Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Estelle kicks off her campaign

I don't have the time to post a full report right now, but I was at the event at the Garberville Fire Department earlier today. A good turnout - I counted about 120 people. Culturally diverse crowd and even some young people. Very upbeat and positive event.

Her website is up.

I'll have more to report when I can find the time later today.


Okay, so I was a little late to the event which was marked a block away with a sign and red, white, and blue balloons. Campaign Treasurer Karyn Thomas was speaking when I arrived. I just caught the tail end of her introduction. There were probably about a hundred people there and I think a couple dozen more arrived after me. According to one organizer, they got about twice as many people as they had anticipated.

Present from the north were Eureka City Council Member Chris Kerrigan and Greg and Carol, all of whom will be working on Estelle's campaign.

Karyn introduced David Kirby who spoke about the differences and points of unity between northern and southern district, the latter being state of the economy. He then introduced Estelle as a candidate of unity.

Estelle began by describing the Second District folk as "self starters" who are "not looking for hand-outs." She then moved into a discussion of issues of infrastructure, including roads. "It's not just pot holes" she said, noting that she has driven every single county road and finds that there are entire pieces of road missing on some. She noted that Shelter Cove residents finally had to take matters into their own hands and fill in a large hole which had been causing them grief. She moved into Roger Rodoni's failure to adequately address the needs of the fire departments of the Second District.

She opened up the gathering for questions. Holly Sweet spoke up about the need for public restrooms in Redway, talking about troubles the lack of bathrooms are causing for her business property. Holly emphasized that she didn't want a government response which essentially blamed the poor for their situations. Estelle responded that it was a "sticky situation," complicated by the mental problems and drug usage of some of the homeless and supported the idea of experimenting with the placement of port-o-potties to see how it would work. She emphasized that the problem was really one which had to be addressed by a comprehensive policy which emphasized access to social services and pointed to an effort in Eureka, the funding for which Roger was the only opposition vote. She agreed that she did not want to target the poor and that their needs should not just be ignored.

Asked about the Richardson Grove controversy, she responded that she had attended last week's meeting at the Wharfinger and that while she understands the objections of environmentalists, she also understands the issue from all perspectives and said that the widening of 101 is very important to a number of independent businesses. (Before anybody jumps all over her about it I should note that Clif also holds a nuanced view of the issue and both candidates want to keep the dialog open to look for situations which address all concerns comprehensively - I would also note that the candidates may be ambiguous on the issue because the project and its apparent opposition is also very ambiguous. See the post and thread below on topic.).

In response to a question about the County's case against McKee she noted that the Court has found him in compliance with all laws and the contract with the county and that the county had been in violation of the same. I took this to mean that she would vote to drop the lawsuit if elected.

A teacher brought up budget cuts. Estelle indicated that that would be out of her jurisdiction as a supervisor, but that the teachers should let her know what she could do to help.

A representative of the Second District Volunteer Firefighters Association (I'm really not sure if I got the name right, but I'll correct it when I have the information) announced a vote to endorse Estelle.

Another attendee blamed the problems of the roads on environmentalists who pushed regulations which make it so expensive to fix them. There was an awkward moment of silence, which Estelle ended with "okay," then passed the microphone on to someone else.

After a few more speakers she thanked the crowd for turning out and announced that she will be holding an event at Fortuna River Lodge on March 13 at 2 to 4 p.m., an event organized by Harold Mendes.

She had signs, bumper stickers, and buttons - all red, white, and blue. Clif's paraphernalia is also red, white, and blue. Roger's is green. Read into all that what you will.

The shot of Estelle flanked by her impressive campaign committee comes from her website, linked above. The photo of Estelle with firefighters also comes from the site. The photo at the top from today's event comes via e-mail from Kim Sallaway.

This very bright woman is going to surprise a lot of people (Roger most of all!!!).
The event was fantastic! Crowd was loud and enthusiastic! Very well put together and fun! Estelle is the candidate that can beat Roger Rodoni.
Estelle is the candidate that can beat Roger Rodoni.

