Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The apology

According to the ER, it was Rob Arkley who released the e-mail. To them anyway.

Here it is. Decide for yourself whether it's adequate.
Dear Larry,

I owe you an apology. Last night was neither the time nor the place for me to bring up how your words and deeds have caused great hurt to my family, specifically my daughters. It was impulsive of me. Unfortunately, when I am impulsive, I tend to be single minded (loud) and empathic (louder). I am counting on you as a father and as a political veteran to understand and accept this apology.

I will not belabor the point that I was trying to make to you last night. As you know, I am more than willing to face the slings and arrows that come my way, especially here in Eureka. It is hard for me to express the pain and outrage that I feel when my wife and daughters are needlessly brought in, as you did. I obviously need to adopt a different and better approach when trying to convey to others why I think that it is unfair that my wife and daughters need to suffer because of this.

Again, my apologies for last night.

Larry Glass responded to the ER as follows:
Glass confirmed by e-mail that he originally received Arkley’s letter on Sept. 6. He said it isn’t a “real apology.”

“It should say, ‘I’m sorry I ... 1. physically attacked you twice. 2. I’m sorry I disrespected you by calling you ‘nothing’ and a ‘liar.’ 3. I’m sorry I threatened to destroy you if you didn’t vote for my project. 4. I’m sorry I threatened to destroy your business. 5. I’m sorry I paid to have you followed. 6. I’m sorry I threatened to sue you.’ I feel a real and complete apology would offer some promise of behavior modification for the future. Anyone can plainly see it doesn’t contain any of these. I am still waiting.”
Then Glazer, the new PR guy, reiterated the previous denials of any physical aspect to the confrontation. So far, the only eye-witnesses who have chimed in are Glass, Gans, and one anonymous witness.

I do have to make a few comments. Larry didn't bring Arkley's wife and kids into the fight. But they're in it now. And while it is clearly an apology, when you're apologizing for inappropriate behavior, you don't try to justify it. You just apologize. And Larry is right, there is no promise to refrain from similar behavior in the future. He's almost suggesting that he has no control over it.

But it is an apology. Where to go from here?

Addendum: The TS has a little more detail.

Glass said he found it important that the same day Arkley sent the apology, Gans told The Eureka Reporter -- which is owned by Arkley -- that Glass was acting like a “publicity-seeking politician.”

”You have to weigh that in context with the lack-of-apology apology,” Glass said.

That is certainly odd.

Glass said the topic of Arkley's daughters didn't come up until about halfway through Arkley's “tirade,” and then Arkley only made a passing reference to them.

”He mentioned it, but it was certainly not the paramount thing that he was talking about,” Glass said.

And then Glazer continues the counter-attack.
The conversation at the Avalon, Glazer said, centered around Glass' treatment of Arkley's daughters. First, Glazer said, Glass distributed anti-Arkleyville stickers and T-shirts at his shop, then was insensitive when Arkley's daughters came to talk to him about it. He said Arkley accused Glass of being a liar because Glass said he would stop carrying the anti-Arkleyville paraphernalia but didn't for several weeks.


Glazer also asked why Glass didn't distribute the e-mail to local media after receiving it, called Glass' citing the e-mail's accompanying disclaimer as playing a game and accused Glass of misleading the local media by not owning up to having received the e-mail.

”It's bewildering and somewhat appalling,” Glazer said. “It gives that odor that it's all about politics and manipulating the media.”

If anyone's manipulating the media, Glass said it is not him.

That would sort of be like Oswald apologizing to Kennedy for shooting him in the throat before blowing a hole in his head. Robin misses the point yet again.
Forget Kennedy. This is the equivalent of Santa delivering presents to a naughty boy. Larry deserves coal in his stocking and coal he shall receive! Naughty boy Larry!
Hey, it's 4:20 AM!! Wheres Stephen? Theres some Jew hating that needs to get going!
To be fair to Arkley, it is possible that he was too drunk to remember what happened and his minions are too afraid to tell him what he did. LOL
He probably is very sorry he chose that time and place to assault and threaten Glass. He should have picked a more private setting so there would be no witnesses.
Low life SHARCs looking for another feeding frenzy on a Republican target.

Glass is lucky Arkley didn't punch his lights out. Glass is scraping the barrel along with all the rest of you without anything else to contribute to the community but these vicious witch hunts against your Republican opponents. Very dirty politics and we don't need that kind of shit here in Humboldt County. Take it back to the big city where you guys brought it from.
Our local Pampas Grass people are at it again. An invasive species come in to Humboldt County and taking over where native species were before.

You bring a Leftist anti-community social war-mongering dirty politics philosophy with you and we really could do without it. Take it back to the Bay Area or NYC or Chicago where you got from.
From a third generation Humboldt County resident...


We aren't all inbred idiots like you.
"Dear Larry,

I'm sorry you made so mad."

That, folks, is not an apology. He has not said anywhere in the letter that he is apologizing for any specific actions on his part. Instead, he talks only about what Larry did.

That is a 'wife beater's apology.' "I'm sorry I hurt you, but you made me do it." Not saying Arkley is a wife beater, but he is apologizing by blaming the victim.

For an apology to be legitimate, it has to say what, specifically the person is apologizing for. This letter does not. It is simply not an apology.

BTW, Larry never said he didn't receive an e-mail from Arkley; he only said it didn't count as an apology. He was correct.
It certainly was not the apology that the anonymous said it was going to be. The apology is not going to do to Glass what anonymous said it would do. Why didn’t Arkley apologize for threatening Glass?
The Attack: “You vote against my project and I will destroy you and you business.”
The apology: “I’m sorry you hurt the feelings of my family. I will try not to get angry at you for hurting my family’s feelings.”
It's an attempt to blame the victim. On the day the (adult) Arkley daughters visited Larry Glass about the Arkleyville stickers, Glass was also visited and harangued by Cherie Arkley, Cherie's friend Kathrin Burleson and Brian Morrisey. Separate visits, same topic. Larry talked about it at the time.

Anyway, none of this relates to the criminal investigation. Arkley seems to be making up some personal excuse for what is political (which to him means Business).

Maybe he is getting ready to fold Security National, and wants someone convenient to blame. It would be easy for him to blame all of us who don't work for him or have not been purchased in some financial way - he calls us "socialists". What a guy.
Sixth generation Humboldt pioneer stock here. Stephen, newcomer, you most assuredly do not speak for me.
I am old, 7:12. There are 2 generations after mine still here in Humboldt County. My grandparents were Humboldt County pioneers as well.
Dear Larry,

I owe you an apology. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I shouldn’t have dealt with you in public. I was drunk. Unfortunately, when I am drunk, I tend to be an asshole. I am counting on you to shut the fuck up.

