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Stephen's post about Zionism, Abraham, Hinduism, imperialism, Jewish secret societies, peace swords, and precious bodily fluids

I'm posting all his comments which I rejected in complete form. For those of you offended by anti-Semitism, I suggest that you steer clear of this thread. Anybody who wants to trot out the Chomsky-clone party line about Israel as "imperialist" and link it to theories about how the CIA blew up the World Trade Center, please feel free to put it into this thread.

Unfortunately, the edit function doesn't tell me which thread a comment is in. But if I find these posts in the wrong threads I'll transfer them as soon as I notice.

Nice slanted intro, Eric. But in keeping with your job as Zionist monitor making sure Progs don't think seriously about the causes of the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict or why we're in Iraq or why most of the world, except Albania!, hates us.
I'm posting all his comments which I rejected in complete form.

Why bother? Why waste your time to cut, paste and move all these comments?
Every chatroom, bulletin board or blog I've been fortunate to be a member of has had a Stephen. Unhappy, angry, rude, insulting and ultimately clueless as to why he can't relate. Stephen I think you ought to be glad Eric has enough free floating guilt to keep posting your rants. If I were the moderator your I.P. would have been blocked a long time ago.
Okay, here they are.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Stephen says:

A religion based on spiritual lies can only foster mental illness in its believers.

But we are not allowed by the Zionist censor here to talk honestly about how Zionism got its inherent insanity.

This topic and the way Eric is handling it really sucks.

Eric, by posting this topic and then censoring me or one must assume any anti-Zionist commenters, you become a local poster boy for Zionist control of popular media which now include blogs.

And you the professional arguer, why don't you have the balls to debate me? Huh? Why are you afraid to debate Steve Lewis?

Sat Jun 23, 05:40:00 PM
Eric V. Kirk said...

Stephen says:

Eric's "discussion" of Zionism is a complete fraud. It's just like the Warren Commission or 9-11 "Official" investigation, i.e., it's staged propaganda and a cover-up.

I challenged Eric to debate me without rigging the game in advance and this is how he responds. Eric, the professional arguer, is afraid to debate Steve Lewis.

For those wishing to see how I respond to this rigged discussion of Eric's, please go to my blog site at

Anti-Zionists cannot post here on Eric's Zionism topic but Zionists and their publicists like Andy Stunich can continue to bash Islam and Palestinians without giving any indication of awareness of the problems of Zionist Israel.

I found it amusing to see Andy's column in the E.R. complaining about people mistaking his attacks on Muslims for hatred of all Muslims. Wake up and smell the "anti-semitic" roses, Andy! What goes around, comes around.

Sat Jun 23, 05:41:00 PM
Eric V. Kirk said...

Stephen says:

Zionism is morally indefensible and that is why Zionists have to resort to dirty tricks to sell this Jewish dream that kills Gentiles in the way and attempts to destroy the names and reputations of any anti-Zionist critics.

Sat Jun 23, 05:42:00 PM
Eric V. Kirk said...

Stephen says:

Zionist ethics in action:

"Let them tremble, let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy if one of our children is murdered, just one! If anyone even raises his hand against us we'll take away half his land and burn the other half, including the oil. We might use nuclear arms.....
Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us.... And I don't mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal.
What you don't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it."
- Ariel Sharon, interview with Amos Oz, Davar 17 December 1982.

"When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle." -Raphael Eitan (Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, quoted in the New York Times, 14 April 1983)

Sat Jun 23, 05:43:00 PM
Eric V. Kirk said...

Stephen says:

Eric, I did read your links and like I thought, the subject and authors are completely irrevelant.

“If a state is Jewish,” Burg said, “it is founded on a certain measure of holiness. Moses himself defined holiness as an ongoing process of actions, of behavior toward others and toward God. I am very afraid of automatic holiness. It can lead to chauvinism, to exclusivism, to all kinds of negative ramifications in relations between individuals and between nations. The Jewish people after 60 years of statehood cannot allow itself to take its holiness for granted. It has to question itself every day.”

The reason it's irrevelant is because there is no future for Israel, Zionist or otherwise. Until Israeli Jews wake up to that fact of life for them they just lead useless lives wrecking the potential Palestinian Arab majority nation to come.

It's like you want to talk about Nazism in 1943 and how German Nazis are to deal with their occupied territories. Or like Afrikaaners in South Africa discussing how to deal with the rising tide of worldwide opposition to them a few years before the end came to their self-selected master race dreams..

Sat Jun 23, 03:18:00 PM

Sat Jun 23, 05:44:00 PM
Eric V. Kirk said...

Anonymous says:

Jews calim (simultaneously) that they are the "chosen" of god and yet claim they are forever persecuted. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways.

And incidentally, their theological belief is that they are persecuted by humanity precisely because they are chosen by God to manifest his presence on Earth. It would help if you actually educated yourself as to the meaning of being "chosen."

For now, bon appetite.

Sat Jun 23, 05:47:00 PM
Heraldo Riviera said...

Unfortunately you spent your time moving Stephen's blather into the wrong thread.

For the sake of Berk's family and friends, please remove this comment once you've deleted the above.

Sat Jun 23, 06:16:00 PM
Heraldo - to answer your question, I was getting some off-blog inquiries. "How bad can his posts be?" Now they know.
If I were the moderator your I.P. would have been blocked a long time ago.

Blogspot doesn't offer that capability. And even if it did, you can't prevent an individual from accessing through another computer.
Mark, if you and my critics would notice, while Eric deleted my posts criticizing Zionism, Israel and the the religion that spawned them, Eric let's through the most god-awful slanderous hate comments to be found on any local blog--and people like you are pointing fingers at me.

Well, hypocrisy abounds in your HWC org and Heraldo front blog as we know.

Heraldo, Mark, you once posted on my blog that you supported my anti-Zionist stance, you remember that?

I don't know if it's worth anyone's time to deal with this blog and Eric's way of trying to block me from posting comments.