You mean she's the candidate WHO can beat Roger Rodoni.
Nice job reporting the event, Eric! BTW, it was nice to finally meet you in person.
She can't draw the votes north of Scotia. I wish it wasn't that way. But under the realities of life, Clif is the "candidate of unity." He is also very much more in tune with the needs of the district as a whole.
Don't count on it. Estelle has picked up some key folks up there. you and Roger may be surprised. Clif is a very "nice" guy.
I think some of you need to wake up to the reality that Rodoni is extremely well liked by the right, but more importantly by the moderates. He is seen in many circles as the only supervisor worth a damn. The one thing that might help the liberals is if conservatives don't come out at all because of the national political scene. We're also entering a recession, and I don't think the "Smart/No Growth" agenda is one she should be even remotely associated with. Should be interesting watching her walk then tightrope on Richardson Grove - iof she pisses off the far left, they ain't gonna bother with her.
Clif is a very "nice" guy.

So is Obama.
She can't draw the votes north of Scotia...........................

Clif is actually a lot like Roger except Clif is a gentle and quiet man. If Clif can take away Rodoni’s votes north of Scotia (Rodoni is a whining, lazy, foul mouthed bigot) and Estelle takes the SoHum votes, then Roger has lost come June. Actually, Estelle is going to do very well in Fortuna. I live north of Scotia and she has my vote for the hard working professional she is.
For the last 40 years, all of our 2nd District Supervisors have resided in SoHum.
Care to elaborate on the "lazy" "bigot" comments, or would you just like to let your unsubstantiated smear stand all out there on its own?
And no, I dont think the "bitch slap" comment qualifies roger as a bigot. Foul mouth, yep, bigot, nope.
Follow the money.
Cliff is the only person who could beat Rodoni, and even that is a longshot. County Democrats refuse to field anyone who isn't far left. I sense they never learned the lessons of Eureka '06.
Clif is also getting significant support south.
The man who spoke about the road conditions being the fault of the enviros was Kenny Wallen, truck driver, gravel and grader guy.
Can both Cliff and Estelle run? If so the picture is even bleaker.
Clif is speaking at the SHEL meeting tonight at the G'ville Civic Club at 7:30, so come on out and ask him some questions!
Estelle is certainly not far left. If anything, she's campaigning to be a public servant like Jimmy Smith.

The edges are owned by Roger on the right, and judging by their respective supporters, Clif on the left. Not sure about Clif's edges. They could be a bit fuzzy. Same ol' people, though.
Clif is running because they want to build a Wal-Mart across the street from his orchard in Fortuna. I think it means he's against the Wal-Mart, but his property value would sure go up!
Clif is more than a "nice guy," though he is in fact a nice guy. I won't go into the reasons I support him right now because (a) I've already done it and (b) this is Estelle's moment.

I know people have their differences with Estelle but she is a very committed and compassionate woman doing a very brave thing in running for a position like this. She deserves credit. And she's got some good people supporting her.

But I want to reiterate, Clif and Estelle should obviously communicate their differences from each other as a matter of policy and whatever, but neither has any interest in going negative against each other. They shouldn't go negative at all, but especially neither they nor their supporters need to give Rodoni any help in walking back into office. I'm supporting Clif, but if he comes in third and Roger doesn't win it in June, I will be wholeheartedly supporting Estelle.

That being said, Clif intends to win it outright in June. He is winning hearts and minds as we speak.
The man who spoke about the road conditions being the fault of the enviros was Kenny Wallen, truck driver, gravel and grader guy.

Was that the Kenny the Cat Driver, from the song, Kenny the Cat Driver? It was a song from a SoHum produced children's album called The Eat and Play Kids or something like that. My now 20 year old daughter loved that album when she was a little girl. Small world.
The anti-Rodoni's need to have ONE candidate, not two. That being said, Rodoni will stroll back into office, he's probably the most popular 'Republican' in the county.
There will only be one candidate against Rodoni unless he gets 50% plus one in June. That being the case, let it be Estelle. She's a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll!

