Sunday, May 20, 2007


Over 50 thousand plants taken

Thanks to Cristina Bauss for the heads-up.

At the upper Mill Creek drainage - more alleged Mexican cartel activity. Obviously they were all starts, but we're still talking about a major operation. This bust alone more than doubles the number of eradicated plants this year. They also seized an AK-47.

From the statement:
Due to this trend of large-scale, organized marijuana cultivation on public property being tended and guarded by armed subjects, members of the public are strongly urged to use caution and be aware of their surroundings when accessing public property. If evidence of marijuana cultivation is observed, members of the public are urged to leave the area and notify law enforcement immediately.
Addendum: I fixed the link and added "alleged" before "Mexican cartel" to address the concerns of some commenters.

Marijuana doesn't kill people. People kill people.
What evidence that this is Mexican cartel business? They have been touting the Mexican connection for literally decades, but so far nada.
What evidence that this is Mexican cartel business? They have been touting the Mexican connection for literally decades, but so far nada.
I recently heard Palco found a 20,000 plant operation on one of their recern clearcuts. I haven't seen anything in the papersabout it (but I also haven't been reading the local papers much lately) The Palco people also claim it was the Mexican cartel.
Typical for a liberal fascist like Eric to buy into the 'Mexican invasion' propaganda.
Oh gawd! We can't say ANYTHING bad about mexicans! Thay're a M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y!

Its all the fault of Bush! Those poor starving Mexicans are all just trying to survive. They are all always good and oppressed and noble and would NEVER think of shirking a law that was actually made for their benefit.

We're the oppressors! We're the bad guys. We need to give Humboldt county back to the Mexicans! They were here FIRST after all! VIVA LA MEXICO!
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Typical for a liberal fascist like Eric to buy into the 'Mexican invasion' propaganda.

My prior liberal fascist comments. For the record.

I'll take your nonresponse as an apology.
Eric - your link in the article is dead.

ED - I'm following these reports pretty carefully, and I'm near certain that there is something very different going on with respect to big grows, primarily on public land, cultivated and guarded by Mexican nationals. I don't have time to pull all the links together here, but check the comments on Eric's previous posts on the topic:

8:53 that one was in the T-S, under a headline about public lands, strangely enough.
If you don't realize it's Mexican organized crime,
you aren't doing much reading.
Oh, and take a look at today's WSJ to see who the latest international meth dealers are.
Quickfact: Public land grows are manned by Mexicans because the punishment is soft: deportation. Citizens don't do it because their punishment is serious federal time.

Does anyone remember when Big Bush was going to invade the King Range with CAMP, back in '90 or so? He at the last minute invaded Panama instead, I think, but his original PR goal was to publicize federal protections that have led to this strange distortion.

People should also keep in mind that the enormous Mexican grows are in the foothills of the Central Valley. What we've got here is minor spillover.

Now, back to hating them.
Leave the area my ass. Smith, Wesson and I will take care of ourselves.
Legalize the crap and lets get this over with.Unfortunately,most SoHumers take that as a direct threat to their livlihood,nothing to do with any Mexicans.And sadly enough,none of these growers will come to the aid of other Mexicans who aren't involved in any way with pot,who are being persecuted for a distorted outlook on the pot industry climate.
Not many people hate the Mexican people, they hate their desperation and the things they do because of it. If you follow the money far enough you will run into Senor Blanco.

There but for fortune go you or I.

Law enforcement is only going to make arrests where assets can be taken, or where they can get big publicity. They can’t afford to clog the jails with small fish.
Illegal mexicans who do get caught are rarely deported. They are at times told to show up to a courthouse for arraignment and never do.
As if you would know the first thing about what Mexican immigrants have to go through Barfo. At least they work for a living.
Hey, I'm an illegal Canadian so my suffering is worse than there's. I've suffered MORE! So where's my free money, free healthcare, free housing, free food, free everything?

Anyone know exactly where Mill Creek is?
(it is not our local well known Miller Creek area, btw).
The link doesn't work, but you can go over to the Times Standard and see the article. Sounds like many of the plants were teensie.
Hay, i saw this mexicin dude standin near miler creak rd a few days ago... or it mitghta been a Italyian... pretty cute. What do yuo think? Do they havve the good shit.???
THis Mill Creek I believe is the one in Prairie Creek Redwoods state park niched into the national park near Orick.
We are guilty of benefitting from our ancestors' and our own hard work.


The only fitting punishment is for everything we have to be given freely to any foreign national who comes to "our" country and demands what we have.

If you don't believe me, ask the U.S. Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike.