Go to my blog for my views--I don't censor any comments but those containing libel or hate directed at me personally. Comments about the topic of discussion are welcome.
Learn the truth about how your tax dollars are going to help Zionist Jews force the Torah's promise of the land of Canaan given by the Jewish god to the Hindu god posing as the first Hebrew patriarch.
Imagine killing people for religious lies. Yet that's exactly what is happening in Israel. Zionist Jews are stealing Palestine and killing Palestinians for their insane god of Israel who cannot even distinquish between Hindu gods and human beings.

This is what all of us who are working for peace must address a.s.a.p. because the new historical information puts the whole Zionist enterprise into glaring relief as a travesty of spirituality and humanity.

Zionism is the same thing as if Europeans Christians got the U.N. to establish a "homeland" for Europeans Christians in the Holy Land because the god Odin promised that land to their forefathers. It's just too sick and silly to continue this religious idiocy that kills people.
I am not Mark and my blog is not a front for the Watershed Council.

When I posted on your blog, Stephen, I said I agreed with some of your views and that I support your right to delete comments from your blog. Obviously, I support Eric's right to do that also.
Upon reading those quotes from
Sharon and Eitan, it seems that
the Israelis(Zionists?) are just
as violent as Hamas.
I don't understand what is so
clueless about Mr. Lewis. He
seems to have good opinions and
can back them up with credible
It isn't just Zionist Jews who are in for a big surprise when they find out who Abraham and Sarah really were. Muhammad's Islam won't fair any better when Muslims get their prayer rugs pulled out from under them.

But it's going to take a united effort of Abrahamic religionists with conscience, non-Abrahamic religionists, atheists and secular humanists, all working towards the common goal of toppling any religious or temporal authority of any Abrahamic leader who is using one of the Abrahamic Words of God to kill people and/or take what isn't theirs.

When asked what will all these billions of Abrahamic believers do when they find out their religious teachings were bogus from the beginning?

Look to the Spirit of Christ. Only two prophets of all the Abrahamic prophesy bearers spotted something wrong with reliance on Abraham-- Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.

Even though the Abrahamic packhorse is found to have broken Hindu legs and must be put down, the Spirit of Christ is alive and well manifesting in two new spiritual visions and a whole new religion, two in fact, showing us the spiritual truth that God is God of the living, not the dead.

"Your father Abraham"Most assuredly I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM."
-John 8:58
I read this thread without any ill effect. Stephen's views are unorthodox but hardly too upsetting for a well-educated adult to handle.
Religion has brought your blog to a whole new low Eric. Get some balls and get some brains. If you're an agnostic, stick up for it. Why no posts on agnosticism or atheism? Why this constant obsessing about belief with no evidence?
I don't need to stand up for agnosticism. It speaks for itself.
I read this thread without any ill effect. Stephen's views are unorthodox but hardly too upsetting for a well-educated adult to handle.

Sure thing. I mean, no well-educated adult should be too upset by Mein Kampf nor The Turner Diaries either. But not everybody wants to be subjected to it, day in and day out.
Eric, you are a piece of work. This is a new low for you.

"I read this thread without any ill effect. Stephen's views are unorthodox but hardly too upsetting for a well-educated adult to handle.

Sure thing. I mean, no well-educated adult should be too upset by Mein Kampf nor The Turner Diaries either. But not everybody wants to be subjected to it, day in and day out."

Why don't you just say I'm the reincarnation of Hitler out to personally genocide every Jew in the world and be done with it?
So now Steve's posts are being compared to Mein Kampf and The Turner Diaries? Must be past your bedtime Eric. Careful, you may be creating a sympathetic martyr out of Steve with your constant kvetching about his "anti-semetic rants".
What I fail to understand is why you keep posting threads on Zionism in all it's many splendid shapes and sizes in the first place? Is there some point to it,(them), besides deliberating luring Steve to respond?
If there is some other relevant reason for them let's have it plain and simple, Eric, because for the life of me I can't figure out what Zionism has to do with things Southern Humboldt - other than to you, Stunich and, occasionally, jewishperson, I guess.
Back up and give us you best, - and hopefully,- briefest, explaination.
Maybe you could just dedicate this blog to Crazy Steve and start another one for the rest of us.
Nor should they be subjected to Rush "Oxycontin" Limbaugh or Sean Insanity day in and day out. Of course, there aren't too many "well-educated adults" listening to those idiots in the first place.
You're not Hitler Stephen. Just a misguided anti-semite. Sorry.
Response to 8:15 : Yes, yes, yes!! Exactly what I was wondering.
This is reposted from the Burg thread:

12:17AM above is clearly a racist. Just read between the lines. It is quite clear that you hate Arabs. Good for you! Your words could have been lifted straight from propaganda one would have read in Germany in the Nazi era. You are civilized, and the people you support imprisoning and murdering in the "Occupied Territories" deserve it.

Are you related to Hitler? You do of course know that Adolf's original last name was Shickelgruber [sic?], as one of his grandparents was Jewish. Ever read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?" Maybe you should. You might recognize yourself and your glorious imperialist Israeli regime in those pages. "A smashing success", as you might call it.

And a big part of the reason why "the Arab world is 500 years behind" is because the West has quite deliberately attempted to keep the peoples of the Middle East, etc. underdeveloped in order to exploit their populations and natural resources.

Anytime a modernizing secular nationalist figure comes along in the Middle East (Nasser, Qadafi, Hussein, etc.) the West does everything possible to destroy that regime. Whereas, the West continually supports barbaric and backwards regimes like the Saudis and the princes in Kuwait with their solid gold bathroom fixtures, etc. because the West uses these stooges for purposes of empire and colonial exploitation.

The Jews were indeed victims in Europe. You are victims no longer. Open your eyes. You may be emotionally attached to your victimhood status, but it's getting tiresome. Especially when you self-righteously support murdering innocent women and children in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq by the hundreds-of-thousands and then have the temerity to blame the real victims in 2007 for their own plight.

