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The Heartlands Project

Now maybe Steven will go over to Hank's and bother him for awhile.

"One Word, One Philosophy: Lebensraum!"
Ohhhh, when I read Hank's post earlier I thought it was a joke.
For you, brethren, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea, for you also endured the same sufferings at the hands of your own countrymen, even as they did from the Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out.

They are not pleasing to God, but hostile to all men, hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they might be saved; with the result that they always fill up the measure of their sins. But wrath has come upon them to the utmost.
(I Thessalonians 2:14-16)
Anyone who wants to know more about the Heartlands project, its history and current plans for reorganizing Palco, please go to:

There's going to be need for many people's help in this grandest of social/economic dreams--a true melding of Native America and all of us who have come into the New World from the Old one--a reversal of all that ugliness of the Indian Island and California Indian Wars where we European-Americans acted like the worst kind of assholes to the people who lived here.

Come and help make history with us. We welcome all who want to help the County and the Tribe join forces to create a higher quality life for everyone in SoHum through a united 2nd District community, united to buck the always failing System in place that drains our funds and invades our lives in so many unpleasant and needless ways.
You people should see the transformation of Sparky's life. He has gone from outlaw tribal member status to spiritual leader in 2 days with the Tribe behind him and giving him what he needs, computer, clothes, an income. Our Heartlands project is bringing the Bear River tribe together like they've never been united before--I am so grateful to the Creator for seeing this fruition of the project started from an "OMG!" far-fetched idea 13 years.
"...from outlaw tribal member status to spiritual leader in 2 days..."

So give him half the county to play with? I'm glad for the guy, just not that glad.
Head back over to the casino. Maybe you'll luck out, er, sorry, maybe the Great Cash Register in the Sky will bless you with the money to pursue your project, because, you know, people never normally win money in casinos.
Imagine the luck of those Indians: the county's foremost crank and anti-semite has involved himself in their affairs and now speaks for them!

On your knees, little Red people.
Steve, as you know, we can't change what our ancestors did to each other. My folks took great risks, and were very adamant about protecting your folks. You're welcome. Please don’t feel the need to pay me back, I don’t feel that you owe me a thing.

But, if the early settlers had as much trouble understanding, the local tribes as we do now. It is no wonder that no successful treaties were brokered.

In the early days of negotiating treaties, the Indian sign for “This is were I live” was to close a fist over the heart, then point to the ground. I guess the modern day version of that would be to close a fist over the “Heartland Project” and point to Palco.

According to my family legends, when the treaties were negotiated it was in late summer. It was a bad day for mosquitos, and the self appointed Indian negotiator spend so much time slapping mosquitos, and scratching and squirming that they missed the part where he did the fist over the heart, and pointed to the ground thing. After two or three days, the treaty people left, shaking their heads in confusion, they decided that they would just wait a few years and give them a Casino. Then, give them a few years of amnesty, then tax the crap out of them… Really!
In other words, you take your family's oral history as a joke.

Not surprised, since the blood-soaked reality of our history is so hard to accept. It must be difficult to live with the knowledge that your ancestors had a hand in a genocide.
Hell, my viking ancestors terrorized all of Europe and possibly beyond.
Ernie comes on like he has acquired some kind of wisdom from his ancestors. Better to admit, as you do, that they were a murderous bunch of thugs and leave it at that.
You know, of all of the idiot Anonymouses out there, Eric’s blog has the dumbest.

My statement was: (This Is a direct quote, pay attention this time.) “we can't change what our ancestors did to each other. My folks took great risks, and were very adamant about protecting your folks.” what part of “protecting your folks didn’t anonymous understand???

The wars between the white settlers and the Indians, were wars of survival and the Indians lost, big time. Do I think it’s funny, or a joke, hell no. Again: HELL NO!

But, now that I know that you apparently think it can be changed. Why don’t you get started, then I can see what a great world it can be. Until then I’m going to go through my part of the world with a little humor. (and some bitterness) I’m sorry, but Steve provides me with a great deal of guarded amusement. He is like watching a person teach pigs to fly, it’s quite humorous, but who knows someday Steve might have his pigs flying all over the place. Who’s to say he won’t? Anything can happen. Until then I’m just going to find the humor in it.

Now read everything again, more carefully.
OMG Ernie, I can't believe you still support Britney Spears. She is a terrible parent!
"The wars between the white settlers and the Indians, were wars of survival and the Indians lost, big time."

Ernie, it was a genocide, not a war of survival. Your ancestors would have been quite fine if they had just left the Indians alone.

Anyway, now you know why we need to teach students the truth about our history. Lest it repeat itself...
Ernie's rationalizations were used in Rwanda by the Hutus who then killed 800,000 people. And by Hitler. And by the Turks.
Genocide? Was it a systematic process on the part of white settlers? No. And were all the natives wiped out? Not entirely. Not genocide. Nice flash point term to incite hate though.
Dear Anonymous, only you know which one...

In history, realists lived longer than idealists. You are lucky that you live today. There is no justification or excusing people for what they did to each other. Also there is no “do over”. Some of what was done, was done for sport, some of my direct ancestors were emasculated and gutted alive. Why don’t you feel sorry for, and change things, for me. Your knowledge of history is very, very superficial.

This ones for you:
I believe in sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and everything that’s beautiful. I believe in motherhood, apple pie, baseball, whipped cream, quince jelly, and chocolate peanut-butter oatmeal cookies.

