Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mckee in trial

As I've said before, I can't discuss the McKee case because I represent other owners of the Tooby Ranch property and I'll be up to my ears in it if the current trial doesn't resolve all of the issues. But Sohum folk should be watching the case closely. Having lost on the Williamson Act claim the county is trying to get at McKee with fines for unpermitted developments. Potentially, this could affect other subdivisions if the county ever gets a bug up its ass about code enforcement in the rural areas.

Meanwhile, the the argument is over whether any of the improvements can be tied to McKee. From the Eureka Reporter:
Wrapping up Glen’s testimony, Cohen put a total number to the alleged improvements and building construction since Buck Mountain Ranch purchased the property in 2000, which included 44 new road segments, 31 reconstructed roads, 60 new structures, 27 culverts, six ponds, three rock pits and 15 graded areas.

But during cross-examination, McKee attorney David Blackwell established quickly that Glen had no idea who had actually done the work on the parcels that were sold off by McKee.

Blackwell systematically returned to each previously submitted photo and map exhibit to ask Glen who had constructed each of the various houses, sheds, greenhouses and roads Glen painstakingly identified in aerial and on-the-ground photos during previous days.

“I don’t know,” Glen repeated with each question. “I was never asked to identify who developed it.”

McKee attorney Robert Moore told Judge W. Bruce Watson his fear was that none of the county’s five witnesses scheduled to testify could link any of the developments to McKee, with the exception of the few he already admitted to in previous testimony.

“If they have anyone who can testify to link McKee to the improvements,” Moore said, “let them do it.”

Cohen objected to the characterization and told Watson that Moore was only trying to conclude the entire case based on one witness.
I can tell you that it's going to get even more complicated.

If this is not selective enforcement than what is? How many road associations, environmental groups doing restoration work, homeowners, or ranchers get permits for grading their roads or putting in culverts. It would be interesting to know how many times Roger Rodoni had his roads graded or improved or how many culverts he replaced or installed. I would bet dollars to donuts you wouldn't find a grading permit with his name on it. The County's vendetta against McKee is persecution pure and simple.
I hope to god that McKee sues the shit out of the county for the crap he has been put through. I hope he sues as many people as he can to get the justice he deserves. This is the kind of shit that makes me hate those assholes up there in the Eureka.
Yeah, those Eurekans boy! I hear that eurkies crucify kittens on church doors!
SoHum hypocrites again protecting the worst single person eco-damager in Humboldt County, bar none.

How many roads has McKee put in? Thousands by now. How many hundreds of miles of roads is McKee responsible for making? And each one is an ecological disaster because there are no real environmental safeguards on dirt road building. They're all contributing to the enormous extra load of sediment going into our creeks and rivers.

But because Bob's created parcels for thousands of homesteaders, he's a good guy, and anyone who says he isn't is bad.

Meanwhile, where's the water in the creeks as Bob sells water tanks to the suckers he sold land who have already tapped out the local springs and creek headwaters, stealing that vital water for themselves and pot gardens while the indigenous wildlife species are shit out of luck.
Yeah, Rodoni is not from Eureka, he's from YOUR district, SoHum. Same goes for Dennis Huber of Local Solutions, not to mention Michael and Joan on the most awful Monday morning radio show in human history.
Stephen your hatred/jealousy for homesteaders is well documented in you prodigous post. As is your obsessive need to blame McKee for all the eco-damage in the southern part of the County.

Bob has made some mistakes but on balance he has done far more good for this community than harm. Wish I could say the same about you.

P.S. I hope he doesn't sue the County because he'll probably win and then we will all have to pay for Rodoni/Girard's personal vendetta.
To 12:38: As far as I know (and trust me I have reason to know) all the environmental groups doing restoration work get the proper permits. Most of them are funded by Fish and Game and by the Water Board and they are reviewed by these agencies.

Rural roads, however, are a problem, and are not being well loked after by the County- or the State to ensure water quality is adequately protected.

I do agree the County has a vendetta against McKee... but I urge everyone to watch out and start doing things the right way- get your permits... The County and State are looking for money and if they can get you on a fine for permit violations, they will.

Oh- and to 2:58, I won't be so angry at the people in Eureka as it was some of the Tooby Ranch neighbors (other ranchers mad that the ranch was being subdivided) that made a big fuss. The Satterleys had their own unfair buisness practice lawsuit at one point...
Wow- 4:52... You really don't know who Bob McKee is. Sure he's built lots of roads, not all of them great, but not unlike every other one building roads at the time. Bob McKee- and his son and now his grandson are learning how to do roads properly, in ways that reduce the sediment that enters the creeks.

He, Whitethorn Construction, adn his daughter, Tasha, are leading the way to water conservation through the tank program. Check ou what Sanctuary Forest is doing. Educate yourself before you shoot your stupid mouth off.

Hey, what do you do for the environment?
the matole restoration council doesn't get permits for road restoration or culvert replacing
I tell the environmental truth. Ask EPIC about their opinion of Bob McKee before you accuse me of not knowing what I talk about.

You people in SoHum really think this is all about County vendetta against Bob? There's environmental destruction reasons for why the County is angry at Bob which just start at his manipulation of the Williamson Act to avoid paying his fair share of taxes.

Bob is the developer most responsible for bringing in thousands of homesteaders, all without knowledge of how to live on their land without destroying native species. Bob did it for the bucks and people moved in for the pot and the views and solitude away from city life. But who pays for all this gigantic influx of humans in what were formerly mostly wildlife areas and cattle ranches? The native species are paying, that's who. With their lives, e.g. the shutting off of available dry season water that has all been captured from available springs and creeks for human use.

