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Local thinker on the "meaning of matter"

Some of you may know Douglas George, a good friend of mine and a former resident of Sohum now inhabiting Eureka (his wife Bonnie Burgess now gracing the airwaves of KHSU with her early music collection, having formerly done the same for KMUD). He is working on a paper entitled Vacuum Density Gradients, Spheroidal Singularities, Black Holes, and The Meaning of Matter.

His thesis is essentially that matter is nothing. Or more precisely, matter is simply a manifestation of space itself.

Please don't start with the spiritual-babble which became trendy in the 1980's with the distribution of books like The Tao of Physics and The Dancing Wu Li Masters, or more recently with What the Bleep - in which the Aquarian Conspiracy types claimed that science in the form of quantum mechanics had merged with eastern spirituality. Most of the adherents were heavy on the spiritual-babble and facile with regard to the science, greatly oversimplifying what they didn't understand. Despite the Zenesque implications, Douglas is pretty much a materialist in his view of the universe. He won't want to hear about how his thesis, if true, reinforces your spiritual views. If he's feeling polite, he'll try not to yawn.

I don't follow much of the paper (and I have no idea what the diagram above represents - click on it to enlarge), but maybe there are some out there who can follow it all and give him some useful feedback.

His site has some other interesting stuff as well.

God gave me this insight to the nature of Black Holes at Easter of 1979. While I am certainly not a physicist, I am a polymath and I'd like to share this vision with your physics friend and the rest of you.

The end of the Universe and Key to the Unified Field Theory:

Black Holes are the keys to the physical ending of our known universe and the keys to the discovery of the mathematical formulas which attempt to unite the puzzling similarities between the structures and forces operating in the macro-universe of stars, galaxies, and gravitational attraction, and the structures and forces of the micro-universe of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and electromagnetism. Black Holes are also the key to the mystery of where hydrogen atom come from.

Science tells us that Black Holes are the last stage in the evolution of stars of sufficient mass that have so exhausted their atomic fuel in continuous fusion reaction that the remaining atomic matter loses internal coherence and self-implodes. This inward collapse of each atom's nuclear structure in turn creates a compressive effect that allows for incredible densities to occur in the remaining star matter. These superdensities in their turn create supergravitational "pulls" which become strong enough in Black Hole stars to literally suck all radiation energy still remaining back into the stars themselves including radiated light so that all that can be seen of such stars are areas of lightless space- Black Holes.

Insights I have received would add these observations: Black Holes are the recycling centers of the universe and the universe's brakes on itself, on its outward expansion created from the original Big Bang explosion of its birth. Black Holes are distributed throughout time and space matching the distribution of stars. Black Holes act as literal vacuum cleaners of all matter and energy, and most importantly, time itself. The force of gravity (or curvature of space) is so immense in the Black Hole phenomena that following Einstein's theory of relativity, timed events slow to a complete stop as they disappear altogether in the Black Hole left by the dying star.

The fabric of time and space, Einstein's time/space continuum, is left distorted around the areas of Black Holes and since these holes are distributed throughout the universe, there is a continual if gradual warping and sucking of all stars systems into the universal Black Hole annihilation network and a continuous destruction of time and space itself--Entropy.

What happens to the matter and energy that disappears from our universe into nowhere in these Black Holes? It is reborn again, synchronized in time and space as one tremendous explosion, the original Big Bang itself which occurred 15 to 20 billion years ago in our time perspective, but as Einstein pointed out, such time being completely relative to our present position in space and not absolute- there is no absolute time scale. The cycle of the universe is therefore eternally Finite-- a closed system.

Hydrogen atoms are born through the Black Hole/Big Bang transformation. Hydrogen atoms are blown out as a gigantic clouds of interstellar dust to eventually coalesce into stars again which in turn provide the conditions for further and more complex combinations of these atoms becoming the rest of the basic elements. Hydrogen atoms are the transformed and supercompressed structures of Black Hole stars.
All atomic nuclear reactions release the supercompressed gravitational energy that has been transformed into nuclear binding and electromagnetism. For some reason I get the impression there is danger in releasing such energy here on Earth not only from the known dangers of radiation but also from the warpage of the fabric of time surrounding our world.
I guess this is as good as any place to bid adieu to Eric's blog. I've ruthlessly exploited Eric's blog's popularity among Progressives in Humboldt County and others looking in to check on Prog attitudes for long enough and have accomplished what I set out to do--which was:

1) to let the Progressive activist community and counterculture community that they do not have a free ticket to ride on the backs of the working class in Humboldt County forcing mainstream residents to abide by the Progressive retrogression into economic insignificance with job losses forcing our county even more into poverty and higher than average low income households.