Am I in your world yet???
That's nice, but, are you wearing the correct, made in red China, American flag lapel pin?
So Ernie, your still sticking to your shitheaded idea that the Indian wars were wars of survival for both sides???

Sounds like you got a big fat lollipop crammed down your throat.

You also might want to look up the word genocide - then consider how a nation of people goes from calling all of Humboldt county home, to calling a muddy island in the middle of the bay home. Seriously Ernie, how did these people end up on reservations? Did Grandpappy leave you a cute story about that one to?
You’re that kid that sat behind me in history class, that was more interested in flipping spitwads behind peoples ears than paying attention, aren't you?

Actually it was my Great Grandmother that told me about reservations, and I would explain it to you, but you wouldn’t get the idea behind the need for them. Too bad. But you would probably change them to fit your world anyway.

“Shithead” is the best that you can do? I’ve been called better and worse. Really creative name calling can be a lot of fun. I’m not good at it. But, your ignorance is becoming a source of amusement.

The forum is all yours, I’m going to go outside to play for awhile. Call me a really big name, like something that would challenge me, and cause me to research something so witty.

Been fun, bye…
Ernie's reaction is identical to all those who justify Genocide. However, I regret that somebody had to call him names to make this important point.

Thanks to all those here who called Ernie on his far fetched rationalizations. When it comes to Genocide, we can't afford to lie to each other.

A Survivor
If it was genocide, then we can kick everyone off the reservations who reside there today because Native Americans no longer exist. Today we have a bunch of squatters sitting on federal land.

I took your claim to its logical conclusion. Still want to call it genocide?
Don't apologize to Ernie! Yes, he was insulted but he responded in kind--and then grabbed the opportunity to walk out rather than face the painful truth.

It's not necessary to insult people when discussing the meaning of Genocide, just be truthful.

No rationalizations, no rewriting history to spread the blame either.
3:40 By your definition, there have NEVER been any Genocides. The existence of survivors does not negate a Genocide.
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Something tells me Ernie is not the kind of guy who is going to change a long held belief that his grandmother gave him...
Actually, another name for genocide is extermination. What you're really claiming is attempted genocide.

The fact that natives were put on reservations negates your claim of attempted genocide. Find another inflammatory word for it, or lobby Merriam-Webster and Oxford to change the English language so that is bends to fit your viewpoint.
1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Article 2 of this defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.
Why do I even bother with you shitheads? And yes, that's exactly what you and your ilk are. So go on and continue to believe gramma's fantasy stories. Like you, those will die soon too. And all that will be left is the historical record.
Well this is a productive discussion. Do you all feel proud of your abilities to communicate?
In 1851, Ruddick McKee, acting as Indian Agent for the U.S., set aside an approximately 80,000 acre "Eel River Indian Reservation" in the hills behind Rio Dell and Ferndale and Ferndale flats too. Wayne Moon, running for Chairperson position says both Table Bluff and Rohnerville rancheria members were called "Eel River". Congress refused to grant Ruddick McKee's reservation status even though McKee warned them sentiments between white settlers and local Indians were getting bad and the Indians had to be protected.

Nine years later, Indian Island massacre along with orchestrated smaller attacks on many sites around Humboldt Bay and Eel River villages.

Nine years after that, Pacific Lumber Co. is formed and the land has already been divided up into homestead allotments and new land baronies, e.g, the Russes land where that reservation was planned.

Sparky is a direct descendant of Table Bluff Indian Island survivors, he's related to Cheryl Seidner, Chairperson of that tribe.
Sparky is the head of the Heartlands Commission. It is our goal to regain one-third of Palco's land as ancestral land back for the tribe, which is itself a composite tribe of surviving members of subtribes of that Indian Island massacre period.

This is good karma, folks. Help us redo the mistake made in 1851.
Looks like you're stuck with me, Eric. Hank shut down the comments on his blog. Wonder if the NCJ will keep following the news blackout the T-S and E.R. are doing.

KMUD is interviewing Sparky and me on Monday so listen in to KMUD News Monday evening. They recognize news when the papers are afraid of raising waves until The Judge makes Heartlands and Bear River's entry into the Palco Bankruptcy official.
The genocide is still happening ,
now that the native american people have been disempowered and rendered harmless, stuck on reservations and racherias, by white culture, we've moved on to genocide of the salmon, fisher,martins, california grizzly bear, trees, native plants which we replace with non- native species , scotch broom , rip gut brome, toxic algea, starthistle, european ornamental garden plants, like english roses that take a lot of water and fucking bamboo. (Wait till that starts spreading in the eel, you need introduce pandas to control that one .) The decimation of all the major river systems in california. The white peoples genocide goes on and on and on and on. Till we end up with a dead souless pastoral landscape.
They should 've killed the pilgrims (who were wacky religious nuts anyway) and the settlers on sight.
That's not the way I see it. The coming together of Old World and New World was inevitable. The original contact generations were psychologically unequipped to deal with each other in a cooperative manner. We can. And we can used the combined strength, talent and wisdom to create a more natural civilization, one that really does allow human beings to live in harmony with the wild community, without which the natural ecology systems fail and us along with them.
OK, 6:49 says white people have an active coordinated campaign in today's American to exterminate Native Americans. You are officially loony. Quick, go tell any reporter anywhere. If it's true, we'll see it in tomorrow's paper. Banner headline.
Just one question though. If we're exterminating Native Americans, why do we keep passing amendments to expand their gaming rights? We must be very inefficient murderers. Is that you're theory? Us white people are out to commit genocide on Native American tribes, but we're just inept when it comes to murder? (And we're idiots to expand the rights of people we're desperately trying to kill?)

