Wednesday, June 20, 2007


New local blogs

The title is "Reggae and Stuff." The text of the first post:
I finally took the plunge and started a blog. The festival season is here, with Harmony and Sierra Nevada coming up, Oregon Country Fair, Reggae, Burning Man, and Earthdance to name a few. Reggae is my favorite. To say it's a big deal for folks around here might be a bit of an understatement. That's why I wanted to share some thoughts, create a forum for comments, and hopefully provide some helpful information so we can all have a great time.
So now I'll have a basis for comparison as to the level of discourse. I don't know what "Mendoville's" moderating policies are, if any.

Addendum: Sally Then has also started a blog entitled Reggae Rising.

Second addendum: Bob has posted an interview with Warren Smith.

Third addendum: Humboldt DJ has yet another local Reggae themed blog called Massive Respect. This one's about the music.

Fourth addendum: Reggae and Stuff appears to have disappeared. I don't know why. I'm sure we'll hear some theories.

Fifth addendum: Mendoville has changed the name and address of his/her blog. It is now Mendoville.

Atom is the feed so people can subscribe to the blog. The blogger is Mendoville.
Oops and thanx.
Sally Then also created a new blog. She had the audacity to post its link on the ROTR website:

Hi peeps,

I've missed you too.

I've created a new blog where we can all chat.

I should have called it reggaerefugees... but I didn't think of that in time.

I'm too tired to change it now; it's late, need to sleep. It's a school night!

Thanx, I'll make note of it as well. Since Sally is a coordinator, I'm assuming that her blog title is okay with RR itself.
Okay, I have now rejected my first Reggae related post. It was an unnecessary personal attack without redeeming substance.

Insert comments about Eric Kirk becoming a free-speech hating fascist jerk here. I'll post those.
Eric is taking a page from Mein Kampf. Mumia would be proud.
that is until carol decides to sure her......
The lawsuit is in the mail.
Gee, Eric.

Do you think it was divine providence that someone want's to take over the Reggae threads? Ya’ gotta” believe!!!

Who is the God of Secular Humanists?

Nothing personal, just a poor attempt at humor.

Fellow Agnostic.
I'm going to have more Reggae threads as topics come up. But the free-for-alls are going to have to take place elsewhere. It's been argued that there is value to allowing people to vent anonymously. Well, if there's any value to it, it's long been exhausted.

What I will be promoting is intelligent discussions of the issues as they arise. And as I said we can compare and contrast the discussions. We now have 4 blogs which are taking comments on Reggae, with 4 different approaches to moderation. Let's see how this affects the discussion.
and yet another Humboldt based Reggae blog...

please post the link.
So, I assume the Reggae stuff isn't going to die here, regardless of the new blob?
Eric, Lets face it you ARE the Reggae thread. Quit being coy and accept the reality of the situation. By the way, do the lawyers you go up against in court realize that all they have to do is glare at you in a restaurant and you'll fold up your tent and go away?

You have provided a great public service. Sorry to see you intimidated into dumbing it down.
Dumbing it down? How so?

The restaurant glares are minimal, and they aren't all about Reggae. And I'm still going to get them, but at least I'll have earned them.

The moderation is intended to reduce the nastiness. Again, it's a temporary measure. I'll go back to the open format when I feel that cooler heads are participating. In the meantime, we had driven off a number of reasonable voices with differing views.

But again, the last straw was the suit against KMUD rumor. Something like that gets posted, and it becomes gospel for days. Or longer. That's not about glares in restaurants. It's about containing a wildfire.
massive respect to the OG So Hum Parlance Blog
It is a sad day when someone can be pressured like this Eric. I can only hope it was simply that thread that pushed you over the top. Although the removal of the legal analysis from the front page is odd. IMHO, could it be that it isn't timing that produced a couple of those new blogs by employees of People Productions; it is planning.
hmm...why has reggae and stuff disappeared?...
Anon 7:07 - I really wish some of you would chill out. It hasn't "disappeared." It's an old post. It slipped off the page because the new posts displaced it.

Meanwhile, there are now three threads with Reggae discusssions, and ALP has posted in all of them. There's nothing in the way of the discussion.

Anon 8:43 - I hadn't noticed. Maybe something went wrong with my link. Let me check.
dude! i'm CHILL!...sorry E, i meant "Reggae and Stuff" the BLOB- i went there and nothing there anymore...
I know you're chill 10:24. I was talking to anon 7:07. But sometimes you all look the same to me.
10:27 That was racist.
Ah. The anonymous poster race. Definitely discriminated against since they aren't even included on the census forms.
Anons are not a race, they are a fanatical religion, much like global warming adherents.
ALP is still here. I am just busy. I assure you there will be more to come. I am just busy right now. If you have any hot tips or useful information and want to help me keep privateers from permanently taking ROR away from its rightful owner, but wish to remain anonymous, you can contact me at

I sense the beginning of a community revolution against the wrong that has been perpetrated. Keep it alive and keep the faith. ROR will return better than ever next Summer, but we must fight for it.