World War II ended in 1945. Get over it. And please don't use the Holocaust as an excuse to commit similar atrocities against the people whose land you stole. As Israeli leaders often like to use the justification of "facts on the ground", here's the facts of the occupation.

The "Occupied Territories" is a status for the Palestinian people promoted by Israeli propagandists to deny them their rights under Israeli law. The human beings living under Israeli control for the past 40 years are illegally being denied their right to vote in Israeli elections based on this fraudulent "Occupied Territories" nonsense which has no standing at all in international law.

The bottom line as far as the world is concerned is this = either annex the remainder of historical Palestine and grant the Palestinians their political and civil rights as equals in Israeli society, or get the hell out and give those people their land back! The moral issue at play here is clear as day, unless your vision is clouded by past injustices and theological fantasies of the coming Messiah.

But the Israeli government, in conjuction with their sponsors in the American government, deliberately and systematically continue to deny the victimized Palestinian people either their independence or their human rights, all so the "Jewish State" can be saved from demographic realities and the future possiblity of a voting Arab majority in the lands controlled by the Israeli military.

Now please respond to my argument, instead of spouting your hatred of Arabs again. It is not only of no help in this discussion, it is getting very very old.

Sun Jun 24, 10:56:00 AM

The Jews were indeed victims in Europe. You are victims no longer. Open your eyes. You may be emotionally attached to your victimhood status, but it's getting tiresome.

Wow. I always find it fascinating when somebody tells a member of a particularly oppressed group how they should feel about the impression. Should African Americans also "get over it?"

And if you truly believe that anti-Semitism is dead well then you're either in denial or blind as a bat.
If there is some other relevant reason for them let's have it plain and simple, Eric, because for the life of me I can't figure out what Zionism has to do with things Southern Humboldt

Well, first of all I'm fascinated by the topic. My grandmother was a member of the Jewish socialist left of NYC, and the in-laws likewise (my wife's grandfather ran for mayor of NY on the SP ticket). There was considerable overlap between the Jewish left and Zionism early on. The ideas are often very integrated, and these debates have shaped what is the foundation of socialist thought in this country. There's so much more to say about this.

Not everything on the blog is about Southern Humboldt, however, a large segment of the back-to-the-land movement is Jewish. We're one of the few rural counties in the country with two synogogues. My wife was born in Doctors Hospital which used to be in Brooklyn. She was raised in Connecticut and had never met anybody there who was born at that hospital. She became aware of three others who were born there in Southern Humboldt (PB was one, and Darryl Cherney was another). The debate is of great significance to many Sohum residents. I only wish it wasn't dominated by the rote-left Chomsky view of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Eric V. Kirk said...
I read this thread without any ill effect. Stephen's views are unorthodox but hardly too upsetting for a well-educated adult to handle.

Sure thing. I mean, no well-educated adult should be too upset by Mein Kampf nor The Turner Diaries either. But not everybody wants to be subjected to it, day in and day out.
Sun Jun 24, 01:20:00 AM

OK, then. Why not forbid Stephen any access to your blog? Then you could put a slogan across your mast-head: "Our News and Views haved been filtered to enhance your comfort."
Re: Eric's 11:27AM comment above in response to the 11:24AM post taken out of context from the Burg thread --------------------------------------------------------

Eric, why are you unable to respond to the points made about Israel and their war crimes against their neighbors?

Furthermore, why are you taking a response to an Arab-hater's post on another thread, and deleting the response from that thread and moving it to this thread without providing the proper context. The least you could have done is relocate the Arab-hater's comment as well, so that at least this thread would be coherent.

Stephen is right about one thing. You are afraid of this discussion, because you know you have no facts or evidence to back up your misguided beliefs.
You simply resort to screaming "anti-Semitism" at anyone who disagrees with Likud propaganda.

By the way, Eric, Palestinians are Semites too. Too bad you don't recognize the fact that Palestinians are human beings as well.

Conclusion: Eric Kirk is censoring ideas he disagrees with on this blog concerning Palestine. So much for the First Amendment.
Eric,our local Native tribes are constantly being told to get over it.Today.Not 100 years ago.It ran rampant during the last election.But hey,we're nice European descendants aren't we,we did give them sovereignty after we massacred their foundation.
The difference between Native Americans, African Americans and Jewish Americans is that Jewish Americans are a privileged minority. Native Americans and African Americans are still subjected to institutional racism, police brutality, a racist justice system, vote caging, etc., etc.

Whereas Jewish Americans are overrepresented in a variety of well-paid fields: the law, politics, the corporate boardroom, medicine, the arts, the media, financial services, etc., etc. In addition, the average Jewish family in the United States has a substantially higher income than other groups, including the WASPs.

For a Jewish American to comare their plight in 2007 to those who are actually victimized by institutional racism in America is futher proof that you are emotionally attached to your victimhood status. Try telling an African American how bad you have it and see how long it takes for them to stop laughing at you!

By the way, most American Jews are WHITE. Just because you still can't make it into a few restricted country clubs doesn't mean you are an oppressed group in America.

Yes, please GET OVER IT. The Palestinians didn't carry out the Holocaust. Muslims didn't do it. Christians did. Get your historical facts straight. Blame the Germans, Poles, Ukranians, etc. Quit taking out your anger on innocent Palestinians.

And, if you want people to take your claims seriously in the future, quit trying to play the role of "victim" when you are in fact the VICTIMIZER.

It is the Israeli military that launched the 1967 war against its Arab neighbors, not the other way around. That pre-emptive strike bullshit story still told by the Israeli government is as credible as Bush's claims of pre-emptively bombing Iraq back into the Stone Age to save the West from "weapons of mass destruction."