PS - Are there still ANY popular Republicans?
It's a runoff system. There's no "vote splitting" issue in this election.
That's a scary portrait photo on her web site. Your eyeballs are supposed to be in the middle of your face. Is her head elongated, or is that just unfortunate hair?
Kenny the cat driver is Kenny Swinnock who built ponds and maintained roads in the Salmon Creek community many years ago. The song is by Gary Glassman, performed by him and the Eat and Play Kids.
Where are Estelle's list of supporters? We keep hearing about them, but then nothing is posted.
I showed up a little late and could not get into the firehouse there were so many people there. My friend and I counted and there were 149 people. It was one of the most exilerating political events I have been to in a long time. Estelle had true command of the issues and was obviously well informed.What really struck me was that you really got a sense that this person will really stand up for us and represent our district well.
long over due long overdue
Thank you, anon, for clarifying Kenny the Cat Driver for me.

Estelle is a steller 2nd District Candidate for the Humboldt BOS!
Estelle is a steller 2nd District Candidate, Why?

The Unity Candidate?
Please! She must enjoy rubbing salt in wounds. Anything but unity.
Dear Estelle:
During our Monday night meeting on February 25,2008,a motion was made seconded and approved by all members present to have The Southern Humboldt Fire Chief's Association, endorse your candidacy for second district supervisor for the County of Humboldt in the State of California.
Our membership has expressed their commitment to support your plans to bring to our district the representation it so urgently needs. We appreciate your recognition of all the emergency services in our area and we thank you for your pledge of support to assist our efforts to afford quality service for our community.
Your past history of providing valuable media coverage for our community and assisting emergency services in releasing important public safety information has helped to prevent loss of life and property for all our neighbors. This is a track record that has been consistent and reliable.

Louis M. Iglesias
Southern Humboldt Fire Chief's Association
Okay, maybe that's the correction I was looking for?
Darn. I missed the big meeting, though I was in the neighborhood at the time. Got sidetracked by the fragrant smell coming from the people's park across from chautauqua.
What a happenin place Gberville is.
Speaking of Peoples Park, I am a afraid I see what I feared would happen, except for Farmers market days the "town square" seems to be inhabited by homeless kids with dogs, looks terrible..
I appreciate Eric giving Estelle “her moment”. I too look forward to being on the same team after June.

Estelle really hit her stride at the firehall meeting. She showed her intelligence, her wit, her discretion, and she showed that she is articulate enough to speak at a level that everyone can understand. It was obvious that she has been doing her homework, and she was able to speak to every issue.

She was warmly received, and it was obvious the crowd was happy with her knowledge of the issues. I think that she was wise to wait until she had a good grasp of the district and its problems before she went public. From this point on she will only improve. She is a hard worker and a good listener.

Many of the people in the northern part of the district are already supporting her, and many more will like her with a little more association. She is a warm, friendly, and open person. She is the kind of person that will gain your confidence in short order. She is not asking for anyone to “give” their support. She is willing to earn it.

It is refreshing to be part of this woman’s campaign.
Did KMUD cover the campaign kickoff?
I just listened to the first minute of the podcast and she wasn't in the stories listed at the beginning. But I didn't listen to the whole thing, and sometimes stories are tacked on which aren't mentioned at the beginning. I didn't see anybody with audio recording equipment at the event. There was a woman with a video recorder.

I'll ask again...

Where are Estelle's list of supporters? We keep hearing about them, but then nothing is posted.

