Thursday, February 14, 2008


Cute kid moment post 342

I swear, if my daughter was alive in Europe during the middle ages she would have been drowned as a little witch. Or maybe a demon familiar. With her physical abilities, language skills, and uncanny self-awareness, I've been remarking to her that she's a little girl all of the sudden and no longer a toddler.

Last night I was attending a meeting in Fortuna, which left Jana by herself with her kids. When my son practices violin, Jana uses the piano to set the pace. Usually I'm around to distract my three-year-old daughter. Last night she kept playing with the piano while they were trying to practice and Jana was a little short with her.

My daughter's response: "You no yell at me! I still a baby!"

Your daughter needs to work on syntax and sentence structure. Despite that, she clearly has no problem expressing herself.
A lawyer's daughter to be sure.
Well, I think you have a really cute daughter! The previous two posters share two qualities: no sense of humor and no kids.
Eric, I think your daughter got it right.

My brother-in-law was describing dealing with his pre-schoolers, when he had just pulled an all-nighter at the Warfield. His wife had already gone to work at her job, at a grocery store.

The pre-school kids were smashing cheerio's all over the glass coffee table. Dad got mad. The eldest child said "but Dad, we're only kids!"

Tony melted then, as you can imagine.

How old is your "I'm still just a baby" by the way?
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