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Amnesty bucks the Catholic Church over abortion

From adnkronos:
Norwich, 21 August (AKI) - Roman Catholic Bishop Rev. Michael Evans has announced he is leaving Amnesty International after the campaign group last week backed abortion as a human right for rape victims.

Bishop Evans, quoted by the Independent newspaper, said he will be "the first of many" to cancel his membership of Amnesty. He has been an active member of the group for 31 years.

Amnesty was founded in 1961 by British lawyer and Roman Catholic convert Peter Beneneson to campaign on behalf of prisoners of conscience. It has never been officially affiliated to the church.

Senior international Amnesty representatives overwhelmingly agreed in Mexico last week to end the group's previously neutral stance on abortion and to condone the killing of an unborn child in certain circumstances.

These include cases of rape, incest or to save a woman's life.
The Church is accusing AI of a "double standard" because it opposes the death penalty. AI responds:
Amnesty says it is not "pro-abortion" but supports "women's human rights to be free of fear, threat and coercion as they manage all consequences of rape and other grave human rights violations."
For me abortion is an easy legal issue, but a difficult moral one. My wife's miscarriages kind of led me to an appreciation of the delicate balances in the life cycle, and I wonder if we're devaluing life and the life process with abortion. Since I will never be faced with the decision, I'm content to leave the matter to the individual conscience of the pregnant woman. The government has no business enslaving someone, not even to save a life. As to what phase of a pregnancy does the fetus become "human" entitled to rights, well, I'd say it's when the life can survive without the enslavement of the woman. Before that, it's her call.

As for the Amnesty stand, please! It's a bare minimum consideration for the woman. Better late than never.

Catholics need to vote with their feet. Leave. You won't go to hell. Stop giving money to the church. You are supporting witchcraft. If God is for real, don't worry, you will be okay - or not. But giving yourself over to a cult won't help.
Honest to God, they think they eat the actual flesh of God and become One with Him. And if YOU don't go along, YOU are going to HELL. Ask the Pope.
Witchcraft is a bit wacky. I could support the word cult.
Actually, since Vatican Two, you don't absolutely need communion to stay out of Hell. Purgatory maybe, but at least you know you're going home sooner or later.
But Eric, didn't the new pope change it back?
The new pope is scary.
Wow. What interesting bigotry we find in such a "tolerant" blog. The so-called "cult" was the sole Christian church for 15 centuries. Even after Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, posted his 95 Theses in 1517, the newly evolving protestant churches (his and later the Anglican/Episcopalian) churches continued in their belief in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Read Luke 22 and John 6 to see the wording in scripture. Jesus was speaking of the spirit and its power to convert mere bread and wine into his body and blood. He knew full well, teaching in a synagogue, that many would find his teaching "hard." But he asserted clearly and consistently that he was the "Bread of Life" and that his believers would be challenged to receive his body and blood (the bread and wine converted by the power of the Holy Spirit) as a sign of their fidelity. The appearances remain the same, yet the essence changes by the power of the spirit.

This is clearly and intentionally an item of faith. Jesus knew it was challenging. He knew there would be doubters and disbelievers. But he did not compromise his truth; he spoke it, perhaps as a challenger.

Believers hold it to be true; doubters and disbelievers find it hard and deny the assertion of Christ. Fine. They are free to choose. Yet where is the tolerance of the beliefs of others here? Witchcraft? Cultishness? Come on, now. If you don't believe it, don't. But challenging believers to "vote with their feet" is silly. They'd rather die where they stand.
God doesn't need believers who believe in lies, who tell others to believe in lies--what's the point of that?

Paul started the paganization process that converted Jesus Christ into a Jewish version of a dying/resurrection god-man. The RCC developed the dogma for the new Jewish Mystery Religion, Christianity. So, of course, Jesus is loaded with pagan Mystery Religion cult stuff such as the "Bread of Life" slogan which most of the Grain Gods carried, Isis too, so Mary with child mimics Isis and Horus and the RCC outfits, cone hat styles, even "vespers" are taken right out of Temple of Isis rituals and costumes.

Rome set out to torpedo the Jewish faith so it could control its colony of Palestine. Paul and his protege, Mark, set this all in motion and who knows even today whether or not these characters existing as names in the New Testament are fictions of Roman manipulators. I wouldn't bank on anything in the New Testament being authentic--the only parts I think come close to the real teachings of Jesus or Yeshua, Yeishu, etc, are those of the "Q" Sayings which show a common progenitor and now lost Sayings gospel like the Gospel of Thomas which also has "Q" Sayings in it.