I was told that Terry said the KMUD people can't cover everything.
I had hoped to attend, but have the flu. I tuned in the KMUD news to hear about it. KMUD covered stories from Sacto, Berkeley, crime in Ft. Bragg and McKinleyville, a story about an event coming next summer. Absolutely no mention of an event that happened the same day in Garberville, I am shocked and disappointed with KMUD for not reporting breaking news here in our community.
Perhaps they should call it the KMUD magazine, because it didn't report the current (read-today) news. They were too busy telling us about the sudden oak death workshop coming sometime in Berkeley.
Could the fact that Estelle used to be the KMUD news director have anything to do with the purposeful blackout of breaking local news?
Thanks Eric, for informing me about what happened, something I couldn't get from KMUD.
well kmud and the independant covered clendenans first meet and greet extensively that only had 30 people there.
Estelles first town hall meeting with the citizens had 150 people there.The crowd was very enthusiastic about Estelle running and had lots of issues they shared with her.
too bad that the only local press that showed up was the redwood times.
the same thing happened when our former president of the united states came to humboldt county.
There were thousands of people turned away from the fairgrounds in eureka because there was no room.
I tuned into KMUD to see if they were simulcasting. OF COURSE THEY WEREN'T. It would have required somebody to work.
KHSU KHUM and Mendo's KZYX all played the simulcast that KHUM set up. Where was KMUD?
maybe they are put off by her claims of two decades as news director and her notorious appearance at Benbow with the icons of the dark side. just a thought
Well then KMUD joins MCC in not being 'community' entities anymore.
The woman with the video cam is working for the campaign. We will be putting some video on the website. I would also like to thank some of the locals who worked on the Edwards campaign in Iowa for joining us. They are really having an impact. There is no candidate in the race including the incumbent that has command the facts concerning the issues that Estelle has. I think she showed that Wednesday. I want to thank all the folks who turned out to really launch this effort. Tell your friends up north we will be doing it again on Mar.13th at the River Lodge in Fortuna as Eric noted.
KMUD is working on a story that will probably run at 5.
FYI, I was not there because I have been fighting the horrific flu that's been going around for three weeks. I left the Reggae proceeding early last week, spent most of the weekend in bed, and have gotten better since then, but am still in no shape to be out in public. I will not be attending any meetings this week.

On a different note: many people have made comments to me about no KMUD simulcasts for events such as this one, Clinton's appearance in Eureka, or even the State of the Union and State of the State. My suggestion is: LET KMUD KNOW.
What does Estelle do for a living now that she doesn't work for KMUD?
David Kirby:

I'll ask for a thrid time...

Where are Estelle's list of supporters? We keep hearing about them, but then nothing is posted.

Well? You talk about everything but this.
The questions is what will Roger do for a living once he is no longer Supervisor?
Being Supervisor is a full time and well paid job, unlike city council or even Harbor Commissioner, as well it should be.
And where is Roger's list of supporters, now that PL is bankrupt?
Unity? Did someone say Estelle and unity in the same sentence? If this effort does anything, it creates more division in an already divided community. Perhaps the reason we're not seeing that list of supporters is because it reads like a Who's Who of People Production supporters. And that wouldn't be a very popular thing...
Or maybe they're just waiting for a few people to get back to them so that it has the most impact when it's released. We have enough conspiracy theories around here without drumming them up out of thin air.
Thanks Eric. Both Clif and Estelle will pick up support as this goes forward. The race has just started. I can tell you that Estelle's campaign won't be responding to you Reggae crybabies or your infantile "Dark Side" referals. Estelle has carried water for every group in this area over the years and if you've got amnesia thats your problem. Go boink an Ewok.
I honestly don't know when we will be publishing a support list. I do know that it will be a seperate page on the website and that we are compiling it. Don't really see what the rush is. Any list this early will be preliminary. We have issues to explore and debate. Right now the list will be mostly friends and neighbors for any of the challengers. I can tell you that we don't care what the opposition thinks the timing should be.
Clifs people sure are an antsy bunch. They run around like the election is next week. As Hillary is finding out early support doesn't matter much when up against a dynamic adversary. People won't even remember his name by June.
Would someone explain to me what exactly falls in the jurisdiction of the supervisor? What kind of money do they control, what is its source and what issues can they address? I hear that education isn't one of them, but fire depts and roads are.

..Estelle's campaign won't be responding to you Reggae crybabies or...

Who was it again who QUIT ?
Is there any truth to the rumor that Chris Kerrigan and the other "locals who worked on the Edwards campaign in Iowa" offered their (paid) services to both Estelle's and Clif's campaigns and then went with the highest bidder?
$6,221 Monthly is he monthly salary of a Humboldt County Supervisor.
Would someone explain to me what exactly falls in the jurisdiction of the supervisor? What kind of money do they control, what is its source and what issues can they address? I hear that education isn't one of them, but fire depts and roads are.

