Saturday, May 26, 2007


Vegetarian dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden

Only in America.

I don't like to make fun of deeply-held beliefs, but this is really scary! Do they explain why no dinosaurs made it onto the Ark?

From the article:
An Australian who found "Young Earth" creationism while teaching science to school children in Brisbane, Ham, 55, came to the United States in 1987 to spread the word of Biblical truth.

His fundamentalist evangelical ministry -- Answers in Genesis -- publishes dozens of books, DVDs and curriculums every year teaching Christians how to defend their faith by refuting evolution.

These glossy publications offer what they call scientific proof that the Earth is just 6,000 years old; the Grand Canyon was formed when a natural dam burst under the weight of Noah's floodwaters 4,300 years ago; and that all animals -- including the Tyrannosaurus rex -- were vegetarian before the fall of Adam and Eve brought sin into the world.

Dinosaur bones were fossilized very quickly you see, because the flood waters were so strong and all. You know how Superman crushes coal in his fist and turns it into diamonds? Yeah, it's kind of like that.


The photo is from the Yahoo article linked above. Thanks to Cristina Bauss for the link to the article.

"An Australian...Ham...came to the United spread the word of Biblical truth."

Just what this country needed.
Thanks for posting this. It sounds amazing. I plan to visit when I pass through the area in late August. I'll blog back then to give you a first hand impression.
I have to admit that I'm fascinated as well.
CPR - the irony is that Australia is just about the most atheist leaning country on the planet. Sounds like he gave up on them.
Don't be stupid. They would not fit. Duh.
They're not all big. Elephants are bigger than most dinosaurs. Besides, it was magic that allowed all the other animals to fit in, elephants and hippos included. Why not magic for the dinosaurs?
He's as crazy as the 9/11 conspirators.
True. And crazy as the 30 percent who continue to believe that Iraq was responsible for 911.
How about stepping out of your comfort zone counselor and mocking the beliefs of Muslims, Hindus, Budhists or Jews? You know, just to keep it interesting and maybe squelch the gossip that you're anti-Christian.
The "Don't be stupid. They would not fit. Duh" comment was meant to be funny not a serious comment Eric. I wa snot around then and am smart enough to know that those who purport to known with certainty that we "evolved" are just as religious as the creationist crowd.
What's really crazy is that a majority of Americans still believe that racist B.S. (even more silly than the "magic bullet theory") about 19 Arab hijackers with boxcutters. If that ridiculous story (for which there is absolutely no evidence, other than the goverment's worthless claims) is true, than why did 9 of those 19 so-called hijackers turn up alive after 9/11? (Sources: BBC, The Guardian, etc)
Dear smart enough,

Re-read your post, then consider a name change.

How about stepping out of your comfort zone counselor and mocking the beliefs of Muslims, Hindus, Budhists or Jews? You know, just to keep it interesting and maybe squelch the gossip that you're anti-Christian.

Well, I believe Muslims share the fundy creationist belief, so I've done that with this thread. I'm not sure how many Jews are creationists, but their approach to the Bible is dramatically different from Christianity's.

In any case, most self-identified Christians in this country don't believe that the universe is less than 10 thousand years old. Otherwise, we could only see two or three stars in our sky. It's not the Christian belief we're talking about, but a minority Christian belief.

I don't know much about Hindi or Budhist belief systems, but I will note that while in college I encountere a rather annoying Budhist sect which passes out cards that say "nameyohorengikyo" (phonetic from memory) and teach you that you can have money, girls, and power through the power of chanting. I believe that Tina Turner is a member of that sect.
"How about...mocking the beliefs of Muslims, Hindus, Budhists or Jews?"

As soon as they take over the Federal Government and try to get their nutty religious beliefs taught as science in our public schools, I'll be happy to mock them as well.
Eric wrote, "a rather annoying Budhist sect which passes out cards that say "nameyohorengikyo".

I don't know if it's their official name, but everyone called them Hare Krishnas when I lived in Orange County back in the 60s and 70s. That was when seemed to just show up out of nowhere but would be seen all over in their white robes.
No, Hari Krishna's were different. These Budhists were an organization with the initials "NSA" and they didn't shave their heads or wear robes. All that was for a past age they said.

In fact, I think the H.K.s were an offshoot of Hinduism rather than Budhism.
Out of nowhere.
I watched another movie produced by Jews mainly in which Christianity is once again bashed, very weirdly done this time. The movie, Sorry, Haters with Robin Penn Wright as a nutcase with "Calvinist" family history who ends up blowing up a Muslim cabdriver and blaming Muslims for the bomb. Jewish producers..

The attacks on Christianity are justified but so are the attacks on Judaism and Islam and one rarely sees any movies criticizing Judaism let alone Israel in this country.

This is Pentecost so appropriately enough I am predicting here the inevitable demise of all traditional Abrahamic religions as all three are based on religious myths of origin taken as real history. Coming soon will be historical discovery making any criticism by Jews or Muslims or Christians of any other Abrahamic religion a laughable miscarriage of foundational knowledge with Abrahamics claiming monotheism yet incorporating pagan gods and goddesses right and left into their foundational stories.

All will be revealed..
Oy vay!
And the lamest reply award goes once again to Joel Mielke/Carson Park Ranger.
The attacks on Christianity are justified but so are the attacks on Judaism and Islam and one rarely sees any movies criticizing Judaism let alone Israel in this country.

The Quarrel, The Chosen, Hanna K., Syriana, and about half a dozen films I've seen at the Jewish Film Festival which plays at the Castro annually in SF. That's off the top of my head.
What about movies that attack the latest religion du jour, climate change?
Eric, no one here is in doubt of there being anti-Zionist Jews who aren't hawking the Israeli line, but those movies you list, their never going to be promoted on the Hollywood movie circuits. The Hollywood movies still carry the anti-Christian prejudices, and if you want me too, I can list way more films than you ever could showing how much Jewish producers culturally influence America with Zionist anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, and Jewish anti-Christian sub-text in popular movies like Dogma and the Da Vinci Code.
The Quarrel and The Chosen are both Hollywood movies by any definition. Hanna K. was done by Costa Gavras, who also did Missing and Betrayed, both very much Hollywood movies. Syriana is about as Hollywood as you can get.
The -nom yo ho renge quo - chanters didn't really have a name. I went to a couple of informal meetings at a chick's house who I met in SF back in the 70's. They just sat around and told their "true" stories of money sent, found, or dropped on them and other good fortune, -just by repeating the chant over and over and over again. I think the burning of incense was involved but I believe that was optional. It was almost like a rosary recital - minus the rosaries.
They were nice people who seemed to be flat out broke all the time - hence the appeal for that "religion", but they never hit me up for anything either. Definately not Krishna's
Eric, I saw some of those movies and I don't remember any of them criticizing the religion of Judaism.

It's difficult to have any meaningful dialog with people who have to have the last say or "win" the argument no matter what. They aren't paying any attention to the information you state that backs up you opinion except as targets for them to rebut and counter. In other words, there's no real communication going on--just another arena battle bringing out animal instincts to compete and win without reaching any higher intellectual level.

So, eric, have your last say, win your day in court, but know that this person is not fond of operating at the butt heads level. Need more intellectual satisfaction in the quest for truth than you can give me, i.e., talking realistically about common criticism of anti-Christian bias in Hollywood that can be backed up by listing the number of anti-Christian Hollywood films put out by Jewish producers vs. the number of anti-Judaism Hollywood films put out by anybody,
Now the boys and girls will be able to see the animatronic Jesus talking to the dinosaurs (they did co-exist).
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