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Members say that the Coop isn't very cooperative

The members want a fan in the meat department so vegans don't have to smell it, but the article suggests that the problems run a bit deeper - perhaps starting with the construction of the Eureka branch and renovations of the Arcata branch in which there was no allowance for member input.

Apparently the developers demanded that such a discussion be suppressed and it was "take it or leave it." Sound familiar? "If you're me, do you really care what the city thinks? I don't want to have an alternate plan out there because it might not be what I want."

In a democracy unilateralism has its short term benefits. But it creates its own long term problems. The Coop board has no right to kvetch as they knew what kind of membership they have. I'm surprised the resistance has taken as long as it has.

Addendum: Heraldo has the issue up as well.

Uh, what "article"?
The orange letters indicate a hyperlink. Click on them and the article will magically appear.
Sorry, the hyper-link wasn't lit up when I read your post, now it is. Odd.
BTW, you see what's on top of the article?
I suppose the way to circumvent the rules is to make Mo Burke "take it or leave it" offers. As a CO-OP member I'm a little surprised at his nonchalance in his assessment of the situation: It was take it or leave it, and it's a complicated issue.
Martha ("MARA") Devine is a crank's crank. SHE shows up these days with a full beard and mustache (!) to torpedo any and all proposals that are put to any kind of vote. Believe me when I say, it won't stop with a fan in the meat department.

So called "animal rights" advocates are impossible to please and often actually dangerous to society. It's animals first, humans a distant second...

Generally, if you are undecided on an issue, simply finding out Mara's position and voting the other way is a good start.
As a long term member of the CO-OP I am very pleased with the board and the stores.
While the new Co-Op store is certainly an improvement over the old one on 5th, I was surprised that they would make a deal with Arkley to get it and a "take it or leave it" offer from a creep like him should have been left on the table. It sounds like the board has forgotten that the member - owners have the power to remove them. Maybe too much time spent with Arkley?
In a democracy the majority--not the loudest, most obnoxious minority-- rules.
BTW, you see what's on top of the article?

Yup. He's blitzing the radio waves too.
As to the stores, I still much prefer to shop in the Arcata store. The Eureka store is too pristine. Reminds me of Whole Foods. And the meat department in Arcata has much more to offer. I also like the fact that they have the boxes available as an alternative to the bags they charge you for.

But I probably shop in the Eureka store more often because of the obvious convenience to me.
While it's tempting, I'm not going to weigh in on this except to make a couple of corrections: Mo Burke is a woman, not a man. And Mara is not a nickname that Martha uses, at least not recently. (She likes to call herself Granny Green Genes.) I mention this because there is a longtime Co-op employee by that name, Mara Segal. That Mara called me after reading my Table Talk column discussing the Co-op election. She definitely does not support Martha's position.

One more thing, I'm curious what it is you're seeing at the top of the page. I assume you mean the banner ad. When I loaded the page it was for St. Joe's Hospital. Do you suppose they rotate?
The co-op simply doesn't operate as a co-op,granted my involvement has been non-existent,but I just don't see that it's all that representative of its membership.
I thought that attacking of those who want Coca-Cola or Pepsi out was lame,and I'd hope that they'd consider not carrying their products.
SHE shows up these days with a full beard and mustache ...

What is the problem? I thought in this liberal, halfway bi/tri/trans/sexual community, where we are all expected to either be, or embrace whole heartedly all of the above. Bearded ladies should get all the kudos, praise, and loyal following!! What is up with the double standard?
Bob - I think they do rotate. It was a Curless ad earlier.
Mo Burke is a lady?! Ah Christ I can't keep up with the gender of these folks- you're telling me Martha is a chick too?!!!
kvetch? Oy! Stephen Lewis and his anti-semitic rhetoric is on the way!
In my opinion, offensive odors should be removed. I'm one of those that are sensitive to smells and while I'm a multi-variety meat eater, I can sympathize with those that find the smell of meat-off putting.

Also, I'm no Arkley fan, but I dont' see much to complain about the new Eureka building. Okay, it is a bit sterile-which some people like. It is a bit dark-which some people don't like. It has a decent selection of items. And what they don't have, Eureka Natural Foods does.