Here's the county information.

Probably most to the point:

The County of Humboldt is a general law County. The Board of Supervisors which serves as the legislative and executive body of County government and many special districts is comprised of five, full-time members elected by their respective districts. Pursuant to the California Government Code, the Board enacts legislation governing Humboldt County and determines overall policies for County departments and various special districts, adopts the annual budget and fixes salaries.

The Board also hears appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission, and considers General Plan amendments.

The County Administrative Officer is appointed by the Board and serves as the chief executive officer responsible for day-to-day administration of County affairs. County Counsel, appointed by the Board, advises and represents the County and Board in all legal affairs.

The Clerk of the Board, also appointed by the Board is responsible for taking the minutes of the meeting and for all Board records.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Chris Kerrigan and the other "locals who worked on the Edwards campaign in Iowa" offered their (paid) services to both Estelle's and Clif's campaigns and then went with the highest bidder?

It seems by Clif's website, he has secured most of the major movers and shakers in Fortuna, the people with clout and influence and the best Estelle can do is neighbors? Since the campaign will either be won or lost in the north end of the district, she's and the people who speak for her - like Dave and Ernie - are going to have to do better than that
That is no majority of movers and shakers and what matters is votes.
Is there any truth to the rumor that Chris Kerrigan and the other "locals who worked on the Edwards campaign in Iowa" offered their (paid) services to both Estelle's and Clif's campaigns and then went with the highest bidder?


How do you know this Eric? You are aware this guy has been paid by everyone from Neely to groups working on local measures?
I have no idea if he is being paid. I know that he did not take bids from the candidates.
Who was the young guy in the brown sports jacket who seemed to be orchestrating things at Estelle's meeting yesterday? He stood at the back and started prompting people to clap and so on. I dont know if he was introduced as I got there late.
I believe Chris Kerrigan was dressed in a sports jacket. He was passing around the microphone.
One thing the BoS do not do is legislate for cities like Fortuna, Scotia, or Rio Dell which have their own city governments. The BoS authority extends to the unincorporated area of the county (which is most of it). Under these circumstances its odd that the people living in these incorporated cites can vote for the BoS, but there it is. They make up more than 1/2 the votes in the 2nd district.
Ed, go back to writing on the consistency of buffet cream puffs.
Clif is a "nice guy", and he has been schmoozing in Fortuna, where he has big name recognition because of the cider works, and apple festival.

I've seen in the news that he's been having meetings with seniors, etc. in Fortuna.

Well, lots of us have parents living in Fortuna, and we could help Estelle set up some "meet and greets" as well.

But, I also agree with an earlier poster who said the important thing is defeating Rodoni. Clif and Estelle should consider joining forces, on some level, to do just that.

It's like the democratic primary... in order to have faith, you have to believe that our voters can either get over being sexist, and elect Hillary, or get over being racist, and elect Obama. They spend so much time sniping at each other, when the Dem Party should do their best to show a united front.

It makes me so nervous, I really wish Gore was a candidate (instead of Nader!) just to insure that we don't end up with McCain!

But, back to the topic at hand. Estelle would be the first sohum representative to win a supervisor's seat. That would be a great thing for sohum!
Roy Heider.
ut, back to the topic at hand. Estelle would be the first sohum representative to win a supervisor's seat. That would be a great thing for sohum!

Nope. Roy Heider was a Sohum resident.
There was a good report on KMUD Thurs. night.
Estelle’s supporters? It is important. They should be listed soon.
I hate People’s Productions but if Estelle will be good for So Hum then I will vote for her. I still have to hear more about Cliff. I would prefer Cliff because of Estelle’s connection to PP but if he seems impotent then Estelle is an easy pick.
Having said that I would like to hear what she is going to do not so much what is wrong. I know what is wrong.
Both Roy Heider (Garberville) and Harry Pritchard (Weott) were from So Hum and it got us what? Roy was one of the most ineffective supervisors there ever was and now he is advising and assisting Estelle's campaign. That and a lack of a supporters list gives me pause that Estelle and her people know what they are doing. As if Chris Kerrigan knows anything about the Second District.
"It seems by Clif's website, he has secured most of the major movers and shakers in Fortuna"

