Friday, February 29, 2008


Clendenen to come to Weott


FEBRUARY 29, 2008

Clendenen to hold public meeting in Weott on Thursday, March 13

Clif Clendenen, candidate for Humboldt County Supervisor in the Second District, will be appearing at a public gathering in Weott at the Weott Community Hall at 175 Lum Street on Thursday, March 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. The event is free, however, donations will gladly be accepted. Food and refreshments, including cider and pastries, will be served.

Clendenen has been holding a series of similar events to hear what issues residents of the Second District believe are the most important. The past events have been well-attended and provided a great forum for both Clendenen and those in attendance.

Clendenen was born and raised in the Second District. He graduated form the University of California, Davis and returned to Humboldt County to operate his family's apple farm in Fortuna for the past 30 years. While Clendenen has been active in local Fortuna culture and politics, he is now directing his energy and ideas to the county level.

All residents in the area are urged to come to the event, meet the candidate, voice their views and discuss the issues.

Bill Thorington, campaign manager

(707) 496-4703

I infer no one normally goes to Weott.
I've been stumping for Estelle, but Clif could win me over, if he addressed the funky roads in sohum, the "not fair" bed tax revenue, collected here in sohum, but not returned to help our district.

Clif, inspire me???
He's addressed the bed tax revenue issue in previous addresses. This is from his issues page: "As your Supervisor, I will make sure that the 2nd District, which contributes a large portion of revenue to the county, receives its fair share of county resources."
Sure, but what about the funky roads?
Roger will fix the roads, just before the election. Are you guys new at this, or have just not been paying attention.
No Roger will tell us we have bad roads because we tolerate them down here. Or the bad roads are Bob McKee's fault.
The roads are publicly owned. That's socialism in Rodoni's eyes.
What is Clif's position on marijuana other than the problems for the Mattole River?
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