Read the words of Jesus and you find a direct opposition to even calling any religious authority "father" let alone setting up another Gentile version of a Jewish monastic community(ala the "Theraputics" of Philo of Alexandria far more so than the intolerant Qumran community), plus the Egyptian Isis Mystery Religion that was popular throughout the Greco-Roman world as was Mithraism, and Mithra whom Jesus' god-man attributes most resemble.

You want real Christianity, you follow the teachings of Jesus and take only Paul's great words on love--and ignore the rest.
You know there isn't a shred of evidence that Jesus ever lived. The is no mention of him in any Roman or other record of the time. The first account of him was not even written until 5 decades after his supposed resurrection. There have been a number of attempts to produce some confirmed artifact that links him to the period. His whole story is really a compilation of existing pre christian myths and legends from the virgin birth to the ascendance to heaven. Christians scoff at the mormon story of the golden tablets and rosy glasses but at least we know Joseph Smith was a real person.
So, then, are we going to tolerate the mystical and cultish practices and beliefs of all these billion or so apparently deceived humans?

It is clear that many people have the unbelief of the apostle, Thomas, who would not believe until he explored Jesus' scars. If such cannot be certain that Jesus lived (why would we trust Roman "history" any more than scripture on that point?), certainly then belief in the efficacy of the Eucharist is beyond their spiritual imagining.

I guess I may have been wrong all these years, and should instead accept the Truth as Stephen articulates it at this blogsite. Or, maybe, not. At least I have the freedom to believe, don't I?
If you read Deathly Hallows, you would know that Harry Potter is the REAL Jesus Christ.
1:44...you can believe any doggone thing you want to...I guess the first time the Christians pissed me off was when they stuck "under god" in the pledge. Just tell your righteous pinhead 700 club brethren and the holy molesters to butt out when it comes to supporting war mongering or telling my wife what she can do with her body. As for the Catholics they need to worry about the pedophiles in that drag costume and stop criticizing gay marriage.I guess as long as altar boys wear skirts the temptation will be too much.We should ship all the urchins living in latin american slums over to the vatican.
Then maybe they would come to their senses about birth control.
"The so-called 'cult' was the sole Christian church for 15 centuries."

Anonymous should stop being squeamish and accept the word cult, just as gays embrace the word queer.
I am a Christian not because I believe in the Greatest Story ever told but because I was shown that only understanding why the Spirit of Christ was sent into the world will human beings, men especially, be able to overcome their otherwise dominating male territorial battling behavior patterns. It is these ancient biological male territorial establishment and control behavior patterns that produce the never ending conflicts between peoples. You can see the pattern clearly on this blog.

In order for male territorial battlers to register a protest to their system the protester must first establish himself as a contender in the arena of conflict. Otherwise, the territorial battlers ignore him as they ignore most religious protesters. Jesus went up against the strongest alpha males of his day- Rome's man in Jerusalem, Pilate, and the Sanhedrin, the Jewish religious rulers. They put him the arena, the court of his trial where he refused to play the game and thus seemed to "lose".

But it is this very refusal by Jesus to play the alpha male territorial game that God gave all men the means to become truly humane human beings not ruled by biological behavior but by conscience and consciousness of undesirable consequences.

If I had not established myself as a strong alpha by entering each day the arena of conflict, none of you would pay any attention to my visions of social and spiritual change. Now you do as do leaders of the community because this religious person chose not to use God or church to change people but God's tools like smarts for developing caring social systems for the people, all of them.

The Messiah is of no relevance unless we each become messiahs, that is until we each "save" the community, save our families, save ourselves, from the ravages of materialistic greed and stupidity, the by-products of a society that has lost touch with the meaning of life.
tell it! TELL it!
"I'd say it's when the life can survive without the enslavement of the woman. Before that, it's her call."

Hopefully that includes up to teenagers.
Good one!
Brilliant sound-bite, eric..shows real thought behind it..
Abortion should be legal up until the fetus has completed graduate school.
Rev. Moon is Jesus Christ. I know it's true because I read it in the Washington Times. Tony Blankley never lies. And George W. Bush is a genius.
So, Joel the Carson Park Ranger of Eureka Standard fame believes in the legality of retroactive abortions? Is that what the American military is doing in Iraq? Retroactively aborting the entire Iraqi population in favor of Texas transplants is probably buried somewhere in the Republican Party's platform.
It appears that Anonymous' sense of humor "is probably buried somewhere in the Republican Party's platform."
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