You obviously haven't seen Rodoni's supporter list. Clif doesn't come this time.
I find it amusing that there so many pundits here. Making profound pronouncements as to who can or can't win this. This race has just started and already folks are trying to spin it. It looks to me that Estelle makes some very nervous. I guess she ought to quit right now seeing as she won't get any votes "north of Scotia". We shall see what we shall see.
I heard Mr. Conners on KMUD last night talking about Estelles' campaign kick-off. You must have missed it?
I have listened to Estele 3 times, and have never heard any offers of SOLUTIONS to problems.
Eric, you're not as informed as you'd like to think.

Kerrigan did offer his services to both Estelle and Clif, and he did go with the highest bidder.

In fact, he all but said yes to Estelle, but then contacted Clif's campaign to give them the chance to pay more and said he would switch if they did.

Based on his being at Estelle's event, one can deduce what happened. And yes, he is hiring someone from Iowa to come out and work on Estelle's campaign.

When it is time for the campaign disclosures, we'll (hopefully) find out just how much that high bid turned out to be.

Check your facts my friend.
The Board also hears appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission,

And what if the ROTR permit holders should eventually be compelled to appeal the ill conceived decisions by the PC regarding the "event" permit?

There is one guaranteed vote against a fair outcome.
I'm a Mendocino voter so my opinion may not count here, but my concern is that Estelle and Clif both take care to focus on Roger, not on one another. And that their supporters also focus on Roger, if the concern is that he be replaced.
Surely there are substantive issues that can be focused upon?
Of course, I kinda have the same feeling about the presidential race.
Estelle has come out swinging at Roger from the start.
It seems clear who she is focused on and it seems that Cliff's people, at least the local solutions crowd, are obsessed with Estelle. Could be a sense of guilt for not supporting the more progressive candidate?
ED Denson said...

One thing the BoS do not do is legislate for cities like Fortuna, Scotia, or Rio Dell which have their own city governments. The BoS authority extends to the unincorporated area of the county (which is most of it). Under these circumstances its odd that the people living in these incorporated cites can vote for the BoS, but there it is. They make up more than 1/2 the votes in the 2nd district.

The County BoS regulates for the entire County, including the incorporated areas.
Cities cannot institute regulations that would nullify or be contradictory to county regulations.
In Mendo County, for example, the BoS quite often holds their sessions in Fort Bragg, which is an incorporated city. Why? Because of voter/resident interests there regarding county decisions that may affect their city.

Geesh, Ed, and you're a lawyer?
Stick with pot.
Bonnie paid Chris thousands of dollars to run her campaign (At least $5,000) but then of course she had raised over $120,000 which makes it reasonable. I wonder how many thousands Chris has talked Estelle out of? BTW - Does anyone remember that Edwards - the last person Chris worked for - came in third.
If either Estelle or Clif want to stake out a major difference in their campaigns, we need a 2nd District Supervisor to back Bear River's now official entry into the Palco Bankruptcy proceedings through our Heartlands Project. We have gotten tribal authority to represent the Tribe and the Texas Bankruptcy Court and the local news are ignoring us because Judge Schmidt has not included Bear River in the current Plans and the news won't report until we file a TRO or something to stop the proceedings until Bear River is included as mandated by federal law.

Here's the text of Bear River's authorization letter to Judge Schmidt:

Honorable Richard S. Schmidt:

The Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, a federally-recognized Tribe with aboriginal claim to most the land presently held by Pacific Lumber Company and Scotia Pacific Company, has designated Mr. Donald Brenard, an enrolled tribal member and the Heartlands Commission to represent the Tribe in the Pacific Lumber Company Bankruptcy proceedings to represent the Tribe's title, interest and claims to its historic and cultural lands in southern Humboldt County, CA. The Tribe's three specific interests include: 1) recovery of ancestral lands under conservation easements, 2) protection and repatriation of the cultural resources in this area, including scores of documented village, burial sites and other sacred sites, and 3) the sustainable economic stewardship of the natural resources on those lands. The Tribe requests that, pursuant to Executive Orders and federal law related to government to government consultation, the Court consider the claims and role of the Tribe in these proceedings.