Again, you're loony.
Ernie's point is a subtle one about historical context and nuance which is apparently above the heads of some of the posters here. It's a point which may be intelligently argued, but if you don't get the argument all you can do is resort to canned rhetoric and of course gratuitous insults.

What's ironic here is that what I presume to be "left wing" attacks on him sound very much like the right wing attacks on progressives who push for understanding of "root causes" of crime or terrorism. You and the Limbaugh set are identical in your inability to distinguish explanation from justification.

I blame the education system.
And I blame people like you who habitually fence sit on every important issue (With the notable exception of Antisemitism). But go on ahead and fence sit the issue of Ernie calling it a war of survival... and maybe next time I'll just bow out when Stephen says the Zionists are pushing a political agenda to destroy the Palestinians. Does that sound equitable, Eric?
My only point of contention is calling it genocide. By definition that is factually untrue. It's like comparing an oppressive act to Nazism. Once you go there, you've lost whatever point you had to make.
Help us redo the mistake made in 1851.

There's the pitch. Anyone care to knock that one out of the ballpark?
Four posters have explained what Genocide is. Want to try to figure it out?

Read what you just wrote. Where are you going with this?
And I blame people like you who habitually fence sit on every important issue (With the notable exception of Antisemitism). But go on ahead and fence sit the issue of Ernie calling it a war of survival... and maybe next time I'll just bow out when Stephen says the Zionists are pushing a political agenda to destroy the Palestinians. Does that sound equitable, Eric?

I'm not fence sitting. I've argued Ernie's point in quite a bit of detail on his blog. What I'm objecting to is the straw man set up to argue with instead of Ernie himself.

I do not believe that white American civilization was jeopardized by the Indians. I do believe that western white citizens saw themselves in a fight for survival. It doesn't mitigate anything. So does the Klan.

But whether Ernie's perspective is accurate, it's not malicious. The posts here treat it as if it is.
Geez, folks. anyone of you who really KNOW Ernie, know he's not a bigot, or a racist. I've been reading his posts on the blogs for a couple of years now, and I've learned that he has shown as much empathy for the Natives his ancestors (by accident) displaced, as he has shown for the "hippies" who showed up in the 60's and 70's... and changed sohum forever. He rolled with the punches, and embraces us all.

Ernie is like Buddha, only different.
How very appropriate your viking ancestors were terrorists like you. Does that account for the large gut and low IQ too? The stench of herring and vodka? Your rapaciousness and lack of a conscience make more sense now, weasel.
Well, I'll just have to remember this next time Stephen chimes in. I seem to miss his 'nuance' when he says he is not antisemitic but rather he is simply antizionist. Of course, following what you just said, you have too!

Ernie also seems to forget that putting a hatchet to a babys head isnt exactly the act of someone fighting for survival. Bret Harte didn't think so either. Nor did the American people believe it was a fight for survival when Wounded Knee occurred and public pressure finally broke through to the Federal Government. My point is white people were not zombies, many whites abhorred the Indian wars long before 1890.

To put this into some sort of romantic light such as a 'struggle to survive' is akin to the calls Hitler made for more 'breathing room' before invading Poland. Unfortunatly it is no longer a reasoned discussion when it comes to this point.

But I guess this above your head Eric. Such a shame.

To see real modern genocide of a society in action one only has to see what Israelis are doing in Gaza. The Nazi comparison that the Saudis have stated is appropriate as it fits the Zionist version of "Lebensraum".
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Anonymous said...

Geez, folks. anyone of you who really KNOW Ernie, know he's not a bigot, or a racist. I've been reading his posts on the blogs for a couple of years now, and I've learned that he has shown as much empathy for the Natives his ancestors (by accident) displaced, as he has shown for the "hippies" who showed up in the 60's and 70's... and changed sohum forever. He rolled with the punches, and embraces us all.

Uh, I don't believe Ernie's been on the blogs for "a couple of years now". Probably not even one.
And what was he, or any of the other established settlers, going to do about the hippies? Burn them out? Chop up their babies?

Ernie has understood, like many others around here have, that the hippies have money and buy things. He has things to sell them.
Nothing enlightening or Buddhist about it- unless Buddha was a capitalist.
It's Goddard's Law in action, except you've swapped out "Nazi" and inserted "Genocide."

Nuanced points, my arse. You threw a burning log through a living room window and ruined our tea time.
The stench of herring and vodka?

I am little late to the game, but it looks like all of those times Steven has come to this blog and spouted off about Eric's so called "obsession" with Zionism seems a little more hollow now that this "plan" was uncovered so that those of us on the fringe now know about.


8:29 am, aka LOSER... Read it and weep...

"...It [Godwin's Law] does not apply to discussions directly addressing genocide, propaganda, or other mainstays of the Nazi regime."
I guess that I should end this with an apology to Steve Lewis. I respect Steve as a person, but I made a parody about Steve’s propensity to bury his message in his rhetoric. I personally saw the humor in it, and foolishly thought that I would share.

Lesson number one; never share humor with humorless people.

When I saw that no amount of explanation was going to push through the hate that some people have, I chose to shut up and stop making the situation worse.