They are giving "our Country" away even as we speak.
"Anyone know exactly where Mill Creek is?"

It's to the North East of Hoopa Valley.
I fixed the link.
I'm the grandson of immigrants on one side of my family, and old WASP on the other. Both sides have always agreed that immigrants work harder than we who have the benefits of our ancestors at our backs.

Mexicans work as hard as any immigrants have, and they 'earn' more than they receive from this country. Difference is, when my grandmother came over planning to pry the gold bricks out of the pavement if she couldn't find a job right away, she wasn't breaking the law to find work. That's the only difference.

Immigrants become grateful Americans if we let them, or they go back home. If we want to stop exploiting them we have to crack down on the exploiters, not the exploited.
Thank you to that last comment. That sums up the epic story of every generation of immigrants who struggle to achieve in the face of backbreaking labor and discrimination. It's a pity devolved WASPs like Nick Bravo can snipe at these people while he sits around doing NOTHING earning a government paycheck just for being deficient.
Nick you are so disgusting your momma used to slap you upside the head with a greasy spatula and call you ugly. Get off the HSU computers and go correct yourself!
legal VS illegal. The question of legality has nothing to do with race or nationality.
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Focus, people!

The key word here is not "Mexican" -- it is "cartels."

As far as I'm concerned, the problem has relatively little to do with the skin color, language, or cultural practices of the people involved here.

The biggest issues I see are scale of the grows (7K plant avg on the Mendo NF last year), intensity of impacts, and the apparent ubiquity of assault rifles etc around these grows in the fall.

Forest Service leaders and law enforcement officers I have spoken with (a half-dozen to date) are unanimous that (1) this is very different than the small guerilla grows they are used to (2) they are very concerned by the threat to agency staff and the public, including hikers and esp. hunters and (3) no, they don't have anything like the resources to deal with these outfits.
Thank you, Scott, for getting the discussion back where it NEEDS to be. This isn't about racism, illegal immigration, Medi-Cal, bilingual education, the Mexican-American War, or any of the REST of the issues surrounding Mexicans in the U.S.

This is about major illegal drug activity on our public lands that's endangering our environment and recreational users.

LEGALIZE IT. It's the only solution. In the meantime, until our government gets its head out of its ass, please keep the focus where it needs to be. Like I said on the thread about the 20,000-plant bust: the fact that they're brown doesn't make them any less bad.

And like I told Eric in an e-mail: I can't take my daughter hiking at the top of our road, which is all public land. I deeply resent that. It's a beautiful area that I've had the pleasure to explore once, but now I can't go back. Why? 8,000 plants taken out last summer, and the last three groups of hikers that I know of who went up there stumbled into big grow scenes. Do I want to my daughter threatened by someone with an AK-47 -- or worse?

"Evidence of Mexican cartel business" could be a million things. On the other thread, Eric posted a picture of an insecticide or (rodenticide?) that was clearly a Mexican product. There's major cartel business in Southern California, including (tragically) in Kings Canyon and Sequoia. They're just moving north.

I don't understand why, whenever discussion turns to anything having to do with a non-Anglo group of people, suddenly EVERY issue that surrounds that group comes into play. It's an oversimplification of the situation that drives me completely bananas.

OK, end of rant.
I wonder, have any plants been found in Redwood National Park?
Criminal cartels are just that, criminal, no matter what the race of the people involved. It's just too bad liberal fascists like Eric have to drag ethnicity into it.
Yeah, we liberal fascists derive great pleasure from that. We like tipping cows too.
The point that interests me is neither Mexican nor cartel, its propganda value of the claim. I see it as the idea that since foreign interests are growing marijuana locally, therefore its ok to whip up anti-marijiana feelings or to justify law enforcement excesses and or expenditures. Otherwise its just mom and pop or their entrprenureal children and attacks on locals by the cops are not popular. If the Mexican cartel claim had not been false so many times before, it would be easier to give some credibilitly to it now.
Wondering when you'd come back on-line, Ed. Yours seems a reasonable concern in the circumstances. And seems to me I've heard a story along those lines...something about a boy crying, and a wolf?

Methinks you'll be convinced, if at all, only by the overwhelming weight of the actual evidence. But I don't need to drag you into the woods to show you the numbers from the Mendo last year; again, see the links in my long comment on this post. Something different is happening here.

And maybe I'm too sanguine about the substantial changes already achieved in Californios' attitudes about MJ, but seems to me the single most salient thing about this new thing is the violence that Christina rightly underscores. To these organizations, the lives of human beings, including both the workers and potential interlopers, innocent or otherwise, just aren't all that big a deal. A liitle bloodshed, like inevitable arrests and a percentage of busts, is just a necessary, if occasionally regrettable adjunct of a lucrative line of business.