Thank you sincerely for your consideration,

Dakota McGinness
Vice Chairman
Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria

The Tribe is not going to back down on this as federal law is on our side and we do happen to have the only Palco reorganization plan that actually addresses Palco's reorganization--diversifying the Company to keep Palco in business for years to come.

We need the community's help. All who want to see the the very best solution to the Palco bankruptcy and want to see justice done for Native Americans and Palco workers, please spread the word that Bear River is about to initiate a hostile takeover of Pacific Lumber Company to end once and for all the exploitation and mismanagement of the Tribe's ancestral lands.

Heartlands Project blogsite:
Estelles campaign is not paying anyone at this point. And for your information Edwards came in second ahead of Clinton. If you insist on making diparaging remarks at least get your facts right bozo.
Nobody cares Steven. Run along and play.
As if Chris Kerrigan knows anything about the Second District.

What is there to know? We got rednecks. We got hippies. They hate each other. That's the district in a nutshell.
Man where does this stuff come from. Chris offered to help the campaign. We told him we don't have money for salaries. He felt that he could raise enough on his own to cover his expenses. Estelle said O.K. so he is on board There was no bidding by anyone.
We thought we'd had to wait until a new Bear River Tribal Council was elected at the end of March in order to weigh in in the Palco Bankruptcy proceedings but we managed to get tribal authorization and a lawyer finally and now can move forward.

This is going to be the biggest social and economic change that has ever happened in Humboldt County. The Bear River tribe is going to become the owner of Pacific Lumber Company and act as Trustee for a Palco ESOP until the new Palco repays the low-interest loans our Heartlands Commission will obtain for them to eventually own Palco themselves.

While this blog and its readers are generally hostile to me they should think about the people I work with and realize social justice is what I have been working for all along with my aid to local Native Americans. This is your time to help our local Native Americans regain what was paid for with Native American lives.
Estelle and Clif. I posted before that if no 2nd District Supervisor candidate supports Bear River's Heartlands project I will seriously consider running for the office myself in order to educate the community about the Heartlands goals and new Palco reorganization.
And I will have the Bear River tribe behind me to finance my campaign. Best think it over, Estelle and Clif. You will see shortly how much attention is going to be focused on Bear River's involvement in the Palco bankruptcy.
Stephen Lewis for Supervisor.

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

You only have until March 7th to file (that is one week from today) so you better hurry up.

Now the race is getting interesting!!
Oh please do it Steven! Please please please please please please please please!!!!
Go Stephen! Let's see you out of the blogosphere and into the real world! It'll be great! We're all waiting with bated breath!
So what does Estelle do for a living?

Come on. She didn't get rich working for KMUD for 17 years.
who said Estelle is rich?

Yes yes yes! Make it happen! Southern humboldt needs it's own version of Nick Bravo shaking up the campaign and entertaining me!!!
Do I have it right? Stephen Lewis will run for supervisor unless one of them supports the transfer of Pacific Lumber's property to the Bear River Band?

Hmmm. (thinking).

Cheap smokes. Casinos. Casinos!
Stephen, have you taken out your papers yet? It's easy enough.
Thanks, anon 2:59, for the support. Yes, I know about that deadline. Our Heartlands Commission didn't get official tribal authorization until yesterday which is why I haven't moved on this before now. I assume Estelle or her managers read Eric's popular blog, same for Clif, so I hope they get the message and contact me soonest.

The Tribe really is behind us, Sparky was just made the Tribe's official spiritual leader today, so we is in and armed with tribal rights, we are determined to regain the Tribe's ancestral lands and reorganize Palco, diversify it and make it once again a major economic support for 2nd District families and the whole of Humboldt County.

