comedy acts, who said that he has always been amazed by how many white guys seem to know all about what it is to be black and how blacks should act, but, he wondered, how many white guys actually wish they were black.

After reading some of these comments I'm wondering the same thing.
Some food for thought. No pun intended.

Why is it that the black people only want to talk about how their ancestors were held in slavery. At the time they were being brought to the new country, their fellow man was starving to death in Africa. It could be that if it weren’t for them being brought to the new world their ancestors would have starved to death, as the Africans are today. Famine is nothing new to Africa.

How many people would be willing to move to America today, and willing to live in slavery to save their starving children?

We have more in common with the black man than we care to think about. For instance, who among us is so naïve as to think that they don’t have an ancestor that was held in slavery?

When are we all going realize that we are all just people, and we need over all this race barrier that doesn’t allow us to “just all get along!”
Sorry but black people need to clean there own house first. The music comes to mind. I would never use the n-word myself but so much about the music and culture is degrading, especially to women.

My ancestors did not own slaves, we came here after 1865, as most white people did. I have also competed with black people for work, and lost. I am not bitter but I also don't think this country is as racist as you think.
What makes more sense, slave reparations, or feeding the people of Africa. Where would you send your money?
What makes more sense, learning how people feel, or telling people how they should feel?
Just like an alcoholic, you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. If a Black person wants to wallow in self pity, that’s all that they are going to do.

Bill Cosby is right, the black people are shooting themselves in the foot. They need to work on being better people. Any sign of being willing to better themselves would be greeted with all kinds of public support. A good example is the Native American people. As soon as they starting showing signs of wanting to better their condition, they were given all kinds of support; And Casino’s. Their condition is improving greatly. White guilt is a good provider for the downtrodden. Get a clue!
It's been said that there is a ring of truth to every stereotype. One very prominent stereotype of white men is that we tend to view ourselves as rational and everybody else as irrational, and that we feel quite qualified to tell everybody else how they should think, feel, and live their lives. And we are seen as people who tend to proclaim ourselves experts on topics on which we know nothing, particularly when it comes to the intricacies of somebody else's life.

There's certainly a ring evident in this thread.
Eric proves his own point. How arrogant of you Kirk!
Eric, next time post anonymously.
Yeah, imagine if the woman on the couch wasn't black and that her last name was Goldstein. And she thought she bought a gold lame' sofa, to match her family's last name, if you like. And her young, precocious, gifted princess of a daughter discovered that mommy really bought a sofa that was "kike yellow".
Oh, and her brother-in-law is a lawyer.
So what are you trying to say? Bill Cosby is wrong? Or he is a racist?
Being that that subject of the day is logical reasoning; I’m not a thief, therefore I’m not qualified to say thievery is bad. I don’t know how to make a cake, so I shouldn’t say I like cake. I’m not very smart, so I shouldn’t try to think. I’m a woman so I shouldn’t be telling a man what he’s doing wrong?

Is that what you are saying?

I’m a human being, and we are not unlike one another!
After all, our children are trying to meet them half way, they already know every rap tune by heart, and they buy 80% of the rap music. If I don’t like rap music, I guess I shouldn’t have an opinion.

I don’t like this logical reasoning…. I liked it better before when we just knew what was right and what was wrong!
I'm saying you haven't walked in their shoes. Don't presume to understand their feelings, particularly about racism.
You win!
So what are you trying to say? Bill Cosby is wrong? Or he is a racist?

He seems to raise some good points. But he's dealt with the issues on a personal level. He's experienced anti-black racism. There are those who believe what he's said oversimplifies the problems. Moreover, what he said has been considerably overstated in the white community.

Here are some interesting pieces on the subject.

Beyond what Cosby said

Cosby asking why Muslims are doing more for poor black communities than Christians

What if White America had a Bill Cosby?

Is Bill Cosby right?

Frankly, I have my opinions, some of which are in accordance with Cosby's. But for the most part this is a debate that belongs more within the black community, rather than righteous judgment from without, particular from a class of people who continue to benefit from privilege over blacks.
aren't there real issues in this world to be dealt with? wars, homelessness, uneducated children, etc..... this chick needs to get the chip off her shoulder. it's 2007 chick quit your whining. if someone calls you that to your face, then you have an issue to deal with. but even then it's not really worth putting out there for all of us to feel pity for you. you ma'am are actually being the racist one. move past your skin color and move forward in society.... or go back to your motherland you are so proud to be from.......
Get rid of the attitude or go back to the jungle. Yeah, that attitude belongs in 2007!
This act was old 20 years ago. Now it's nothing more than step one in the great American race extortion racket. Kid yourself counselor, but you're not fooling me.
It just gets worse
lol thnx 4 for the kewl link
Suzy likes engrish.com
it totally pebbles

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