Israel is still occupying its neighbors' land 40 years later. What is it you don't understand about this situation? And why won't you wake up?
When were Jews ever massacred in America? Please provide dates and places of such incidents.
Oh, you can't? Then I guess comaring Native Americans to Jewish Americans is pretty gosh darned silly, isn't it?
Eric, why are you unable to respond to the points made about Israel and their war crimes against their neighbors?

I don't know about "war crimes," however, I strongly oppose much of what Israel does in the occupied territories, and I think they should pull out of all of them except perhaps the Golan Heights (which the Syrians used to use to target practice with Israeli towns). Israel has created many of its own problems by acting disproportionately and whenever it suits them.

On the other hand, they're up against a sub-culture within Islam which hates them more than it loves it's children. And they're up against 22 countries each of which at some point in time has pledged the destruction of Israel, most of which have not abandoned that pledge.

I don't know what the solution is, but it will have to involve two distinct states at this point in time. Maybe even three. I would propose that Jerusalem be designated an international city, and that water rights be afforded each country proportionately.

The invasion of Lebanon last summer which was completely disproportionate to the threat was wrong and ill-advised. It undid 20 years of progress in Lebanon and destabilized the country, which is not only bad for Lebanon but actually increases the danger to Israel. The bombings of Gaza and the West Bank are more often than not far out of proportion to the crimes from which they are retaliating, and each attack creates more enemies with nothing to lose. The policy of razing homes of families of suicide bombers is insane in my view. And no civilian settlements should have ever been allowed beyond the green lines.

What Stephen doesn't want to acknowledge is that I've never censored any post of his which was solely critical of Zionism. It's when he attempts to blame the middles east situation on the entire Jewish faith, and talk about Jewish control of media and banks as if there was some sort of monolythic conspiracy out there that I am hesitant to allow it. It is not just part of the Nazi agenda to promote such theories. It is the core of Nazism's anti-semitic agenda. It is what fueled the holocaust and much additional harm to Jewish communities in Europe and here during the 1930s. It probably won't have the same results here, but it does evoke fear in many Jews particularly of the older generation - those who know how quickly tides can turn.

What many young activists don't realize is that Judaism is in many ways the backbone of the progressive movements. Most of the left's most profound thinkers have been Jewish, from socialist theory to liberal democratic theory. Every movement from the labor movements, to the civil rights movements, to environmental movements, are heavily laced with Jewish activists because what we know today as "socialism," "liberalism," etc. are integral to 5000 years of a tradition of justice and social consciousness. Even the Jewish conservatives are progressive by nature - relatively speaking and in terms of a positive view of human nature, the extremity of negative human experiences notwithstanding.

Unfortunately, anti-semitism has taken root among younger activists, and it threatens to not only destroy the movements by pitting them against each other, but also the community at large.

I will allow Stephen's posts in designated threads so that sane conversations about what Stephen has declared "irrelevant" can flourish without his incessant domination with his own narrow agenda.
God, at last! Some real honest debate going on Eric's blog about Zionism.

I want to thank those of you posting support for the truth about Israel and it's treatment of Palestinians and the truth about Zionists using "anti-semitism" as a weapon of intimidation to keep people from asking questions about the ideology that has managed to circumvent our Constitution's guarantee of Separation of Church and State as we finance to the tune of trillions of dollars the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel with its co-commitment to the genocide of Palestinian society.
Way to let these religious nutjobs take over your blog. This will be the end of humanity here. These people will destroy humanity, they're already getting pretty close. Reason appears to be elusive to people of faith.
There's nothing wrong with honest intense intellectual debate of these issues, including religion. We're all adults. We can handle it. When did it become mandatory to respect the Jewish religion? Eric, it doesn't appear that you are removing posts from commenters who are disrespectful towards Islam and Arabs in general. Why the double standard? Are Jews or the state of Israel somehow above criticism? And when did that law get passed? I must have been out of the country on vacation at that time. Freedom of speech means FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Get used to it.
Oh, and by the way Stephen, if you're going to make anonymous posts and you don't want me or others to figure you out, really you should keep them short. There's nobody else on the planet that thinks that the lack of pogroms in the United States in any way mitigates anti-semitism.

Meanwhile, here's some poll results from a recent 5 country study in Europe. Yes, the study was commissioned by the ADL. The complete article is here.

"Millions of Europeans continue to accept a wide range of traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories, including the charge that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country. These attitudes help incite and legitimize anti-Semitism, including violence against Jews, and give us great concern," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

"We are not surprised to find that a high percentage of the respondents in Spain and Poland hold negative views of Jews. Given each country's history of animus towards Jews, it appears that anti-Semitism is ingrained in the fabric of each society.

"Equally disturbing is the finding that nearly half of all respondents, and a majority in Spain and Poland, believe that American Jews control U.S. policy on the Middle East, and old canard that has been resurrected in mainstream America and bolsters existing European attitudes.

"The findings of this survey demonstrate that individual governments and the EU, who have condemned anti-Semitism and sought ways to counteract it, need to find methods and implement programs that will break down the old stereotypes that die hard, and take leadership to make anti-Semitism unacceptable in their societies."

Country by Country Findings

In responding "probably true" to the statement, "Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country," the 2007 survey found: (view graph)

a.. France - 39%, up from 29% in 2005
b.. Germany - 51%, down from 55%
c.. Italy - 48%, down from 57%
d.. Spain - 60%, up from 51%
e.. Poland - 59%, up from 52%
In responding "probably true" to the statement, "Jews have too much power in the business world," the 2007 survey found: (view graph)

a.. France - 28%, up from 25% in 2005
b.. Germany - 21%, up from 20%
c.. Italy - 42%, up from 33%
d.. Spain - 53%, up from 45%
e.. Poland - 49%, up from 43%
In responding "probably true" to the statement "Jews have too much power in international financial markets," the 2007 survey found: (view graph)

a.. France - 28%, up from 24% in 2005
b.. Germany - 25%, up from 24%
c.. Italy - 42%, up from 32%
d.. Spain - 68%, up from 54%
e.. Poland - 54%, up from 43%
In responding "probably true" to the statement "Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust," the 2007 survey found: (view graph)

a.. France - 40%, up from 34% in 2005
b.. Germany - 45%, down from 48%
c.. Italy - 46%, down from 49%
d.. Spain - 46%, no change
e.. Poland - 58% up from 52%

ADL commissioned First International Resources to conduct the survey. Fielded in Europe by Taylor Nelson Sofres, the telephone interviews were conducted in the native language of each of the countries, among the general population. The margin of error for each country is +/-4 percent at 95% level of confidence.