The “Ernie Strawman” that Eric referred to was rapidly constructed from misunderstood conceptions, and I have no idea how anyone could make that leap of hate. My family was called murderers, even though I repeatedly explained that my ancestors were on the side of the Indians. There is no record of any of my direct ancestors that had anything to do with the killing of an Indian. As a mater of fact, and record, my family PROTECTED the Indians. Now that I’ve explained that, please don’t confuse or misconstrue the following statement: IF my ancestors had killed Indians, I couldn’t change that. I can only be what I am. Neither can you change what happened.

Lesson number two. People will twist what you say, even when the truth is printed under their noses.

It was most agonizing for me to see people leap to my defense. I left the blog when it became apparent to me that I was arguing with people that can’t, or wont read and comprehend, but would rather spout their pre-canned hate speech. To them, their arguments fit all situations, no matter what spark may ignite their hate.

Lesson number three: Hate Speech is most liberally spouted when disguised as a quest for peace.

I apologize to the people that I offended. I thank the people that tried to defend me. I don’t know what to say to the people that not only don’t understand, or get it, but steadfastly refuse to try. They continually derail any discussion that might have a chance to end in peaceful understanding.

Lesson number four: Some people just wont get it.
Ernie, looking back on the thread it's pretty clear that you were the one who started the foul language by calling people "Idiots." Not to mention your veiled insults to Stephen (Who maybe deserves them) and saying anyone with a differing opinion must be living in a word of rainbows. So cut the victim crap.

Your idea that the Indian wars were a war of survival for white people is ludicrous and silly. 12:49am points that out pretty clearly for you, but you don't seem to read so well yourself. There are too many other things to mention about what you have said on the boards, but I don't have the time to address them.
Agreed, 2:46

Steven Lewis has filled this and other local blogs with the vilest anti-semitism and Nazi propaganda. He is absolutely obsessed with hatred for Jews and may constitute a threat to the Jewish community. Now we have Ernie not only blatantly denying the Genocidal point of the Indian wars, but patting our local Nazi on the back and apologizing for him.

No straw man here, I'm afraid.
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Suggustion to Ernie.

Why don't you just stick with helping out Estelle' campaign.
Ah, this ain't helping.
Ernie, there's a big can of worms about the California Indian War period that I am afraid is going to be opened by Bear River's new spiritual leader who is determined to educate the community about why Bear River is so adamant about reclaiming its ancestral lands held by Pacific Lumber Company.

Sparky was actually composing some comments in response here but he's suddenly so busy with planning for his new tribal role and duties and educating tribal members about their Heartlands project and the Palco Bankruptcy that he left without finishing and posting. These ndns are on the war-path and I pity poor Judge Schmidt and other reorganization plan submitters because Bear River's now got them thousands and thousands of Lakota lined up along the ridge line looking down on Custer in Texas--no, actually my friend Alex Whiteplume is taking the Heartlands lottery plan to the new Oglala Sioux President John Steel who we will be talking to later this week about a verbally agreed upon plan for sharing the Heartlands lottery . Alex gave us and therefore Bear River, the contact for their tribal lawyer with 35 years experience protecting Lakota rights.

Maybe one day, even soon, as Israel 's action become more and more apparent to even Americans that we're supporting religious fascism with our support of Israel not seen in the world since the Afrikaan white settlers were doing their apartheid brutality in the outdoor prison bantustans they created to control the indigenous population, very similar to the Gaza situation .

And it's coming to a head as it did in South Africa. And will end eventually with the same result because we Jews are not insane and will abandon an unrighteous cause.
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There's always exceptions..
Steve, what do you think of Ernies comment that the Indian Wars were wars of survival for BOTH sides?
Well if Ernie's ancestors were poor,his assessment may not be far off.
Poor by what standard? Material? Educational? Spiritual?
Ernie's heart is in the right place. I think he just doesn't see the initial injustice of armed invasion by European-Americans, and sees it as his ancestors did--their very real lives on the line in the making of America. The French in Canada and northern Territories, over all, were the only Europeans who saw beyond European racial superiority and interacted with indigenous peoples as equals.

Humboldt County does need to know its real history and not white-wash away the brutality that was done here not all that long ago. When I was reporting to the B.R. Tribal Council when Heartlands was under their authority in 1995-97, Lionel Carroll, the Chairperson, an old man told me about running for his life from bounty hunters with ranchers hiding him. Unbelievable as it sounds there was a bounty on Indians in California up until, gawd, I forget exactly, 1930's I think.

When one looks at maps like the ones I looked every day for years on a wall in the old Bear River tribal office, maps showing Native American tribal lands at oh say 1800, 1890, 1950, 2000, you see this gigantic shrinkage of territory for most every tribe with many tribes disappearing off the face of the maps.

This is how modern genocide works today. Native Americans are almost always blocked in the white dominated communities they find themselves in from reacquiring their ancestral land. Owner after owner refused to sell land to Bear River tribal members before they found one on Singley Hill who would sell them 60 acres. Their former Rohnerville Rancheria site was a mere 3 and a half acres.

I have never understood why my environmental protection activist peers do not connect Native Americans with restoration of indigenous species. It's like they want to erase the fact that Native Americans were not passive stewards of these forest lands but interacted with them like with purposeful fires to keep a balance that overall maximized all species counts while enviros aim for restoration of old growth characteristic forests asap which actually reduces species count by locking the forest into the last climax succession seral stage.
Speaking of enviros, I looked in at the Save Ancient Forests link Eric has on his list of local blogs. I wanted to see what their saying about Palco and lo and behold no comments--topic after topic--no comments. Is there a forest activist group anymore?
The early settlers, with very few remarkable exceptions, like Cattle King White and a few others, were exceedingly poor. They survived off the land. What few food supplies that they had were precious. They may have had one or two milk cows and a garden. It took very little provocation for them to kill someone over what they thought was survival.

