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Clendenen in Miranda

As my kids had Humboldt Music Academy classes at HSU today, I missed the first couple of hours of the Clendenen event at the Grange today. By the time Jana and I got there with our sleeping kids the room was filled with about 30 people, about a third of whom were campaign volunteers I recognized. There were about 15 names on the sign-up sheet.

We walked into a discussion about the lack of public bathrooms on the Avenue of the Giants. It is a major destination every summer apparently, and the kids often have to use restrooms when they arrive after hours of driving. The problem is that none of the businesses have ADA compliant bathrooms so they can't allow customers to use them. There is one portopotty just north of Phillipsville, but other than that it's the bushes and what's offered in the state parks.

Carlos Quilez was present and he argued that the problem is that Rodoni won't pick up the telephone to draw grant money into the area. He said there isn't much available, but there is some, but apparently Roger doesn't see that as his job.

We talked about the inadequacy of the number of sheriff deputies and its impact. The topic led to the broaching of the subject of marijuana and Roger's position on legalization. Clif argued that the legalization issue is a pipe dream position easy to take because it has no practical impact and defers the responsibility to draw the community together to address some real problems presented by the industry - including the draining of the Mattole River and the loss of water quality accompanying the loss of water quantity. He discussed some other associated problems. He said that he is a "live and let live" person, but he believes the community has to come together and address the problems. He acknowledged that the law enforcement stance is motivated by the cash CAMP funding brings into the county. In other words, he sees it as a very complex issue with many facets which can only be addressed by community discussion and follow-up action. But first we need to acknowledge the problem.

With that he probably lost some Sohum votes. Nobody wants to talk about it (here is my attempt some months ago). You either want total growing freedom or you want the industry crushed. This is the first candid discussion I've seen from local leadership.

I have more to say about today's gathering, but I'll have to continue tomorrow.

One real quick note. Clendenen was asked to comment on Estelle's campaign. He said that he's met her on several occasions while campaigning and sees her as a very nice and capable woman. He said that he can't comment on her platform because he hasn't seen or heard it yet. He said he assumes it will be progressive and looks forward to the discussion.

As the group was breaking up, one volunteer told me that Estelle is planning to drop a "shock and awe" list of endorsements for her campaign. This comports with what I've heard from Estelle supporters ("wait until you see the names"). And it probably is an impressive list as Clif recently made a tour of Sohum in which he met various community leaders who have already pledged their support to her.

Well, it won't "shock and awe," but here is Clif's list to date.

Faulkna's last post remains August 27.
It will be interesting to see if an honest and decent candidate can win. Stating the obvious about the schizophrenic nature of our mj situation will probably cost him votes on both sides of the issues.
we got there a few minutes late. What seemed still apparent is that cliff is really a weak candidate. His handlers seem to be stronger than he is. cliff will not be able to stand up to roger or estelle. we left clear that it will be between roger and estelle.
I am not aware of any shock and awe list being developed by Estelles campaign. It is true that while Clif has been visible down here Estelle has been attending a number of meetings and events up north as one would expect. These are not campaign events. She is gathering information on the various issues that impact the district. Homework if you will..Dave Kirby
Dave - That should work just fine. The campaign probably won't really kick in until March or April.
The bathroom at the rest stop near Phillipsville was periodically destroyed both before and after the Parks put an end to the motocross. Now it's a portapotty. Portgapottys are also available at the Miranda Market and the Myers Flat laundromat. It's not an issue. Vandalism and Sheriff staffing is the big issue. Money is the engine behind it all. We will hear endless complaints about roads, just as we have in every campaign. There is no money for road improvement, We have to raise property yaxes. It's the only real solution. Fat chance any candidate will suggest it.
And, uh oh. I didn't mean to play the "expectations game."
I'm looking forward to hearing positions from both Fennel and Clendenen. Thanks for your voverage of this.