2) To warn the counterculture community that Zionists are prevalent here and are blocking otherwise strong Progressive support for Palestinian rights and anti-war sentiment in the Middle East. Zionists are selling their alliance with Neo-Cons wars for oil and against the enemies of Israel.

3) To give the Heartlands Project a full explanation so that the next time around you know what I and Don Brenard and others have worked on as this environmental protection plan was deliberately blacklisted by the enviro leadership fearing competition from Native Americans for Headwaters.

4) To let you know spiritual reality guides human thought at all levels and at all times even when it seems there's nothing there but empty space.

Good luck and beware the Trojan Horse blog site Eric has created here.
P.S. be sure to vote for me when I run for 2nd District Supervisionary on the Prophets-R-Us Party ticket.
Why are all your friends conceited asses, Eric? He'll try not to yawn... who cares about his self absorbed theory of matter. If some 18 wheel version of it ran into him on the freeway, I'm sure it would matter.
I had the privilege of working with Doug a few years ago, before his journey northward. He is an original thinker, and what has happened in the past, or the current way of thinking has no bearing on his ideas. He sees things as they really-are very clearly. His ideas are very thought provoking. It is people like Doug that move us forward in the murky muddled world that the rest of us live in.

I had many discussions with Doug, and whether I agreed with him or not, he sure open a whole new world of possibilities to think about. Sadly his mind operates at levels beyond the average persons ability to grasp.

Doug if you are reading this: Hi, and keep up the good work. Thanks for making your web-site available, now I have new things to think about.

Douglas George isn't conceited. The yawn comment is coming from Eric's narcissism which he extends to his friend, thereby forming a group narcissism paradigm to surround himself and his associates with as a shield to deflect solar rays to gravitational black holes.
I recently watched a fascinating video on black holes that said black holes are at the center of every galaxy they have been able to observe to this point, including ours. It was all rather complex but essentially they are the alpha and omega of galaxies and probably the universe itself.

While their gravity sucks everything in within reach, they blow out energy which pushes planets away from them creating a balance which is only disrupted when more matter enters the black hole thereby increasing its gravity. They called it "feeding." Apparently Andromeda, our nearest galaxy neighbor's black hole is in a feeding mode now having caught some solar gas or something but will likely go dormant again. An interesting aside was that Andromeda is on a collision course with the Milky Way and in a few billion years we will be feeding each other's black holes until there is only one.

I can't seem to get my google account to work so will just sign this.

So then I'll get to eat Andromeda's black hole? Cool.
HSUs professor of the year Stone Brusca (the same one who refused to accept his award from tinpot Prez Richmond) assigned the Tao of Physics in his Cosmology class and often spoke of the merging perspectives of his quantum physics traditions with older traditions. It's sad to see Eric so flippantly and arrogantly dismiss this perspective. It kind of reminds me of Eric's facile dismissal of any alternatives to the Democratic Party and its corrupt ways.
8:34, you have a very dirty mind. LOL

Wow! Monday morning grumpies everybody?

I hope we've all had our coffee by now.
it don't matter to me
What diagram?
Ed - It's not coming up for you? Anybody else not seeing it?

It's "diagram 1" at Doug's site. Do you see it there?
Ed’s computer is probably not the scientific model and it needs to decide how it “feels” about the diagram before it will show it.
Stephens computer has to decide how GOD would feel about before it would become revealed unto him.
Or, how about the N.S.A. is blocking it because of Doug’s anti-Cheney cartoon.
Or, how about the N.S.A. is blocking it because of Doug’s anti-Cheney cartoon.
Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed. --Albert Einstein
"the central singularity of a black hole to be a three-dimensional spheroid in a lambda vacuum”

I assume by “central singularity” that you mean an “infinite gravity”. I would assume from the fact that gravity is infinite at center, by that very definition a “singularity” could have no dimension, because in an infinite gravity all things would move toward the central point, am I wrong again?
Also according to some theories space doesn’t warp, but it becomes geodesic.

Just kidding Doug.
Here is the link to the video Super Massive Black Holes. Free.

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