Honestly, they remind me more of Hurwitz than hippies.
Eric V. Kirk said...I wonder, have any plants been found in Redwood National Park?

It's alright Eric, they missed your grow.
Ed's in 'Freudian psychiatric denial'.
Typical for a liberal fascist like Eric to buy into the 'Mexican invasion' propaganda.

Nick Bravo is the only one who uses the oxymoron term "liberal fascist."

That's another of his many anonymous comments.
Well, Ed raises a good point. We know that Mexicans are hired. But does that necessarily mean a "Mexican Cartel" is involved? Why can't a WASP Cartel hire Mexicans?

I just assumed that the Sheriff's office is going off more information than the nationality of the people hired to tend and protect the grows. Cristina points out the presence of a Mexican labeled pesticide bottle photographed in my previous post, which suggests some level of organization in getting the materials from Mexico. But I hope the Sheriff's office has more than that if they're drawing these conclusions.
You are so right on Eric Kirk, those damn Mexicans are taking jobs that white criminals should hold.
Stop mixing your dualisms!!

You are so right on Eric Kirk, those damn Mexicans are taking jobs that white criminals should hold.

Are you saying that CAMP is an agent of protectionism?
CAMP is about price protection, without them weed would sell for $10 an ounce.
CAMP stands for Campaign Against Marijuana Prices
ok, heres the deal: the cartel boss sits down in mexico going over the maps, topography and sends a crew to scout...they find five or ten places for large grows and invest very little money, less than ten g (and they have lots from running colombian cocaine thru mexico) for each grow, plant massive grows, 5000 plant minimum, then if even ONE makes it through they have their extra million bux or so, IMHO...
It would seem that some of you folks don't get out or around much.

As for Nick Bravo? Maybe he was dropped on his head when he was an infant? Deprived of oxygen at childbirth? Ate some bad mushrooms?

If you regularly read the Sac BEE or pay attention to valey news you would have a better understanding of the marijuana cartels (organized groups) operated and run by Mexican nationals. Referring to them as Mexican Cartels has nothing to do with racism, it's just factual. It seems like some on the blogs seem to shy away from facts.

In the past 8-10 years there have been very large, 15 to 40 thousand plant seizures in Tehama, Glenn, Shasta, and Colusa Counties. Almost all of these seizures have been on public land (State Parks, BLM, USFS). Why? Well it's all because of money of course.

The marijuana "cartels" are basically the same group (at least the same leadership) as the Mexican Nationals that operated the "SUPERLABS" in the valley area of California. There is money in Marijuana, especially with all the hoopula about "medical marijana", the lack of prosecution, and the light sentences. These Mexican organizations are just exploiting an opportunity, you might even call them good businessmen. They have managers (bankrolled by the Mexican drug bosses that stay in Mexico)that set up grows using illegal aliens. It's prettty simple. They have access to Mexican illegal aliens wanting to make some money to enjoy the good life or just to send money home. They get promised $200 to $250 a day for the summer if they stay in these hugh gardens way out on public land. Somebody brings them food and supplies. They run the water lines, cut out holes in the manzinita, water the plants, shoot the deer to keep them out, and in the harvest months defend the gardens against rips. In the early 2000's there were at least least 3 instances of local cops shooting armed Mexican Nationals in BIG grows.

Look at it this way. If you hire 12-15 illegal aliens to clear, prep, plant, tend, and harvest 30,000 plants of Forest Service land promising (and really doing it if they complete the season) to pay them at least $200 per day, paying for all their expenses you have a motivated workforce. If they get raided my CAMP or the local Sheriff the money man (Drug Boss in Tijuana) is only out $20,000 to $40,000 (transportation of the workers, food, equipment, and so on). If they escape detection and each outdoor plant yields just one pound? And they sell the weed for just $2000 per pound, way under what you can get it for in Garberville, Whitethorn, Dutyville,Ettersburg, or Alderpoint. Even after added overhead for manicuring, packaging, and transportation that is a GIANT profit. How many Millions is that Ed? And those profits facilitate the same groups meth an heroin operations.

Ed Denson you might spend some of your time exploring the world outside the hills of Humboldt and Mendocino (and yes I know you took a tour to China) you might learn something! The internet can be a very informative educational tool.

It's coming again. Pay attention to the news in the valley.
Paying attention to the news (or to anything else) is damn near impossible if you smoked marijuana before being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Marijuana is hell on people with ADHD.
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