If you were the one to starve to death, you may have looked at survival different. It would have been more magnanimous to have simply starved. Many of you would have had your principles and said “It is a far greater thing I do than I’ve ever done before”. Given what was left of your food to the starving Indians, so the Indian people could have survived, after all they were here first.

My folks were good enough providers that they were able to share with the Indian people, and were held in high regard by the Indians, and some of that respect for my people remains today. That respect, that is heaped upon my family is as embarrassingly undeserved by me as your criticism. What happened, happened.

I have no reason to harbor Steve Lewis any ill will, nor do I dislike him simply because he is a Indian. I respect his opinions even if I disagree with them. I have no evidence that his rhetoric has harmed anyone, and I have no evidence that he has physically hurt any one.
His opinions have caused many people to think. And, at least his plans are open and transparent and he does not try to foist his opinions of on us from behind a veil of anonymousness.

I can respect an honest man even when I disagree with him.

Now if your goal was to hurt my feelings, I guess you have succeeded. I just wish I knew who to address this to because some of the anonymouses are idiots, it’s not a name, it’s a condition.
Steven isn't an Indian Ernie. Nor for that matter is he Jewish.
I'll just let the last sentence go Ernie.
Genocide doesn't mean extermination of every individual, just subdued to the point of being powerless and no bother to the dominant culture. The policy of the United states Gov. was a genocide policy against the native americans. Hitler studied actually modeled his extermination of jews after techniques the us gov. designed for ridding the entire north american continent of the pesky indian problem. Likewise genocide was committed against the american bison though a few remained, and are bred in captivity. The american passenger pidgeon was a complete genocide. Many small tribes were completely wiped out. And world wide today genocide is committed agaist many peoples and species on earth. it goes on and on.
If the people that read this blog would study what conditions were like during the Indian / settler conflict. They would be amazed that any Indians were left.

The Chinese were hated worse than dogs, because they were heathens. Back then anyone that wasn’t a Christian was a heathen. Studying that period, years ago, is one of the things that turned me against religion. It seemed like too easy a justification to hate.

If Steve thinks like an Indian, and identifies himself as a Indian, or a Jew, what would make him not be one? Or is that thought too deep for this time of the day? Especially after all this discussion of racial / religious / ethnic disagreement.
You know, Eric, if you allow yourself as you have done, to swallow the "Who's a Jew" question that troubles Jews periodically, you are well on your way to painting yourself into the same racist corner that question always leads to.

Any Jew or you would be extremely hard-pressed to prove I wasn't Jewish, seeing's how my mother's mother's side of the family has all this now documented Ashkenazi dna ancestry from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria-Hungary, Netherlands, and Uzbekistan. There are tens of thousands of Israelis running around as "Jews" with far less Jewish ancestry than I have.

But it is true, I am not of the Jewish faith.
Stephen, what about Indian?
Eric, I've grown to be very disappointed with you over this thread. I am beginning to wonder if you hate anti-semitism, or do you just hate Stephen? Which one? Is anti-semitism just an excuse to malign him? Or do you actually see an anti-semite?

Following Ernies logic train here: The Nazi's rose to power during horrible economic conditions. It was hard to put food on the table. People were starving. They were burning Marks for heat, literally. Thus, it's a war for survival. And the Jews were just in the way, simple as that. Nothing wrong with burning them for a little heat, right?
Where is Steven anti-semite? If one doesn't support Israel's struggle over Palestine that doesn't mean he hates Jews, it just means he doesn't agree with Israel's actions.
Or do you actually see an anti-semite?

You're obviously new to the blog. I don't hate Stephen. But stick around long enough and his anti-semitism will become very apparent.
They say the blood of Palestinian children is the best!
The Blood Libel too. The anti-semites are out in force.

Nobody cares what your ancestors did or didn't do. It's what YOU have posted here that has upset people.

You have endorsed the fundamental rationalization used by those who commit Genocide: it was us or them. You have also endorsed--and apologized for--a Nazi sympathizer, Stephen Lewis.

Kindly spare us the complaints about anon postings. This is a blog and that's an option for those of us who do not want to be exposed to midnight phone calls from the likes of Stephen Lewis.
I like it when he breathes heavy for me!
We live in one small bubble of time in all of history where hate and prejudice isn’t okay. What has made us think differently than our ancestors?

What would you or I do if we were stuck back in time. If we were in the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Wild America, Or Nazi Germany.

I believe that I would have been on the side of peace, but I have that uncomfortable feeling that I really don’t know what is buried in my Genetics. Would my perceived need to survive push all of my high peaceful standards aside.

You and I parry with words, what would we do if we found ourselves on a field of swords, and the prize was survival? Would it really make any difference what the other person thought, what color his skin was, or how peaceful he might be? What would happen when our Lizard Brain took over our thoughts?

I’m not really comfortable with Judging what they did in history. By today’s standards a lot was done wrong. Our standards are different than they had. But, while we are still on this battle field of rhetoric, I prefer to be on the side of peace, and I harbor Steve Lewis no hate. Do you hate me for that? If so you go against all that you profess to stand for. Actions speak way louder than words.
This "small bubble of time" is also known as "civilization" and those who value it don't coddle--or apologize for-- bigots and anti-semites.

