Thursday, August 30, 2007


Cotton death aftermath

I haven't really followed the matter, but there are two stories in the Times-Standard today. One is an interview with Cotton's father. The other is about the EPD chief's calling for the release of the prison video to settle the controversy.

I don't see it online yet, but the other appears to be printing the comments off their site - without attribution. They left off the really nasty stuff. Anons on the blogs are one thing, but don't you think the newspapers ought to require the same standards for comments that they do for letters to the editor? That is, that the people identify themselves.
Rose, who cares. Stick with the subject. This story is getting worse and worse.
Well Rose, that's an interesting question. I certainly agree that letters in the print edition should be identified. But I think most people take anonymous postings on the Internet with a grain of salt anyway.
The t-s has been doing this for months,it's not the first time.
Almost a year I think. It was a post on their site that led to People Productions' attorneys threatening legal action against everybody in sight.
Back to the topic at hand,great article by Thadeus,could've done without the adjectives about Mr.Cotton's backyard though.The case is getting more bizarre.Eric,what's your take on turning over the videotape?Seems lame to not at least get it to the chief.And what's the deal with not allowing cameras to tape an incident occurring on public property?
The time for the Department of Justice to step in and begin investigating law enforcement activity.
Now a prisoner hung himself in the jail yesterday and is not expected to live.
Sorry Mr. Konkler to disagree. Greensons attempt was not a story in the journalistic sense, but a lame attempt at tabloid journalism. Frankly, I think the guy is an embarrasment. Meant to inflame it really is just pathetic. The Cotton incident needs to be investigated, but Greenson is doing this community a disservice as well as the TS.
Mark - haven't read up on the story to have any takes yet. I really need more hours in the day.
You call that a good story Mark?
Minus the adjectives,yes.It did a good job describing the emotions of his father,and what this failure of the absence of effective policing procedures has led to.Bringing to light other personal tragedies involved in situations like this does help to bring about the need for systematic change to be looked at.
And what's the policy with their comments section?What's their policy in regards to have and not have that section?Hopefully a t-s'er will chime in and respond.
Well - I think it was ok if he was writing for the national inquirer but it is a miserable attempt at journalism.
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