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I don't quite know how to describe this

You've seen the Obama "Yes We Can Video" and the McCain-targeted parody (if not, both are available in the link below). One Youtube posting of "Yes We Can" is in the millions in hits. Hillary Clinton's people apparently believed they had to come up with an answer. You can find it here (it's the 4th or 5th vid down the page) along with some additional (intentional) satire.

I'm grateful for the power of the hyperlink, because otherwise I just couldn't do it justice. I mean, it sounds like a song from one of those floppy 45 speed records they attached to cereal boxes when I was a kid. Only worse. And that's just the music!

At first I thought it had to be parody. But it is authentic and earnest. If it had anything to do with the campaign, I'm not blaming Clinton for firing some of her handlers.

Addendum: Now, to contrast the Obama girl, this guy's got a crush on Hillary.

I haven't seen the Obama video yet but I like Clinton's "Bring back our democracy" message. I find the music to be uplifting and the dancing to be superb. The images so intricately woven into the presentation are extremely powerful and convey a sincere emotional punch.
Um, okay, you are pulling my leg, right?
No. I'm not "pulling your leg". I like the video quite a bit. But then maybe you could say that I'm biased because I'm a Clinton supporter.
Well, you can see why the youth vote went the way it did.
Daily Kos is on any rational person's short list of what is increasingly wrong in America. The only real question is does Daily Kos come right before or right after Or perhaps right before Mr. Obama?
I hate to be a wet blanket on all of your pumped up zeal, but this is a parody . "No You Can't” ,is exactly why all campaign commercials have to say "I'M BLAH BLAH, AND I APPROVED THIS ADD". otherwise it's a fraud.

What really scares me is people that frequent Eric's blog and Eric himself should know that!

Why is it that people are so ready to believe what they want to believe? That’s why the law was passed, to protect us from or own ignorance.
I had to turn it off! Just my opinion.
If that God damn song sticks in my head all night I am going to be pissed.
Wake up folks, she didn’t do that add!!!!

Whoever put that add together was probably trying to get the seventies generations vote. I think that the message missed it's mark.

What should Hillary do to protect herself against such well meaning fraud. She in no way approved of this add, yet it is obvious that everyone believed that she put it out there.

Am I to understand that Eric thinks that this is from her campaign???
Ernie - "No you Can't" is a parody. The Clinton video is further down the page. There are 4 or 5 videos to watch.
And I don't know if it's from her campaign. I suspect it's from a 527, but I don't think it was intended as parody.
Yeah Eric, I watched the Jackson Fiveish song video, nowhere does it mention that it was approved by Hillary.

It looks like one that someone did hoping that it would be approved, but it wasn’t.

Maybe I’m confused, but doesn’t an official campaign add have to be verbally approved?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to support Hillary here. It’s just that I’m trying to point out how easily duped that we are. That add is not legitimate, if it is how would you prove it. All campaign adds are supposed to be from a provable source, so the politician can’t come back later and say “I didn’t approve that add, and it is not from my campaign.”

It’s a fraud! Prove me wrong.
I did a little skating about the internet to see if I could find out more about the cringeworthy Hillary4u&me video, and it seems that it was made by one Gene Wang (you can see Gene playing the flute, and it's his little girl who is the somewhat cute little singer focused on a bunch). For real. Because he likes Clinton.
Here's a quote from a silicon valley gossip insider paper:
"Here's a pro-Hillary video from HP marketing expert Gene Wang. Some have wondered whether it was made by an Obama supporter to make Hillary Clinton look out of touch. Wang told the New York Times he supports Clinton. This explains much about HP's marketing."
Here's the link, although I don't know how to make it into a working link. The site has both the Hillary video and the Yes you can Obama video.
If it's financed through a 527 it doesn't have to be approved. She probably cringed when she saw it, but what can she do? Slam the guy who went out of his way for her?
I woke up this morning in love...
Maybe someone can put the links into working link format, but youtube has a vast amount of Obama songs going on. And some are very good. And some are funny.:
"Fired Up, Ready to Go" recorded recently in Seattle :

"Yes We Can" by Tony Small and Kids :

"Stem The Rising Tide" - a Barack Obama song :

"Ready to Believe":

"Elect Obama" :

"Something About The Man" :

"Representin' Obama" :

"Hey There Obama" :

"Obama Song" by Brian Larkin:

"Barack the Magnificent" (by the world's calypso king -Mighty Sparrow!!) :

"Como Se Dice...Como Se llama? OBAMA! OBAMA!"(reggaeton) :

"Obama, the song", a musical: (this one is entertaining!!)

"Baby Got Barack": (parody song)

"Audacity of Hope" :

"You Rock Barack" :

Obama Song (Afro-Latin beat) :

"Party Like Barack", by dem Obama Boyz : (another great parody song)
Eric is right, it is a 527 add by Gene wang. But I'm right also, It's not an official campaingn add, and not to be taken as such. Be careful what you believe.

I wonder what Hillary would say about it.

"Cringe" is a word that we could all agree on Eric.
Well, if it was a 527 and an official campaign effort, the campaign would be in serious violation of law.
3:30's post is called guerrilla marketing.
Still, no matter who they're produced by, the Obama "Yes We Can" video is too cool, too inspirational. (Though my wife finds it annoying, my 14 y.o. daughter thinks it's amazing.) But ya gotta love the rest of those videos linked on DKos. The McCain parody is brilliant. "I've got a crush on Hillary" is hilarious. And ya gotta grin at the Bradybunchishness of "Hillary for you and me". The internet keeps a campaign interesting, no?
I really like the "The Obama Song" video. When I showed it to my 13 year, she told me she thought it was lame. Go figure, and if she was 18, she would have voted for Obama.
Ad - short for advertisement

Add - the act of summing up numbers; short for addition

ADD - acronym for Attention Deficit Disorder. A major dysfunction of the blogsphere.
Carol - a 13 year old things everything is lame except for the specific music she and her friends listen to. It's the way of things.
I just showed the videos to an older friend of mine. He also supports Hillary. He prefers her video and says the Obama video is "disjointed."
Yes. My sentiments exactly!
I plan on voting for the candidate who can put together the bestest dy-no-myte video song thingy.
I mean, if they can do something like that, they certainly could work wonders for the economy, the country, and the world.

Can I vote on my iPod?
I've got a crush on Rodoni
So which one is the gay teletubby?
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