Again, leave you ancestors out of it. That's your "straw man" argument and it's a cop out. You weren't asked to "hate" anyone; you were simply asked to denounce a hateful anti-semite who regularly uses this site to post material from Storm Front and other Nazi sites.

This was your chance to show us what you would do here and now when confronted with evil.
Hello my name is donald brenard I am a member of the bear river tribe and together with steve we have been seeking a way to reclaim at least a portion of the ancestral and cultural heritage and a means and method to reclaim PL in whole or in part WE have developed and iniated research twords this end this project was begun in the early nintys' Tribal authority was duly granted at the initail stages then temp suspended and has been reinstated and belive it or not BEAR RIVER DOES HAVE A CLAIM IN CORPUS CRISTY granted the documents that were submitted may not be what the court systems expected or how they wished them formatted and at times over the research and development of this project and due to other prioritys that had legal presidence set it was the fears of te tribal council that to take on the preposed lottery would caus neg itive reprecussion via stalling of or denile altogether of the gaming compact and although official reconign and authority was suspended for what was at the time viwed the greater value to the tribe it has since been detirimined that it is for the greater good of all indigious peoples that his matter tests the true debth and breath of the definitions of sovernty of tribal and personal rights both native and non you i every single person has the responcibility and duty to do everthing to ensure that these rights are respected and honored and exersided and if no longer valid then to take appropiate action well i belive that the time has come to take appropriate action this is a great undertaking that has been literly decades in the planing and prepration with the guidence and imput of thousands both of the native community and the greater community as a whole from all walks of life many of you have wondered about me lots and lots of the people of humbolt county know me by sight over the years or by interaction I'm really not the one you want to ask what i think ,I might be in the mood to tell you wether or not either of us wants it well this has taken me hours to compose if you want a nutshell deffination of me I'd say that i was a social activist anywas i expect that this ought to stir some sweet smelling stuf sincerly donald brenard - heartlands/Bear River Tribe
Ernie, the more you open you mouth the more I realize how full of shit you are. Listen to yourself! Genetics? Hello Fence sitting Eric!!! Ernie, you may be a nice man but you are a fucking crackpot on this issue. THIS WAS NO WAR FOR SURVIVAL ERNIE.
For starters "donald brenard" seems to have created the granddaddy of all run-on-sentences.

This thread has been both illuminating and sad. In addition to Stephen and Ernie, we have a couple crackpots dueling with each other, Eric attempting to act a mediator, and finally a few trolls mixed in as well.

I actually feel sorry for Ernie who tried to state his case rationally (even if incorrectly) but as usual lets his indignation force him over into whining and dishing out abuse in equal doses.

But for Steven Lewis I have nothing but contempt. I find his anti-semitism nauseating. The Bear River Tribe does itself real harm by linking up with the likes of him.
Unfortunately, anonymous personal attacks are not conducive to higher consciousness, particularly when your attacker can't even comprehend what he or she reads, but instead reduces you to a caricature he or she can understand.

All Ernie said in essence is that white people killed natives because they were scared. Native Americans also killed whites because they were scared. Which sides' fear was more justified is completely beside the point which was being made. Both sides saw themselves in a fight for survival. No historians dispute this, and really, it's common sense.
Anon 1:34, Sparky never finished grade school, let alone high school. What a twit you are for not giving grace to Native Americans who's country and culture we stole away.

And really, you should stop your hatred of Semitic peoples whose cause of justice in Palestine I defend just as I do Native Americans, and for the same reasons.
Eric, it was not a fight for survival as documented by Bret Harte, as documented by the overwhelming white public outrage over Wounded Knee 20+ years later. These were people who did not act out of fear, but greed. That was the ultimate motive.

And read this Eric, because you need to wake up, sleepy one.

Following Ernies logic train here: The Nazi's rose to power during horrible economic conditions. It was hard to put food on the table. People were starving. They were burning Marks for heat, literally. Thus, it's a war for survival. And the Jews were just in the way, simple as that. Nothing wrong with burning them for a little heat, right?
"All Ernie said in essence is that white people killed natives because they were scared."

This is what Ernie actually said:

"The wars between the white settlers and the Indians, were wars of survival and the Indians lost, big time."

Eric, you are misquoting him and by doing so, softening the impact of what he really said. It's entirely legitimate for people to oppose the notion of calling a near- Holocaust a "war of survival."


Sorry I poked fun at "Sparky". However you really missed the point when about how I feel about Native Americans and the Palestine people. I champion their causes. I just think you are not a good spokesperson for either.
Sparky, if you are Donald Brenard, please don’t stop writing because someone made fun of your sentence structure. I had no trouble understanding what you said, and I’m sure that nobody else had any trouble understanding you.

Great writing is not a sign of great passion or intelligence, if you have a cause that you believe in, don’t let them push you aside because of your writing problems. I’m sure that you know many things that the people that ridicule your writing don’t know. Take comfort in what you know, and keep writing about it. Any fool can write. Proof of that is all over this blog. You are the kind of person that I could spend hours learning things from. I learned long ago that to make fun of a persons language is the surest way to shut someone up. Don’t let them do that.
"Any fool can write."

But will anyone understand him?

Great writing definitely IS a sign of intelligence but inept writing may only indicate a poor education. It is not necessarily a sign of stupidity.