I will not belabor why you are to blame for my actions. As you know, I am more than willing to throw my weight around. It is hard for me to express the pain and outrage that I feel when someone calls me on my bullshit, as you did. I obviously need to deal with you behind closed doors when trying to convey to you why you are wrong.

Again, my apologies for what you did to make me mad last night.
7:20, if you are the third generationer from 5:50, my "newcomer" reference wasn't directed at you. Sorry if it seemed like it was.

Oswald, he's just a patsy.

Now if Kevin Hoover actually apologized for stomping on another journalists' foot during the Arcata City Council debate, THAT would be an apology truly worthy of hell freezing over!
Where we go from here is that you left wing nuts quit harassing people. Larry glass should admit that he is a sniveling little worm and a coward.
feeding frenzy

The only true statement on this thread.
I still say Larry is a Glasshole.
Its an apology. It probably does not affect the legal aspects of the case, and it certainly seems to be a conflicted apology minimizing the behavior (I was loud) and maximizing the mitatigation (I wasn't mad about myself, its my wife and children's peril that aroused me). It also contains an implication of changing behavior.

For the public relations aspect of this, the apology is probably better for Arkley than Glass. I know people can argue about its shortcomings, but the bottom line is that it is an apology whatever its shortcomings.
An interesting thread running through this debate is the pro Arkley people seem to justify violence (he is lucky he didn't get punched out), minimize the assault, and call Glass a coward, (because he went to the police rather than getting physical with Arkley in response??) All neanderthal type thinking which isn't really surprising given their support of this strongman who thinks might makes right.

And no, Ed, saying the word apology does not make it an apology. As has been previously stated, blaming the victim for your bad behavior in an apology negates any remorse for your actions. The only thing he is sorry about is that he did it in public.
Ed - I agree. Arkley will win this PR round. It'll only backfire on him if any neutral eye witnesses confirm the shove, or that his family wasn't the real topic of discussion.
"I did give it a good 48 hours to wait and see if they would step up and take responsibility, and say sorry and we'll try and avoid this happening again. That would have been enough for me, but that didn't happen,” Glass said.
I can’t believe that this little shoving match is even a subject of conversation. I know neither party, so my opinions have no bearing on reality…but.

When Arkley’s daughters confronted Glass about the way he was treating their dad, Glass should have said, “I’m sorry girls, I know you want to protect your dad, but this is between your dad and me”. Glass should have taken his disagreement to Arkley, instead of taking the opportunity to smear his thoughts in Arkley’s daughters faces. When did all this third party fighting start?

I don’t know, but I would imagine that Arkley would be a person with a strong will, or he wouldn’t be the successful person that he is. In my opinion, he showed excellent restraint. Fifty years ago if you had messed with a persons family, that person would have kicked your ass up one side of Two Street and back down the other, and there would have been no apology, and it would have been over with, because it would have been considered as paying a debt of honor. Family transcends politics, and honor is worth fighting for.

With due respect for Ed and Eric, when did we give up on the notion that we could speak for ourselves and not have to do all of are arguing through a third party lawyer? Why have we asked lawyers and politicians to take over our world, or did they do it without our asking? When did we decide to sacrifice our personal character? In today’s society we have no choice, how did that happen? Are we better off?

I don’t know about you, but I would way rather be poked in the nose, and have it done with, that slapped with a lawsuit. We all condemn dog fighting. What are we doing but the same thing when we sic our lawyers after someone instead of standing up for ourselves.

I’ve lived in both worlds. Yesterday’s and today’s. So I’ve seen both. Back then, people were more careful of what they said, because they might have had to instantly back it up. It’s apparent that there are more people today that will run off at the mouth about anything, whether they know anything or not , and try to pass them selves off as “experts”. They can hide behind their curtains of anonymousness, and the less they have to lose, the more mouthy they become. What the heck, they have nothing to lose. I guess now I can include myself in this sorry bunch of losers with this comment.
9:34, you don't know Rob, or DO you? Why not just leave the whole thing to the investigators and the Attorney General. If an elected official was threatened, there should be legal consequences or democratic rule is a farce.
1. It is an apology for what Arkely said happened.

2. Eric - you idiot - hell Glass brought this man's family into it long ago.

3. I wasn't there Eric, but you weren't also so it seems that you have decided to take Glass' version over Arkley's on just a whim.

Get a life - all of you.
2. Eric - you idiot - hell Glass brought this man's family into it long ago.

No, RA brought his family into it by using them in a public way. Look at all the money donated by the ADULT children of RA. They contribute money to push an ideology in the public forum. Yet they are still upset a year later over a small bit of political propaganda not even aimed at them.

If RA is so worried about the fragile emotions of his poor little girls, maybe he should act better in public. They got enough to worry about in dealing with all the foreclosures going on these days.
You are right, I know neither party, and I know nothing of the “shoving match”. But, I’ve been led believe that the shove was over Glass’ treatment of Arkley’s daughters. Which would make the shove seem somewhat justified to my archaic way of thinking. I know that I don’t fit in today’s world.

Why were all the other more pertinent facts never an issue? Why is this all of a sudden a great big deal? Shouldn’t the political intimidation be the great big deal? What is wrong with our priorities? Why does it take a somewhat justified personal shove to get people to take action?

Just so you know where I fit. I don’t think Walmart would be good for Humboldt Co. So, if Arkley is for that, my beef is with him, not his family. I think that the balloon tract should remain a much needed industrial, and shipping area. Parks belong somewhere else. Say, over by the Zoo, and not in the interface of the water and the land. There are plenty of places for water/land parks that are better, and should not be pushing aside an important industrial area. Important to our future, maybe not us.

But then you know what they say, “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”.
Anonymous said...

Oswald, he's just a patsy.

Now if Kevin Hoover actually apologized for stomping on another journalists' foot during the Arcata City Council debate, THAT would be an apology truly worthy of hell freezing over!

Wed Sep 26, 07:53:00 AM

I think Hoover would sooner eat glass than actually admit to letting his grudges get the better of rational thought.
Anonymousness, Obviously you don't have a clue as to what this issue is. Glass never attacked Arkley's family. He had anti Arkleyville bumperstickers and tee shirts in his store OVER A YEAR AGO.

Arkley wants to put a Home Depot on the balloon tract, not a Walmart, although the same argument could be made about Home Depot as Walmart, which we voted down years ago. Using waterfront land for retail stores is very poor land use.

That all being said, words cannot legally justify a physical attack. Intimidation of government officials can never be condoned in a democratic society. If you don't like a politician, run against him or work to replace him. The problem is that some people think the power of their wallets gives them the right to force their will on the rest of us.
I guess we have to define the terms here, don’tcha think?

