Wednesday, August 22, 2007


County demands marijuana legalization

This paragraph from the Times Standard is hilarious!
Eric Heimstadt disagreed with the concerns of some that legalized marijuana would lead to large, corporate grows taking over the market and suffocating mom-and-pop operations like those in Humboldt County.
Was prohibition-as-protectionism actually discussed?!

And Jimmy Smith's reason for abstention? He needs more information. Because like, the legal issues of marijuana have never come up in Humboldt County. He needs time to educate himself and make up his mind.

Interesting that Heraldo, on his blog, says that Jimmy Smith recused himself because of being connected with the Cancer Society, but in the T-S article he says he wanted more info on the issue.
I'm confused as to the connection of the Cancer Society. Sounds like a wimp-out to me.
WTF is this, an election year?
Typical Jimmy. Methinks he needs to poll his answering machine to see which way the wind is blowing.
I heard what Jimmy said and his affiliation with the Cancer Society was a central reason he cited for abstaining.
Herlado is correct. I heard Jimmy on KMUD news.
It is possible to grow up in this county and not give a shit or be "educated" on the whole pot farmer stuff.

yes, you know it is there but you don't give a shit about the politics of it all.
Hate to prove my prophet role again but I started promoting Willy Brown's idea he was promoting back in the early eighties.

The idea is to make a pot taxation schedule that increases the taxation level according to size of growing operation. The more plants under cultivation, the higher the taxes so as to discourage corporate growing and encourage small time family farms.
The Cancer Society connection seems odd to me too. Is it that cancer patients use medical marijuana so he has a conflict of interest? Probably not. Is it that as a member (official?) of the Cancer Society he was afraid that the Cancer society would be associated with making a popular but expensive medicine into the equivalent of an over the counter produce you could grow in your back yard and hand out like gardeners do zuccini? Until we hear further, I'm with you Eric, sounds like a wimp-out to me too.
Today I attended a presentation/training by a Mendocino County Hazardous Materials worker. He focused on the hazards associated with Meth and Marijuana. His presentation was very good because he had taken many pictures at all the sights he had been called to.

With Marijuana the main problem is the environmental degradation the diesel and oil spills cause, as we are all aware of. If legalized we would be able to regulate these grow sights much more closely. One interesting case he brought up was one in which the ones operating a large indoor grow presented the authorities with 19 215 permits and claimed they were supplying the patients with their product. Now their operation is being monitored by the county authorities to make sure they are taking all safety precautions to avoid toxic spills.

However, Meth is a different story and despite the fact that regulating the production of Meth would reduce the amount of toxic dumps and spills I don't think legalization of Meth is a good idea, due to the severe health concerns and actions associated with it. Just some food for thought.
There is whole lot of fuzzy thinking around this issue. If pot is legalized and taxed you'd just create a whole new class of bootleggers. Can you imagine the bureaucracy that would spring up to enforce taxation on pot? Some of the optimists think that the big ag interests wouldn't be able to grow good organic stuff. They compare it to wine. Archer Daniels would be producing Red Mountain or Franzia and the little guys would be Chateau Clo d' Bud. Legalization is a pipe dream....literally. Not to mention the price would go thru the floor. Growing enough to make a living would require real work for god's sake.
That's right 4:44, taxation creates bureaucracy. We should eliminate all taxes because bureaucracy is bad, mm'kay?

Hey, having a statewide road system means we have CalTrans. That's bureaucracy! Let's shut down our roads, too! Damn that bureaucracy. We can't have anything nice.
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I believe Jimmy Smith's American Cancer Society concern has more to do with smoking than anything else.

He is a board member of the Humboldt/Del Norte chapter of ACS and a vote to ok smoking of "anything" places him in a compromising position with the mission and concerns of ACS.

I don't think it is a wimp-out. I really think he doesn't have enough information on the hazards of "smoking" marijuana and whether or not the contaminents in the marijuana smoke is detrimental to one's health. How far have studies on marijuana smoke gone?

Yes, I know there are other ways to ingest marijuana, but the primary intake is through smoking.
Something the ACS absolutely abhorrs.

Me, I say legalize it.
Don't legalize it.
Great way to put humboldt under the scrutiny of the FEDS! Thanks a lot.
Off topic - here's a new blog for your list eric
"I believe Jimmy Smith's American Cancer Society concern has more to do with smoking than anything else."

So the Cancer Society thinks tobacco should be illegal? I don't think so.
The Cancer Society, at least our local one, might well try to make tobacco illegal if they thought it would go anywhere.

They've continually supported increased tobacco taxes and just recently got involved in filing some sort of objection to a new business proposal in Arcata: that hooka lounge thing where people would go smoke tobacco in water pipes.

As far as I'm concerned, if someone or some group came up with some plan to ban tobacco, our local Cancer Society folks would support it wholeheartedly.
Well then, does Smith support making tobacco illegal?
I don't know.
Maybe he needs more information.
If there is the slightest controversy, Jimmy ducks and weaves and refuses to take a stand. Look at his voting record. Needing more info is B.S.
I talked to Jimmy about this after a meeting on Thursday night.Ekovox's 6:21 statement is pretty much correct.He also is concerned about environmental impacts it may have,as most grows even now come out of watersheds,with diesel and other spills occurring often enough.He seemed to want some assurance that this practice would cease if legalized.
The sooner we get federal troops in here to take back the national parks and government land that the growers have locked up, the better.