However, passion doesn't require great writing, as you point out, nor does it require intelligence. Your friend Stephen Lewis demonstrates this axiom here regularly.

I'm afraid I have no idea what "Donald Brenard" is trying to say and would be grateful for any explanation you can offer.

Yeah, it's Sparky's grammer 'n my stupidity that got us in this terribl' pickle today where Sparky's tribe's dun gone 'n made him their spiritual leader and leader of their Heartlands project--to get back what were their'n in the first place. That is a terribl' thing, I grant you. An' as fer myself, well, that too is a foul blow for some what hold views agin' my own. Them newspapers just don't know nuthin' about truly intellechooal idears and writing an' that's why they made me a columnist writer type and why dun won a local writing contest, beating out 2nd place intellechool fool, Mark Drake, I am such a fumbler with words..
If anyone needed proof that paranoids have no sense of humor...

Thank-you for signing so I know who I’m talking to.

Donald Brenard introduced himself as a member of the Bear River Tribe. He said that he has been working with Steve’s help to reclaim at least a portion of the ancestral and cultural heritage of his tribe. He and Steve are working to restore some of the lands that the Pacific Lumber Company took from them unfairly.

He wants to start a very lucrative Indian Lottery system to buy back part or all of the P.L. land. (Brenard assumed you’ve read about their lottery)

The tribe claims that P.L.‘s land is rightfully theirs. The Tribe initially gave their blessing to try to get back the land, through the use of the lottery, but then they changed their minds. The Tribe was fearful of jeopardizing their gaming rights on the Rancheria, where they now operate a Casino. (Brenard assumed you would know about their casino) The tribe now supports the effort to regain their rights to P.L. land. They have filed papers in Corpus Christy Texas, and they hope to regain at least part if not all of P.L. Land. They intend to pay for that land with the proceeds from their lottery

They began working on reclaiming their land as far back as to early nineties and it is an ongoing project. Recently they filed papers to that effect in Corpus Christy, where the P.L. bankruptcy hearing is being held. (Brenard assumed that you would know about that)
He said that the courts were surprised by their claim and didn’t like the way it was written.

The tribe felt pressured to get it to the courts it time to be part of the proceedings. They were sidetracked and held back with their progress because of other legal matters that they felt were more important to be dealt with. There had been much intertribal squabbling. The election held recently put Donald in charge of buying or reclaiming their tribal land. Because of time constraints, they decided that it was more important to file the papers than to file them more correctly, and they did so.

He asked us to join in helping them reclaim their tribal lands.

He said that many people know him, and if you don’t want to know something, don’t ask him, because if you catch him in the right mood he is likely to answer you.

I’m am not saying what I think of his plan. So don’t put words in my mouth.
Mr Brenard,

Is that an accurate summary of your proposals?

Sparky's at his brother's house tonight and will be back here at the computer tomorrow.

I can say Ernie's summary is mostly right, some stuff wrong-like the Tribe hasn't had their Tribal Council election yet but installed Sparky last week as head of their Heartlands Commission and the Tribe's spiritual leader--all happening very fast with surprise to us as former tribal leaders and opponents to our Heartlands project reversed themselves and gave Sparky and me the go-ahead with the Tribe getting more and more behind us every day as Sparky goes around telling them what's happening.

This is going to be big once the Court recognizes Bear River and then the media finally realizes Bear River is a serious new player at Corpus Christi.

KMUD News will air its Heartlands interview Tuesday evening.
Sparky is in 7th heaven as he has succeeded in his dream of becoming the Tribe's spiritual leader. Because of his vision, knowledge and charisma, he will be virtually leading the Bear River Tribe from now on is our prediction.

I am so grateful to the Creator for uniting me with Sparky and his tribe through this wonderful Heartlands vision that is uniting the tribe as they've never been united before. Even if the Tribe never gets Palco I have succeeded because Heartlands unites them and Heartlands has given Sparky a new life and a chance to rise to the tribal leadership level he deserves. I can't ask for any more than that..but I will. You know me.
Who is Sparky?
This bear river group sounds dangerous. Best to send a posse out there to show them who runs things in these parts.

Any takers, boys? Could be fun.

Or do you want to turn the county over to a guy named Sparky?
Sparky is Donald Brenard, Bear River's spiritual leader now. Sparky is the tribe's social activist leader as well. He's been on KMUD several times. He's an artist and poet of quality superior to John Trudell's in my and others opinion who have heard Sparky read his stuff.
He's obviously a great poet. You can't understand a word he says.
"There are none so blind as those that just won't see."

Poetry you can understand.
Well, assuming this "Sparky" is an Indian, he's in danger of getting patronized to death.

First, Steven Lewis, the shiftless town crank and Nazi sympathizer inserts himself as a spokesperson and "great white leader." Then, Ernie compliments him on his incomprehensible attempt at writing.

The more things change...
The more real bigots stay the same.
Wisdom sees the difference, Anon 8:49, while you are blind to it.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just so it's clear. The only thing that I have encouraged is communication, and listening carefully. I’ve tried to help the people that couldn’t understand the conversation get a better grasp of what is being said.

Second reminder: Don’t put words in my mouth, or burdens on my shoulders, I’m not willing to carry the baggage that you assign me.
Ernie, quit whining. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

10:36 is right, especially since you took some fairly nasty shots at those who disagreed with your version of the Indian wars.