Larry whines it was not a “real” apology. What he did not hear in the e-mail was an expression that Arkley was “sorry.” Well, Larry, that is because Arkley was not, and is not, “sorry.”

Let’s start with the word “apology,” versions of which Arkley used 3 times in his e-mail to Larry. Here’s one set of definitions:


1. apology - an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone; “he wrote a letter of apology to the hostess”

2.apology - a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly

3.apology - a poor example; “it was an apology for a meal”; “a poor excuse for an automobile”

It is apparent that the Arkley apology letter incorporates both the first and second definitions. He apologized in the form of a “regret” apology by starting off the e-mail with “I owe you an apology.” That tone is clearly regretful. It is not defensive or justifying.

Clearly, later in the e-mail the second definition is in play as Arkley was defending and justifying his actions. He was not sorry to have been defending his family’s name and his wife and daughters’ honor. This fits the second definition of apology, “a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly.”

Finally, in closing, Arkley returned to the regret form of the definition. “Again, my apologies for last night.” This is regret, not defense or justification.

I agree with Ed Denson and Eric Kirk. This e-mail is not xculpatory in any fashion. But it is what it is. Arkley clearly knew what he did was regretful and within 20+ hours of the event he was honorable enough to directly express to Larry his sincere regret; at the same time he used the e-mail to remind Larry that Arkley was formally stating his defense of his wife and daughters. That is not “hiding behind” them, it is defending his family name, clearly something that matters to he and his family. You can mock that sentiment, but he clearly states that is what animated him at the event.

The regret portion of the e-mail includes, as Ed noted, an indication that Arkley wishes he had done it at a different time and place, and that he regrets his manner that evening and hopes to do better in the future.

Yes, by both cited references, it is an apology letter.

What is Larry’s public response? “He didn’t say he was sorry!”

Well, Larry, hell will freeze over before Arkley says he was sorry. He was not sorry, if by that you mean Arkley should forsake his defense of his wife, daughters and family name. I would frankly think less of him if he did express sorrow for having defended his name. And it is silly for Larry to whine about a lack of expressed sorrow in the apology.

Larry comes off as rather precious. By that I mean “precious” as in “Artificially genteel or extremely sophisticated and picky.” Get over it.
Mr. Glazer gets "A" for effort. LOL
Anti-Arkleyville bumperstickers are in no way an attack on the Arkley name. They are a political statement of what direction we DON'T want our town to go. You know, like Potterville in It's a Wonderful Life? There is no slur involved against Arkley or his family unless expressing that we don't want them running our town like dictators is a slur.
11:29 sounds an awful lot like it is coming directly from the mouth of Mr. Glasier.

You got some serious covering up to do buddy!!
Uh, these are not Arkley's little girls anymore, they are adult women who EACH gave $25,000 to the Republican National Committee three years before the Arkleyville buttons showed up.
“Glass never attacked Arkley's family.”
You have better information than I have if you know that to be a fact, as I don’t. What I read leaves some indication that it was over family issues.

Who would have benefited if Walmart had come to town?

Walmart, Home Depot, Outside Interest Mega-Corp. Whatever… an outside corporation nipple to suck the local economy dry. An economy that has little input after the lumber mills and fishing industries have been depleted. Why are we all up in arms over a shove instead of what we should do to feed some money back into Humboldt Co?

It’s sounds like we are not too far apart in our politics. But it’s my opinion ( I know…) that this flap is all stirred up over the wrong issues. Are you saying that “the shove” was over politics, and not family insults? Please cure my obvious naivety.
The Arkley mouthpiece just posted the same exact statement over at Fred's blog.
Anonymousness, The "attack" occurred over a year ago Glass was stocking anti-Arkleyville bumperstickers in his store. THAT was the attack on Arkley's family. Arkley's daughters went into Glass' record store to tell him they were insulted by him stocking anti-Arkley merchandise and he agreed to remove them from his store and did so. Now over a year later Arkley is trying to use these bumperstickers as the excuse for his attempt at intimidating an elected official and, if Glass is to be believed, the issue was the balloon tract, not the "attack" on his daughters. How someone could possibly claim anti-Arkleyville stickers are an attack is beyond me.

Is it any clearer for you now?
You are delusional.
Passing out little stickers that say “No Arkleyville” is bringing Arkley’s family into it? Your world must be intimidating.
You are delusional.
The shove was about Mr. Glass voting or not voting for Arkley’s project. “If you don’t support my project I will destroy you!!” With a shove thrown in. Get it?
That’s what I said.
I've been in Humboldt County since 1975 and I have only met one man claiming to be a local homeboy who identified with the divisive political values of the political leaders from the Pampas Grass people, that massive influx of counterculture refugees from the Bay Area primarily and other urban areas who moved here to get away from urban problems and closer to nature yet who almost instantly when the Lefties arrived, went to war with their Humboldt neighbors because these newcomers did not like what the old-timers did for their living. And that is why it is rare old-time resident here who agrees with Progs or enviros on anything that happens in Humboldt County.

And all you anonymous "old-timers" are R.Trent frauds as far as we can tell who will post anything to discredit those who post expose Prog propaganda and propagandists.
12:25: This is 11:29:

I am so pleased to be omitted from the list of those you consider "delusional." Does this mean you agree with me?
What happens to Larry when the witnesses say there was no shove?
Stephen, look around you. MOST of our elected officials are in bed with the Progs! Proggyproggyproggy.
You are so pathetic Stephen. If I gave my last name even a newcomer like you would recognize it. My grandparents had an original homestead here, my father was born and raised here and the only time he left was to serve in WWII. I went all the way through school here, graduated EHS class of 1969. There are a LOT of us "locals" with progressive values. You don't qualify as a local Stephen. You are a newcomer who should go back to where you came from and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
Stephen, you are embarrassing yourself.
11:29 12:47
No I do not agree with you. To say that Arkley was defending his family name is disingenuous. You know it and I know it. Arkley was not defending his family name but manufacturing an excuse to threaten a public official in my opinion. Those little stickers had nothing to do with the family name but rather with what Arkley was/is trying to do.
Steve Lewis only uses “Prog” because he cannot spell Progressive or Liberal. It doesn’t bother me though. I’m proud to be a Progressive and Liberal. Damn proud!!
12:59 -- You obviously do not know Mr. A.

Your take on it is irrelevant.

All that is relevant is what Mr. A felt and was speaking to Larry about that evening. We were not there but Mr. A apologized and defended his actions by relating it to defense of his family name. Larry agreed the issue was raised.

You don't believe him? Who cares what you believe?

Mr. A had never before met with Mr. G. That was in the early reports. So, though it may have been a year old issue, that meeting may well have been his first opportunity to tell Mr. G what he thought of his sticker and t-shirt campaign of 2006.