Now, if the rumors are true that Arkley is "forcing" the Co-OP to carry Coke and Pepsi products and the membership really doesn't want them, then that is a problem that we shoudl rally like hell against!
Do they carry Coors beer? I haven't paid attention but that would be as bad or worse than carrying Coke or Pepsi products given the extremist views of the Coors family.
I think it's pretty much all micro-brew, because that's what sells to that crowd. At least in Arcata.
Well, I suppose it's good if Arkley could somehow be invested in the Co-op, so that the success of our community ideals is in Arkley's best interest as well. However, the co-op and it's membership should not be compromised because Arkley will only do business on his terms.

I believe the co-op has been ethically compromised by the exclusion of it's membership in vital decision-making processes.

However, at this point my greatest concern is for the co-op workers.
Grass fed beef causes none of those problems. I suggest you read Michael Pollan's, The Omnivore's Dilemma, or anything about grass farming. Industrial agriculture is the problem, not the consumers of their products.
The name is spelled Kucinich.
Farmed vegetables are the root of all evil. Farming introduced the concept of real estate with its endless fences and artificial boundaries.

The most peaceful people on earth are the Eskimos, who eat only meat.

And of course Hitler was a committed vegetarian, with food-based obsessions about "purity,"
wha? grass fed cows no fart?

I see meat eaters making excuses (ach! your're killing the vegies!) and references to Hitler all the time. The fact remains, it takes about 8 pounds of grain, and many gallons of clean water to produce just one pound of meat. Our current model of consumption (on many levels) simply is not sustainable. Some of us have seen the light. I hope you will join us soon, for the sake of us all...
Eskimos is not a very PC term and it isn't true that Inuits eat only meat. They also ate various plants, herbs and berries in season.
Grass fed beef doesn't eat grain. Grass farmers use a system of rotation on their fields which is beneficial to the grasses and the more advanced rotate chickens onto the fields and use the cow manure for natural fertilizers on their mixed culture vegetable gardens.

If we all ate organic food from our own watershed whenever possible we would cut down drastically on ALL of the problems associated with the modern diet.

No one who eats food grown in a foreign country or under hydroponic lights is an environmentalist whether that is vegies or beef.
I work at the Co-op in Arcata.

From what I can tell, the membership number has become a status symbol.

There's more, but I gotta run.

P.S. When someone says hello to you, you should say hello back, not your member number.
Native Alaskans prefer to be called "Eskimos."
It's just freakin' groceries!

Hey, I'm gettin' Buy One-Get One Free quite regularly on my Safeway Club Card. They have Coca-Cola products in every imaginable size.

C'mon over everyone....Anyone Can Shop...Anyone Can Join!

Oh, and on Tuesday nights they offer $1 hot dogs cooked right there at the doorway as you go in.

Sounds like the Co-op could use Safeway's old slogan: "Since we're neighbors, let's be friends"
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that business is business.

I wholeheartedly feel what Rob did to Larry was wrong. I understand much of the general contempt for the Arkleys, which I think they have brought upon themselves.

But business is business. The new coop has been a much needed improvement. The Arkleys have done many great things for Eureka.

I don't understand why people have a hard time seeing it like this.
The whole idea behind the Co-Op was that the attitude of "business is business" isn't the healthiest option for our community. If the Co-Op is going to be like Safeway, why bother?
There are some northern natives who have existed solely on meat, a point made by the Atkinson diet advocates and others. There has to date been no society of any size (of record) which has been exclusively vegan or vegetarian.
Grass fed beef doesn't eat grain. Perhaps not, (much) but they are using (and abusing) land that could produce far more food if devoted to row crops and grains...

Whatever, next you'll be telling me those grass fed dogies don't drink up any clean water either.... Passionate meat addicts are so predictable. Don't worry. I understand your panic. To promote a vegi diet challenges the status quo. Unfortunately, my friend, the status quo is taking us on a death ride globally speaking. IMHO Dominance over another species for the purpose of slaughter, is not admirable or creative. I pray your denial will pass soon. For everyone's sake...