I think Steve needs to keep quiet.
Wow, what hatred. Do you wanna burn a cross on my lawn? And yes, acts of violence happen to Jewish Americans routinely. And Jewish Americans tend to value higher education, thus leading to an eventual decent job. You might get a good job too if you ever went to college.
Yeah, as poster 8:15 I am finally glad to see some real discussion going on here.
Some of your points are valid about the dangers of anti-semitism, Erik, but as another poster pointed out and it's been said before, Arabs are descendants of Shem too, and therefor are also semites so the charge of anti-semitism gets complicated.
You also claim that Steve blames all the problems of the middle east on the Jewish faith.I would have a problem with that too, but how much of the Jewish faith is reflected in Zionism, (which is largely all about the justification of the state of Israel)?
When you have a disagreement among Jews on that very issue what are the rest of us supposed to think, much less say?
Good response about why you personally are interested in Zionism. Now I understand why you keep going back to that issue from time to time.
Wow! Three people here born at Doctor's in Brooklyn! Interesting that people would even be looking for that kind of connection.
Hey!~ Anybody out there born at Gotham Hospital in Queens?
In case you haven't fully noticed there are a lot of east coast,- NY,NJ,- transplants around here. (And I thought I left all those schmucks behind.)
I'm not so sure we all moved here for a new socialist agenda that has anything to do with Zionism though.
I'll have to give that some more thought.
No statistics regarding Americans' views on these questions? Why would the ADL leave out the USA from their so-called study of "anti-Semitism?"

You know why. Because "anti-Semitism" is not that virulent in America.

And, please explain, how exactly is it "anti-Semitic" to point out the obvious fact that the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), the American Enterprise Institute and other predominantly Jewish neo-conservative organizations hold an inordinate amount of sway over American foreign policy in regards to the Middle East?

It just seems to be politically incorrect in some quarters - including Eric Kirk's blog - to mention what the rest of the world is well aware of. It's not a question of global conspiracies, Eric. It's a fact. The Israeli government and their supporters in the American government and media are very militant about their efforts to promote what they perceive as Israeli interests over that of their neighbors in the region. It has been a disastrously delicate balancing act that is on the verge of complete collapse.

To call for a different strategy in American foreign policy at this time, in the wake of the neo-cons criminal catastrophe in Iraq, is not something I or anyone else should ever apologize for.

And, for your information. I am not Stephen Lewis. Stephen can speak for himself.
The ADL says that anti-semitism has improved in the US considerably over the past few decades.

I am going to read a list of statements expressing different opinions about Jewish people that some people may have. For each one, please tell me whether you think that statement is probably true or probably false.

1 Jews stick together more than other Americans.
2 Jews always like to be at the head of things.
3 Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.
4 Jews have too much power in the U.S. today.
5 Jews have too much control and influence on Wall Street.
6 Jews have too much power in the business world.
7 Jews have a lot of irritating faults.
8 Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want.
9 Jewish businessmen are so shrewd that others don't have a fair chance in competition.
10 Jews don't care what happens to anyone but their own kind
11 Jews are [not] just as honest as other businessmen.

Not Anti-Semitic Agree with 0-1 statements 53 %
Middle Agree with 2-5 statements 35 %
Most Anti-Semitic Agree with 6-11 statements 12 %

But I suspect that African Americans would fare even better in self-responsive polling. Are you saying we're cured of racism?
Again, Eric. Let me repeat, but please pay attention this time.

The vast majority of American Jews are WHITE.

We aren't anywhere near where we need to be as a society in regards to ending institutional racism.

But to compare prejudice against Jews in America to the brutal institutional racism that is practiced on a daily basis in the USA against African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, etc. shows your complete lack of understanding about racism in America.

Prejudice is personal.

Racism is institutional.

And there is no institutional racism against Jews in America. Prejudice, yes. Racism? Not even close.

Get it now, Eric?
Eric's is not posting my comments. I thought he'd stick to his word but lawyer that he is..

I'm sorry if Jews run into trouble most everywhere they go eventually. Maybe the fact that Judaism is based on several huge historical lies like Abraham the Hindu god founding the Hebrew religion and race might have something to do with it. Maybe God can't be fooled. Then there's the fact the religion promoted separation from Gentiles in order to create a "race of priests" from the get-go, not a very socially acceptable diplomatic inter-community policy.

As one with Ashkenazi ancestry and supposed more smarts than the average bear I am baffled why Jewish people continue to lay blame for their paranoid yet very narcissistic religious cult problems at the feet of Gentiles.

I mean how long does it take to figure out the religion produces envy and eventual anger in Gentiles told they don't have God's special touch? Especially when the people telling them this nonsense are running the U.S. President and Army like a puppet on strings, are getting all U.S. citizens to participate in stealing another peoples' land not their own and killing anyone who actively resists and gets in the way of God's Chosen People.

Bound to piss Gentiles off who find themselves victims of the Jewish form of fundamental religious madness-Zionism.
For the record, I have posted everything Stephen has submitted on this date.

The vast majority of American Jews are WHITE.

Is that your justification for anti-semitism? Many homosexuals are white as well. Does that justify homophobia?

And, for your information. I am not Stephen Lewis. Stephen can speak for himself.