That is relevant.
REAL old-timers wouldn't be scared of identifying themselves. You anons won't because you know that if REAL ol' timers read your names you would be eating crow if they found out you were lending their name to the people who are driving their friends and families out of work.
I use "Prog" because it rhymes with "frog".

You know, like the plague in the Moses story..
Hey Stephen, what is the optimal oven temperature for Jew babies?
Hey progs, Get a life!
Another blog soon to die from the dreaded Stephen plague.
Can anyone explain this to me...

"Anti-Arkleyville bumperstickers are in no way an attack on the Arkley name.

They are a political statement of what direction we DON'T want our town to go."

What does that statement mean in English?
Stephen is a troll, albeit an unusually unpleasant and aggressive one.

Trolls are most effectively addressed by aggressive moderation. Where the blog owner is not willing to take that step, it's best to ignore them, as it's engagement they seek.

Otherwise, we're left with asking Eric to ban him.
thanks for the blog Eric - the nutjobs of the county need another place to post other than Heraldo.

Frankly, most in my office are laughing their asses off at Glass over this.
Will the rest of Eureka sympathizes with Larry.
Eric please ban Stephen.
As long as Stephen continues to express himself briefly, I hope he will not be banned.

No, I do not agree with him most of the time, but that is not the point.

If people disagree with him, they can offer their own arguments. It is fundamentally unAmerican to ban a person from public discourse because they respresent a minority viewpoint. It is not the way to arrive at the Truth.
Eric - I challenged you some time ago regarding pc 71 stating that it requires a true thread of physical injury. I also asked you to come back with authority to say that any type of threat would be included under section 71. You either couldn’t or wouldn’t. Please consider the following by the court:

“Next we consider the source of the requirement that the statement created a reasonable belief in the recipient that it would be carried out. The text of section 71 does not reference the belief of the recipient of the purported threat or the reasonableness of that belief. Nevertheless, the requirement exists because it is inherent in the definition of a true threat, which is affected by the constitutional limitations imposed by the First Amendment. (See Virginia v. Black, supra, 538 U.S. at pp. 358-359 [a "true threat" includes a statement made to communicate a serious expression of intent to commit an unlawful act of violence to an individual or group].) The following quote from Monterroso illustrates this point:
"'"As long as the threat reasonably appears to be a serious expression of intention to inflict bodily harm [citation] and its circumstances are such that there is a reasonable tendency to produce in the victim a fear that the threat will be carried out," a statute proscribing such threats "is not unconstitutional for lacking a requirement of immediacy or imminence."' (People v. Hines [(1997)] 15 Cal.4th [997,] 1061, quoting In re M.S. (1995) 10 Cal.4th 698, 714 ….)" (People v. Monterroso, supra, 34 Cal.4th at p. 776.) “

btw - the rest of eureka is laughing at Glass
"the rest of eureka is laughing at Glass."

Is he being destroyed?And please explain"rest of Eureka".I was there for some time and didn't see anything like that.
Sure 1:38, I can speak to functional illiterates when necessary. Have you seen the movie, It's a Wonderful Life? The richest man wanted to control the entire town. When George Bailey committed suicide, Mr. Potter was able to take over and the town name was changed to Potterville and life deteriorated there. Not wanting an Arkleyville is not an attack on Arkleys, just a political statement that we prefer a democratic form of government for our town and not a dictatorship. No matter how much good the Arkleys do for Eureka, they are never going to control us. Gifts come without a price tag. If you expect payment it isn't a gift.

Do you get it now?
I don’t think Steven should be banned. Some of the comments that he makes are dead-on.

Now if he would just become wise enough to drop the rants about the middle-eastern people, and quit claiming that he talks to God. It would work wonders for him.

But he is learning to be breif enough for people to read his postings. That's good!
Then you need to get out more Mark.
This is the Stepen Lewis auxilliary blog and vomitorium.

Maid and garbage man: Eric.
Is 1:38 the same person as 9:34 and 10:41?
What is ALSO relevant is what Mr. Glass perceived the argument to be about. It was reported that “according to Glass, Arkley also repeatedly called him a “liar” and threatened to destroy Glass' business if he didn't vote for "his project" (presumably the Balloon Track proposal)”. Just because “Mr. A” “apologized and defended his actions by relating it to defense of his family name” does not mean that the threat and shove was related to said defense. It does not appear that Mr. a. apologized for what Mr. a. said to Mr. Glass about the his vote. If all Mr. a. was talking about was the sticker and t-shirt campaign then he should not have threatened to destroy Mr. Glass because of his vote on the Balloon Track proposal. Therein lies the biggest problem Mr. a. has. The threat of what would happen to Mr. Glass if he did not vote the way Mr. a. wanted him to vote. Mr. Glass said he thought he was threatened about his vote so Mr. a. should have at least told Mr. Glass there was no threat about a vote but the threat/argument/altercation was about calling his family names if that was what Arkley was really talking about.
Whoever wrote that Apology for RA is brilliant! Hallmark needs to find this person, and get this kind of card on the market. How to say your sorry (sort of).

This is like Bush discarding the world's sympathy after 911. Larry had it all, then he had to go and say Arkley didn't apologize. Now Larry looks like the deceiver. Good going Larry, you accomplished the impossible. You lost a credibility contest with Arkley.
Larry could have been a Better Man, and accepted this, and moved on. What fun is that? Promise of Behavior Modification? Are you kidding me? A kid who likes to eat paste needs behavior modification.

"Is 1:38 the same person as 9:34 and 10:41?"

No, I signed all of mine "anoymousness"
So Eric:

Another dimension, that seems important to posters on all sides is what was actually said. Did your witness, Dennis the Menace's next door neighbor report any of the conversation?

So was it "you trashed my kids" or "We will bury you" Or both or neither?

An observation....a whole lot of people seem to be splitting hairs with surgical precision to condemn one or the other of the parties to this. Desperately clinging to their positions and good guy/bad guy way of evaluating any issue or dispute.

Clearly, they all screwed up. Arkley, in shooting his mouth off and Glass in making a huge issue out of an otherwise predictable dust up given the monumental egos on both sides of the table. And the partisan bloggers who seem to lack the ability to get past predjudices, to the facts in a dispute that is absent merit beyond the players.
true enough, the only FACT here that is worth mentioning is the fact that a CITY COUNCILMAN was threatened to vote a certain way...

Is that something you think or something you know?
FACTS not in evidence


That's unless you allow yourself to be persuaded by the spin.

It's a shit storm....the facts are fleeting and the opinions/assumptions prevail. Even your esteemed self 5:10. Unless you were there. weren't there. were you 5:10?

You didn't hear aything and didn' see anything and that is exactly my point.

I WAS there. I didn't hear anything and didn't see anything and Dennis the Menace's next door neighbor, upon closer examination didn't either.