...oh MAN! now I have to comment on Eric's bit of misinformation. Please read The World Peace Diet, by a guy named Tuttle. In it you will learn that MANY early cultures thrived on plant based diets. Meat was used mainly in times of extreme hunger and want. It was all they could get. The early citizens of our fine planet would be mystified at the amount of meat we (choose) to consume, when there is such an abundance of fresh, wholesome, and sustaining plant based foods. Open up to to the rainbow brudda...Rowers build better muscle on bananas than eggs...think about it...meat is dead animal flesh/blood~!~yucky~
Can you name one such "early culture?"
Apparently you don't read very well, Anonymous 5:59, and you obviously have never read anything about grass farming. These are farmers whose use of the land is BENEFICIAL to the grasses. They don't abuse their land because they want a sustainable crop from it. It produces beef and chicken and their wastes are used to produce vegetables. Do yourself a favor and open your mind enough to read The Omnivore's Dilemma. It is very interesting.
Even chimpanzies eat meat when it is available. I was a vegetarian for over 3 years and gave it up because I didn't feel healthy and got sick a lot more frequently than previously. A little meat and a lot of vegies grown in healthy soil is the best diet for me. You can eat what you like.
Freud's observation that vegetarians are obsessed with blood, seems to be well demonstrated here.
Yeah, it seems that vegetarians often use the old "I'm fixed so you must be broken" theory, alot like religious types. The problem that they don't address is that there are too many people; it's much easier to just say there are too many cows etc.
There are vegetarian cultures in India and Southeast Asia, all for religious reasons.
I'm fine with vegetarians. They have many good qualities and vegetarian meals can be delicious. However, as an omnivore, I do resent being told that I'm destroying life on earth if I have a hamburger for lunch.

Also...I'm a happy Coop member. Great market, really wonderful food, nice staff. I feel fortunate to have such a store nearby.
I used to frequent the Co-op when they were on 5th Street and have purchased only once at the new store.
Any Co-op member that believes it's wise to give Rob Arkley 1% of the sales has lost the concept of Co-op in my mind. Hence I rather shop at Eureka Natural Foods - not that I really like their new digs either.
I do not support the bigger is better mode of business and it's a shame we are all really paying with the raised prices most products. Otherwise I really prefer my Mountain People's buying club (United Natural Foods) or support LOCAL - shop at Chautauqua.
Eric, over 30% of the population of India never eat meat, and the majority of the remaining 70% only eat it on rare occasions. 30% of the Indian population comes out to more than 300 million people. I would call this a society of some size.

Also there is a funny connection to your SF mayor post here because, as far as I know, "ahimsa" means nonviolence and vegitarianism was originally practiced in India as ahimsa towards animals.
India couldn't support its population if the people there ate large quantities of meat.
Eric said "There has to date been no society of any size (of record) which has been exclusively vegan or vegetarian."

Perhaps that's why some never succeeded.They wasted too many resources on acquiring meat for their protein.
You cannot claim to be an environmentalist, and still eat meat.

truer words have never been spoken, and by the way, driving in a petroleum powered vehicle also removes all claims of environmentalism, lets see, what else strips one of their right to claim environmentalist:
COTTON(which was harvested by a diesel tractor and don't say bio diesel, how do you think the potatoes were grown that were fried in the oil which was processed into biodiesel)
synthetic fabric (synthetic need I say more)
Hemp, same as cotton.
solar panels, yep made at factories powered by fossil fuels.
computers, one of the biggest waste management nightmares to come along since the refrigerator.

so as we now understand that you are unable to claim to be environmentalist, you can either continue to claim that the meat industry is destroying the world or you can wake up put your self righteous vegan lifestyle under scrutiny and remember that you are riding high on the capitalist, corporate society and you like it.
Good one Anonymous 9:33. Now maybe we can all agree that everyone should be doing as much as they can to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle, reduce waste, reduce our consumption of just about everything and understand that getting self righteous with each other about who is a real environmentalist and who isn't is not going to solve our problems.
I'll ditto reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma." EXCELLENT book! One of my top three this year.

I grew up only eating meat about once a week, and when left to my own devices (i.e., no partner & daughter to eat dinner with), I'll literally forget to eat it and not even miss it. Having said that... it's not eating meat in itself that's destroying us. It's the WAY it's raised, and HOW MUCH of it we eat. Obscene amounts.

There are also serious environmental issues with the way fruits and veggies are grown, too. And, to add to something someone else wrote, with buying stuff that's grown overseas... what good does it do to buy organic when it's not local? The fuel and packaging delete any "good" that comes from buying "clean" food.

Buy LOCAL food from LOCAL farmers and ranchers whenever you can.
I eat meat, but hate the stench that hits you when you walk into the Arcata Co-op. Also dislike the surley attitude of the heat butcher.