Uh huh.
If this thread is devoted to my issues, the one I really want to discuss is the new historical information that destroys the spiritual authority of Judaism, the mother theology for Zionism and the story book used by Pauline Christians and Muslims.

If we want to save lives being killed by Abrahamic religious fanatics, be they Muslim terrorists, or IDF killing the families of Palestinian resisters, or 9-11 saboteurs, IRA mobsters or Somali Muslims or Christians, we've got to hit at the root cause because people are dying every day due to Abrahamic religious warfare.

I have had 28 years to research the roots of my Christian religion and it is through this research that I found the fatal flaws of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Pauline Christianity, and Muhammad's Islam. But all the flaws were known to scholars and have been expressed publicly without making a dent in the way Abrahamic religionists control the world through fear of war and actual war.

But this new historical news is of a different order. It is so solidly based, literally rock solid in geologic and geographical evidence, that only the very foolish will ignore its implications.

It's this new information that is propelling my obsession with Zionist Judaism as the root cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and our problems with Arab Muslims in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, every Middle East nation considered enemies of Israel.

I will be trying to balance my condemnation of Zionist Judaism with equal treatment of Muhammad's Islam but I do admit to prejudice there--I feel that Muslims have the potential to become most excellent representatives of a truly righteous life devoid of bringing harm to one's neighbors and filled with God's loving-kindness in human form. They just have to get over their idolization of Muhammad and his book.

Same for Pauline Christians who can, if they want to, follow John's theology because John also show signs of knowing something was wrong with Abraham.

But Jewish people are facing a different problem altogether. One that they be avoiding for 2500 years. No one "fights with God", the literal Hebrew meaning of the word "Israel", and gets away with it. Too many religious lies and too paranoid a cult doctrine to survive this new information that destroys any spiritual authority with Jewish religious literature. Can't be believing your monotheistic religious nation of God was started by a Hindu god palmed off as the founding patriarch of the Hebrews.
For the most important religious news of the 21st century, please go to my blog site at:

There you will find the historical information that completely annihilates any spiritual authority within the religion of Judaism, Pauline Christianity, and Muhammad's Islam.

All three religions base their model of "righteousness" on the act of Abraham who now is exposed as the Hindu god Brahma. In other words, the whole deal is a spiritual fraud from the beginning.
And that's why the history of the Abrahamic religionists in action is so filled with ungodly acts of violence. Abraham was Brahma gone insane.
I don't know yet how to use this information to start a world-wide anti-Abrahamic protest movement but it must be done if those of us who are serious peace activists want to stop the continuing carnage and body counts in Abrahamic warfare in Iraq, Sudan, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Ireland, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and everywhere Abrahamic religious leadership is engaged in warfare.

Off the cuff I offered up "Anti-Abrahamic Activists Association" but something like this needs to be organized. I am good at organizing cooperative community projects but I don't have any experience in political organizing. I hope some of you activist reading this stuff take the ammunition that God, not me, has provided every peace activist sick and tired of these endless religious wars between Abrahamic believers.
This was moved from the e-mail scam post. It's Stephen's.

Eric's reaction is typical of what I've gotten from the two Muslims, several Evangelicals and one very defensive Jew responding online.

Those invested in these theologies are not going to rollover and die just because their religious beliefs are dead meat. First thing off they will go into denial that 1) it's true, and 2) doesn't make any difference.

But it does. But only IF non-Abrahamics, secular humanists and atheists with conscience UNITE together and press the issue everywhere they can.

Sooner or later, the media will pick up this stuff because, unlike the Da Vinci Code, this info truly will destroy the foundations of the Abrahamic religions because it's written in stone and real, provable history and not religious myths.

Go to my blog and see what I mean.
Why, with this information known, would any sensible person seek out counseling about God from religious teachings in which polytheistic Hindu gods are made into Hebrew human beings? What's the spiritual authority in patriarch Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac (or Ishmael) because God commanded it, when Abraham turns out to be the Hindu God of Creation? It's just ridiculous to believe that any real God would tell His People such foolish things.

You watch. This is just the cap of the ton of prior suspicions of pagan influence in supposedly strictly monotheistic Abrahamic religions.

For example archeologists have known for several years now that the Exodus story is a myth with zero archeological evidence to support the fairly absurd story of over a million Israelites wandering around the deserts for 40 years.

No archeological evidence for Moses, for Joshua's supposed conquerings, no signs of David, a name which turns out to mean "Chief" in ancient Canaanite also referred in the plural as "Davidum" as such on the Moab Stone showing the stories of David to be the Jewish versions of stories of Heracles and other pagan superstars.

Remember, the Brahmins rebelled against fanciful gods and myths--they wanted their god to be "real" so human beings became the stars of the old god stories.

Shalom was the god of peace worshiped at Jerusalem long before the Israelites were in power. The Song of Solomon is really a story of the gods Shalom and Shulutu(sp), the Morning and Evening Star, in love but told as if they were human beings.

No Temple of Solomon ruins, no Greater Israel kingdoms of David or Solomon. Just good Jewish writers, folks, pulling off another HUGE scam. And everyone bought it, pagans too because there was no science of history really so stuff that happened before, say in 1000 B.C. in the Near East was ancient history that could be retold any which way to suit political interests of early Zionist fibbers wanting to glorify the Jewish community which had nothing to rival its powerful neighbors but a great ability to hoodwink the whole world with their great stories.

Great stories! But God's blessing? God's Promise of Canaan to Abraham's descendants when Abe is a Hindu god gone insane? I think not.

But it will take a while to break down the automatic defenses denying anything's amiss with Judaism, Pauline Christianity, or Islam.

Mon Jun 25, 05:43:00 PM
Some of what Stephen says is consistent with what I know from reading the "Biblical Archeology Review," such as his statements regarding the lack of archeological evidence for the Exodus, for Josua's battle at Jericho, etc.

I think that bringing a scientific approach to ancient biblical history is very exciting. I belive it could lead to an increase in valid understanding and less reliance of what could be called superstition.