I also enjoyed your post and the comments on the Mj 'situation.' Your calm thoughtful comments provide me with food for thought. Your blog is one of my favorite discoveries this last year. I wish I had found it sooner.

(I don't know whether you intentionally left those last two 'comments' on the mj post but I'm still snickering.)
OMG! I never noticed those posts before. I think I'm going to leave them there, because it is hilarious.
Seems that Clif has swept the medical profession in Fortuna. Good for him.
Eric, I think it's hilarious that you just used "OMG!" That was like reading a text from my 17-year-old!

1.) Where can we shit publicly?

2.) We want to grow weed.

Maybe the reason you dunderheads don't have a supervisor of your own is because your political awareness is about as deep as a birdbath. Losers!
There is a nice bathroom at the Weott Ave of the Giants info center, too.

Estelle was on the KMUD news on Friday and spoke of her youth support and how she was exploring district issues, like roads. Sounds like she's about to get more visible. I thought she'd dropped out she's been so quiet of late.
Clif argued that the legalization issue is a pipe dream position easy to take because it has no practical impact and defers the responsibility to draw the community together to address some real problems presented by the industry - including the draining of the Mattole River and the loss of water quality accompanying the loss of water quantity.

And yet the pipe dream will never become a reality unless people, especially public officials, speak out in favor of it. I was impressed with Roger's work getting the BoS to take a public stand on the issue. Will Clif work actively against acceptance of the CAMP grants?

As for the environmental issues: is growing resulting in taking too much water from the Matole ? 1st I've heard of it, altho I don't rule it out.

I would list these issues with mj:
1. Cops arrest people obviously innocent and destroy their legal medicine.
2. Landlords not supervising their property coupled with people doing poor wiring, and making unauthorized modifications to the houses -this is clearly a problem but I don't see any reliable information about how big a problem.
3. Diesel for generators. This has been a problem both from poor installation and sloppy management resulting in spills to law enforcement deliberately punching holes in storage tanks so the contents spill. Again the size of the problem is difficult to ascertain but it certainly exists. (See #1 for a factor making this worse since legal growers can't rely on law enforcement or other gov. inspectors)
4. Violent crime from rip offs. Again hard to quanitify this but I have represented witnesses to such crimes in their dealings with law enforcement. What's needed is a clear statement from law enforcement and the DA that victims of violent crimes will not be prosecuted for non-violent crimes uncovered in the investigation. This is a question of priorities.
5. Growing practices with bad environmental effects: rat traps etc. Again hard to quantify but anecdotal evidence of it.

If Clif can successfully start a movement towards low impact cultivation among medical users, and convince law enforcement to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, he will be achieving something worthy of bragging about. I don't know if he needs to be a Supervisor to do this, but if he had already done it I would be much more inclined to support him. Lets not have nuance, lets have accomplishment.
Estelle's exploring roads? No wonder she's not campaigning. Is she on a Harley?
i know estelle has been very active behind the scenes talking with many people and groups.she does have broad base support from conservatives as well as progressives and that's an ideal candidate.Even though i know she will represent the whole district, it's going to be great for sohum to finally have a voice in county govt.
I am absolutely certain that Estelle has not been sitting on her ass. More power to her and may the best candidate win.
I say vote for Estelle, as with her we are bound to get more representation than from a guy from Fortuna. Go Estelle! Get more visible!! Build a campaign!
"...with her we are bound to get more representation than from a guy from Fortuna."

Does more equal better? I'm not so sure about that.
How'd we do with Redway resident and retired Garberville businessman Roy Heider as our rep? (How did Estelle like his stand on gay pride?)
And how about Weott resident Harry Pritchard? What good did he do SoHummers as our supervisor?
I think I'll wait to hear the candidates' platforms and also to get a sense of how effective each might be over the long haul in the supervisor's job.
I liked hearing from Clif that he understands that as supervisor his main focus needs to be on the unincorporated areas.
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