Monday, June 25, 2007


Wow! I'm touched!

Check out this appreciation letter I got for my services!
My appreciation letter

So far so good,I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Hong Kong. Presently I'm in India for investment projects with my own share of the total sum.

Meanwhile,I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. In appreciation of your assistance I have mapped out as a compensation and wrote on your favour a check worth of Us$750,000. So,you can now contact my secretary in Benin republic, Tony Sebookili on his e-mail address (

Ask him to send you the total of $750,000 which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts a nd attempts to assist me in the matter.Bear in mind that ther $750,000 is in draft,not cash, so you need to send to him your full names and address where the draft/check will be posted/delivered.I appreciated your efforts at that time very much.

So feel free to get in touched with my secretary Tony Sebookili and and furnish him with the below information to enable him send the Bank Draft to you at your own expense as I have done enough by allocating such huge amount to you. Even my current partner is not happy that i have to allocate such amount to you bearing in mind your non chalant attitude to the transaction at its crucial stage. And make sure that you furnish him with the following information:


In the moment,I'm very busy here because of the investment projects which me and the new partner are having at hand.Finally , bear in mind that I had forwarded instruction to my secretary to mail the draft to you once receipt of the above information.Here is his email address again (

Hon Morrison Mogaji
Of course, I don't remember performing those services. Must have been my alter-ego performing them in my sleep. Maybe my new partner in Hong Kong did all the work for me. Should give him/her a larger share of the cut?

Good old Tony. He can take care of it for me.

Wow! I can you are touched, Eric, what lawyer wouldn't be to get another fat check in the mail proving once again, it pays to be a professional liar than do honest work creating visible products and tangible services.

Lawyers ride the tricks of the legal system that makes the capitalist system work to put profits, ungodly profits, in the hands of those living high off the wages of those doing actual productive produce and service work.

Bank execs, commercial dope growers, lawyers, gangsters, all in it for the loot and all contributing to the growing gap between rich and poor.

How 'bout a monetary contribution to peace activist, Eric? I can't afford to publish my books because I'm not exploiting anyone for monetary gain but I have information to share with all peace activists that can greatly help in stopping Abrahamic religious warfare madness.
You're not that clueless, are you Stephen? Please tell me that was a joke.
Stephen: what do you do for a living? Do you have an actual job of some kind?
I am so sick of those emails claiming you won something or some other type of ruse trying to get people's ID info for identity theft purposes. I get four or five each week.
I like the ones which come from Nigerian "banks" telling me that they have a million dollars to get rid of and need to put in into my bank.
Hi there. CPA here. I actually had a little old couple about ten years ago, who upon buying their first computer, were duped out of around 7500 dollars.

They actually sent in money twice. In the course of preparing their tax return they provided me with an avalanch of correspondence from the Nigerian bankers, explaining why the funds were being withheld, and why more money was needed to help get the funds released.
Oh, no, don't tell me, Eric, it's not true! Now I can't believe my own Yahoo Lottery winner ticket for about the same amount is any good either!

But still, you can't be poor lawyering for pot growers so is there any room for hope for a significant contribution from you to help me save humanity from kill-crazed Abrahamics?

Human lives could depend on your answer, Eric, as the sooner and farther I can distribute the life-saving anti-Abrahamic information the more lives will be saved from Abrahamic war madness.

So I urge you not to be quick to rebut but think it through and help me if you support peace activism.
Stephen, You keep referring to a revelation, but when is it ever going to come?
Stephen, lots of lawyers round here are barely getting by. Especially the ones who represent worthless leftists and drug addicts.
Stephen, You keep referring to a revelation, but when is it ever going to come?

That Abraham is Brahma, or Brahma is Abraham. That's the revelation. Woo hoo.
Abraham is Brahma, or Brahma is Abraham.

And did you know that "God" is "Dog" spelled bakwards?
Makes you think, huh?
That was a cultural reference. What movie?
Stephen is playing word salad. Its a sign of Alzheimers settling in.

It's about the Nigerian scam/spam artists who say they just need a little help moving their millions, and if you help them they will give you a mill, so this "lady" in England plays along...

The description from a Fred's list blogger is titled I laughed until I cried... and you will...