So, enjoy your views, smoke your pot, but know that those of us concerned with environmental protection know that Bob needs to be reigned in from continuing his path of subdivision destruction of watersheds by subdividing them without adequate environmental mitigations in place in order to profit off of the homestead/pot grower movement.

I don't hate homesteaders but I do believe they've trashed their environmental responsibilities for the most part by not even recognizing the homestead subdivision eco-destruction problem in Humboldt County. I have a long time friend who is one of the very few homesteaders who takes healing the land seriously. He has been repairing washouts in his watershed area and instead of receiving help from his neighbors, he receives silence or even anger for his work. (from neighbors who's territorial control was miffed when he gathered downed wood from the edges of the road on their properties for washout repair).

You'd think counterculture people would see that moving over 10,000 people into relatively virgin rural watersheds in a comparatively short amount of time would inevitably create some sort of ecological disaster. And it has yet homesteaders can't see it in their country road taking them back to a fantasy time when grow lights didn't require diesel fuel to operate.
Stephen Lewis.... How can we miss you when you won't go away.
But who else brings you the truthful information you can't stand to hear?

I'd have to turn in my prophet credentials if I wasn't pissing off somebody with those little eco-disaster items shoved under the rug in hopes nobody will spot 'em.
Stephen, your slander of Bob McKee is only surpassed in sheer ugliness by your hideous antisemitic rants. Thanks for your prophetic inspiration, you're a real boon to the community.
but he does have a point about the Palestinians- they're getting a raw deal...
Slander is bearing false witness and I am not slandering Bob McKee. I criticize the way he makes a living because I know he is seriously damaging the environment wherever he puts in his subdivisions.

Bob's not an environmentalist. He's a businessman. Our rural environment is too sensitive to human impact to let a businessman and not an environmentalist develop rural watershed land.

If Bob learned how to create ecological subdivisions, I would gladly work with him again. He means well-just doesn't know how to do it right.

You out there, Bob? I do know how to create an ecologically sound rural subdivision in case you're interested.

In a strange twist of irony, corporate Bob becomes the Godfather of homesteaders who can do no wrong because he gave so many SoHummers homesteads to purchase letting them live their back to the land American dream. I was one of 'em. Bob gave me a sweet deal too.

But I wised up fast working with Bob on his road construction forming parcel boundaries in our subdivision. And you know me, I was the first person to criticize Bob for being road happy, wanting to build a connecting road through some of the most unstable land I've seen in this area. He punched the road in to spite me and let it wash out and not be used. This scotched our friendship for years until both of us let bygones be bygones and I actually managed to put aside my former criticisms of Bob and again work for him. I too just looked the other way at what was happening ecologically through Bob's subdivision empire building.

Bad land partnership, the usual story, forced me to leave the homestead world but I was never happy in it because my heart belonged to cooperative community building and homesteading was just too, well, capitalist, for me--I'm a communitarian.

I'm trying to give some background for my particular criticism of Bob McKee. I don't dislike Bob at all. But I do think he has to be stopped from doing more environmental damage by subdividing land and selling off parcels to people with practically no ecological education with practically no environmental mitigation protocols in place to protect land and species as they are in commercial forests.
don't worry- this is his last sub-division...

every criticism you have could be applied to any sub anywhere in the country...any ticky-tacky suburbia anywhere just blldozed the birds and that was it...well MAYBE things are better regulated today...
Somebody once defined suburbia as development where you bulldoze the trees and name the roads after them.
Having some background in land use issues I would second Eric's assertion that this is a very complex issue. It is not simply whether McKee is right or wrong. In some ways Bob is looking to have it both ways. He could ask to have the county cancel the Williamson contract immediatly and forego the 10 year phase out provision. In that case he would have to pay 12.5% of the current fair market value of the entire Tooby property in a lump sum. Not wanting to come up with that amount he is attempting to convince the courts that the county's modification of the size requirments for viable grazing parcels can't be enforced on an existing contract. He may well be right. It appears to me that the folks who have built residences on these parcels are more vulnerable to ongoing litigation than McKee. One of the stipulations that has been confirmed several times is that any residence built on a Williamson parcel "must be incidental to an existing commercial agricultural use". I think for some of these folks it will be a long and winding road before they recieve Certificates of Compliance which will make these parcels legal. In a late development the governator has proposed removing 39 million from next year's budget that is being used to compensate counties for tax loss due to Williamson contracts. It seems that might have an impact on whether counties continue to support the act.
Stephen should seriously consider stickin' his faux-environmentalism in his ear. Mr. Bob McKee is and has been a visionary from the git.He foresaw the movement of peoples fron elsewhere and took steps to prepare the way... Is that the reason little stevie,roger and satterly don't like him???? He has supplied many homesteads to many of us for almost 40 years. Yes he is a business man. What's wrong with that???? There are hundreds of us four-square-standing side by side with Bob-beleive that.. This is a vendetta against Mr. McKee with Mrs. Satterly,Roger Droney and who all else..Remember God already punished Roger once. Remember???? Horses don't like him and God told that horse to try and break his neck..There could be more karmic retribution headed their way. Bet on it.Droney is wasting thousands of desperately needed county dollars in this political vendetta of his. He's just like that punk bush-exactly like him. He has lost most support and he will be disgraced and thrown out on his ear--wait and see.
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