So my question for you is can you separate what you know from what you choose to believe?
I am bothered by all the people who were there who "saw nothing, heard nothing." What is the truth? I would not care one way or the other if not for the fact that people seem to be unable to speak freely (other than on the blogs). Is it a matter of not wanting to get involved or fear? At this point, people just want honesty. All the "he said, she said" is getting tiresome and going nowhere.
Larry could have been a Better Man, and accepted this, and moved on.

Larry should have accepted revisionist history that Arkley was standing up for his daughters?

Get a grip, boy. Maybe Arkley should also apologize for kicking the Chinese out of Humboldt. It would be just as relative.
Get a grip? Take your own advice. Who asks for behavior modification? A city council man. Heraldo, I beg you. Save your Sunday School Nun slap for somebody who gives two cents.

Thanks for admitting your two cents is worthless.
And yours, Herlarryous? Are your impersonations of not being Larry or Mark on your blog worth anything when you try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes with phony internet IDs? Scam artist caught with his pants down and his big hairy butt hanging out for all to see, that's you, Heraldo.
Hey Stephen, what's the optimal oven temperature for Jew babies?
Stephen, you've only been here since 1975, and you're pretending to speak for the old guard of Humboldt? That's funny. My ancestors buried in our family cemetery on the homestead in the Upper Mattole would laugh at you for that.

Some of them would probably have agreed with some aspects of your politics, and others less so, but all would make fun of you for your silly presumptions. Just as I do, newcomer.
Despite your appetite for hairy butts, Stephen, you've failed to correctly identify mine.
"... we prefer a democratic form of government for our town and not a dictatorship."

Um, I live in a Republic, not a Democracy.

I live in a country of laws, NOT majority rules.

And judging by the pat elections our Republic is doing just fine, thank you.

If you think that Rob Arkley has his way with everything in this county, think again.

Bill Pierson has about as much local political power as Arkley.

Should we come out with Anti-Bill Pierson stickers and pro-home Depot stickers?

What if Mike Jones or Polly Endert post these stickers at their place of business? (Leonard is a civil servant and Kerrigan... does he even have a job at age 28?)

Can you imagine the uproar if Jones or Endert posted Anti-Bill Pierson stickers?

Yet we give Glass a free pass?

What's up with that?
"Yet we give Glass a free pass? "

What does that have to do with him getting assulted and threatened in multiple ways?

Quit changing the subject.
"Should we come out with Anti-Bill Pierson stickers and pro-home Depot stickers?"

Absolutely!! Hell you've got stickers and sweatshirts out already!!
And yeah get those anti-Pierson stickers out ASAP.
We can have a competition to see burns through their stacks fastest,anti-Arkleyville vs anti-Pierson.
Cripes Konkler....

you are one true horses ass
Somehow I doubt Pierson would lose his cool and make it about his kids.
A remora...

know about them?

Little fish that attach themselves to sharks for the scraps.

In this case it's independent discretion or origninal thought. You my friend are devoid of both.

You add nothing to the discourse except an arrogant suggestion that you really know what you're talking about.......and of course, you don't.

Get a hobby.
"pro-home Depot stickers?""

Well I remember Security National sending out mailers(8 pages I believe) in support of Home Depot.
Maybe Shane should've sent out Anti-Arkleyville mailers instead of putting stickers at various locations.
Let's make it about Pierson's wife. Isn't she "collateral damage" in this fight?

Now let's see how calm Billy Boy remains.
Didn't get an apology in 48hours? Glass is a lying bag of shit. That is now a proven fact. I wouldn't trust Larry Glass further than I could spit. Who known what else will surface about this creep's sleazy way of doing business before this is over.
Um, the point here is that he did get an e-mail from Arkley, which he noted right away, but he has not received anything that could charitably be called an apology. Please pay attention!
Stephen, you are correct. Everything you say has been enlightening. Now go away.

And what is this "I live in a Republic" crap, as if it didn't mean a DEMOCRATIC Republic? Our people die for democracy.
Nancy, you're are such a cunt!

You know you're on here!!
Wow! Didn't know Mike Jones was a blogger.
he has not received anything that could charitably be called an apology.

Tell it to the judge, it WAS an apology. Larry lied and said he didn't get one. No matter what way you try to spin it, Larry fucked up.
And trains return to Eureka
"Despite your appetite for hairy butts, Stephen, you've failed to correctly identify mine."

Heraldo, you act like you're proud of being a community asshole jerking the public around with phony IDs.

Pretty childish or pretty sick politically..
Larry Glass' advisors (RE: Salzman) must be more stupid (or is it “stupider”) than I thought if they actually believed that Rob Arkley would put an apology in writing that:

1. I committed a crime against an elected public official

2. I’m putting in writing that I committed a crime against an elected public official

3. Please have me arrested using my own words against me in court

4. Please file a civil lawsuit against me

How dumb are these people?
6:32, nobody ever thought Arkley would do that, which makes Arkley's e-mail look even more like a fast attempt to make up for committing a felony.

Exactly, 6:32! That is precisely the point! How could Arkley's e-mail be called an apology when he cannot even take ownership of his actions? It is impossible for someone to apolgize for something while simultaneoulsy insisting that they didn't do it.
Arkleys' e-mail is an apology like that S.Lewis guy is human.
In both cases sorry excuses for pretending to be what they are not!
I don't buy the family name bit. I think he is grasping at straws to try to explain his bad behavior. I've been poked fun of because of my last name. Remember the song The Name Game? Well, you can bet I've heard that song many times. And I've never gotten mad and accused folks of insulting my daughters because of it. That would be nuts. He'd really be going nuts with my last name.
108 comments? We had all better get lives.
I beg to differ Ed. What makes you say that? Don't you think that's a little harsh? --get a life? --how about we consider probation? Where's the evidence? Do you really mean 'all'? Can you show us some examples? Will I have a better chance of getting a life with a 215? Please answer these simple questions.
Ed, just go back to eating at your buffet's, nobody's interested in your criticisms.
Yeah Ed, go back to stuffing your face with crepes and red wine.
I'm sorry that Larry withdrew his Arkleyville stickers. I would like more.

Rob Arkley's daughters & wife involved themselves by confronting Larry. It isn't as though Larry tried to involve them. What is this? The little women need protection?
larry didnt even make the stickers. he was given them to hand out.....why didnt the arkley's approach the person who created and handed out the stickers if they were so concerned?
Larry even stopped handing them out when the little Arkley girls asked him to.
before I even read this thread I want to point out that Lary Glass is a whimp and an AH over this whole deal !
More bad news on the Regressive front...

Seems that Michael Wilson, Larry's one and only eye witness, is having memory loss when questioned by the EPD.