Also today we reaffirmed the Oglala Sioux's interest in becoming a sister tribe in the ancestral lands and sacred sites Native American lottery system we will be setting up, the major funding mechanism for paying back the loans Heartlands will be securing from Chinese investment or from other sources or a combination thereof. The Sioux want Black Hills land and we want the Tribe's redwood forest lands now being tossed around like some expensive football by players who've never set foot here.
I hear Brazil is loaning money.
Stephen, I think you should run for Woolleys seat. It would be easy for you to get residency in that district. Just turn off your brakes and get someone to tow you to Arcata.
Chinese investment???

Stephen, wouldn't it be more appropriate to seek Venezuelan money?
The great beauty of Stephen's run for Supervisor is that he won't take votes away from any of the other candiates. I hope he's in. You'all want ideas, he's got ideas.
We are open to obtaining financing from wherever we can get it but there is a strong reason for seeking Chinese investment which is the fact our lottery system requires mfg and sales of new "smart" satellite phones that can be most efficiently and cheaply made in China. We don't have time or resources to compete with China on mass production of electronics and don't want to. We want their money and their ability to crank out products cheaply but we use that money to establish new businesses here where mass production is secondary to quality and end use goals--our goal being to always work towards self-sufficient community systems, e.g., Palco Kits, which we will export. While China and India have the capability to outproduce anything we can do in popular items, clothes, electronics, etc, we can establish an economic nitche by concentrating on developing community self-sufficiency systems at high enough quality to attract even middle class Americans to switch--think of coop co-housing and alternative energy and materials combined as kits needed by developing countries and First World communities that must change to save resources.
I really think it would be a hoot if Steven ran!
Anyone know if Supes get retirement pay if they lose their seat in the next election? I sure wouldn't want to see Roger flipping burgers at McDonalds in Fortuna to make ends meet if he loses the election, an event surely to happen if I enter the race.
Just what this race needs- comic relief. Run Stephen, run.
Cosmic belief is more likely--as the Hand of God moves away all impediments to the Coming of the Horde, as the Bear River tribe and their no-good injun lover candidate steal the show away from Estelle, Clif, even Roger, all left out of the excitement of the Native American takeover of the Palco Bankruptcy.

Only a couple more days left, Estelle campaigners, to offer support for the Bear River Tribe's entry into the Palco Bankruptcy proceedings. Otherwise, I will do what needs to be done to educate the 2nd District community about the biggest social and economic change that has ever happened here, i.e., a Supervisor's job it seems to me.
Wait just a few more days, Stephen. Clif is thinking it over. What a bold gamble it would be for him! Clendenen--for the Heartland.
If he's against a Walmart next door at the Fortuna Palco site, he should endorse Heartlands because we aim to develop a Redwood or Palco Emporium there that will use B.R.'s tribal sovereignty status and favorable trade nation status to get goods from China or wherever at prices that will allow local merchants, each with their mall storefronts in our Redwood Emporium, to compete with big box prices.
You want solutions--I give you solutions. I tell you, folks, you really do need a Supervisor candidate who's not only proven tough as nails under fire but one who has the ability to solve 2nd District problems. And so far, I don't see solutions coming from either Clif, or Estelle or Roger who's let too many issues slide for too long without resolution, e.g. Palco, e.g, SoHum roads.
Wailaikis in SoHum will have our Heartlands ancestral land lottery system at their disposal to get a site for them. Both Sparky and Wayne Moon have Wailaiki blood, so there's tribal ties that can help form a partnership, just as tribal ties with the Lakota are bringing them into the Heartlands project.
You all beginning to see the implications of what will happen when Heartlands gets going as it it just now beginning to do?

The times, they are a-changin'..
Let's turn PALCO over to the IRISH!

Think of all the happy leprechauns running through the redwood forests, followed by the aroma of corn beef and cabbage wafting from the new brew-pub in Scotia.

Or maybe the moonies could use some more space. They've got a log of dough.

Really, if we are to consider your ideas, Stephen, why should they be limited to one ethnic group? Collective guilt?
Anyone from Estelle's campaign reading this should inform Estelle that we need to hear from her within the next day or so if she is going to support Bear River's Heartlands project or not.
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