But what I really don't like about MY store is that things are 15% to 20% more than at other for-profit groceries in the same town. How can a local for-profit store sell the same items for so much less than the not-for-profit Coop?

And, yes, I do not like having so little say in things. As a long time (#2184) Co-op member AND investor, it offends me to have so little input.

What really caused me to take my money elsewhere was the several years prior to the remodel where there were people following me around the store every time I shopped to stop me from stealing (I have never in 57 years shoplifted, okay, and in 30 years of shopping the Co-op you'd think they would have caught me by now if I was stealing, wouldn't you?) Other of my friends (also long time members and non-thieves) noticed that kind of attention, also. What an insult!

It is quite well documented that the greatest risk for theft a business faces is from its own employees. I have been aware that employees of the Co-op feel free to help themselves to "left-over" items. A tiny bit of coffee beans left in the huge bag after re-fillng the bins? Well, you are free to take that home, aren't you? Is that fair to Co-op members who are being followed around the store and pay full price at the register? Well, no it isn't.

If the Co-op would just be what it was meant to be there'd be no debate here.
Hey, if we are debating who is most environmentally correct we have to mention that having children is VERY bad for the enviroment.
Wasn't that a great book, Cristina?

Another excellent book is Barbara Kingsolvers "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life" about eating only what they could grow or buy from their neighborhood and learning to do without what they couldn't.

Kingsolver is a gifted writer whose prose is worth the read even if you don't care about the provenance of your food.
That is true, Anonymous 7:29. But not having children is very bad for humanity. We need to find a sustainable balance and create quality lifestyles not based on conspicuous consumption.
Somebody posted this link to the Meatrix in an earlier thread.
Have you read Pollan's book "The Botony of Desire," Cristina?

He makes botony so interesting.
Good one, Eric. I remember the Cows With Guns video from years ago.
“provenance of your food” ? Are you an elitist?
What is this 1% that goes to Arkley? Is it repayment on loans? I love the new co-op store & can wander around in it for hours.Fabulous variety of great food. I love that I can buy a lot of local food there. I think the co-op is going a great job.
Awww, 10:12 doesn't know what provenance means. Look it up sweetie, learn something.

Fingersfly, You're misusing "provenance."

But nice try on the snobby response. It comes off much better if you are right in the first place.
I am not misusing provenance. I guess you didn't look it up.

Provenance: noun - Place of origin; derivation.

Where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence.

1785, from Fr. provenance "origin, production," from provenant, prp. of M.Fr. provenir "come forth, arise," from L. provenire "come forth, organize," from pro- "forth" + venire "come."

Now you can apologize for both of your rude posts, Anonymous 10:12 / 3:34. You don't need to apologize for your ignorance, it is only hurting you.

The provenance of your definition of provenance is incomplete. The word is used to determine the origin and value of objects, which are usually artistic. To use it to describe a food is vulgar in English; in French it's barbaric.
From Berkeley: Lessons for Co-op Leaders http://www.cooperativegrocer.coop/articles/index.php?id=115

many CCB managers, and most of the employees, had only the vaguest notion of how working at a co-op was different from working at a Safeway. The opposite extreme was reached by the board, which in its zeal to adjudicate social issues sometimes seemed to forget its primary goal was to run a grocery store.
Well, I screwed up the link. It should be:

You are an idiot, 6:22. Now go stalk somebody else.

Provenance is a documentary, written and photographed. Its subject matter is the people who produce, prepare and sell real food. By that we mean food where the way it is grown is more important than the volume that is grown; where attention to quality triumphs over pressure to cut costs; and where produce is fresh and local.

2) Worlds of Food: Place, Power, and Provenance in the Food Chain (Oxford Geographical and Environmental Studies Series) (Hardcover)

3) Provenance & Carbon Footprint Of Food & Drink To Adapt Your Marketing To & Understand Priorities Around The Provenance & Carbon Footprint Of Food & Drink

4) Dairy Products
with Provenance
3.1 Provenance market size and trends 6
3.2 Background to the provenance trend 6
3.3 Provenance and local food 7
3.4 Going beyond local – wider examples of provenance 7
3.5 Provenance, sustainability, the environment and ethical food

5) The present situation leaves little control to the consumer. It is more and more difficult to trace the origins of the food we purchase. Children especially, are mystified by the provenance of food, many believing that broccoli and pork chops originate in the supermarket.

