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Mark Lovelace for supervisor?

Wow! This year's campaign could be fascinating!

I contributed to and supported Paul Pitino's election campaign for Arcata City Council and think he has been a very positive force towards solving many of the problems that bedevil that community. I was glad to hear he is throwing his hat into the ring for Supervisor and believe he will be a voice for reasoned change. My only concern is that the local political establishment and/or entrenched supporters from other venues of potential candidates like Mike Wilson and Mark Lovelace will adopt slash and burn politics, damaging Paul and others who might run, or consider running, and ultimately harming their community.
You mean, vote Green and pay no attention to those darned Democrats even if they are most of us?
Paul is too extreme for my tastes. I think he's trying for county because Arcata's pendulum has swung back and he's not electable there except under specific conditions. In a 3-way (the more the better) progressive supe race he can probably swing slightly ahead with the student vote.
Who's Paul Pitino? (I'm not an Arcadian...)

Also, while I respect Mark Lovelace on a great deal of issues, I personnally don't think he should run. Maybe I'm out of touch, but he seems so devisive.
Who's Paul Pitino? (I'm not an Arcadian...)

Also, while I respect Mark Lovelace on a great deal of issues, I personnally don't think he should run. Maybe I'm out of touch, but he seems so devisive.
He's the leftiest of the left city council in Arcata. He's supported some ideas too crazy for even Arcata.
Charles Hurowitz for supervisor!
Lovelace fought to protect a Sunnybrae forest and now he is the only one with real access to the protected forest.
In other words, the forest has been saved.
Ohhh, no, wait, I see what you're doing. You're blaming Lovelace for a decision made by the Forest Management Committee and/or the Arcata City Council upon the advice fo the city's registered professional forester who happens to NOT be Lovelace.

Cunning piece of complete BS you foisted upon us. Bravo!

Step 1. Hate Lovelace.
Step 2. My isn't the weather in France lovely this time of year?
Step 3. Lovelace is evil!

Great piece of reasoning there. You'd better work on Step 2 some more.
It is interesting that he didn't want the TPZ hillside near his house logged, yet then he's concerned small TPZ properties won't be productive timberlands if a house is built. Hypocritical and selfish are what come to mind.
Read what you wrote. Hillside. Yeah, silly Lovelace didn't want the mountain sliding down on him killing his family. What a selfish bastard!

Step out of your little world of hate and think rationally for once.
I guess he's a perfect example of how a house makes tpz unproductive.
Again, no. A hillside that isn't safe to log isn't safe whether there's a house there or not.

Release your hate and begin living again.
Yeah, he borders on the forest he "saved." So now, nobody else has access.
So tpz that is steep and unsafe to log is where the houses belong. Now I'm beginning to understand.
10:01 has a learning disability. Did Lovelace use his mind control lasers to force the city council and the forest management committee to change access to the acquired land?

Do tell us 10:01, tell us more about Lovelace's mind control lasers.

What a hateful little person to be spreading lies about your political opponents.
9:10 you've missed the point. You don't need #1 or #2 to know what a tiny tatter tot mark is.Take away his Soros filtered money and poof! he's back to munchkin land.
I'll assume you think the person you cited pays Lovelace's paycheck. In which case, thanks for that genius piece of insight. Take away my employer's money and I'm off to munchkin land, too. And so are you. So is everyone, well, so is every single person on this planet.

Have any other hot tips for us?
So far I'm deeply disappointed in the Lovelace hater. All you've given us so far is flimsy rhetoric that you haven't thought through. It's as if your words go from your subconscious to your keyboard without your having said the words out loud for your conscious brain to process and consider. Please, give us an argument with substance.
I'm just concerned that Mark will be forced to recuse himself from voting on some major issues regarding land protection and development.
This comment has been removed by the author.
The money filters down the org trail to you do-gooders. You are so brain dead in your socialist view of the world that you can't even imagine most of "us" that you hate are our own bosses. That's why you will blindly follow your little hobbit and his money into a hole.
There's a conservative zillionare standing behind you. Pot. Kettle. Black.

You can't win an argument, so you sling insults. Wow. Lovelace has already won.
Why doesn't Charles Douglas run for an office? He feels humiliated from the last time he did. Thushe setsup a "newspaper" so he can claim him running for office would be a conflict of interest. Truth is, Charles is scared of being held accountable for his words.
Wasn't Charles Douglas Bravo's political advisor when he ran for office? No wonder he lost!
Rumor is, Charles and Mark were seen recently at Finnish tubs and sauna, discussing possible campaign strategies.
Glad to see Nick is alive and well in ol' Phoenix.
Yes, everyone has "access," but they have to cross Lovelace's land first to exercise it.

So Lovelace has it all to himself.
He's the kind of guy that wouldn't begrudge someone for using his land for access, for the greater good of society. If you need, go to his front door and ask for permission. If he's not home, at least leave a note. Why do you all hate him so much?
Pure blind hate because he's at the opposite end of the political spectrum. Don't fool yourself though. That's one guy spewing this hate.
It's not about "hate," just accuracy. As I said, you need to go through the Lovelace parcel to get to the new "public park."
Sounds like time for the public to take an easement through his property.
An easement would of course serve the public's needs--and Lovelace would fight it tooth and nail, showing his true colors.

The park is his private reserve and that's the way it will stay.
It would be the best thing for the watershed.
Hi all.

1) There is a well-used, if unofficial, public access point on Margaret Lane, by the water tower.

2) There are some 34 other properties that abut the Sunny Brae Forest.

3) The City of Arcata is very interested in creating greater access to the forest, and I have been involved in those efforts.

4) I have no more access to this property than anyone else.

I hope this clarification is helpful.
I didn't know Progs were cannibalistic but it appears they are. Eating their own--great way to win these elections..
Stephen Lewis opposes Lovelace? That does it...LOVELACE FOR SUPERVISOR!
Dicktator tots for Lovelaces.
What questions were posed that were worth answering that Mark avoided? I thought so many of you were concerned that you didn't have access to the "park" And to find out that there is an access and that 34 others border this land in question, you continue to attack? What's the real issue here?
#1 who's buying little taters tots? #2 when and where are the secret shake and bakes? #3 baken greese,mutton greese or slippery slimy Soros sause? #4 hot or cold tater salad?
Lovelace, How many of those "34 bordering properties" have any kind of public access?
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