Follow the link to the real thing
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Okay, if you don't mind Stephen, I'm moving this to the religious thread. Most of the bloggers really don't care.
Isn't it true that Istanbul was once known as Constantinople?
If you haven't done so yet, jerk these guys around.

I actually followed the lead of some other guy and contacted the Nigerian guy that sent me a scam message.

I had fun. We we went back and forth over three days. Finally he gave up.

Waste their time, if you have a little time to waste.
"Most of the bloggers really don't care. "

So much for the rights of the individual.
The rights of the individual have been maintained Stephen. Your post is in the appropriate thread.
You're responding to anons thinking it's me, Eric. I told you that before but you expect me to lie about it I guess.

And move my comments around as you please. It is your blog..
..well, was anyway until the Hammer of God got hold of it..
That was a cultural reference. What movie?

Sleeper, right?
Anon 7:41 gets the prize!
Eric V. Kirk said...
The rights of the individual have been maintained Stephen. Your post is in the appropriate thread.

Mon Jun 25, 06:36:00 PM

Eric, Stephen didn't write the post. I did.
Back to the subject, after the Lewis Hijacking (kinda like his Palestinian Bro's).

Here's another link to people with too much time on their hands.

They actually have a 'Trophy Room' of scammers they scammed.
Yes anon 6:21 Istanbul was once called Constantinople but the new party line is that the religion of peace convinced the inhabitants to voluntarily convert to Islam.
No reply from Stephen regarding my question about what he does for a living.

That speaks volumes.
I work for God and Country. Anon, you and millions of citizens like myself when I was in the rat race pay me. And I'm cheap! Something like $3.12/hr. A great bargain for the community.
To 9:53
Thanks, I just wasted an hour and a half on the 419eater site. Thanks for that link, its totally worthy.
Stephen, are you on public assistance like Fred?
What public assistance is Fred on?
I mentioned that the city originally known as Constantinople is now, some 1700 years later, known as Istanbul.

Names, in other words, can change over time.

Why, then, is it so hard to believe that over hundreds or thousands of years, the name Brahma might become known as Abraham?

(Eric, I am not Stephen. "Not that there's anything wrong with that.")
12:02 is indeed Stephen, having a conversation with himself.
Anon 12:02 is indeed, Anon 12:02 and Anon 12:59 cannot tell his anons from a hole in the ground.

Anon 12:02 is right. There have been lot's of names gone through changes, some of 'em great big ones that if people really knew about them wreck their own havoc on traditional religious beliefs.

For instance, I haven't met any Jews in all my discussions with them over the years who have a clue about the origin of their tribal g-d Yahweh. They don't know that Yahweh started off life in ancient Canaan as Yamm, the Canaanite sea and river and judgment god.

There is an ancient Canaanite cuniform text showing where EL, the Canaanite God Most High, renames Yamm, Yah or Yahwe,. Thus Yahweh was Yamm and Yamm's eternal battle with his arch-enemy Baal, continued on in the Jewish epic.

EL too was renamed by Jewish writers to become Yahweh, El's son with EL being stripped of all His Canaanite identity to become the Hebrew generic word for "God".

With these gods all mixed up it's no wonder the Abrahamic religionists are mixed as well and inflict their spiritual schizophrenia onto the world creating wars and worse almost everywhere they go.

Perhaps the Anon who can't tell me from other posters responding to the topic is one of these poor Zionist wretches who's religion cannot show him how to tell Hindu gods from Hebrew patriarchs or when people are telling the truth or not.

Everyone who reads my information is getting knowledge only scholars know of and very few lay people. For instance the Abraham/Brahma information is coming direct from the scholar whom I am in e-mail contact with, but once known, anyone can verify the facts in encyclopedias like Wikipedia.

The verification outside the Canaanite texts and inside the Torah/Tanakh of Yahweh's early relationship as Son to EL is coming direct from another bible scholar I have been in contact with.

But if getting inside religious news is too much of a strain on brains used to a steady diet of anti-corporate politics and maintenance of the counterculture status quo, then tune out and wait for the next attention diversion topic to be posted at the top. They come at a steady enough stream to please the most ardent attention deficiency syndrome sufferer.
Eric, Lewis can be stopped:
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