Maybe it's the perjury thing with jail time and fines for lying.

Or maybe Larry Glass made the whole thing up from his conspiracy imagination.

Either way, not looking good for the Glass Man.

Does this mean that Larry Glass will have to apologize for distributing the Anti-Arkleyville stickers in the first place?

Maybe I can get someone to make up “Cracked Glass” stickers for me to distribute at my place of work.

Turnabout is fair play.
Uh huh. Nice try.
The witness is so friggin' articulate it will blow you away.
"Seems that Michael Wilson, Larry's one and only eye witness, is having memory loss when questioned by the EPD."

When did Michael Wilson make a statement? Where are your facts?

Betcha this comes straight from the offices of of Security National, or Glasier's PR firm. Unbelievable.

And you gotta love the LTE in the E-R this morning... A schoolgirl in Utah know's that Larry is lying about what happened that night. 100 bucks says the Arkley's are trying to get anyone to write in to their paper discrediting Glass.

Does anyone really think the Eureka Reporter is unbiased? Read the letters that they choose to publish, their editorials, and their endorsements.
Maggie Craig is a fine young woman who states in her LTE that she is Allison Arkley's best friend. I know it astounds some of you, but the Arkleys actually have friends who like them for the people they are, not for their money.

Maggie and Allison grew up as children in the same neighborhood. They played together and matured together. Maggie believes her friend, Allison, when she reports that Glass referred to she and her sister, Elizabeth, as "collateral damage" in a war he was engaged in with CREG over the Marina Center project.

Now, if we allow that the Arkleys have real friends, and that they share things that happen in their lives with their real friends, then the LTE is corroboration of Allison Arkley's report. That makes Maggie's letter to the editor relevant and important.

Glass has positioned himself as a victim in this case; he may be better characterized by his own words, "an insurgent" in a war over the Marina Center, who tells the Arkley daughters they are merely "collateral damage" in that war.

If Glass told the Arkley girls that they are "collateral damage," that is relevant to his state of mind in the way Glass is dealing with their father in this alleged incident.

Who's the bully, now, Larry?
9:26 - you really are a closeminded prick. What I read in that letter is that the girl from utah was a friend of one of the Arkley daughters who corroborated the fact that Glass called she and her sister “collateral damage.” Funny thing is that I do not find this unbelievable. Everything that Glass and his goons do is justified as collateral damage as long as they get their way. There is no morality, no ethics involved.

I think that we should start referring to Larry as “Shattered Glass.” It is so much more appropriate.

I am looking forward as to exactly what Shattered Glass’ one witness says to the cops. I hope he remembers that lying to an officer will get him jail.
"Who's the bully, now, Larry?"

Anon 9:54
Anon 9:49 (aka Steven Glasier)

So do you honestly believe that Arkley was threatening Larry over his daughters, not the Marina Center proposal? Do you honestly think Arkley didn't say A WORD about the Marina Center in his rant? Do you honestly think Arkley didn't threaten him if he voted for in favor of the Marina Center? Or you really think Arkley didn't threaten to harm Larry's business?

This whole story has NOTHING to do with Arkley's daughters other than the fact that they don't care for the anti-arkley stickers that were handed out in Larry's store.

If you believe that Arkley was threatening Glass about his daughters, then you either must have been a witness and heard it yourself, or you believe that EVERYTHING Larry stated in his claim is a blatant lie.

I doubt you'll answer these questions. YOu just continue to throw the family issue in there. Talk about collateral damage!
Since Rob Arkley apparently couldn't afford to at least buy a cell phone over the past year and a half so that he could call Larry and talk to him,maybe we should set up a donation fund for him as a way to repay him for some of the donations he's made to the city.
You are one to talk about ethics. This is precisely why witnesses don't come forward in this situation. They fear being slandered and maligned just like you are doing.
The only chance Arkley has to escape these charges is if no one comes forward as a witness.

You better believe that Security National is hard at work contacting everyone that was at that event.

Gans and Morressey are earning their pay this month, no doubt.
"This is precisely why witnesses don't come forward in this situation."

To say that it's not happening is only speculation.
Care to comment Anon 9:54?


Anon 9:49? (aka Steven Glasier)
make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family, make it about the family

-Steven Glasier
The only chance Arkley has to escape these charges is if no one comes forward as a witness.

There is another way - Larry is lying.
Make it about the family! Make it about the family!

Never mention the Marina Center! Never mention the Marina Center!

-Steven Glasier, PR Spin Machine
What makes the claim about the "collateral damage" remark seem highly unlikely is that Glass DID remove the merchandise that the Arkleys found offensive. If his attitude was as beligerant as the girls now claim, why would he have done that? I don't buy it. Why get so upset over something that was resolved the way you wanted a year ago?

If Arkley was that upset over the insult to his name on the anti-Arkley stickers or the way that Glass supposedly treated his daughters, he could have spoken to Glass about it at any time over the ensuing year. This reminds me of men who encourage their wives to pick fights so they can justify battery as defending their women folk.
Mr. Brokenglass is a moral midget. To call Mr Arkley's family members 'collateral damage' shows where Mr. Groundglass's values are--in the gutter. How would Shatteredglass feel if the shoe was on the other foot and his family was being harassed. That is, if Mr. Crackedglass even has a family. What's become very obvious is that Shatteredglass has no family values which leads me to believe he has no community values either. Mr. Arkley has apologized, we're still waiting for your
apology Larry. Those who live in Glass houses shouldn't lie. Glass can be seen through.
Thank you anon 11:29, for making it all about the family. Make sure to never mention the marina center in any of your posts!

-Steven Glazer
PS - All parents know that kids lie for their friends all the time, even nice kids. Nothing earth shattering there. Employees also lie for their bosses.
Ms. Craig's "testimony" is hearsay and wouldn't be allowed in a courtroom. It is possible that Allison did tell her that Glass said they were collateral damage. That doesn't make it true.
You anti-arkley folks are really pathetic.

that you would attack the family is pathetic.

that Glass evidently has no character to continue this is pathetic.

All of you haters on each side are pathetic.
11:18 - you are confused to say that that is hearsay and not allowed in a courtroom. It is not hearsay and would be admissible if ShatteredGlass denied saying it.
Saying that Glass has no character is pretty pathetic.

Honorable people stand up to be counted when powerful people try to circumvent the democratic process by intimidating our elected officials. That is what Glass is doing. People who can't understand this obviously have no honor themselves.
1:18, you are an idiot. Ms. Craig doesn't claim that she heard Glass say it, just that Allison told her he said it. That is hearsay and hearsay is not admissible. DUH!!
Thank you anon 11:21, for making it all about the family.