If you expect to dish it out, you have to be able to take it.
Boy, this blog is slander central. Yes, Sparky is an ex-con, so is Wayne Moon, former Vice-Chair of Bear River , and so are probably half the men in the tribe. Poverty will do that to a community.

And Sparky a druggie? This coming from SoHum? Are you serious?

As for Sparky's credentials, he is a lineal member of the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, a direct descendant of Indian Island massacre survivors, and one of the most pure blood Native American in California. His grandfather was a well-known tribal medicine man in Indian Country.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sorry poster. Those are serious allegations to make anonymously without support.
Sparky's history is the stuff of great novels. As a child he has survived things you and I only see in horror movies. It is a wonder that he has managed to overcome his tragic childhood at all let alone rise above it to dedicate his life to helping others one way or another.

If there's racist bigotry continuing to post itself here on Eric's blog I doubt Sparky will want to respond.
Well let's just say you have found your doppelganger.I'm sure he's as useful to the local Indian rights people as you are to the local Nazis.
So the early white settlers, who emigrated from someplace, no doubt because they couldn't cut it there, just came up and settled on NA territory and kilt a lot of injuns, just because of "survival"?

They sound remarkably like a prototype Hell's Angels.

Some of those settlers stole indian kids and married or shacked up with the younger females.
Hell! They were Hell's Angels!
Yes, anon 2:04, I did find my spiritual brother in Sparky. Together, we are beginning the process that will bring in the 5th World.
Stephen, could the 5th World ever hope to hold a candle to the 3rd Reich? Good day, my leader.
Adios, mein second banana.
Misfits of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your friends and family--and tribe.

When it gets down to you sitting alone in a furnished room with an old computer, you will know that you've won: you've managed to irritate everyone in sight and help nobody. That will show them!
Keep trying, anon, maybe one day you'll get lucky and I'll slip on your second banana but doesn't look like anything you say fits what I've accomplished..
me me me me me me me me me me me

I see now that The Heartlands Project is just an ego trip run by a couple of loosers.

Time to move on.
We need more breathing room! Stephen presents the best plan by far. Palco is our Poland! Soon the screams of Eric Kirk will be our symphony, a beautiful, yet fading melody to accompany the sounds of broken glass.
Steven everybody knows when it's you so you might as well sign your name and not talk about yourself in the third person.

Lewis is having violent Nazi-themed fantasies about you.
Eretz Palco. Come be baptized in the Jordan..creek. Enter Mt.Zion on the Eel and come back to the Garden. Become as little children and put your trust in Father Jesus. It's so easy to fall in love, it's so easy to fall in love.
Pretty violent, eh? Wait, I've got more..
Btw, I do not, repeat do not represent the Bear River tribe in any capacity whatsoever at this time. Sparky is the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria's official spokesperson for the Heartlands project.

I am the Heartlands Commission's Palco Coordinator and represent Palco employees in the Heartlands Plan, not the Bear River tribe.
Stephen once again THANK YOU for joining the race for supervisor as you represent the kind of unique and truthful campaign to return the palco lands to those who deserve them while singlehandedly defeating the cynics such as Eric Kirk who apparently have nothing better to do than try to put down a man who loves Jesus when it is so obvious thaqt it is in fact Jesus that they are lacking in there own pitiful and small lives.

Once again, You bring many things to the table Stephen. I look forwards to getting those lands back and setting up an economic system that rewards purity and punishes outsider influence.
Anon 11:02, unless somebody drops $746.50 into my lap today or tomorrow, I can't afford the filing fee. But that's not the reason I have decided not to run. I'd have to recuse myself every time any Palco or Bear River items came up on the Supervisor's agenda which means the major point of being Supervisor for me, shepherding the Heartlands project through the County hoops is lost. And honestly, I don't think 2nd District voters are ready to elect a prophet of God , do you? I could be wrong..

Another thread bites the dust.
You wish, Eric. Your boy blew it when he didn't come out in support of Sparky and the Bear River tribe's claim to Palco lands. Now we won't support him (what's there to support--the man is essentially visionless and seems only to be a place marker for you Progressives) and that will mean Roger will walk right over him and Estelle.
The only way any candidate has a chance of defeating Roger is backing Sparky and the Bear River tribe's claims because that will soon be the major issue of this election. Remember, I'm the one who told you Obama was going to zoom before it happened and I'm not wrong about this.
But why would we want to support this "Sparky" when he generates a call to the police by the local Indians, if he so much as sets foot in the Casino?
Sparky was "out" before, now he's "in". Anyone, go to Bear River casino tonight, tomorrow, ask for Sparky, he's often there educating tribal members on the Heartlands project, and see for yourself.
Took you up on it. He wasn't there. Everyone I talked to hated his guts and is desperately looking for some way to keep him out.
Why tell lies about Native Americans? Don't you have anything better to do? You need to get a life and stop trying to trash activists.
It's lying skunks like the anon above that show racism is still present in 2008, racism that in 1800's led to the massacre of thousands of local Native Americans.
No lie. Try it yourself. Lewis picked a very unpopular Indian. Why am I not surprised?
Guess that's why the Tribe made him their spiritual leader.
And anon 11:05, you gave up credibility by posting anonymously. You just join the masses of anonymous slanderers who will say anything about anybody believing themselves hidden behind their electronic screens.
Wrong again. Have you ever been right about anything?

You always seem to back the losers and troublemakers, don't you.
Jeez Eric is this your blog or stephens? I 'd delete him . its the most boring crap, stephen writng then responding to himself.
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