I also believe that Stephen does us a favor by bringing up these ideas, even if they seem outlandish to the vast majority of Americans, who have been raised from childhood to believe in the validity of the three religions whose names we all know so well.

But Stephen cuts the ground out from underneath himself when he refers to Abraham as "Abe...a Hindu god gone insane..."

Lose the colorful language, Stephen, when to use it drives people away from listening to your ideas.
Sorry, anon, no can do. Think of me as God's Hammer for this job. It's not about winning people over by diplomacy but by shock treatment. If you want nice, see the Dalai Lama or Maharishi. This is Elijah work.

The sooner Jews, Pauline Christians and Muslims realize their foolishness the faster they can discover the Path of God that remains true--the path of Gnosis or personal Knowledge of God. They should never have put all their trust in the words of ancient men instead of relying on God's ability to reach individuals in the here and now.

As for Abe the Hindu god in Hebrew disguise, Abraham was truly insane and now the time to point it out without fudging the issue. What a fine example of lack of morality of a father who is willing to kill his son to please his god. Same goes for the god who so demands this display of loyalty gone nuts.

God or human life is really what's being decided in Abraham's example and we know from history which choice Abrahamic believers have consistently chosen with the resulting trail of dead bodies by the thousands.

But God hasn't left Abrahamic believers bereft of God or spiritual guidance even while destroying the Abrahamic foundation.

There's already a whole new universal religion that going to replace all the Abrahamic faiths. And this new Religion of Peace will never lead to warfare or injustice because it's purely spiritual-no organized religious hierarchy to get corrupted by men using God for territorial conquest and control.
Just think of him as the Hammer of God anon.
Well, what kind of personality would God pick to initiate this kind of spiritual battle? Not a milk-toast one. Like Elijah heaping scorn on the prophets of Baal and challenging them to a showdown to see who's god is god, I am here as a spiritual warrior for God Most High EL Elyon, also known to Native Americans as Wakan Tanka and known locally as Old Man Above.

This isn't ecumenical "let's all just get along", this is the beginning of the End Times of all Abrahamic religions that do not lead to recognition of God as the Source of Goodness in this world. This is God's payback for 3000 years of Abrahamics killing people in God's name.
I am sympathetic, Stephen.

I first heard the story of Abraham and Isaac when I was a boy in Sunday School. I couldn't understand why God would first tell Abraham to plunge a knife into his son's body to kill him. I also couldn't understand why God would then tell Abraham to call the whole thing off.

Was God crazy, as you suggest?
Or was God trying to tell Abraham to obediently do whatever he heard God telling him to do, even if it was murderous one moment and merciful the next moment?

Is the message to obey God?
Or is the message to do whatever the voice in your head tells you to do?

And why did Abraham's behavior strike the ancient people as so praiseworthy that he would become the patriarch of that part of the ancient world and the founding figure of the three great monotheistic world religions?

Personally, as a fairly typical (i.e. rebellious) American, I would have had more sympathy for Abraham if he had, from the start, flatly refused to carry out God's instructions to kill his beloved child.
Anon 2:30, there's a good movie that makes the same point. Rent The Rapture with Mimi Rogers and David Duschuvitsky or whatever his name is.
The movie ends with the same position the old Gnostics took which for it's time was incredibly radical: They went up against Yahweh and refused to obey a sick twisted twit of a god. This wasn't atheism either. It was going up against the God of this world and saying "fuck you" I'm not going for this shit.
The religion of peace has a militant wing led by the Hammer of God aka Stephen Lewis? And you have to sell this proposition to the rest of the world? Oh dear! This God left you with a pretty tall order, Stephen. And after you have accomplished this I suppose the lions will lay down with us lambs. Or will the lions just put on sheep's clothing? Will we all go to heaven or will there be heaven on earth? Are you going to stay in Humboldt Co. or are you going to go Hammer in the morning at the Pentagon then Hammer in the evening at the White House? Will there be war and will it be televised?
Most of you do not know that the great majority of my activist life is spiritual activism. Here in Humboldt County you will only about 5% of my activist work. 95% is going to posts almost every day on Internet religious and philosophical discussion forums. I average well over 40 hrs/wk in my writing time there and have since 1995 although lately, Eric's blog has been soaking up a lot of my time.

I have been reluctant to get into my spiritual activism locally except for some shaman work I've done with local tribes, e.g. obtaining permission from Table Bluff Wiyot Tribal Chairperson Cheryl Seidner to take Paxcalibur to Indian Island before I went to Israel so that this spiritually "magic" sword of peace could "taste" the horror of war yet still be pure of violence. On the Day of the Dead, Nov. 2nd, my mother's birthday and my daughter's as well, I rowed out to Indian Island, found a place in the soft earth where in February 26th, 1860, some 200 Wiyot old men, women and children were hacked to death by a white settler death squad. I pushed Pax into the soil and said a prayer for the release of spirits held captive there.

Like every other site except one, where a Paxcalibur sanctification ritual was performed, a few years later the land around the site became preserved--40 acres were deeded back to the Wiyots making a total of 18,140 acres of land put in preservation status forever at four out five sites where I did a Pax ritual.

The reason I don't go into it is because only really dedicated religious people understand my spiritual life and work. I have no problem with my spiritual work when I am in "Indian Country" with my Bear River and Lakota tribal friends because what do and about is not unfamiliar to them. Like NA spiritual consciousness, I too am guided by "signs", synchronicity events showing Divine intervention.

But explaining this stuff to you guys? Or to my Zionist fans here who haven't an ounce of spiritual consciousness? Look at what Eric's doing with it and Eric's tame compared to what I can expect from my political and environmental opponents. So I haven't given them the religious ammunition they seek to really shove in their daggers of
hatred in me. My opposition to Zionist Judaism mirrors almost exactly Jesus' opposition to the Pharisees of his day.