-Steven Glazer
hearsay rule

A rule of evidence that prohibits secondhand testimony at a trial. For example, if an eyewitness to an accident later tells another person what she saw, the second person's testimony is hearsay.
Money talks, Glass breaks.
How DISGUSTING 11:41!!

Shows you have no honor. Just another one of the prostitutes who thinks money can buy anything. Pathetic.
Whether it is admissible in court or not is beside the point. Everyone now knows that Glass said it. To call someone's family 'collateral damage' is beyond the pale. Glass reputation will suffer for his poor choice of words. He's sinking slowly into the muck.
Bloggers talk, prostitutes walk.
Thank you anon 11:47, for making it all about the family. Remember, never mention the Marina Center in this context.

-Steven Glazer
Obviously not everyone believes Glass said it. IDIOT. I don't believe it. It makes no sense that he would call them collateral damage and then do what they requested. His removal of the offending material shows he took their concerns seriously.

Most people know this has nothing to do with his family and everything to do with the Marina Center.
You and a few others. Most people believe the Arkleys and their friends for good reason. They have a solid reputation and are honored for their generous contributions to society. The Arkleys have a lot of integrity, Glass is quickly loosing any he may have had.
Great anon 12:401! Integrity, generous contributions, honored cirizens, I love it! Maybe next time, mention something about their family, especially their daughters.

But remember, don't ever say anything regarding the marina center!

-Steven Glazer
People don't lose their integrity by standing up to a rich bully, Idiot. The Arkley's have lots of money and there are lots of people who want some of it. That doesn't make them friends.

Having lots of money doesn't mean you have integrity. Integrity isn't something you can buy. But it can buy prostitutes who will testify that you have some. LOL
I might be missing something. Is this that Robin Arkley that helped Eureka finish the Boardwalk?

And helped fix the zoo?

Rebuilt the Daly's into an Entertainment Center?

Redone some of the ugly Eureka 5th Street corridor?

Bought a useless piece of land (Balloon track) and wants it to be cleaned up and used by the public? (And offered in the past to buy this same land and give it to the city and they said "no"?)

Hires many people paying living wages and paying for their children’s education? Helping our economy through tax revenues and supplying workers who buy locally?

Built the new CO-Op for all to enjoy? (And gives us great Flatmo art?)

Must be some other Rob I am guessing. Robin Arkley is a local boy from Arcata High.

Rose is right. Why should the Arkley family spend another dime on this area?

And just what has Larry brought to the table locally? Oh yes, Larry is from Los Angeles area.
I sure wish that Eric would get back, we’re running out of mud to sling, names to call, and reputations to besmirch.
Your calling Arkley's daughter's friend a prostitute shows us that you are as much a liar as Mr. Batteredglass from L.A. Or maybe you are him.
YES! YES anon 1:41 PM! Glass loves prosititutes! Arkley loves and protects his family! Perfect!

Keep up the good work.

-Steven Glazer
Sorry, I meant 1:48 PM.

But I'm sure if someone posted at 1:41, they would have said the same thing!

-Steven Glazer
Oh god - now we have another legal scholar at 11:39 -

ok try this one

Evidence of a statement previously made by a witness that is consistent with his testimony at the hearing is inadmissible to support his credibility unless it is offered after:

(a) Evidence of a statement made by him that is inconsistent with any part of his testimony at the hearing has been admitted for the purpose of attacking his credibility, and the statement was made before the alleged inconsistent statement; or

(b) An express or implied charge has been made that his testimony at the hearing is recently fabricated or is influenced by bias or other improper motive, and the statement was made before the bias, motive for fabrication, or other improper motive is alleged to have arisen.
Cal Evid Code § 791

or this one...

In examining a witness concerning a statement or other conduct by him that is inconsistent with any part of his testimony at the hearing, it is not necessary to disclose to him any information concerning the statement or other conduct.

Cal Evid Code § 769

The fact is that you don’t know squat 11:39. Were you one of the idiots who helped pen that truly lousy PL appellate brief filed by Gallegos that I just read on line?
1:58 is a functional illiterate. No one called Ms. Craig a prostitute you intellectual midget.
Maybe 12:00 could enlighten us all as to the section on hearsay which pertains to this case? No, I didn't think so. LOL
Above should have been 2:12.
02:38:00 PM, What you say is vapid and empty of any meaningful dialog or original thought. Your ability for debate amounts to 'I know you are but what am I?' I think it's time for your nap, you better crawl back into your glasshole, LOL!
I already enlightened are just to dense to grasp it.

Sounds like Arkley's lawyer isn't the smartest tool

Maybe hire the "Dream Team?"

Worked for O.J.
Ouch - I think the potshot about the lame PL case rattled someone’s cage here. Maybe it is the same that you Ken? Still trying to play lawyer instead of sticking to being the pot doctor.
People who have no substance to their debates always seem to degenerate into claiming you are someone you are not as an attempt to divert attention from the subject at hand which is, I remind you, that Arkley threatened and assaulted an elected official to dissuade him from voting the way his constituents want him to vote. Trying to make this about him defending his family is patently ridiculous so now you are making crazy claims about the identity of posters who are opposed to a Home Depot on the balloon tract. The voters already said no to a big box retail outlet on that site. Trying to circumvent the process with intimidation character assasination isn't going to work either.
Sorry 2:12. Nothing in your cut and paste is relevant to this case but you obviously don't understand what you posted and that is why you can't state definitively which section would apply. Did you get your law degree at Regent Law School?
"an attempt to divert attention from the subject at hand which is, I remind you, that Arkley threatened and assaulted an elected official to dissuade him from voting the way his constituents want him to vote"

NO, NO, NO!! Nobody said a thing about the Marina Center! This is about family! Glass hates Mr. Arkley's family!

Remember: Family, Family, Family!!

-Steven Glazier
The glass support team doesn't get it. The Marina issue leads straight back to the harassment of Arkley's family. Glass will undoubtedly buckle under the weight of the facts. Referring to the Arkley girls as "collateral damage" is indisputable evidence of Glass's underhanded attack on Arkley and Glass will have to answer to that in court. But the main thing that you don't get is that your straw-man arguments are not helping Glass's case any. They are merely driving his standing in the community further to the depths while Arkley comes out smelling like a rose. Keep it up guys and thanks. LMSLBO
IF Glass said the daughters were collateral damage, which I doubt considering that he acquiesced to their request that he stop distributing anti-Arkleyville materials, that has no bearing on an assault and threats on an elected official. That is what you Arkleyites don't seem to understand. Mere words cannot justify a physical attack. Even if Glass called them foul names that would not legally justify a physical attack. It must really suck trying to defend the indefensible. I hope Arkley puts a little extra in your xmas stockings this year. You have certainly earned it.
" while Arkley comes out smelling like a rose"


It's about family, harassment, and collateral damage! But you mentioned the marina center- can you re-post and delete that?