Words we should all try to live by: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing." Edmund Burke
I can't find "reggae and stuff" from the link, or even when I google's gone, whoops.
Maybe you need to teach the new blogger how it's done, Eric.
You have been the master, and very patient with some of the most disrespectful commenters......thanks Eric
The most likely scenario is that the blogger got cold feet and deep sixed the blog.

Eric said,
"Could you please e-mail me? I'm willing to link to your blog but I need to discuss something first."

I made some changes...

Eric then said, "Thank you for figuring it out. I'm sending your posts through now."

Thank you Eric
Okay, I'll fix the link. Thanx Mendoville!
i see mendoville's blog is back but without the big post ALP had put there...

alp should have his own blog,
then maybe we can see the comments that get deleted here
I deleted a comment upon request which named an individual who has taken no active part in the controversy. I believe ALP or most any blogger would have done the same.
Can't have my own blog. I signed a five year non compete agreement with Eric. Just kidding. Eric does too good of a job for me to compete so I am not going to try.
" Anonymous said...

Sally Then also created a new blog. She had the audacity to post its link on the ROTR website:

Well, sorry about that. My aim was true, but I went about it the wrong way, I guess. update:
Tacky? yes probably.

Cruel? No way!

Cruel is 25 minutes to log in and post.

I only wanted to set up a new forum for quick and robust exchanges of thoughts and information.

It's not a "blog" in the normal definition.... more just a spot for other people to communicate, if they wish to.

Over the years, I have enjoyed posts from HiGrade, 17-year vet, adamcote, TahoeArmada, RobbinJaye, PurplePepperLady, etc...

I don't wish to lead the discussion... I only wanted to create an area where people could talk to each other, without waiting forever for the page to load.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, I suppose.

A contraction in the American audience?It's been getting much smaller for the last four years, but particularly over the last year. This turmoil up in your area has only fed the fire....I really think the Rasta thing has run its course....The name is the brand, which I bring up because the battle over Reggae ended up being a battle over the use of the trademark.... Obviously this was parallel to the blossoming of Reggae on the River. Would acts come here specifically because they had landed a gig at Reggae on the River? Well, maybe. The fact is, she was in the position to pay a handsome fee for bands. Reggae on the River was sacrosanct. It was a community event, something we couldn't reproduce. There was magic there. You had the redwoods, you had the Eel River, you had the ganja. And you had the community. Because it was run by a nonprofit for a specific cause with a massive volunteer army... I used to go all the time. I was just astounded by it. I'm a leftist and I really appreciated the levels of organization and all that kind of stuff -- the fact that the community was running this thing. We were just another show in the face of all that. Although all that's changed. I've got a sad feeling a lot of the magic has left.Another issue on that is, as I understand it, she pays her staff really well, I'd say 10, maybe 15 times what we pay. (!!!!!) But yes, she had the organization, and she's been doing this for a long time. But you know, I don't want to say a lot more....

interesting quotes from an interview w/SNWMF producer, Warren Smith.
"a lot of the magic has left.Another issue on that is, as I understand it, she pays her staff really well, I'd say 10, maybe 15 times what we pay. (!!!!!) But yes, she had the organization, and she's been doing this for a long time. But you know, I don't want to say a lot more...."

Warren started SNWMF as a reggae copycat. He has no idea what Carol's payroll is. He is full of himself. He would not recognize "magic" if it bumped straight into him. There is nothing interesting about his quotes. They are self-serving, trying to make his own show look groovy.... by casting a negative light on our community. Nice try.
Carol's payroll for performers and staff has been generous enough to insure ZIP/ZILCH/NADA for the MCC> Your venom is showing...

If you believe the magic ie: the love, respect, and mutuality that were hallmarks of this community entity, have been preserved, YOU know little of magic yourself. What we have now is plenty of allowances for crummy behavior, and a whole lot of lies, excuses and cover up. It is ugly. (or has that been said already?)

Even if you succeed in wrestling control of 'the event' it will never be the same. You will have only yourself to blame. Watch out, karma has a way of coming back and gettin' you...
updated. better late than never.

I learned a good lesson in my waitressing days: even if the cook and the dishwasher are having a major fight in the kitchen, the waitress must ignore it, and just concentrate on serving the guests. As the person who secured the domain names and back in the 90's, before either organization was plugged into the internet... and also created the first ROTR message board (all on my dime, by the way) I still feel an obligation to keep things flowing.

The original ROTR message board was retired when I no longer had time to admin it, and no one else volunteered to do so. A few years later, Primo stepped up to the plate, and he did a great job!

I have no idea why the message board is so slow these days. With "the other lounge" blogspot, I hope to offer a more robust forum for the long-time guests of our community.

The cook and the dishwasher can keep on fighting. Forgive me if I'd rather continue to do my best to serve our guests. Once a waitress, always a waitress.
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