Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Gallegos wants guns

It's about time he made it back into the headlines. It's been too quiet for too long.

The Eureka Reporter reports:
Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos has signaled his intent to spend more than $30,000 on technical weaponry and equipment — including more than $18,000 for semiautomatic rifles — and county officials want to know why.
To tell you the truth, so do I!

Addendum: Looks like other bloggers are taking an interest. Rose of course doesn't miss a beat. Fred's making the Vroman comparison. Pickins may be slim, but it's a bonafide Gallegos story!

Photo source.

Isnt the DA's office supposed to be filled with office workers? I mean, maybe the investigators can carry a small sidearm or whatever, but even that is a little over the top. But semi-automatic rifles? How about spending the 30k on helping prospective DA employee's move up here. 5k each means we can move 6 qualified people all the way up here whereas they otherwise probably wouldnt.
Wow - paul gets to wear a polo shirt and control his own special forces team to serve subpoenas

You helped put this lunatic in office Eric - hang your head in shame.
Is he to chickenshit to tell Hislop no? I understand maybe updating the sidearms, or paying for practice at a weapons range for sidearms... but ar-15's? If the DA's office doesn't train with the regular swat team, then if their is a event at the courthouse what you will have is two teams killing each other. One from the Sheriffs office on floor 1 and one from the DA's office on the upper floors... This is crazy!
Well, I think the first question to ask is whether there is any precedent. Do other DA offices possess such weapons?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Eric, AR-15's? One for every 'man' in the office? This is some real end-of-the-world bullshit here!
Self-labed gun nut DA Vroman in Mendo county had just spent almost $200k on them when he died, hadn't he?

As you know Norm Vroman (former Mendocino County DA and Gallegos confidant) purchased HK MP5 silenced submachineguns for his Investigators with Asset forfeiture funds. And as you know many in Mendo were not happy and openly questioned these purchases. And per Gallegos the new Mendo DA is in the process of selling those.

Do other DA's offices do the same. Answer, basically no. A few county DA's office investigators that work on drug task forces are sometimes issued a shotgun or AR type rifle. But those few are actively involved with real cops and real enforcement operations.

A DA that wants his own "tactical team" should be questioned, critisized. What is going on here? Bullet proof vest are one thing, basic safety. Even though the DA's investigators seldom leave the comfort of their office or the courtroom.

What do those guys really do? That is the real question. The CAO should be asking that question. Maybe those positions should be given to the Sheriff's office as detectives? More bang for your buck.
Drugs people! How many times do I have to explain that everything weird that happens in Humboldt County is due to drugs? Here we have classic paranoia to such an extreme it can only be tweak. What a weird fucking town this is. You people are nuts if you think this is standard procedure.
Let me explain a few things to you jackasses on the PP side of this hijacking. Sit down and read. All the Mateel Community Center is saying is that they will not be able to put on Reggae on the River® this year. They are saying that Peoples Productions has made it impossible for them do it. The Mateel Community Center is saying that they would have been willing to take some money and things for compensation but Peoples Productions and Tom Dimmick could not get it together to help themselves. Dimmick and his lawyers could not come to terms with the Mateel Community Center. Oh well. All that is left is for the Judge to determine how much money Dimmick and PP will have to pay to compensate the MCC for ripping them off. Of course the judge will have to determine whether the permits that the MCC paid for and applied for and received are theirs or not but that will just be a formality. Meanwhile where and how will Mr. Dimmick and Sister Carol get their permits? And to the person who has commented, saying that the PP side are going to buy the Mateel Community Center building from the creditors I have to say I sure hope Mr. Dimmick doesn’t have to sell his land to the Mateel to pay off the lawsuit he and Sister Carol are going to lose. Remember the judge said that he was not going to grant a restraining order because the harm done to the Mateel could be compensated with good ole cash (or maybe land). This is very very far from over. Better put the party hats away. Maybe you can sell them to the Mateel Community Center. They may be needing them.
Sorry wrong subject. My bad. Eric feel free to delete it. Oh I gues I can say "What the hell is Gallegos doing?"
Now I get it - Gallegos was tweaking. Shit, I knew it. No wonder he doesn't want to prosecute anyone for drugs.
The last thing trained tactical teams want on scene are people with whom they have not trained intensively. Since DA
investigators rarely have any "tactical" roles, the idea that they could be constantly ready to form a
SWAT type unit (and hence needed swat weapons) is nonsense. It may well be the case that the only
other office to do anything this goofy was Vroman's, which is also the other office that hired
"I've never done a jury trial but I'm ready to be the number two in prosecution shop" Stoen.
Emphasis on the number two, for you fans of toilet humor.
This is really some sort of strange cross between Jonestown, The chapters on the end of the world in the bible, the virginia tech shooting, methamphetamine, charleton heston and the chinese launching a man to the moon.