How many poisoned creeks, forest fires and dead teenagers will it take for us to crack down on these parasites who have ruined our community?

If you see something, say something.
"The sooner we get federal troops in here to take back the national parks and government land that the growers have locked up, the better."

While I agree with that sentiment on an emotional level, the fact remains that most of the growers we come in contact with are growing on their own land. The parasites growing on national parks and public lands are apparently cartels.

Two different issues.

I say: legalize it, tax it, issue heavy fines to growers for using pollutants, and send the National Guard into the parks and USFS holdings.

But what sort of a pipe dream is THAT? After all, the USDA lets Big Ag get away with all SORTS of horrific s*** on factory farms. What do THEY care how much diesel is used to produce indoor marijuana, and where it winds up? Hog-farm waste is some of the most atrocious toxic sludge known to man, and cattle methane emissions (OK, cow farts!) are, according to some studies, liable for more greenhouse gases than motor vehicles are.
I should add: It's not just indoor. The huge outdoor growing sites are horrific environmental liabilities as well.

The dead teenagers are an unfortunate side effect of Prohibition and livin' la vida loca. Like someone said earlier, if growers had to WORK for a living (and I know that it's hard work, physically, but the monetary rewards are disproportionately large), the lure of the money and trappings just wouldn't be there.

Every child who grows up here should leave for at least five years. Get an education, whether academic, vocational, or self-taught; travel; experience what life is like for the world outside this weird little bubble. So Hum's a beautiful place, but it eats its young.

The back-to-the-landers were, for the most part, educated, experienced people who were fleeing something empty and meaningless. This generation, unfortunately, knows very little about what the world OUT THERE is like... and they've got some utterly insane misconceptions about what's due them, and what it takes to "make it."
Federal troops. Wasn't that tried?
And who is going to check, grade, quantify all these marijuana grows? Marijuana growers are crooks that don't pay taxes now, they won't if mj were legal.

The BOP (except for Jimmy Smith) have been corrupted by marijuana culure, industry, and donations.

Shame on you Bonnie, Jill, Johnny, and Mr. Bitch Slap.
Federal troops were tried, but only half-heartedly. Of the scenarios that were discussed, the ones that included large scale helicopter and aircraft incursions from a carrier off of Shelter Cove was the most promising. It's still on the table and will probably have its day.

Meanwhile, the murder rate in our hills continues to climb. The pot growers have virtually closed down one of the most beautiful parts of California. How many of you know of unreported murders?
Legalize it? The statement of a moron. Tax it? Oh yes. The statement of a moron. Legalizing it will make it environmentally safe? Of course, another statement of a moron. And by legalizing it fewer kids will be smoking it before and after school. Fewer people will become worthless stoners. Fewer people would crash there car into a tree or your aunt Susie.

If marijuana were legalized in California how could anyone with half a brain think that the G could tax it and everything would be sweet and nice? Dope growers won't pay taxes. Who is going to assess the taxes? Who will collect the taxes. And if Marijuana was legal in California we would have an influx of more Assholes to grow dope and ship it out to Georgia, New Jersery, or Iowa. The only reason anyone would support the relaxing of marijuana laws is because they make MONEY from it either directly or indirectly.
10:02am is the most likely grower to comment on this thread as of yet.
I don't make money from it, 10:02 a.m. And I don't think it's going to all be sweet and nice if it's taxed, either. But Prohibition isn't working for MJ any more than it worked for alcohol. And, oh yeah, look up your history -- not outlawed 'til 1937. And why was that? Well, that's a discussion for a whole other thread, isn't it?

Legalization doesn't automatically mean more stoners. See: Denmark, late 1960's, when all drugs were decriminalized. There was a spike in use that lasted for a year or two, and then it went down. The drug-abuse rates there are now lower than they were before decriminalization.

Taking away the forbidden aspect of it usually means it isn't nearly as seductive.
An aircraft carrier?!

Meanwhile, the murder rate in our hills continues to climb.

Any statistics to support that?
Yes, an Aircraft Carrier. In fact, exercises were conducted in the late 80's off of Shelter Cove and a plan employing 400+ aircraft was developed.

As for the murder rate, pot growers frequently brag about how they will kill and bury (on my land where nobody will ask any questions) any intruder. Exactly how many have already met this end is impossible to estimate, but every grower knows a few stories.
I use my victim's blood to water my plants.
And I use your IP to triangulate you.
Mresquan you are a complete and total idiot. Of course I already knew that.
I second that.
Who is running against Jimmy Smith for the Board of Supervisors next year? Smith's abstention on this issue is further proof that Jimmy Smith has no place as a public official. Jimmy Smith, if you don't have the backbone to take a position on marijuana legalization AS A HUMBOLDT COUNTY SUPERVISOR then get your spineless self out of office now! Humboldt County has plenty of qualified citizens who can take a stand.
There are many people who could do that job well or at least better than the current Board of Supervisors. When did being on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors become a lifetime position? Let's add a little democracy to our process up here. It's my recollection that Jimmy Smith and John Woolley both ran unopposed last time. That's not acceptable.
"It's my recollection that Jimmy Smith and John Woolley both ran unopposed last time. That's not acceptable."

HEY BIG SHOT! The voters disagree!
"Let's add a little democracy to our process up here."

That sentence is a hint that you are a recent visitor to our fair area. "Up here" indeed! Maybe you'd be more comfortable in the San Francisco or L.A. suburbs from which you sprung yourself.
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