But this latest historical discovery news has put my spiritual work in a new light. I had built up quite a volume of Old and New Testament items that plainly show pagan religious influence but nothing I found except one item was new. This information been around since biblical scholarship started seriously analyzing the Bible 200 years ago and hasn't made a dent in Abrahamic religions. The new info is of a different level of proof--it's linguistic and geographic and you can't fudge with "interpretations" like has been done by Abrahamic apologists.

And then's there's my health which I have to take into consideration--making sure I set in motion the spiritual work I've been assigned by God. See? NA's and my Muslim and Pentecostal Christian friends have no trouble with me talking this way but the "crazy" lights come on in the eyes of regular US citizens.
Your spirituality is your business, Steve. No "crazy" lights come on in my eyes over that. I find what little I know about your spiritual journey fascinating. Do you come from Pentecostal stock? Lots of hell fire and bible thumpin' sermons in those churches. You seem to have a few control issues.
My family was a-religious when I was growing up. My father was rebelling from his close to Pentecostal Evangelical Christian family and my mom was also rebelling from Christianity becoming atheistic. But when my missionary aunt came through on her trips to and from Bolivia she drag us kids off to church but otherwise only vacation bible school was where I had any contact with religion. However, even there at age 12 I was asked by the minister to study for the ministry. So I must have shown some interest.

The missionary aunt, Aunt Edna, who I do dearly miss, was one of those First Contact missionaries making contact with real killer tribes feared by other tribes and even themselves--so many killed that grandfathers and grandmothers were hardly ever known. See the End of the Spear movie for a similar story to my aunt's people.

Another aunt was a missionary to China and was kicked by the Communists and her husband imprisoned for years. She's 92 and still pretty sharp. We talk lightly about our religious differences.

When my mom died us kids found out about the possible Jewish ancestry connection which I confirmed with DNA testing a couple of years ago.

You know me. I am filled with words and so I have lot's to say about the spiritual information I've received in revelation and have discovered in researching the roots of my religion over past 28 years since the first religious conversion experience at Easter of 1979. There's a major spiritual revolution coming from God and I am a messenger.

but these words are, well, something never before seen on earth, put it that way

But in high school and college I was totally devoid of spiritual consciousness except for being fascinated and using the I Ching like a lot of us hippie types did back then. My warped sense of humor just couldn't get around "god" seriously and I thought the Christian religion especially morbid. My thing was anthropology which I've had a serious interestt in since about 7 years old. Major at UCB was anthro until I dropped out and learned a hell of lot of culture outside the campus. I think I was the first one in Berkeley to bring a big box of peyote into the Co-op dorms in 1961 or early '62--you could get it legally from Texas and it came stamped "vegetable material-peyote" and I rode it through the streets of Berkeley tied to the rack on the Triumph Tiger Cub m/c I rode then.

Science, communitarian socialist philosophy, science fiction by the ton, but no real interest in God or religion.

Out of the blue as they say at age 35 I went through a huge religious conversion experience which set me on the path you see me on these days going more and more public with it.

Like I said I kept a low profile with in locally for fear of it being used against me and harm my Heartlands Project work with Native Americans.
Sorry, two posts mixed together.
Talkin' about my generation..

If the Abrahamic religions truly are devoid of real spiritual authority what will replace the stories and icons of Jewish, Pauline Christian and Muslim faith?

Nothing will replace the stories which are great stories in themselves. It's just that they will finally be put into the proper perspective of literature instead of divine mandate.

And while the Star of David may mean nothing now, or the Muslim Crescent Moon and Star, the Christian Cross still retains a powerful iconic meaning as was seen in the power of Mel Gibson's movie, the Passion.

However, to millions of people the world over, the Cross represents Europeans genociding 3rd World peoples in order to conquer.

But now there is a new religious icon in the world and it is the most spiritually powerful one of all because it incorporates the one symbol that has replaced all others around the world in people's recognition of symbolic meaning: the Peace Sign.

This is why when in my pilgrimage to the Holy Land and invitation to participate in Nazareth's annual Easter procession, I found out that
I didn't have to explain what Paxcalibur's symbolism meant. The sword with it's blade broken and re-formed into a peace sign spoke for itself and for God.

While God has led me to the devastating historical news that will eventually topple Abrahamic religious authority, God is also providing Abrahamic believers and everyone else a much better replacement, a new universal Religion of Peace that isn't a hypocritical joke as is Muhammad's Islam, a religion of war by any objective criteria.

Shortly, I will be going public locally with what I have been doing for years on Internet religious and philosophical discussion forums as a spiritual activist spreading a new radical gnostic theology born in the old fashioned way, by visions, signs and wonders, but this time all of it as real as the Humboldt people and myself who've been involved.

God is doing a great spiritual work through our community. Many of us knew in our hearts the Mateel Nation is special but with environmental and political and cultural orgs moving to greener pastures or folding up what is left that really means anything?

Homestead lifestyle? Nope, not with diesel spills and greedy pot growers making the headlines far too often. Reggae on the River? That got compromised long ago when PP took control of the event for profits in a few people's hands.

So what's so great about the Mateel community then? Too many second generation kids winding up dead or in jail, too many winding up as material boys and girls far worse in greedy consumerism than their mainstream counterparts.

It's the complete back-to-the-land Dream that I guess God's seen in us, certainly not our reality, that God wants to help us spread. That back to the land dream is worthy if we keep to its original pure intentions of creating rural lifestyles in harmony with the life of the land.

It's my hope that by sharing my religious visions locally which are truly spiritually centered in the Mateel community and Humboldt County, I can show my peers that we are still continuing with historic social transformation even as our local material economy based on black market pot prices inevitably dwindles.

It just turns out that the lasting social change contribution the Mateel will be making is spiritual. Two great spiritual visions have been born here and are both still alive and active and in process of creating a rainbow bridge between the Old World Holy Land traditions and New World Native American spirituality.
vous pouvez inscrire votre blog sur shalom
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