Whatever is going on up their, it isn't fun anymore.
Police in Arizona Seek Monkey for SWAT Team
Posted April 19th, 2005 by Anonymous in Police
Associated Press [US]
April 18th, 2005

MESA, Arizona (AP) - The Mesa Police Department is looking to add some primal instinct to its SWAT team. And to do that, it's looking to a monkey.

That is it - I always said the Gallegos looked neanderthal. He actually wants to be the Mesa Monkey. What shall we call him? - the Humboldt Monkey?

I can see the monkey now - in his black suit, holding his automatic assault weapon and calling his team to bust down the doors at the Eureka Inn.
Do you really think that post is clever?
which one Eric?
Whatever is going on up their, it isn't fun anymore.

Au contraire, mon ami, the fun is just beginning!


P.S. um, Rose? Have you thought of, like, buying bullet-proof vest?
Come on Eric - the monkey thing is very funny.
I can picture Paul sitting on the floor of his office all coked out, sweaty and screaming into the phone.

"I'm gonna kill alotta people!!! That Cheri Moore thing, Remember her?? Thats nothing. I got the whole world in my hand...."
Gallegos's behavior as District Attorney lends itself to a Kafka novel.
He sure is more exciting than Terry Farmer ever was.
Paul is great! Now with all those assault rifles we can call him the G-man!
It's just bizarre, Eric. A benign consent calendar item for miscellaneous supplies and some rifles turns into AR-15 assault weapons and matching gear. What was next? A Hummer?

And, 2:36, point taken.
The guns are for an assault on the Nick Bravo cult that is located a few miles inside the forest. I've been to the compound!
I was joking, Rose!

Paul would never splatter your brains all over the wall with an assault rifle! Come on!
Could this be a signal that there's gonna be a real heavy crackdown on drugs at Reggae Rising?
Is this a sign of "progressive" politics?

A DA's office SWAT team! When is the last time a DA's investigator used his or her handcuffs? Do they even carry them?
Sure they do! On hot dates, at least.
Hey! I support Paul!

Don't you people understand we are fighting a war on terror? At any second Al Queda may storm the courthouse and take our freedoms! I am glad Hislop and Gallegos will be armed to the mutherfucking teeth when those raghead bastards try to decapitate Roger or Bonnie. We all know the others would convert straight to Muslim if they havnt already!

We are at War and nothing but victory is our destiny!
...when those raghead bastards try to decapitate Roger or Bonnie.

Hmm... You know, sometimes terrorists do have a point.
Haha! This is too much!! What a day in blogland!
"Don't you people understand we are fighting a war on terror?"

Wrong thread, pal. Probably the wrong blog as well.
523, that's pretty crude but pretty funny too.
Glad to see Paul is finally showing some balls and establishing a macho law enforcement atmosphere. What has you lefties foaming at the mouth is that you only appreciate macho manifestations of personality in women.

Hey, wait a minute, what's wrong with macho women, huh? They help to lessen the overpopulation problem.
Damn straight! (no insult intended)

And don't you boys forget: we macho wymyn just LOVE guns!
I'll concede on the guns, but please, stop with the mullets!
The Cap'n retired three days too early!
Seems that some are attempting to get this thread off track?!

I agree with most, what does the DA's Office investigators each need with an assault rifle. The body armor makes sense because sometimes they may possibly be somewhere outside the office or courtroom.

The idea of the DA's office with it's own "tactical team" is a bit unsettling to me as it should be to most.

What is up with this?
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