There are 5 examples of provenance used to describe the concept of the origin of food, I could provide hundreds.

Now apologize, idiot.

Anonymous 6:22, You can learn something from Eric who was man enough to admit he was wrong. Since you are almost always wrong about everything, this would be a useful lesson.

Fingersfly, Persistently vulgar usage doesn't make you case; it just makes you look more foolish. At this point you should quit while you are behind.

Name calling makes you look like a desperate looser. But maybe you're comfortable in that role.
The correct spelling of the word for someone who lost is loser. That would be you.

You have made a perfect fool of yourself repeatedly here. Why don't you go stalk someone more at your level of inferior intellect?


Fingersfly: Good going on the exhaustive research.

If it's on the internet it must be true.
Typing in food provenance in a search engine is hardly exhaustive research, but maybe it would be for you.

Now go stalk someone else.

I once tried giving a bag of groceries to a homeless person who refused to take them without a certificate of provenance. At first I just thought it was a sad case of schizophrenic confusion, but upon reflection I decided it had more to do with dignity.
Now we're into fairy tales.
Anon, both the Kingsolver book and the other Pollan book are high on my reading list. Of course, my reading list is like my Netflix queue... 211 items long.

Wait, my reading list is WAY longer than that.

But thanks for the recommendations!
Awww Factory Girl, you hurt the anonymous stalker's feelings by pointing out that a schizophrenic homeless man has a better vocabulary than he does. Now maybe you will become his favorite stalking victim. LOL

You should see my book stack, Cristina. Unfortunately I add to it faster than I can read. Don't tell the stalker but Kingsolver also talks about the importance of the provenance of our food. LOL

Kingsolver's novels are also wonderful reading, particularly The Poisonwood Bible and Animal Dreams.

Are there any local book blogs? That would be fun.

Now we're into fairy tales.
Thu Nov 01, 11:17:00 AM

a Long long time ago, early this morning. their was these three differant kinda buds on my rolling tray... One came froma clone called perple syrple , on witch the mother plant is six years old and still exists in a growroom in Miranda, and the mother grew from a clone they got at a Rainbow gathernig in 1998 from a guy who knows Willy Nellson. It's an old classic strain... the smae strane that Willy smoked when he wrote 'Smoke gets in your eyes" ''' Aanother came from a pure kush strain witch was developed in Honny Dew by a friend of the guy who used to sell pounds of hash to Joan Jetts brother in Love Valley and came from a cutting from a grower in Samlmon Creeek who had gotton the seed from Amsterdam from a poet who knew Madonna and fucked Jim mOrrisons illigitamate duaghter in Paris in 1987, --and the thurd and best was from teh seed from a plant grown in nothern Iraq that my boyfriend Billy got from this awol soldiar dude that smugggled it in a condom up his butt that we let crash with us for a while ... Billys friend got the mother in a room up in Cresant City..

mucnhing candy,
Your weed has a colorful provenance, Suzy. :)
Once upon a time there was a radical activist commune in which there lived a divine woman utterly dedicated to eating health foods and telling everyone else at every opportunity they too should be as healthy and dedicated as her. I believe she was into the Zen Macrobiotic Diet when she arrived. This was around 35 years ago.

Of all the commune members after the commune folded along with the American communal movement, this health-conscious woman was the first of our group to get cancer. Now she looks closer to the grave while the rest of us age more gracefully with our more hit-and-miss health conscious diets..

Ah, those fond memories of sneaking off once a week to Burger King while others ate grimly ate their soy burgers..

If you don't put a little of the normal poisons in our food into your body along the way your body doesn't get a chance to build up immunities to the poisons.
Sheesh!! It isn't poisons you need that you don't get from a macrobiotic diet. It is nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids in particular, the best source of which is wild fish or grass fed meat.

Apparently grain fed meat, whether that is beef or farm raised fish, has lower levels of everything we need and too much of what we don't. Even our food is what it eats. Vegetables grown in poor soil have less nutrients as well.

That's an elitist view of food, Fingersfly. Grain fed beef is just as good as grass fed beef, if you farm it correctly. It's too complicated to go into detail here, but you should learn about this before making such off the wall generalizations.
If you consider the scientific view to be elitist, fine.

