Friday, October 19, 2007


Arcata's task force on grow houses

Or maybe it's not a "task force," but rather a "working group." It looks like they're going to spend their first meeting figuring out what they're supposed to be doing.

There's a joke in there somewhere.

The Eureka Reporter had this coverage on Wednesday.

Typical politician response to problems requiring action. Form a committee!
Yeah, those stupid committee-forming pols!

Don't they know that posting anonymous blog comments is the most effective way to deal with problems?
It's an acknowledgment that there's a problem and it'll be a recipient for public input whatever it does. That alone is worth the price of admission.
Just the pot growing bureacrats like harmony wanting to keep out the competition.
I hope that their first priority will be to get well documented facts to base their recommendations upon. When I was on Kevin's program a housing lady and a fire chief both had "facts" about how many residental units have marijuana growing in them. I did not find their estimates credible, nor defined well enough to achieve anything useful. I.e. are we concerned about a few plants in the closet, or is our problem houses with gardens but no residents?

Good luck to them.
No Kevin Hoover, we prefer for you to prop up whatever the latest stupidity is to spill out of alzheimer's patient Alex Stillman's mean little mouth, no matter the leaps of logic or gaps in human ethics necessary to do so.

I really hope Arcata does adopt a draconian anti-215 stance just to see the tidal wave wipe all the incumbents out of office this time next year when Machi and Groves are swept into the dustbin of bitter ex-pols like Ornelas and Meserve. It will also illuminate how un-progressive Arcata is compared to the sensible and compassionate stance taken by those flaming radicals on the Board of Supervisors in 2004.
How about a city ordinance that requires the Arcata Police to actually do something about the epidemic influx of criminals growing marijuana in Arcata.

Alex Stillman is OK.
Our block in a "nice" part of Arcata has seen two major drug busts in the past year. That cost me exactly two phone calls.
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