-Steven Glazier, PR Mastermind
Glass stopped carrying the stickers over a year ago. Why didn't Arkley pay a visit to The Works and speak face to face WHILE the stickers were still available?

Maybe because it took a drunken night at Avalon, when the Marina Center was the hot topic given the Coastal Commission mixer?

Wow, it sure was hard to come to that conclusion-
Even Larry said he took the stickers out "about a month later" - so if he was moved by their plea (which he says he was) he let them suffer for a few weeks - just for good measure.
Now you are making stuff up.

*Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain*
Listen to the the KHUM interview yourself

Larry says something like "about a month after that I backed away from any involvement in distributing the stickers in my store"
that would not legally justify a physical attack.

Try 'alleged' physical attack. Idiot! Arkley's team of sharp as a tack lawyers will make mush out these flimsy and dull arguments that you repeatedly and ignorantly keep pushing forth about Glass being "attacked" over the marina "issue". Sorry that just doesn't wash.
On the other hand Arkley's family was attacked by Glass. And this was perpetuated over an extended period of time. That has now been substantiated by published testimony. Why did Glass wait so long to remove the offensive material from his store? Eh? I hate to have to inform you of this, but the truth of the matter is that Glassholes's chances are looking worse every minute.
Still missing the FACT that distributing anti-Arkleyville stickers in no way constitutes an attack. Political speech is still legal even in Arkley world.
People who claim Arkley didn't assault Glass, but then try to justify that assault by claiming he was defending his family from an "attack" by a bumpersticker are just too funny. This is going to be very entertaining for a long time to come.

If Glass really did call those baby Arkleys collateral damage he should be ashamed. What sort of henious person would call little girls something like that? That has to be the worst thing I have ever heard!! NOT!!

Oh, that's right. Dubya calls dead Afghani and Iraqi girls collateral damage, as well as any other life form in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We know that it's legal. You don't have to keep repeating yourself like a machine without an off button. The issue being discussed is Glass's integrity and ethical standing. His reputation and good name, if he ever had one, is now damaged beyond repair. Mr. Glasshole and his support team may not understand what family values and moral and ethical behavior constitutes in this community being from down south, themselves recently transplanted from L.A. and the bay area. Go back to where you came from or learn the ways of the community you live in. What have you contributed in the way of donations and charity to this community? Oh that's right your not one us "evil rich people". What you are is a jealous little nobody with a misinformed grudge against progress and social evolution. Get a life.
"His reputation and good name, if he ever had one, is now damaged beyond repair."

Is that what Arkley meant when he said he would destroy him? Us local yokels aren't as stupid as you seem to think. We know how you crooked fat cats operate. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.
This happens to be where I come from. You are obviously just another of those frightwing idiots who scream "Love it or leave it" to anyone who doesn't bow down to your corruption.

There are a lot more of us "nobodies" than there are you rich guys. Probably why you don't like the democratic process.
And they grind glass.
"...what family values and moral and ethical behavior constitutes in this community..."


-Steven Glazier
Don't look now 06:09:00 but you just admitted to your jealousy.
Is that you, Rob? You sound pretty upset. Have you been drinking again?

Us nobodies seem to be able to ruffle your feathers quite easily.
These Arkleyites really have some problems comprehending basic English. Stating a fact that there are a lot more nobodies than there are rich is somehow admitting jealousy? LMAO!!
5:52 just admitted that he doesn't believe in the democratic process. He thinks the rich should rule over the rest of us nobodys.

Is it any surprise that he is a conservative? They are still mourning the loss of King George.
The good ole boy network really hates it when the peons get uppity.
Sorry but it's not about money, it's about social norms and values and traditional codes of conduct. Whereas the Arkleys embody admirable values like honor, duty, courage, and loyalty, Glass and his followers are inherently corrupt and immoral.
In the end it is the courts as well as competition in the free market that will decide the fate of this issue and influence the way forward towards moral health and economic growth in our community.
Yeah, and Dubya is a war hero.

You are losing control and it is eating you up. We know all about you freaks who claim moral superiority and then buy prostitutes, male and female, cheat on your wives, cheat on your taxes, and rob the treasury with your corporate welfare and no-bid contracts.

You don't know the meaning of integrity or honor. You can't buy either.
buy prostitutes, male and female, cheat on your wives, cheat on your taxes, and rob the treasury with your corporate welfare and no-bid contracts

Your claims are merely theoretical. You are generalizing and it makes you look stupid. What's the matter, unable to keep your attention on the matter at hand? Your abstractions and ramblings stem from an idealism which I have no interest in. I am discussing applied ethics, something no doubt beyond your intellectual grasp. We were discussing the specific behaviors of specific individuals, remember? Probably not, seeing as concrete facts seem to be something that you, living in your world of ideals and delusion, are unfamiliar with.
"Sorry but it's not about money, it's about social norms and values and traditional codes of conduct. Whereas the Arkleys embody admirable values like honor, duty, courage, and loyalty"


couldn't have said it better myself

-Steven Glazier, PR Superhero
No, you claimed that "Glass and his followers are inherently corrupt and immoral." That is a generalization, Sir. You should know that people can disagree with Mr. Arkley and not be a follower of Mr. Glass.

And FYI, there is no such thing as the free market in the US.
Don't waste your time on the hypocritical faux moralists. He calls people immoral and corrupt without any specifics. Apparently opposing a big box store means you are going to hell in his world.
Yes, the more they rant about family values and morals, the more corrupt they are. This guy must be one kinky FREAK!!
Moral family guys are always getting drunk and pushing around elected officials. That's how you can spot them.
Are you posting from Orinda or are you still here, Mr. Glazer? Your overblown rhetoric is very amusing.

Arkley is fighting evil in his quest to build a Home Depot on waterfront property. Anyone who opposes Arkley's quest is on the dark side and is going to hell.
Family! Family! Family!

Arkley didn't say a word about the Marina Center at the mixer- He's a family man first and foremost.

What is the Marina Center anyway? Never heard of it.

-Steven Glazier

The funny thing, the interesting thing that can be observed here, is that the rantings here on this blog, especially for the last day or so have been from one, maybe two(three at the most people)...

Hey, "family guy,Glaizer"...(snark)

It was clever a couple of times, and yes though it is annoying ad nauseum, you defeat your own purpose through the sheer volume of your posts....

Its obvious that it is one person....

shit dude(ette?) I could post a hundred times and give the impression that there are people massing at the gates of Arkelyville...or Heraldoville for that matter...

Point is, its still just two or three of you and beyond the insulated world of these specific blogs, it means

and to werent there, I wasnt there, and we dont KNOW what happened...


wow, a feat not seen since the latter days of reggae rising...
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