I do wish you would do even a minimal amount of research before you post your ignorant opinions.


Diet can significantly alter the fatty acid composition in fed cattle. Cattle fed primarily grass enhanced the omega-3 content of beef by 60% and also produces a more favorable omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Conventional beef contains a 4:1 6:3 ratio while grass-only diets produce a 2:1 6:3 ratio (French et al., 2000; Duckett et al., 1993; Marmer et al, 1984; Wood and Enser, 1997). Values reported in Table 1 reflect the number of grams/ 100 grams of fatty acids.

More important is the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Both conventional and grass-fed beef provide acceptable 6:3 ratios, however grass-fed beef is closer to the ideal of a 1:1 ratio. Interestingly, diet has little effect on the proportion of omega-6 fatty acids, however the method of feeding did significantly alter the omega-3 content of fed beef.

The same is true of wild fish which don't eat grains and farmed fish which do.

Now go stalk someone else.

On second thought Anonymous 9:11, keep it up. Your idiocy makes me look so much smarter by comparison.


Why are you so worked up? Is this how you deal with dissenting opinions?
It is obvious that you are the same creep who has been targeting my posts on numerous threads. You got your nasty little feelings hurt by being shown to be an intellectally dishonest little troll. But like I said above, keep it up. Your idiocy doesn't threaten me in the slightest.

What? You are a paranoid. This conversation is over.
You think using anonymous makes you unidentifiable? You use the same phrases and tactics in all your posts. Maybe you should work on changing your syntax and methods of attack?

Amazing, how crazy people will try to refocus a good discussion on paranoid issues. It's so selfish.

COOP market is the subject here. I'm a member in good standing and have been satisfied with the service I've gotten.
And the Co-Op sells only grass fed beef for good reason. It is healthier than grain fed beef and less damaging to the environment on many levels.

So what? This isn't about the beef sold at COOP--or about YOU!

I looked at some of your posts. You are always angry and always "yelling" at somebody. And you see conspiracies everywhere.

Gee, I don't hear anyone yelling or see any talk of conspiracies. Is there a secret blog with audio for the special people? Or just a few "special" people with their panties in a bunch?
Apparently there must be. Wish I could see it to see who is using my ID to yell at people and post about conspiracies. LOL This is too funny.

Anonymous Thu Nov 01, 11:57:00 PM
seems to be irrationally angry over some of the posts here. There must be some other issues at play that normal people can't see or hear. Auditory and visual hallucinations can be signs of schizophrenia.
This is a Coop thread!
Coop or shut up.
Poor Anonymous 10:18 / 11:26 doesn't like the way threads evolve to side issues. You have the freedom not to read any posts you don't like. Maybe blogs aren't the right venue for you?
It didn't dawn on me that this thread would reach 100 posts.
Well, it was interesting at the outset...now it's just another war thread, with cranks insulting each other.
Cranks like us were born to blog.
IMHO Dominance over another species for the purpose of slaughter, is not admirable or creative. Yea, that.
Just necessary.
Eric, we've been in trial for a week and a half, and I've got a couple of co-op thoughts. First, there is something off-putting about the new building. It looks great from the outside but doesn't feel good when you go in. No idea why.

Then there's the boycott problem. Friend just went there and was turned off by the number of boycott notices and felt that if the store feels the products should not be sold they should take them off the shelves, or should forget the boycotts. He was particularly miffed by the coke boycott since he wanted a coke. Me too, by the way. I am not boycotting coke, and did not like the feeling of standing there next to the boycott sign with the coke in my hand while I waited for my sandwich to be made. If I'm going to buy something I don't want the store that's selling it to me bumming me out about it.
The larger issue is the gauntlet of far left political causes one must get through just to get in and out of COOP. I'm there to buy groceries, not to save the world. I resent the endless sales pitches and pleas for money. Many of these people are so self righteous they don't hesitate to get in your face while you are struggling with groceries.

I don't necessarily disagree with all the causes, but I'd prefer not to have them in my face at the market.
Ed - I think that discussion has been raging for years. I guess the philosophy is that the coop isn't just a store, but a proponent of a certain set of values and ethics in consumption.

How they decide which boycotts to honor, I don't really know. I remember a Cheech and Chong skit where they go shopping but can't buy anything because everything is being boycotted by someone.
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